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1. Passenger cruise prices

Yangtze River Cruise Time Line:

Line 1: Night cruise on the Yangtze River (Hankou Yuehan Pier)

Cruise ship route: Hankou Yuehan Pier (set sail) – Hankou River Beach – Wuhan Passenger Port (106 ships, 303 ships) – Jianghanguan – Longwang Temple – China Corner (the intersection of the two rivers) – Qingchuan Bridge – — Qingchuan Pavilion (Yugongji) — First Yangtze River Bridge (crossing the bridge) — Hanyang Splendid Yangtze River — Parrot Island Bridge (not passing the bridge, turning around) — Wuchang Shipyard — Yellow Crane Tower — Wuchang River Beach — —Moonlight Bay Water City (U-turn) —Hankou Yue-Han Wharf (berthing).

Cruise fare: 155 yuan/person (including dinner, 1 hour), 100 yuan/person (excluding dinner, 1 hour)

Boarding address: Hankou Yuehan Wharf

Departure time: 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30

Disembarkation address: Hankou Yuehan Wharf

Line 2: Night cruise on the Yangtze River (Wuchang Hongxiang Pier)

Cruise route: Wuchang Hongxiang Pier (departure) – Yellow Crane Tower – Yangtze River Bridge – Wuchang Shipyard – World Trade Center Splendid Yangtze River – Guishan TV Tower – Qingchuan Pavilion – Qingchuan Bridge – China Corner (Nan’anzui) – the intersection of the two rivers – Longwang Temple – Wuhan Guan Bell Tower – 106 Xi’an Ship – 303 Submarine – Wuhan Passenger Port – Hankou River Beach – Guangdong and Han Pier – Wuchang River Beach – Wuchang Red Lane Pier (berthing).

Cruise fare: 155 yuan/person (including dinner, 1 hour), 100 yuan/person (excluding dinner, 1 hour)

Boarding address: Wuchang Hongxiang Wharf

Departure time: 19:30, 20:00, 20:50

Disembarkation address: Wuchang Hongxiang Pier

2. Large cruise ship prices

599 yuan/person. The best route to take a boat trip to the Three Gorges in Wuhan is to consult the Three Gorges cruise ticket booking official website. If you want to visit the entire Three Gorges of the Yangtze River from Wuhan, the best way is to take a cruise to Chongqing. You only need to Just buy a boat ticket. The route is arranged by the cruise ship. It is more convenient and relaxing. The scenery along the way is picturesque. It is a good choice for your trip.

3. Prices and pictures of large cruise ships

Today, the most domineering and largest giant ship in the world is undoubtedly the American Oasis of the Seas. This domineering giant ship belongs to Royal Caribbean International Cruises. It is the largest and most expensive cruise ship in the world so far and belongs to the highest level of “Oasis Class”!

How big is this domineering giant ship? The ship is 361.8 meters long, 63.4 meters wide, and 72 meters above the water. It has 16 floors in total. It is worth mentioning that this giant ship is designed with a retractable chimney to allow it to pass through the Channel Bridge.



4. Ordinary cruise price

Recently, Mr. Li Hongwei, a reader from Harbin City, reported to this newspaper that he and his family went out for fun a few days ago and saw multiple piers on the riverside near the Flood Control Memorial Tower. He went to the ticket offices of the piers one by one and asked, but was told that people with senior citizen IC cards Card boarding is not free. In desperation, he spent 10 yuan to buy a round-trip ferry ticket at the pier near the Youyi Road Flood Control Memorial Tower. However, when he got off the boat at Sun Island, he saw that the ticket on the pier back to Jiangnan was written with 2 yuan. Please tell me about the ticket. How much is it? Can senior citizens over 70 years old take the boat for free?

The relevant person in charge of the Harbin Ferry Company Office said that according to the “Harbin Urban Bus, Tram, Ferry Passenger Transport Management Regulations”, seniors over 70 years old take the ferry free of charge. There are many ferry companies operating along the Songhua River, but only Harbin Ferry Company is a state-owned company with card-swiping equipment on board. The company only has two terminals, one at Beiqidao Street Pier in Daowai District and one at Jiuzhan Pier in Daoli District. When elderly people take a boat, they can wait at the pier marked “Ferry Terminal” and enjoy free tickets when taking the city’s ferry company’s passenger ships. You cannot enjoy free treatment when traveling on ships of other individual companies.

Staff of the Harbin Municipal Price Bureau replied: According to the “Harbin Urban Bus, Tram, Ferry and Boat Passenger Transport Management Regulations”, the Harbin Municipal Price Bureau has unified the freight rates for river ferry routes and sightseeing routes, and implemented separate tariffs based on the nature of ferry routes and sightseeing routes. Pricing. The fare for the ferry route on the river is 2 yuan per one-way trip, and the fare for the sightseeing route on the river is 10 yuan per trip.

5. Cruise price inquiry

According to prices in December 2019, a cruise to Japan costs about 15,000 to 20,000 yuan equivalent in Japanese yen. When applying for a Japanese visa, the applicant must first call the agency or travel agency to understand the specific information that needs to be prepared and submit it to the agency. There is no need to queue up to apply at the embassy or consulate in person. In principle, visa applicants must meet all the requirements for entry into Japan, and a visa will be issued if they meet the requirements. Applicants for visas to Japan should pay attention to the differences in acceptance agencies, procedures and submitted materials based on the type of passport, purpose of visiting Japan, length of stay, etc.

6. Cargo Cruise Prices

Shipping to US ports takes about 15 to 18 days. It takes about 30 days to ship to your door by sea. Postal sea shipping takes about two months.

At that time, the staff at the Japanese post office told my friend that it would take about 2 months, maybe 4 months – half a year to receive the package, and it might even be lost… I didn’t know for sure. If I don’t send it, it will never arrive. Then try sending it. I started checking the records every day to see if they have been updated. Shipping means that there is no news after it is sent… Today, before I had time to look at the records, I and my son were watching the USPS parked at the door of our house, and saw the courier preparing to bring a box of things down. , I don’t know which one to go to. I thought to myself that we seemed to have no packages recently, and then he entered our yard and was video-recording with my husband… I felt excited, and saw the Japanese text of the package through the window. I looked at the delivery records and sure enough, It is undoubtedly my shipping.

7. Passenger cruise price list

There is no admission fee for Sea World Cruises.

Sea World Cruise is located on the west coast of Shenzhen, at the southern end of the Shekou Peninsula. It is located in the core of the Pearl River Delta, surrounded by mountains and sea. It is within easy reach of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone and the international cruise home port of Prince Edward Bay, and is connected to the city’s main roads and subway. , passenger terminal, Shenzhen Bay Port, Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Sui International Airport, enjoy three-dimensional transportation by sea, land and air, and seamlessly connect with the world.

8. Cruise price

Cruise prices for a 70-year-old senior citizen range from 4,000 to 8,000. Prices will be cheaper during the off-season, and more expensive during peak tourist seasons or holidays. It is recommended that elderly people over 70 years old not choose to travel on a cruise during the peak tourist season to avoid dangers caused by crowding. In addition, it is best for 70-year-olds to be accompanied by family members when taking a cruise, and prepare some common medications in case of unexpected events. It is recommended that elderly people with underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure and coronary heart disease should not travel on cruise ships.

Cruise travel is more suitable for the elderly. As long as the elderly are under the age of 85, they can take a cruise. Generally, people over 70 years old need to sign a health declaration form, and people over 75 years old need a health certificate issued by a top-level hospital within three months. Some cruise companies also require people over 75 years old to be accompanied by young family members.

In addition, it is recommended that elderly people with weak legs and feet should bring a wheelchair on board. On the one hand, wheelchair users have priority when boarding and disembarking, and wheelchairs will also be treated courteously when using restaurants and various entertainment facilities on board. If you apply to the cruise company in advance for a barrier-free cabin for disabled people, it will be much more spacious than cabins of the same class and closer to the elevator entrance.

9. Price of passenger ferry

The price of a collection of Jin food stamps in five cities across the country is as follows: The price of a complete set of 9 national food stamps in the 55th edition was about 300 yuan 10 years ago. Now the price of brand-new products is close to 6,000 yuan. There are less than 100 sets of brand-new products in existence nationwide. A complete set of stamps is a sample. 30,000 yuan. The 1962 national food stamps are the food stamps with the shortest circulation time. They are also known as special food stamps for trains, airplanes and ships. The price was about 500 yuan 10 years ago, but now the price is about 18,000 yuan.

10. Passenger cruise price inquiry

The two are incomparable.

Cruise ships originally refer to large passenger ships that set routes and sail regularly on the ocean. The word “mail” itself has the meaning of transportation. In the past, transoceanic mail was always carried by this large passenger ship, hence the name.

Ships are generally used in both a narrow sense and a broad sense. In the broad sense, ships generally refer to all large, motor-propelled ships. In a narrow sense, a ship refers to a ship propelled by a steam turbine.