What are the recommended tourist attractions in Shenzhen? What are the places worth visiting?

Introduction: What are the recommended tourist attractions in Shenzhen? What are the places worth visiting? 1. What are the tourist attractions in Shenzhen? What are the places worth visiting? 2. What are the must-see attractions in Shenzhen? 3. What are the good tourist attractions in Shenzhen? 4. What are the tourist attractions and interesting tourist places in Shenzhen? 5. What are the most worthwhile places to visit in Shenzhen? 6. What are the tourist attractions in Shenzhen that are worth visiting? 7. What are the tourist attractions in Shenzhen that are worth visiting?

1. What are the tourist attractions in Shenzhen worth visiting?

I am happy to answer your question. I recommend the following interesting places in Shenzhen. I hope they can help you.

The kind of recommendation that has few people, beautiful scenery, niche, not far away, cheap and hassle-free…

Damn it… the backhand is a practical strategy! In Lonely Planet’s list of the top ten best travel cities in 2019, this place is the only Chinese city on the list——??

It was once popular in Little Red Book because of its Japanese seaside that looks like “Kamakura”. Walking there is like stepping into a film by Kore-eda Hirokazu.

It also hides many check-in and photo spots that look like “Bali” and “Turkey”. With the least effort and cost, you can get the same style as the famous bloggers (or even better looking).

Even the Internet-famous hotels and B&Bs here have won architectural awards every minute. The beautiful accommodation alone is worth a trip here.

It is located in the southeast of Shenzhen, Guangdong

DA PENG Dapeng Peninsula

Whether you are a native of Guangdong or a friend who is traveling or transiting,

It’s not a problem to have a Dapeng tour every day!

I came here specifically for it, and it’s definitely worth spending 7 or 8 days!


Adding Japanese filters, it is the domestic version of “Kamakura”

Japanese streets, refreshing seaside

On the seaside at the northwest corner of Dapeng,

There is a small village with a structure similar to that of Taiwan Island.

At the end of the road is the sea. There are no high-rise buildings and sparsely populated areas…

The moment coincides with the scene where the male and female protagonists of “Slam Dunk” meet.

It is Guanhu Village, known as China’s “Little Kamakura”.

A village that has not been over-developed, surrounded by the sea and green trees.

Although the road is old, it is extremely clean.

The dogs on the road are all of a Buddhist type, not in a hurry, not in a hurry, not barking or making a fuss.

The pure seascape that looks like Kamakura is the most “beatable”.

No matter how good your looks are, you can always look like a fairy descending to earth.

Not to mention, you are so cute! (wink~)

The bright afternoon can give you a sense of vitality, and when the sun sets, it will be another kind of beauty.

The ancient telephone poles are crisscrossed together, giving it a simple poetic feel.

I barely walked with two cars on the road,

They are all old buses with a smaller size, which are very cute.

The roads and colorful old houses blend into a painting,

Walking into it feels like walking into “Your Name”.

Pick a sunny day and take a set of Japanese literary photos!

Or you can wear beautiful clothes and take a group photo shoot!

In short, Guanhu Village can be either salty or sweet, cute or cute!

Every corner of the street is full of literature and art.

You can take photos naturally in front of colorful shops.

You can also “sneak into” a B&B and make some sculptures in the garden.

A tree at the corner, a mailbox in front of the coffee shop,

The green plants by residents’ windows… there is beauty everywhere.

The house is also full of Japanese feel.

The old walls are painted with colorful paint.

The original locals certainly didn’t think about packaging this place;

Just paint and protect the house.

It’s an unintentional thing, she’s really suitable for taking pictures!

Dapeng is worth visiting far more than just “Little Kamakura”.

There are all kinds of cool check-in points, listen to me slowly tell you——


Super beautiful photos on In, checking in “Bali” and “Türkiye”

One of the most beautiful coasts in China, pretending to travel around the world series


One of the eight most beautiful beaches in the country,

It is hailed as the Shenzhen version of “Maldives” by Shenzhen people.

The beach is very long and the sea breeze is very comfortable.


Yangmeikeng in the northeast of Dapeng is known as “the most beautiful valley in Shenzhen”.

Because it is inaccessible and the water is clear,

In the eyes of wedding photographers, it is as good as Sanya.

Before spending RMB 70,000 to RMB 80,000 to go abroad to take wedding photos,

Come and have a look at Yangmeikeng first, maybe you will change your mind.

The filming location of “Mermaid” is located in Luzui Villa in Yangmeikeng.

The “Mermaid Cave” where the movie was filmed is a must-visit place.

Steep cliffs and rushing waves,

It really feels a bit like Penida Bali.

Just take a photo and it will be a blockbuster of the island!

Here, in addition to taking pictures, there are many ways to play.

Find excitement on a yacht, float on the sea with local fishing boats,

Visit the store to taste the delicious food, and climb up to overlook the jagged coast…

The reefs are scattered along the shore, giving it a natural and wild beauty.

Why not take a gentle and slow ride around the island?

Encounter the natural “artistic” scenery on the shore.

Fishing and Farming House

Although the name of Fishery and Farming House is very earthy,

But in fact, it is already the first choice of major bloggers for beautiful photos.

There are both grassland pastures and funky props.

No further introduction is needed, let the pictures speak for themselves——

Pretending to be in Dali, Yunnan

This mountain is too green!

Pretend in Cappadocia Turkey

(The picture on the left is a composite picture, the picture on the right is a real scene)

Pretending to be in Bali

Legend has it that the Bird’s Nest Swing is the soul of Bali

rose town

This place was converted from an abandoned factory.

It is said to be the filming location of “The New King of Comedy”.

The overall architectural style is European style.

Touching the wall, you can feel the weight of history.

(Not a shoddy plastic prop)

Blue Valley Inn

The original name was “Dragonfly Guesthouse”, which was owned by the same owner as Yunongju.

(Is there still a shortage of boss ladies?)

There are exotic buildings, swimming pools, coconut trees…it’s very exciting!

Pretending to be in Pamukkale Turkey

pretending to be in north africa

Dapeng Tips

how to get to? When to go?


Self-driving, flexible and convenient. Reservation controls may be implemented during special holidays, and reservations can be made in advance on the “Shenzhen Traffic Police” WeChat official account. (Currently, Dapeng does not require an appointment to go to the island, you can go freely)

Bus, cheap. In Shenzhen city, take bus No. 818, No. 833, No. E11, No. E26 and other buses to reach the “Dapeng Central Station”; on holidays (except the Spring Festival), there are 6 Dapeng tourist lines (fare 10 yuan) from Funing Main Station, Futian The high-speed rail station goes to and from Xinda Community and passes through “Dapeng Central Station”.

②Best season:

From the end of February to the beginning of March, there are beautiful rapeseed fields near Pengcheng Garden, and there are wild chrysanthemums in Yangmeikeng and other places.

The temperature is comfortable in June and July, and you can also swim in the water.

Not only Dapeng, there are many more beautiful places worth exploring. Take you to see the bigger world!

2. What are the must-visit attractions in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is a beautiful tourist city, and tourists from all over the country come here every year for sightseeing. But which of the many attractions in Shenzhen is more interesting? We have taken stock of the top ten attractions in Shenzhen for your reference.

Shenzhen’s top ten attractions

1. Window to the world

2.Dongmen Old Street

3. Mangrove

4. Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

5. Splendid China

6.Xiao Meisha

7. Wutong Mountain

8.Shenzhen Happy Valley


10.Eastern Overseas Chinese Town

3. What are the good tourist attractions in Shenzhen?

List of the top ten mountain climbing tourist attractions in Guangdong

1. Luofu Mountain Scenic Area, Huizhou City

Luofu Mountain Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-level scenic spot. It is known as the first mountain in Lingnan and has been known as a fairy mountain since the Qin and Han Dynasties. The historian Sima Qian compared Mount Luofu to “Mountain in Guangdong” and is one of the ten famous mountains in China. It is also a famous Taoist mountain in China. Taoism calls it the Seventh Cave Heaven and the Thirty-fourth Blessed Land. Together with Xiqiao Mountain in Nanhai County, it is called Nanyue Erqiao Mountain, so it is also called Dongqiao Mountain. It is China’s “National Key Scenic Area” and summer resort, and is known as the “No. 1 Mountain in Lingnan”. Su Dongpo of the Northern Song Dynasty once wrote a famous poem here: “Spring is always spring under Luofu Mountain, and the oranges and bayberries are fresh every time. I eat 300 lychees a day, and I will grow up to be a Lingnan native”, which made Luofu Mountain famous all over the world.

2. Danxia Mountain Scenic Area

Danxia Mountain Scenic Area is located in Renhua County, northeast of Shaoguan, Guangdong Province. Danxia Mountain is composed of red sandstone and is characterized by red cliffs. Geologists named this landform “Danxia Landform” after Danxia Mountain. Danxia Mountain Scenic Area is a national key scenic spot, a national nature reserve, one of the first batch of national AAAA tourist areas, a national geological park, a national AAAAA tourist area, one of the first batch of world geological parks, and is also known as the “natural nude park”. This is the concentrated distribution area of ​​Danxia landforms with the most typical development, the most complete types, the richest shapes and the most beautiful scenery in the world.

3. Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area

Xiqiao Mountain is located in the southwest of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong. It has quiet and beautiful natural scenery, rich tourism culture, and simple and natural folk customs. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, scholars and scholars have arrived, and travelers have come here in droves, making the beautiful Xiqiao Mountain a famous tourist hotspot in southern Guangdong. The natural scenery of Xiqiao Mountain includes seventy-two peaks and peaks, all of which are secluded. There are also lakes, waterfalls, springs, streams, rocks, walls, pools and platforms dotted among them, making this extinguished place A masterpiece of an extinct volcano that has existed for hundreds of millions of years.

4. Dinghushan Nature Reserve

Dinghushan National Nature Reserve is located in Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, 100 kilometers southwest of Guangzhou City, with a total area of ​​approximately 1,133 hectares. The reserve was established in 1956 and is China’s first nature reserve. The reserve is the only nature reserve affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The main protected objects of the reserve are South subtropical zonal forest vegetation; the reserve is rich in biodiversity and is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in South China. It is called a “treasure house of species” and a “gene repository” by biologists. “. The nature reserve has a unique landscape. The zonal primeval forest with a recorded history of nearly 400 years – the South subtropical monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest and various other forest types are well preserved. It is known as the “pearl” in the oases in the Tropicana Desert.

5. Wutong Mountain Scenic Area

Wutong Mountain Scenic Area is located in the eastern part of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Guangdong Province, spanning Luohu, Yantian and Longgang Districts, including East Lake Park, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden and Shatoujiao Forest Farm. The total area of ​​Wutong Mountain Scenic Area is 31.82 square kilometers. It is a rare location in China. Urban areas and natural scenic spots with coastal mountains and natural vegetation as the main landscape. Wutong Mountain Scenic Area was awarded the Guangdong Provincial Scenic Area by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government in 1993.

6. Jiangmen City Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area

Jiangmen City Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area is located in the north of Huiteng Town, Xinhui City, Jiangmen City, about 3 kilometers away from the urban area. Guifeng Mountain Chishi Forest Park has the highest peak of 440 meters. The mountain is majestic and rises, resembling Guibi. Therefore, it is called Guifeng. The mountains have towering trees, beautiful scenery, and many places of interest, such as Yutai Temple, White Stone Pagoda, Zhenbao Pagoda, Baxian Pavilion, Chen Baisha Lecture Pavilion, etc. Natural scenic spots include Guishan Waterfall, Ring-shaped Jade Lake, etc. The natural scenery is very charming and it is one of the top ten famous mountains in Guangdong.

7. Jinjiling Scenic Area, Lechang, Shaoguan City

Jinjiling Tourist Area is located in Lechang City, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province. Jinjiling is located in Pingshi Town, the northeast gate of Guangdong, known as the first town in Lingnan. It is 103 kilometers away from Shaoguan City and is under the jurisdiction of Lechang City. It is named because there is a huge stone on the northwest peak of the ridge, which looks like a rooster. It looks northward with its head raised and its neck is ready to cry. It is one of the eight scenic spots in Guangdong Province. Climbing up the stairs from the Jinjiling Gate at the central street of Pingshi Town, you can see the towering Yizi Peak with Danya cliff. The Yizi Peak is more than 350 meters long and 3-6 meters wide, like a huge barrier. It looks like a wall from the front, looks like a peak from the side, and overlooks Jackie Chan. When taking a train from Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to Pingshi Station on the border of Hunan and Guangdong, people will find a cliff 150 meters high and 400 meters long lying in front of them. This is Jinjiling, which was known as one of the eight scenic spots in Guangdong in ancient times and is now a provincial-level scenic spot.

8. Shanwei City Xuanwu Mountain Tourist Area

Xuanwu Mountain is located in Jieshi Town, Lufeng City, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province. Yuanshan Temple is built at the southern foot of Xuanwu Mountain, covering an area of ​​15 hectares. It is a religious activity site integrating Buddhism and Taoism; it is also a long-standing and famous seaside resort in Shanwei City. It is a tourist attraction both internally and externally, especially in Southeast Asia, and is the center of Buddhist belief for the Hokkien people. There are a large number of historical cultural relics stored in the temple, which are now listed as national key cultural relics protection units. With the development of the economy, there are more and more tourists. Xuanwu Mountain is an important place for religious activities in Shanwei City, a national key cultural relics protection unit, and an important place for cultural dissemination in Shanwei City.

9. Nankun Mountain

Nankun Mountain is located in the southwest of Longmen County, Huizhou City. It was approved as a “National Forest Park” in 1993. It is a huge green treasure house with a forest coverage rate of 98.2%. It is known as the “Oasis on the Tropic of Cancer” and the “Southern Summer Paradise” , known as the “Back Garden of the Pearl River Delta”. The average altitude is more than 600 meters, and the main peak, Tiantangding, is 1,228 meters above sea level. It runs in a horseshoe shape from west to east, forming a valley basin. It is 97 kilometers away from Guangzhou, 162 kilometers away from Shenzhen, and 56 kilometers away from Longmen County. “The forest sea is vast and green meets the sky, and the clouds and mountains are floating in smoke.” Nankun Mountain has warm winters and cool summers, making it pleasant all year round. When visiting Nankun Mountain, you can not only enjoy the pleasure of mountains and rivers, but also gain the benefits of cultivating your character and strengthening your body. Here, you will return to the embrace of nature involuntarily and wholeheartedly.

10. Qingyuan City Guangdong First Peak Tourist Scenic Area

Guangdong First Peak Tourist Scenic Area is a 3-hour drive from Guangzhou and a 4-hour drive from Shenzhen. It is the largest oasis on the Tropic of Cancer. It has a large area of ​​virgin forest, a stable forest ecosystem, dense evergreen broad-leaved forests, continuous streams all year round, and many deep pools and waterfalls. Shikengkong in the scenic area is the highest peak in Guangdong, with an altitude of 1,902 meters. . The negative ion content of the air is the highest in Guangdong Province and is rare in China; ancient primeval forests, mysterious mountain canyons, peculiar karst landforms, rare wild animals and plants, ubiquitous hot mineral springs, and picturesque clear waterfalls constitute the core of Guangdong. The first peak is “majestic, strange, dangerous, beautiful, open, mysterious and secluded”. Guangdong’s First Peak Primitive Forest Scenic Area is located in Nanling National Nature Reserve.

4. There are interesting tourist places in Shenzhen

There are so many tourist attractions in Shenzhen. Tourist attractions are divided by regions in Shenzhen: Baoan District has Fengyu Mountain Scenic Area, Yangtai Mountain Scenic Area, Nanshan District has Shekou, Splendid China, Window of the World, Happy Valley, Wanxiang City, Overseas Chinese Town and other scenic spots, and Luohu District has Hongfa Temple. , Wutong Mountain, Yantian Port has Zhongying Street, Dameisha, Xiaomeisha, Dapeng Bay, Yangmeikeng, etc. There are many more scenic spots that I can’t remember 3

5. What are the most worthwhile places to visit in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is located in the South China Sea, surrounded by mountains and the sea. The Pearl River flows into the sea here. It has a mild climate, relatively high precipitation, and rich vegetation. It is a good place for elderly people in the north to spend the winter and escape the cold. As a special economic zone, Shenzhen’s development speed has surprised the world. Now Shenzhen recommends some good places for the elderly to live and retire in Shenzhen.


Dameisha, with clear water, white sandy beaches and cool sea breeze.

Gankeng Hakka Town is an original Hakka ancient town with a century-old history. It is a good place to experience farming, hang out, and eat Hakka food. Gankeng Hakka Town is located in Gankeng Community, Buji Street, Longgang District.

The Shenzhen Hakka Folk Museum has important historical value for studying Hakka folk culture and its origins, Hakka clan social structure, patriarchal concepts and family spirit.

6. What attractions are worth visiting in Shenzhen?

1. Shenzhen Children’s Park

Shenzhen Children’s Paradise is located at No. 12 Tongle Road, Luohu District. It is an interesting children’s paradise focusing on children’s play. Parents can take their children to play on weekends. This amusement park has children’s favorite space shuttles, electric amusement equipment, bumper cars, double strollers, small trains and other amusement projects.

2. Overseas Chinese Town in Eastern Shenzhen

Shenzhen Eastern Overseas Chinese Town is located in Yantian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is a large tourist attraction for leisure, vacation, sightseeing and ecological adventure, and is suitable for parent-child travel. There are Grand Canyon Ecological Park, Dahuaxing Temple and Chaxi Valley Leisure Park, etc. There are also wonderful performances inside.

3. Shenzhen Happy Valley Maya Water Park

Shenzhen Happy Valley Maya Water Park is a large water park where children can take their children to play during summer vacation. It is a resort for water splashing and carnival. It also has a variety of trendy food to create a midsummer family water paradise for tourists! There are also exciting The show includes a rock band performance.

4. Splendid China. Folk Village

Splendid China Folk Village is a large-scale cultural theme park. Here, tourists can not only appreciate the houses and customs of various ethnic groups, but also participate in ethnic song and dance performances. In addition, they can also watch large-scale horse battle live performances, which are very exciting. Inside, you can see landscapes such as Hainan coconut trees, Yunnan stone forests, and Huizhou archways.

5. Shenzhen Window to the World

Shenzhen Window of the World is a must-see tourist attraction for many people traveling to Shenzhen. It is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Attractions include the Glass Pyramid, World Map Fountain, Islamic Street, European Street Church, etc. In addition, there are many entertainment projects such as the Alpine Ice and Snow World and the Pyramid Fantasy Hall. There is also a song and dance party to watch in the evening.

6. Guangming Grass Skating Field

Guangming Skateboarding Field is located in the northwest of Shenzhen. The environment here is very good and suitable for traveling with children during the short vacation. The environment is beautiful with green mountains and green waters. The scenic spot has Cantonese delicacies and a variety of delicious seafood, which are very popular among tourists. Gongming Roast Goose is very delicious and worth tasting. Fun projects include grass skiing and fishing, as well as grass skiing fields, farm grand view gardens and other projects, which are good places to relax and have a leisurely vacation. place.

7. Cool Jump Trampoline Theme Park

Kool Jump Trampoline Theme Park is one of the large trampoline theme parks located in Shencai-Cailian Logistics Center, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The activities inside include the trampoline open area, fun dodge ball, and extreme slam dunk area. It is said that trampoline sports can improve children’s attention. When children focus their attention, their academic performance will improve.

8. Shenzhen Wildlife Park

Shenzhen Wildlife Park is a free-range wildlife park with a beautiful environment where you can take your children to play on weekends. Famous attractions include Ocean Theater and Tiger Leaping Gorge. There are dolphin and sea lion performances, watching red-crowned cranes swimming in the water, watching peacocks opening their tails, bears riding bicycles and other performances that are fun and funny. Animals from various countries are diverse and colorful.

9. Happy Harle Children’s Parent-child Paradise

Happy Harle Children’s Parent-child Park is an amusement park specially designed for children. It is a highly interesting and interactive theme park. It is one of the top ten children’s amusement parks in Shenzhen. Release children to have fun, cultivate children’s character, broaden children’s horizons, and exercise and develop children’s various abilities.

10. Shenzhen Children’s Paradise

Shenzhen Children’s Paradise is a large children’s playground that has won good reputations from many mothers. There are many rides suitable for children, such as small trains, Shark Island, pirate ships, bumper cars, Shark Island, etc. There are also children’s roller coasters and double-decker carousels. The environment here is not bad and suitable for parents to bring their children to play.

7. What are the tourist attractions in Shenzhen that are worth visiting?

Answer: First place: Eastern Overseas Chinese Town

Second place: Happy Valley

Third place: Splendid Chinese Ethnic Cultural Village

Fourth place: Window of the World

Fifth place: Safari Park

Sixth place: Sea World

Seventh place: Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Eighth place: Qingqing World

Ninth place: Guangming Farm Grand View Garden

No. 10: Landscape and Pastoral

No. 11: Maritime Pastoral