What are the tourist attractions in Longgang Town? Recommended tourist attractions around Longgang

Introduction: What are the tourist attractions in Longgang Town? Recommended tourist attractions around Longgang 1. Recommended tourist attractions around Longgang 2. Where are the fun tourist attractions in Longgang 3. Fun scenic spots near Longgang 4. Recommended fun places in Longgang 5. Longgang Tourist attractions around Longgang 6. Recommended one-day tours for tourist attractions around Longgang 7. Recommended tourist attractions around Longgang 8. What are the fun places to visit in Longgang with beautiful scenery? 9. What are the fun places to visit near Longgang?

1. Recommended tourist attractions around Longgang

1. Wanyao Village 2. Cangnan Yucangshan Forest Park 3. Yuliao Scenic Area 4. Yuliao Beach 5. Wucheng Beach 6. Yanting Scenic Area 7. Puzhuang Suocheng 8. Jiucaiyuan Tourist Station 9. Cangnan Juxi Grand Canyon 10, Wenzhou Haikou Resort

2. What are the fun tourist attractions in Longgang?

It takes more than ten minutes to reach the top of the mountain. Some attractions have not been completed yet, and some attractions have limited access. There are small shops where you can buy food on the way up. It is recommended to bring some food with you. If the weather is nice, it is also quite beautiful to watch the sunset.

3. Interesting scenic spots near Longgang

Binhai – Yucang Mountain Binhai – Yucang Mountain is a provincial tourist scenic spot with a total area of ​​about 210.5 square kilometers. It is famous and popular for its unique natural landscapes such as golden sands on the land bank, stone sea on the mountain top, and ancient cellar villages. favored by people. Binhai-Yucangshan Scenic Area is divided into two parts: Binhai and Yucangshan. It consists of five scenic spots: Yuliao, Yanting, Yulong Lake, Yucang Mountain, Luxi and two independent scenic spots: Butou and Puzhuangsuocheng. There are also three county-level scenic spots including Shijutang, Jingtou and Yanwodong, which are composed of Xinxing County Lingxi Town and “China’s first farmer town” Longgang Town…

4. Recommendations for interesting places in Longgang

Shiping Xiushan: Located in the south of Baoxiu Town, 10 kilometers west of Shiping County, Wuying Village southwest of Baoxiu Town, and 12 kilometers away from Shiping County, it is one of the famous mountain resorts in southern Yunnan. Xiushan Temple is located on the east slope of Xiushan Mountain, 15 kilometers southwest of Shiping County. The whole temple covers an area of ​​1,826 square meters, and the ancient building area is 1,327 square meters. It was first built in the Tang Dynasty and was originally called Zhenjue Temple. It was renamed Xiushan Temple in the late Ming Dynasty.

Yilong Lake: Located two kilometers east of Shiping County, it is one of the eight plateau freshwater lakes in Yunnan Province. The main attractions include Chao Temple on Dashui City, Houle Pavilion on Xiaoshui City, Laihe Pavilion, Bailang Shuiyue Temple, Longgang Guangyin Temple, Wuzhaoshan Luose Temple, Qianyang Mountain in Hubei, etc. Yilong Lake Scenic Area consists of three areas: Yilong Lake, Ancient City, and Baoxiu. The scenic area covers an area of ​​about 150 square kilometers.

5. Tourist attractions around Longgang

Longgang Park and its surroundings are nice. Another option is to go to Dongtang Breakwater, where the scenery is nice. It’s better to go by bike. It goes all the way to Bacao about 12 kilometers away. Another option is to cross the Outan Bridge and get to Aojiang Aodi, where the mountain climbing is good.

6. Recommended one-day tours to tourist attractions around Longgang

Yulia Beach: It is the longest and largest beach on the continental shelf along the coast of my country. It is known for its clear water, soft sand, flat beach, and wide sea. It is surrounded by lush forests, green mountains, and has a beautiful environment. It is an ideal bathing beach and beach sports ground.

Here is rich in a kind of clam known as “the most fresh in the world”.

Along the coast, there are wonderful reef scenes such as twin banyan trees greeting the waves, carps hanging on golden hooks, and twin tigers grabbing pig heads.

The most peculiar thing is that there is a pile of huge rocks in the Shahuai River. If you hit any different parts of the stone with a piece of stone, you can produce a variety of different rhymes, so it is called the Musical Stone.

7. Recommend tourist attractions around Longgang

Yucang Mountain in Cangnan is more interesting. It takes about an hour to get there by car from Longgang. Go to the Arctic Islands in the summer. There is a boat at Longgang Ferry, about 40 nautical miles

8. Where are the fun and beautiful scenery in Longgang?

Huludao has many places suitable for living. Xingcheng is the best choice. Xingcheng is an ancient city from the Ming Dynasty and is well preserved. There are also Juehua Island, Shoushan and Bathing Beach. The transportation is convenient and the sea, land and air are smooth. There is everything to eat, including fresh fat crabs and shrimps. Sweet crisp new pears, apples. Well-known hot springs and sanatoriums at home and abroad. The famous swimwear reflects the style of the era. Welcome to Xingcheng, a place with no heavy industry and no pollution, integrating ancient and modern times!

9. What are the fun tourist attractions near Longgang?

Recommended attractions near Chishan Lake are as follows:

Gaochun International Slow City, Pukou Riverside Flower Sea, Nanjing Puquan Yucheng Yupin Hot Spring, Nanjing Wanda Paradise, Nanjing Hongyang Future World, Laianchi Shanhu National Wetland Park, Nanjing Longgang Paradise, Nanjing Pablo Ecological Valley, Nanjing Pingshan Forest Park, Chuzhou Jinghua Ecological Park, Lai’an Xingmao Tourist Resort…