Xi’an Furong Garden Travel Diary Data Tang Furong Garden One-day Tour Diary

Introduction: Xi’an Furong Garden Tour Diary Data Tang Furong Garden One Day Tour Diary 1. Tang Furong Garden One Day Tour Diary 2. Data Tang Furong Garden Tourists 3. Data Tang Furong Garden Tour Process 4. Data Tang Furong Garden One Day Tour Self-guided Travel guide 5. Datang Furong Garden tour pictures 6. Datang Furong Garden travel diary 7. Datang Furong Garden tour diary 200 words 8. Datang Furong Garden one-day tour 9. Datang Tang Furong Garden one-day tour diary for primary school students 10. Guide to visiting the Tang Furong Garden Half-day tour 11. Time to visit the Tang Furong Garden

1. One-day tour diary of Tang Dynasty Furong Garden

It uses various forms of expression to fully and naturally display the culture of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. You can not only appreciate the sacred and magnificent royal culture, but also see the grand honor guard of the Tang Dynasty in the “Hundred Emperors Touring Qujiang”. There are also themed activities such as visiting flowers in the apricot garden, naming inscriptions at the Wild Goose Pagoda, drinking on the Qujiang River, and becoming an official. Entering the Furong Garden, every building and landscape has fascinating allusions and legends. Walking around, you will be dazzled by the tall classical buildings and sparkling waves. It seems that from the moment you step through the door, you have reversed time and space and dreamed back to the Tang Dynasty. Without visiting this place in person, you will not be able to feel the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty from this Tang Furong Garden, let alone appreciate the importance of the Silk Road.

2. Visitors to Tang Furong Garden

There are many parking lots with plenty of parking spaces on both sides of the road outside the west gate of Datang Furong Garden, and then there is the underground parking lot of Tang Furong Garden. You can also park in the Xi’an Aquarium’s underground parking lot or on-street parking space in the northeast corner of Datang Furong Garden. There are also two small parking lots on the north side of Datang Furong Garden. In short, there are quite a lot of parking spaces around the Lei District, which can basically meet the parking needs of tourists during holidays and peak tourist seasons. Most of these parking spaces charge 2 yuan per hour.

3. Tour process of Tang Furong Garden

One day is enough. If the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden can be regarded as a tourist attraction, there are only twelve or three large and small ones (including amusement parks). Just visit a few major ones, such as Ziyun Tower, Caiyunting, Dogwood Terrace, and Soul of Poetry. What’s more, the main purpose here is to feel the atmosphere of Tang culture. It’s a very nice place! By the way, at night there is the world’s largest water screen movie (right in front of Ziyun Tower). You must see it, it’s very shocking~

4. Self-guided travel guide for a one-day tour of Tang Dynasty Furong Garden

Tang Furong Garden is not bad. During the day, there are performances of the Tang Dynasty and you can also enjoy the scenery. At night, it is mainly about fountains and lights. It is recommended to arrive at noon and stroll until it is almost dark to get the best of both worlds.

5. Tang Dynasty Furong Garden Tour Map

It takes at least half a day to visit the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden. You can visit scenic spots and watch performances

Opening hours: 9:00-22:00 (end of admission at 21:00) Tickets: December 1st – February 28th 90 yuan March 1st – November 30th 120 yuan

1. Silver Bridge Waterfall

The design of this attraction comes from the legend of “White Dragon Apparition” in the Tang Dynasty. According to legend, this is the place where Fu Kong Sanzang threw a wooden dragon, and the wooden dragon turned into a real white dragon and appeared and rained rain. When you arrive at this scenic spot, walk onto the Furong Bridge and look at the steep rocks and mist in front of you. When you are on the bridge with steaming water, it feels like the white dragon will rise from the water again in the next second.

2. Drinking in Qujiang River

Here is the “Qujiang Liuyin”, one of the eight scenic spots in Chang’an. Qujiang Liuyin was once the place where the emperor of the Tang Dynasty gave banquets to the high school Jinshi candidates. At that time, these Jinshi people gathered by the Qujiang River and enjoyed the feast. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, they placed the wine glass in the meandering water, and the wine glass drifted along the water. Whoever the wine glass flowed in front of would have to compose a poem according to the rhyme. The poems would be judged by everyone. Those who did not do well would be punished with three glasses of wine. . Its current design is similar to that of the time. It uses the natural landscape form to create a natural, indifferent, quiet and subtle landscape atmosphere. So when you get here, you can also imitate the customs of the Tang Dynasty and drink with friends. Talk freely and experience the interesting life in the Tang Dynasty.

3. Tang City

“Everything in the market is the most lively place.” The Tang market was the most prosperous market in ancient times. Merchants from all over the world gathered on the streets and it was bustling with people. There was a dazzling array of goods, which was overwhelming. Various singing, dancing, dramas, and acrobatics were performed frequently, and everywhere It is a scene of prosperous business and bustling business. Tang City, now the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden, consists of Tang Market, Gongzhi Street and Baixi Street, covering an area of ​​12,122 square meters. It is a Tang Dynasty customs and culture street that integrates viewing, entertainment, recreation, experience, exchange and consumption. Handicrafts, folk arts, operas, food, tea and wine culture, art and calligraphy and other special projects, here you can experience everything in Tang City. Even if you don’t buy anything, just strolling here for a few hours is an enjoyable experience. People are happy.

4. Tang Dynasty Poetry Culture Theme Area

“Read 300 Tang poems by heart, and you can recite them even if you don’t know how to compose them.” The Tang Dynasty was the climax of the development of poetry. During this period, famous poets such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, and Li He appeared, and their poems were “unprecedented and unprecedented.” “, no one can surpass their works.

The cultural theme area of ​​Tang Dynasty poetry is based on the poetry of the Tang Dynasty. It uses more than 2,000 cubic meters of stone and covers an area of ​​1,480 square meters. It has carved 25 famous poets and many Tang poems from the Tang Dynasty. If you are interested in Tang poetry If you are interested, I suggest you go to this area. I think you will be very shocked when you see so many Tang poems and poets standing on the mountain peaks.

5. Qujiang Hudian

Chang’an of the Tang Dynasty was an open international metropolis, so there were many Hu people in Chang’an City of the Tang Dynasty. They did business and opened shops here. Most of the many Hu people’s shops were engaged in the jewelry and groceries business, and wine shops were also the main industry. The waiter in the wine shop is a young woman from the Western Regions, known as “Hu Ji”. Orchid wine restaurants were very popular in the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, Hu women were more attractive to customers than Tang women. They had exotic beauty and superb singing and dancing skills, so they were very popular among officials and literati. It is said that at that time, Li Bai was a poet who loved to visit Hu people’s wine shops. He said, “Wherever you go after falling flowers, you will laugh into Hu Ji wine shops.”

The newly built Hudian in Qujiang in Tang Dynasty Furong Garden reflects the scene of the numerous Hudian stores in Chang’an City and the blending of Central Plains culture and foreign cultures from surrounding countries. The store will hold various activities and exquisite products, especially merchandise, recreating for us the prosperous scene of the Tang Dynasty when “people came from all directions to come to court, congratulations came from all over the world, and the treasures from all over the world were collected.” It is recommended that you must go to Hudian to experience this The charm of an exotic culture.

6. Caixia Pavilion and Ladies Pavilion

The Tang Dynasty was a very open era, so women in this era were also quite open. They were liberated, optimistic and confident, boldly participated in politics, and passionately pursued their love. They regarded fatness as beauty, dressed boldly and openly, and did what men can do. They can do the same.

The Caixia Pavilion and the Ladies Pavilion display the spirit of women in the open society of the Tang Dynasty, who were “feminine, daring to compete with men, tender and tender, and leaving a name throughout the ages”. The Caixia Pavilion and the Ladies Pavilion combine the architectural style of pavilions and corridors, with mirror columns set up inside to display the life of 100 outstanding women in the Tang Dynasty in a 360-degree manner. It is recommended that you visit these two attractions, they will make you admire the women of the Tang Dynasty with admiration.

7. Apricot Garden

Historically, the apricot garden in the Tang Dynasty was named Xingyuan because of the abundant apricot trees planted in the garden. It is a famous garden scenic spot, known as “ten acres of gold land, a thousand cups of apricot blossoms”. Xingyuan is a new scholar in the Tang Dynasty The place where the Apricot Garden Flower Visiting Banquet is held. The most interesting program in the apricot garden is the flower hunting game. At the beginning of the banquet, everyone chooses two young Jinshi to ride horses to the streets and alleys of Chang’an to find the most beautiful flowers and pick them for everyone to enjoy. If there are other Jinshis who picked them, If the flowers are prettier than these two young men, then these two young men will be fined with alcohol.

Nowadays, the Xingyuan Garden is a courtyard-style building imitating the Tang Dynasty. It is surrounded by gurgling water and decorated with bronze sculptures. The environment is elegant and pleasant. Surrounding it for a week, it seems that you can still feel the infinite scenery of the new scholars at that time. , a scene of smugness.

8. Lu Yu Teahouse

Chinese tea culture has a long history. Whether it is ancient literati or sects such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, they all use tea as a medium to convey values. Tea is not only a drink, but also a concept that they convey “the unity of heaven and man, the nature of heaven and earth”. The essence of tea ceremony lies in “purity, tranquility, elegance and harmony”, and “harmony” is the highest state of tea ceremony. As we all know, Lu Yu compiled the “Tea Classic” and formally introduced these concepts into tea art. Therefore, tea art in China is also broad and profound.

Lu Yu Teahouse was built based on the design of a teahouse in the Tang Dynasty. When you walk into the teahouse, you will see patches of green bamboo, gurgling water, and elegant rooms with clear rooms, which will make you feel as if you have entered a fairyland in the mountains where expert tea drinkers live. At Lu Yu Tea House, you can not only drink very delicious tea, but also watch exquisite tea art performances.

9. Large-scale laser water curtain movie

The water curtain movie is a very special attraction in the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden. When night falls, standing on the steps of Ziyun Tower, vivid three-dimensional characters are presented on the wide water curtain, vivid and lifelike; the colors are gorgeous Fireworks bloom in the sky, the lights are reflected in the lake, accompanied by beautiful music, accompanied by jumping flames rising in the fountain, water mines exploding in the mist, lasers flashing in the night, you will marvel at water and fire The wonders, the changes of light and color, are like traveling through a time tunnel and walking into the distant Tang Dynasty to experience the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

Remember to go to Tang Furong Garden and watch the laser water curtain movie at night.

10. Tang Dynasty Furong Garden Performance

Datang Furong Garden starts at 11 o’clock in the morning and ends at 21 o’clock in the evening. There will be various performances. After you go, you can enjoy its various performances. The following is its performance schedule.

The Tang Dynasty Furong Garden in Xi’an has been a royal garden since ancient times. It rose in the Qin and Han Dynasties and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Today’s Tang Dynasty Furong Garden was built on the original Tang Dynasty ruins and covers an area of ​​1,000 acres. It is a 5A-level large-scale royal garden-style cultural scenic spot that comprehensively displays the historical features of the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

6. Travel Notes of Tang Furong Garden

During the Qin Dynasty, a royal hunting garden, Yichun Garden, was opened here, and a palace, Yichun Xiayuan, was built here.

In the third year of Kaihuang’s reign (AD 583), Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty built the imperial garden “Furong Garden”, and the Tang Furong Garden was built on the site of this garden.

In the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Minghuang expanded the scale and built Ziyun Tower, Caixia Pavilion, Liangtang, and Penglai Mountain. He also dug the Yellow Canal, a large-scale water conservancy project, to expand the water surfaces of Furong Pool and Qujiang Pool. It has become the only public garden on the Great Wall of the capital.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, with the destruction of Chang’an City, all kinds of garden buildings were also destroyed.

7. A 200-word diary of a visit to the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden

Just walked in and it was so spectacular! A rockery, with water flowing down like a waterfall, and a thin layer of mist. The splashing water is really beautiful!

Walking further inside, I looked to the right, wow! How spectacular! What is being played is “Monkey King”. When watching a water curtain movie, what you are watching is not a movie, but the effect of the movie. There are three sides of water, one on the left, one on the right, and one in the middle. It’s really realistic with a projector. And it’s very fun. There is a character in it called: Xiaolong. He can speak: “The plot behind is exciting, please applaud!”

In the end, someone actually applauded, “The applause is not warm enough, please give me another round of applause!”

The applause is so warm this time! It can be said that everyone applauded!

8. A one-day lobbying session at the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden

1. A beautiful lotus blooms on the clear waves of Jiulong Lake. Yang Yuhuan, wrapped in a long gauze, emerged from the flowers. Her delicate figure and jade-like face shone brightly on the green mountains and dimmed the smokey trees and dragon pavilions. In the night, Yang Yuhuan floats in like a fairy, bringing people back to that distant history…

2. Returning to the Tang Dynasty in my dream, I saw Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, ruling the world under the rule of Zhenguan; I saw the legendary empress Wu Zetian, whose legacy of Zhenguan showed her majesty as a woman; I saw Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, benefiting all people in the prosperous age of the Yuan Dynasty; I saw Yang Yuhuan, a famous concubine throughout the ages, whose charming style “looks back and smiles with all her charm”; I saw Princess Wencheng, who married far away from Tibet, making the people of the two ethnic groups one family.

3. When you walk into the antique Tang Furong Garden, you will see the shocking Tang architecture – the roofs of glazed tiles stretch far and wide; the doors and windows are unpretentious, solemn and generous. So my thoughts drifted to the city of Chang’an 1,300 years ago… I was looking at a glorious chapter of the prosperous times.

9. Diary of a one-day trip to Tang Dynasty Furong Garden for primary school students

During the Tang Dynasty, Qujiang entered a period of prosperity. Qujiang lasted for 1,300 years from the Qin Dynasty to the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese gardens and architecture. It was designated as a royal garden and has many landscapes such as Furong Garden, Ziyun Tower, Apricot Garden, Hanwu Spring, Qinglong Temple, Daci’en Temple and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. At that time, Furong Garden was turned into a royal forbidden garden – Furong Garden (also known as Furong Garden), and important buildings such as Ziyun Tower and Caixia Pavilion were built. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty specially built a city wall from the palace to the Furong Garden along the city wall in order to sneak into Qujiang Furong Garden for fun. Whenever there was a gathering in Qujiang, Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty would come to the Ziyun Tower of Furong Garden with his beloved concubines and hundreds of officials to have fun with the people. The streets of Chang’an City in the Tang Dynasty were filled with thousands of people, and they would all gather and have a banquet in Qujiang. The grand occasion of the Tang Dynasty was evident.

Built to the north of the original Tang Dynasty Furong Garden ruins, it is China’s first large-scale royal garden-style cultural theme park that comprehensively displays the style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. It includes Ziyun Tower, Ladies Pavilion, Royal Banquet Palace, Fanglin Garden, Fengming Jiutian Theater, Apricot Garden, Lu Yu Teahouse, Tang City, Qujiang Liuyin and many other scenic spots.

10. Tang Dynasty Furong Garden Tour Guide Half-day Tour

No, you cannot enter the Tang Furong Garden at any time, you can only enter during the opening hours, 9:00-22:00 (the garden clears at 21:30)

 As of the update time, Xi’an Tang Dynasty Fuyuan Garden has resumed free access to the public. Free online reservations can be made through the “Datang Furong Garden Scenic Area” WeChat applet. After the reservation is successful, citizens should pay attention to the following matters when entering the park: 

① After the reservation is successful, tourists can enter the park through the west gate (Yuyuan Gate) or south gate of Datang Furong Garden with their valid second-generation ID card and Shaanxi personal electronic identification code.  

②Free qualification is not valid for separately paid items in the park.  

③ Please abide by the public order and relevant management regulations of the scenic area, and it is strictly prohibited to bring dangerous goods into the park.  

④The opening and closing times of the scenic spot and performance activities are subject to adjustment due to seasonal changes, and the announcement time of the scenic spot shall prevail. 

11. Time to visit Tang Furong Garden

Datang Furong Garden Blackjack is closed in 2021