Emeishan two-day and two-night self-driving tour guide

Guide: Two-day and two-night self-driving tour guide to Mount Emei. Guide to self-driving tour from Chengdu to Mount Emei.

You have enough time to stay for two nights. It is recommended to mainly walk. It would be boring to drive the whole way. Starting from Baoguo Temple, we pass through Leiyin Temple, Chunyang Hall, and Shenshui Pavilion to Qingyin Pavilion. We can view Qingyin Pinghu Lake, see the Cow Heart Stone, visit the sculptures of the Three Emperors in Mount Emei, and then go to the largest ecological monkey area in the country to play with monkeys. Hongchunping, enjoy the morning rain in Hongchun. The second day: starting from Xianfeng Temple, passing through Yuxian Temple and Jiulinggang to Xixiangchi, then walk to Leidongping, to Jieyin Hall, you can continue walking to Taiziping or Jinding. You can also choose to take the cableway up to the Golden Summit and watch the sunset at the Golden Summit. Accommodation: Golden Summit or Leidongping. (Accommodation in the scenic area is tight, it is recommended to book in advance.) Day 3: Get up early to watch the sunrise and visit the Shifang Samantabhadra statue on the Golden Summit. There are three gold, silver and bronze halls in Mount Emei, and you can visit the Sheshen Cliff and the observation deck to see the sea of ​​clouds and the Gongga Snow Mountain in the distance. Take the cableway to Jieyin Hall, then walk to Leidongping, take the scenic sightseeing bus to Baoguo Temple Passenger Transport Center, and happily end your trip to Mount Emei. There are farmhouse restaurants and hotels in the scenic area. You can check them on “Xixi Tuan”. It has prices, pictures, and text introductions. Booking on this website can save you more than half of the money.

It takes about 2 hours to drive by yourself, and you can stay in Emei. If you are early, you can drive directly to Leidongping. Get up early the next morning to watch the sunrise. I visited Jinding and then drove to Mid-Levels. If I had time, I would visit Mid-Levels. If I didn’t have time, I would stay in Mid-Levels. The next day we visited Mid-Levels, then drove to Leshan, saw the Leshan Giant Buddha and returned to Chengdu.

Guide to self-driving travel from Chengdu to Mount Emei

D1: After arriving at Emei. Stay in the Baoguo Temple area at night. In the evening, you can also browse the sightseeing tours in the Baoguo Temple area, including the Xiujia Tianxia Waterfall; the First Mountain Pavilion (free of charge), recommended tours; the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism Cultural Corridor; Yingbin Beach, etc. D2: Drive from Baoguo Temple to the parking lot of Wannian Temple, take the Wannian Cableway to Wannian Temple, and enjoy one of the ten ancient sceneries of Mount Emei, “White Water Autumn Wind”, the Beamless Brick Hall, and the treasure of Mount Emei, the “Bronze Statue of Samantabhadra Riding an Elephant” ”, then hike to Qingyin Pavilion, and along the way visit Bailong Cave, Qingyin Pavilion, the Ten Ancient Scenic Spots of Mount Emei “Double Bridge Qingyin”, visit the One Line of Sky, Heilongjiang Plank Road, enter the Emeishan Ecological Monkey Area to watch monkeys, Qingyin Pinghu, Sino-Japanese Stone Tablet Pavilion, and finally Drive from Wuxiangang Station to Leidongping Station and live near Leidongping. D3: Get up early and walk to the Jieyin Hall and take the cable car to the Golden Summit. Watch the sunrise from the Golden Summit (if weather conditions permit). You have the opportunity to view the sea of ​​clouds. You can also visit Sheshen Cliff, the observation deck, and the Shifang Samantabhadra Statue. You can hike from the Golden Summit or Take the Jinding Cableway back to Leidongping and drive to Baoguo Temple for the return trip. There are farmhouse restaurants and star-rated hotels in the scenic area. You can check them on Hexi Tuan. It has prices, pictures and text introductions. The most important thing is that the price is very low, which can save you half of the money.