What are the fun places in Xining City? What are the fun places in Xining City?

Introduction: What are the fun places in Xining? What are the fun places in Xining? 1. What are the fun places in Xining? 2. What are the fun places in Xining? 3. What are the fun places in Xining? What are the recommended attractions? 4. Xining What are the fun places in Xining? 5. What are the fun places in Xining? 6. What are the fun places in Xining? 7. What are the fun places in Xining? 8. What are the most fun places in Xining?

1. What are the fun places in Xining?

Pearl of the Plateau, People’s Park, Qinghai Provincial Museum.

2. What are the fun places in Xining?

Good places to go to Xining in December are: Beichen Temple, where you can have a bird’s eye view of Xining City; Nanshan, where the wind is clear and the clouds are clear; and Puning Pearl Sightseeing Tower at night, where you can see the whole of Xining City. The night is very magnificent and beautiful. The fourth is to go to the Buddhist holy place Kumbum Monastery, which is the place where Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug Sect of Buddhism, was born. It explains the formation and development history of the Gelug Sect, and there are many more There are many places to play, and I will talk about these today.

3. What are the recommended attractions for fun places in Xining?

Xining Airport is dozens of kilometers away from Xining City. There are many scenic spots, including Xining People’s Park, various entertainment facilities, trees and flowers, and Kumbum Temple. Kumbum Temple is a Buddhist holy place. There are many tourists coming to Xining Kumbum Temple every year. There is also Xining Wildlife Park, which has tigers, zebras, and peacocks. Seahorses, various rare animals and aquariums, as well as the mosque in Xining, which is a holy place in Islam

4. What are the interesting places in Xining?

Xining, known as Qingtang City and Shanzhou in ancient times, has a long history and culture, unique natural resources, and colorful folk customs, attracting many tourists to travel. So, what are the 4a scenic spots in Xining?

1. Qinghai Riyue Mountain Tourist Area

The Riyue Mountain tourist attraction is located 40 kilometers southwest of Huangyuan County, Xining City, Qinghai Province. It is the natural dividing line between the internal and external river basins of Qinghai Province, dividing the agricultural civilization and the nomadic civilization. The natural scenery of the scenic area is magnificent, surrounded by mountains. The mountains are gentle and winding. There are mountains in the east and south, and the snow-covered peaks as far as the eye can see are towering and steep. The main scenic spots in the area include the Tang-Tibo Ancient Road, Princess Spring, Looking Back Stone, the Statue of Princess Wencheng and Bronze reliefs, double pavilion murals, sun pavilion and moon pavilion, Princess Wencheng Temple, Chinese geographical boundary tablets, ancient road museum, etc.

2. Xinhualian International Tourism City

Xinhualian International Tourism City·Tongmeng Paradise is located in Huangzhong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province. Castles and houses decorated in colorful colors, a variety of colorful amusement facilities, cartoon-shaped walls, manhole covers and trash cans. Walking in Children’s Dreamland, you can feel that it is carefully guarding everyone every step you take. The childlike innocence of tourists. The amusement park not only has the entertainment facilities of a conventional amusement park, but also has folk customs, world architecture, marine animals, as well as 5D and 7D cinemas, parade performances and other projects.

3. Limeng Pedestrian Street Cultural Tourism Area

Limeng Group takes “culture as the soul, business as the framework, and tourism as the carrier” as its strategic thinking and relies on national culture and business resources to vigorously develop the tourism industry. Efforts have been made to promote the comprehensive development of various business types such as “tourism, shopping, entertainment, food, housing and transportation”, and public services and people-benefiting projects such as street lighting, tourist guides, and tourist service centers have been completed successively, and fruitful results have been achieved. Today, this pedestrian street with a new cultural, commercial and tourism structure has won honors such as “China’s Famous Commercial Street”, “AAA Tourist Attraction”, and “China’s Commercial, Tourism and Cultural Industry Development Demonstration Street”.

4. Xiangqu Kayang Outdoor Tourism Resort

Kayang Village is located in the southwest of Lanlongkou Town, Huangzhong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province. Because it is located in an alpine forest area, it has abundant sunshine, abundant rainfall, four distinct seasons, beautiful scenery, and pure and fresh air. The forest coverage rate is as high as 81% and the forest tourism resources are rich. The village currently has 267 farmers and a population of 967. It is 49 kilometers away from Xining City and is the closest virgin forest area around Xining.

5. Xining Qinghai Tibetan Culture Center

The Qinghai Tibetan Culture Center is located in Huangzhong County. It is a special museum that mainly displays Tibetan history and culture. The exhibition hall has a large number of pictures, texts, handicrafts, documentaries, high-tech films, etc., which details the origin of Tibet, culture and art, Tibetan Buddhism and other knowledge. You may wish to take a look when you go to Kumbum Monastery and pass by Huangzhong County.

6. Xining Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wildlife Park

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wildlife Park, located on Xingzhi Road, Chengxi District, Xining City, Qinghai Province, is a large-scale comprehensive wildlife park integrating wildlife viewing, protection, scientific research, breeding, and science education. The main exhibition areas in the park include six exhibition areas: the free-range wild animal breeding area, the free-range herbivore animal breeding area, the aviary, the primate hall, the small cat hall and the small zoo, as well as the waterfowl lake, the large and rare animal hall, the leopard hall, There are more than 180 species of animals and more than 3,000 animals on display in animal exhibition venues such as the Parrot Hall, Zebra Hall and Aquarium.

7. Huangyuan Dangar Ancient City

The ancient city of Dangar, located in Huangyuan County, Qinghai Province, is known as the “Throat of Haizang” and the “Tea and Horse Trading Capital”. Dangar is the Mongolian transliteration of the Tibetan word “Dongkel”, which means “white conch”. Since the Western Han Dynasty, this place has gradually become an important town where commerce, military, religion, folk customs and other diverse cultures blend. It is known as the “throat of the sea”, “tea and horse trading capital” and “little Beijing”. The main street in the ancient city, which is less than a kilometer long, connects the City God Temple, Confucian Temple, Dangar Hall and other buildings.

8. Datong Laoye Mountain Scenic Area

Laoye Mountain Scenic Area is a majestic and beautiful peak near Xining and a major peak in central Datong. The mountains in the scenic area run from northwest to southeast, with a huge height difference. The main peak is 2928 meters above sea level, and the relative height is 486.5 meters. Laoye Mountain has experienced great changes, weathering and water erosion, forming a strange, steep and graceful cave and canyon landform.

9. Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army West Route Army Memorial Hall

Xining City’s Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army West Route Army Memorial Hall was built in July 1954. The cemetery consists of martyrs’ statues, monuments, martyrs’ tombs, Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army West Route Army Memorial Hall, etc. In front of the cemetery, there are sculptures of the martyrs of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army’s West Route Army. Comrade Li Xiannian’s inscription is engraved on the base: “The martyrs of the West Route Army of the Red Army will always live in our hearts.” The highest point in the park is the tomb of the martyrs of the Western Route Army of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army. As early as 1954, the Xining Municipal People’s Government excavated and collected the remains of the martyrs, buried them in the center of the cemetery, and held a grand gathering for public sacrifice.

10. Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum National Museum 4A Scenic Area

Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum is a comprehensive museum reflecting Tibetan culture in the world. The overall structure of the museum is divided into three floors; the first and second floors have six exhibition halls including the history of Tibetan medicine, Mantang instruments, and ancient books and documents; and the Pandita Tibetan Art Exhibition and Sales Boutique City is built on the first floor. According to different display contents, each major exhibition hall highlights the characteristics and styles through environmental reproduction, thangka sculptures, cultural relic display, high-tech simulation and other methods and techniques, showing the profound and rich connotation of China’s Tibetan medicine culture.

5. What are the fun places in Xining?

As a high-quality self-media in the field, I would like to express some of my own opinions on this issue, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

1. The most famous natural attractions in Qinghai are Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake. Qinghai Lake is the largest inland lake in my country and is particularly well-known. Chaka Salt Lake is also known as the “City in the Sky”.

2. The most famous religious attraction is Kumbum Monastery, which is also very close to Xining.

3. The most famous pedestrian street is Limeng Commercial Lane Pedestrian Street, which is a fashionable neighborhood integrating eating, drinking and entertainment. It is also a national AAAA-level scenic spot and is very worth visiting.

6. What are the fun places to visit in Xining?

Currently, there are 5 cities in Qinghai: Xining City (the provincial capital), Golmud City, and Delingha City (both belong to the Hainan Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture), as well as Haidong City and Yushu, which were newly renamed this year. city.

7. What are the fun places in Xining?

I just came back from Xining and know a little bit about:

1. Xining is roughly divided from west to east into Haihu New District (under development), Chengxi District (Cultural District, Han District?), Chengzhong District (Old City), and Chengdong District (Hui District);

2. The [Central Square] in the urban area should be considered as the city center location;

3. To the east of the square is the entrance to West Street (commercial district). A few steps to the east is Shuijing Lane, a small market commercial street (specialty shops, fruit and vegetable shops, restaurants…), which is larger than expected;

4. Continuing eastward and passing the big intersection, not far from the [Mojia Street] food street, the scale is smaller than expected and there are not many restaurants;

5. Turn right from the south entrance of Mojia Street and you will find the Tibetan Buddhist [Hongjue Temple] and [Jinta Temple], which are located across the street. They are not large and do not require tickets. The main hall in Hongjue Temple is magnificent;

6. There is [Dongguan Mosque] at the east entrance of Dongguan Street from the north entrance of Mojia Street to the east. It is relatively large in size and has an admission fee of 25 yuan. However, it seems that visitors are not allowed to visit during Friday prayer time. It is not recommended to go in, the view outside is better than inside. It is recommended to come during worship time. Looking outside, the streets should be full of believers;

7. There is also a [Nanguan Mosque] nearby, but I didn’t go there;

8. From Dongguan Mosque [more than 300 meters to the east] there is Yudaiqiao Mosque. Located on [this section of the road] in Chengdong District, there are many Hui people, and the customs are different from those in the mainland;

9. About 30 minutes’ walk north of Dongguan Mosque is [Ma Bufang’s Former Residence], with an entrance fee of 30 yuan (Update: It seems to have been closed recently?) 10. Not far south of the central square, there are [Nanchan Temple], [Fa (Jin Tong) ) Temple]. It is said that it takes half an hour to go up the mountain from the two temples to the [Phoenix Terrace] on the top of Nanshan Mountain, where you can see the urban landscape to a certain extent. It was cloudy all the time and I had little time, so I didn’t go there, but it couldn’t be far from the map; 11. The taxi driver said that the mountain in the north of the city where [Tulou Temple] and [Beichen Temple] are located is the highest, but it takes a long time to go up the mountain. And no car arrived; 12. There is a [Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wildlife Park] in Chengxi District, but I didn’t have enough time, so I didn’t go there. From the Internet, you can see the urban landscape in the west of the city from halfway up the mountain; 13. There is a [Puning Pearl] TV Tower similar to the Pearl of the Orient in Shanghai near the zoo. It is the tallest building in Xining and has a sightseeing hall. Sightseeing is available on Qunar.com + Discount tickets for coffee; 14. There seems to be a Tibetan culture or Tibetan medicine museum in the north of the city, which is a little far from the city; 15. [Qinghai Provincial Museum] has convenient transportation, but it is said that the quality is average; 16. [Tambum Monastery] is in the suburbs, But not very far. Marks I made on the map: Posted on New Year’s Day 2016

8. What are the most interesting places in Xining City?

There are so many fun places in Xining

The scenery of Liuyi Bridge ranks lower in Xining.

Next to it, Nanshan Park is a comprehensive scenic spot suitable for all kinds of people.

With an investment of more than RMB 300 million, the first phase of the Huoshaogou Scenic Area, which is about 5 kilometers long, is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and natural and artificial attractions complement each other.

Huangshui River Park, about 20 kilometers long from east to west, is a good place for leisure and entertainment for people on both sides of the strait.

The popular place for young people to check in is Tangdao 637, which provides one-stop service for food, drinks and entertainment.

The “Children’s Dream Paradise” in Ganhetan is a real children’s paradise with all kinds of children’s entertainment facilities.

Beautiful Xining is full of scenery. Welcome to travel to the warm and hospitable Xining.