Tickets to Fuxian Lake How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake per person?

Introduction: How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake per person 1. How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake per person 2. How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake in Yunnan 3. How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake 4. How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake 5 . How much is a ticket to Fuxian Lake 6. Preferential policy for tickets to Fuxian Lake 7. Which attractions in Fuxian Lake require tickets 8. Do I need to buy tickets to Fuxian Lake 9. Do I need to buy tickets to Fuxian Lake 10. Do I need to buy tickets to Fuxian Lake ?

1. How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake per person?

Tickets for Yunnan Fuxian Lake Island are 20 yuan each.

Gushan Island is the only island in Fuxian Lake. It is located in the south of Fuxian Lake in Jiangchuan District, covering an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters. The ticket to the island is 20 yuan.

Fuxian Lake is located between Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County and Huaning County, more than 60 kilometers away from Kunming. The lake covers an area of ​​212 square kilometers, making it the third largest lake in Yunnan Province after Dianchi Lake and Erhai Lake. The deepest point is 155 meters, making it the deepest lake in Yunnan Province. In addition to Tianchi, a crater lake in Changbai Mountain in the northeast, Fuxian Lake is the second deepest known lake in China.

2. How much does the ticket to Fuxian Lake in Yunnan cost?

Hello, Xianhu Bay Scenic Area does not charge tickets.

Fairy Lake Bay Scenic Area is on the east bank of Fuxian Lake. Take the Chengjiang-Haikou Line from Chengjiang Bus Terminal. The terminal station is Haikou Town. You can get off the bus and walk for 10 minutes to Fairy Lake Bay. Fairy Lake Bay is beautiful and the water is clear and blue. As vast as the sea, the Fairy Lake Bay Scenic Area is now a wetland park. A large number of waterbirds live here. There are also large tracts of lavender planted here. Coming here feels like going to Bali Island for vacation!

3. Tickets are required for Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake itself does not charge tickets, so you can visit as you like, but some attractions will charge tickets, such as the entrance fee for Tuchong Scenic Area is 15 yuan per person, the child ticket is 5 yuan, Jieyushi Park is 2 yuan, and Biyun Temple is 2 yuan. Tickets for Jiangchuan Gushan Island are 20 yuan/person, etc.

Fuxian Lake, Fuxian Lake is located between Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan District, and Huaning County in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province. The lake is very large, so only the scenic spots charge, and it is impossible to charge for the entire lake area.

4. How much is the ticket to Fuxian Lake?

18.5 yuan. Buses from Kunming to Fuxian Lake can be taken at the Eastern Bus Terminal Station. The bus from Kunming to Fuxian Lake is a minibus bound for Chengjiang County from Kunming Eastern Passenger Terminal. It leaves every 15 minutes and takes about 2 hours to arrive. The fare is 18.5 yuan. There are buses from Chengjiang County to Lu every day. The round-trip minibus ride to Chongcun takes 20 minutes and costs 3-5 yuan.

5. How much does a ticket to Fuxian Lake cost?

There is no direct passenger shuttle bus from Fuxian Lake to Kunming!

Fuxian Lake is located in Chengjiang County, Yuxi City. There are many direct buses from Chengjiang Bus Terminal to Kunming South Bus Terminal. After arriving at Chengjiang Passenger Station in Kunming, you can transfer to the tourist shuttle bus from Chengjiang County to Fuxian Lake, or a good-seat bus, or an urban and rural bus line. Of course, you can also take a taxi to Fuxian Lake.

The evening bus from Kunming to Chengjiang departs at approximately 20:00, and the fare is RMB 20 per passenger.

6. Fuxian Lake ticket discount policy

Tickets are cheap, only 15 yuan

Open every day throughout the year from 8:30-19:00

You must wear a mask and show your health code when entering the scenic spot

Fuxian Lake Ruby Beach is located at Fengjiawan Beach in Gushan Village Committee, Jiangcheng Town, Jiangchuan County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province. The beach is located on the opposite shore of Gushan Island, with beautiful environment and wide view. It is the only place to take a boat to Gushan Island in the center of Fuxian Lake. There are dozens of human-powered boats and pedal boats on the beach. Make friends, sway on the boat, and paddle on the lake. The wind blows the heat waves, and you can enjoy the freshwater lakes on the plateau, which are famous for the ancient Yunnan civilization. It has a unique flavor.

7. Which attractions in Fuxian Lake require tickets?

Jieyu stone


Jieyu Stone is located in Haimen, Jiangchuan County. Haimen is the outlet of Xingyun Lake. There is a waterway connecting Xingyun Lake and Fuxian Lake. It is called Gehe. It is 2 kilometers long. There is a rugged stone wall in the river that extends to the water. It is said that Nebula The big head fish in the lake and the Kanglang fish in Fuxian Lake use the stone as a boundary, and they turn around and return here, so they are called the boundary fish stone.


Take the bus bound for Jiangchuan from Nanfang Bus Terminal, the fare is 25 yuan, and get off at Jiangcheng, about 92 kilometers, and drive for about 2 hours. Then take the bus from Jiangcheng to across the river, about 8 kilometers, to Jie Get off at Yushi. The fare is 2 yuan.

Star scenic spots


Star Scenic Spot is located on the west bank of Fuxian Lake, at the junction of Jiangchuan County and Chengjiang County, 12 kilometers away from Luchong. There is Biyun Mountain 100 meters west of the Chengjiang-Jiangchuan highway. There is Biyun Temple on the mountain. Most of the temples are Taoist antique buildings. Every third day of the third lunar month is the temple fair day of Biyun Temple. 1.5 kilometers north of Biyun Mountain, there is a star fish cave. March to September every year is the main season for fishing Kanglang fish. You can taste the snacks of fresh fish cooked in copper pots.


From Kunming Southern Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Jiangchuan. The fare is 25 yuan. It takes 2 hours to drive to Jiangcheng. Then transfer to a bus bound for Chengjiang and get off at Mingxing. The fare is 3 yuan.

Gushan Island


Gushan Island is the only island in Fuxian Lake. It is located in the south of Fuxian Lake in Jiangchuan County, covering an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters. Gushan Island is separated from Haimen Park to the south and faces the Lotus Peak on Biyun Temple to the north. Every year on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, local people go to Gushan to hold temple fairs.


In the past, tourists could take a speedboat to Gushan Island at Jiangchuan Wharf. Since August 2004, in order to maintain the water quality of Fuxian Lake, all motorized boats are prohibited from operating. As a result, the journey to Gushan Island is a bit difficult for tourists. It is said that a water bicycle (20 yuan/hour) is now popular on Fuxian Lake. It is cheap and environmentally friendly, but its disadvantage is that the riding distance cannot be too long. Tickets: 15 yuan

Fuxian Lake


In 1992, professional diver Geng Wei, who had lived by Fuxian Lake in Chengjiang, Yunnan since childhood, discovered the remains of a large number of man-made structures underwater. So far, he has dived into Fuxian Lake to explore artificial structures more than 60 times.

In June 2001, China’s first lake underwater archeology was conducted in Fuxian Lake.

On June 17, 2006, the second underwater exploration activity in Fuxian Lake kicked off.

mysterious building

(1) Discover tall buildings similar to the pyramids and circular buildings of the Colosseum

At the end of 2005, Geng Wei disclosed the latest underwater archaeological discoveries in the past two years in Chengjiang County, Yunnan. The golden sonar scans showed the majestic outline of the underwater city, which was astonishing. Geng Wei said that the area of ​​the ancient city ruins that has been discovered so far covers 2.4 square kilometers, which is no less than that of Chengjiang County in the 1970s. There are 8 main buildings in total, of which two tall stepped buildings and a circular building are the most important.

One of the tall stepped buildings is divided into three floors. The bottom is 60 meters wide, the second floor is 32 meters wide, and the top floor is 18 meters wide. The entire building is 16 meters high. It can be seen from the sonar scan that its steps are very Neat and symmetrical.

The other stepped building is the most magnificent. It has five floors in total. The bottom of the first floor is 63 meters wide, and the second floor is 48 meters wide. The third and fourth floors collapsed more seriously and cannot be measured carefully. The fifth floor is 27 meters wide and the entire building is 21 meters high, similar to the Mayans in America. of pyramids. There are small steps connecting each large step. The first large step has a straight small step leading straight up from the bottom.

In addition, there is a stone pavement between the two buildings that is more than 300 meters long and 5-7 meters wide, paved with different shapes of stone slabs with various geometric patterns on them. In another area, a circular building was also discovered, with a bottom diameter of 37 meters. The south side is higher, and steps can be vaguely discerned. The north side of the building collapsed more seriously, and there is a gap on the northeast side, which is similar in shape to the Colosseum in ancient Rome.


(2) The stepped building may be an altar, and the round building resembles the pattern of ancient Yunnan bronzes.

A large number of bronzes from the ancient Dian Kingdom period were unearthed from Shizhai Mountain in Jinning, Yunnan. After careful observation, Geng Wei found that many bronze buckles (a small round bronze ornament) had the pattern of stepped buildings, and some There are also railing architectural patterns used for worship. He believes that this shows that sacrificial activities have been very important in the lives of the ancient Dian people, and those tall stepped buildings are the remains of the sacrificial activities of the ancient Dian people.

Even more amazing is that the circular stepped architectural patterns carved on some bronze buckles are almost identical to the circular architectural forms found underwater. The circular stepped building on the bronze vessel is divided into upper and lower floors. There are more than ten people on the first floor, and three or four people on the second floor, sitting on the steps to watch bullfights or other performances. Geng Wei believes that the underwater rotunda is the prototype of the button decoration pattern. Some experts once believed that the circular building was an entertainment facility or a stadium. Geng Wei said he could not agree. “If it is a stage building, it is too luxurious and impractical under the social conditions of the time.”

At present, the archaeological results about the ancient Dian Kingdom are almost all focused on the excavation of tombs and cultural relics. The ancient Dian Kingdom, which once flourished for more than 500 years, has not found any remains of living buildings. This makes Geng Wei speculate that the tall buildings and bronzes at the bottom of the lake are The pattern similarity is no accident.

seahorse hoofprints

(3) The “sea horse hoof prints” on the stone slab may be the basis for ancient Yunnan people to insert standing wood to build houses.

Among the many legends of Fuxian Lake, the legend about seahorse is the most bizarre. It is said that this kind of seahorse can run as fast as flying on the lake. It often appears in the morning fog and dives into the water after the fog clears. There are many records in ancient county annals. Geng Wei believes that when the water level of Fuxian Lake is very low, people can see holes with a diameter of 8-15 centimeters on the exposed stone slabs in very shallow places, shaped like horse hoof prints. He also found many similar holes in underwater buildings, some with stone nails on the inner edges. At first, he thought that these holes were for connecting stone slabs. Later, he found that if wooden stakes were inserted into these round holes and then connected with ropes, they would form a regular rectangle.

By studying the bronze patterns of the ancient Dian civilization, archaeologists have found that the buildings of the ancient Dian people were mainly pole-and-rail buildings. This kind of balustrade-style building is formed by first building a frame with bamboo and wood, leaving the bottom floor suspended, and then building walls. Geng Wei believes that the rectangular shape formed by inserting wood into the holes of stone slabs is completely consistent with the foundation of railing-style buildings. He deduced from this that the so-called seahorse footprints were the foundation for the pole-style buildings to insert standing trees, and that the underwater monuments in Fuxian Lake must have a direct connection with the ancient Yunnan civilization.

Not inferior to the Mayan civilization

(4) The scale is not inferior to the Mayan civilization, and its research will become a worldwide issue

In the history of Chengjiang County, Yunnan, there are three cities that can be traced. The earliest of them is the ancient city of Yu Yuan, which later mysteriously disappeared from the history books. This is why many experts tend to believe that the underwater city is Yu Yuan City. However, Geng Wei has a unique interpretation of the word “Yu Yuan”. He believes that “Yu” means “original” in ancient Chinese, and “Yuan” means “original and foundation”. The combination of the two It is the “original tall foundation”.

Geng Wei said, “Compared with other ancient civilization ruins, the scale of the Fuxian Lake underwater ruins is by no means inferior. It has tall buildings exceeding 21 meters, which are rare among Mayan civilization ruins. Research on it It will be a worldwide topic, and the mystery of the ancient Yunnan civilization that has troubled the archaeological community for many years is likely to be revealed through the underwater monuments in Fuxian Lake.”

In 279 BC, Chu State general Zhuang Qiao led an army to Dian (now Yunnan) and conquered the local ethnic minorities. Just as Zhuang Qiao was preparing to regroup, he happened to catch up with the Qin State and invade the Chu State, cutting off his way back home. Zhuang Qiao simply proclaimed himself king and established the country in Dian, and was known in history as “Zhuang Qiao, King of Dian”.

In the era of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the central dynasty designated the area where the Dian Kingdom was located as “Yizhou County”, which governed 24 counties. The King of Dian became the nominal ruler. The ancient Dian civilization gradually weakened and merged into the civilization of the Central Plains. Due to the lack of written records, everything about the ancient Dian Kingdom has gradually disappeared into obscurity and has become a historical mystery that no one knows.

Fuxian Lake Food

Chengjiang lotus roots, more than 20 kinds of fish from Fuxian Lake, and farmers’ stewed potato rice are all local specialty foods. Eating fish at the Star Fish Cave is part of the travel schedule. The Star Fish Cave is close to the waterside, with a row of restaurants lined up. The dishes are all-copper pot fish, potato braised rice. Most of the fish are caught from the lake and are very fresh. After the guests choose their own fish, it is weighed and the restaurant uses a copper pot. Add water to boil the fish. The fish meat will be fresh and tender without any fishy smell. The potato braised rice is also slowly roasted in a copper pot over the fire, and it tastes good with various pickles from the farm.

Copper Pot Fish: Chengjiang Copper Pot Fish, made with fish from Fuxian Lake, water from Fuxian Lake, and copper pot from Fuxian Lake, is a dish with strong local characteristics. The clear fish soup only requires green onion and ginger. The star is a plate of peanuts, garlic, and dried chili peppers fried in sesame oil, supplemented with hot and sour seeds, fermented bean curd, some coriander and mint, and then a plate of Fuxian Lake shrimps fried to make you drool-worthy. Excellent taste. Kanglang fish is a specialty fish species of Fuxian Lake and cannot be seen in other lakes.

Attraction tickets

Luchong Village: 10

World Fish Stone: 2

Gushan Island: 15

Star scenic spots: 6

Fish in Fuxian Lake

Text/Jia Pingwa

Sitting so close to the seaside, watching the sea water swaying into waves of light, like countless knives flying, and in a sudden trance, the entire sea surface suddenly tilted up, as if it was about to overturn. This was the first time in my life. July of two thousand years On the afternoon of the 15th, I was sitting at the entrance of a small fishing village at the foot of Jianshan Mountain, facing Fuxian Lake in Yunnan. The locals called Fuxian Lake a lake, but I thought it was a sea, because Shaanxi lacks water and is rare and strange. , the lake is called the sea. The sea is so blue! I thought the water was clear and colorless, but it was so clear that it turned out to be so blue, which made the banyan tree turn a shade darker. Some people were sitting on the stone bank under the tree, dipping their bare legs into the sea, and their white upper body was white. The shirt was shining, but you could see the lotus-like legs and the nails of the feet dyed crimson in the water. The owner of the house used a large ladle to scoop water from the sea to wash the gravel walkway. There was a green tail in the water. The little fish on its back jumped happily, and then jumped into the sea. And there was a copper pot like a pot hanging on the banyan tree branch, and the fish in spicy sauce was being cooked for us in the pot.

I can eat the most delicious fish today, I thought so, and I was extremely excited. An archaeological magazine said that humans did not change from monkeys, but came from water. If this conclusion is true, fish and humans should be the same. It is considered close, because it is fish that feeds people. Flowers bloom for bees and butterflies to pick, and fish are born to build tombs in people’s bellies? So, which corner of the sea does the fish in the copper pot come from? How many years has it been waiting for me, a northerner? !

I looked around the sea. The afternoon light and water vapor made the mountains blur into wrinkles in an ink painting. Only the sharp mountain was behind the house, and the reality was obvious. It had no base and no order, rising from the ground, and the shadows covered everything. The fishing village. Looking as far away as possible, you can vaguely see the county town with buildings on the other side of the sea. Half an hour ago, we drove from there and took a detour from behind Jianshan. A Yunnanese who came with us said, She is from the county town on the other side of the sea. Hundreds of years ago, the seawater did not reach the foot of Jianshan Mountain, and the old city was here. If you are lucky and have good weather, you can vaguely see the phantom of the original county town on the sea in the early morning. But I was not lucky enough to see it. All I saw was a small fishing village with a few families. Maybe this place was originally a small fishing village, and the small fishing village developed into an old city, and the old city developed into a small fishing village. The vicissitudes of life have changed, and it has become a small fishing village. The current situation is really a good thing. It is said that the old city sank exactly one night. Except for a sleepless old couple who escaped, there was no news about the houses, people, and livestock. People crawled through the water. The animals came ashore, and the people of the city returned to the water. Did they become mermaids? A waterbird flew over the sea, made a circle, and then flew away again. Under the cliff I saw by chance, there was a person sitting on the stone. I imagined that there might be a person sitting there. What about the mermaid with the head of a human and the body of a fish?

“That’s for fishing.” said the person accompanying me.

“Fishing?” How could I believe it? “Sitting under the cliff head fishing for fish?!”

It turns out that people here rarely row boats and set up nets in the sea to catch fish. In ancient times, they could scoop up fish and water with spoons, or use bamboo thatch to tie them in the water. Nowadays, the demand for fish is great, and only in The small stone caves selected at the cliff are waiting for fish to crawl into the bamboo baskets, which is like a hunter waiting for rabbits. In the small stone caves, there are springs flowing into the sea. The colors of the springs and the sea are different, and the water quality is also different. The fish follow the spring water. Flow down, just put a bamboo basket there, and the fish will go in. The light of the spring water in the sea is like the call of Buddha in the world. Can so many fish in the sea complete their lives and build a tomb in the human belly? As for the abdomen, it depends on its nature.

Regarding the fish in the sea, what kind of society, living style and beliefs are really unimaginable and mysterious. I suggested that we could go to the sea to have a look, so I took a motorboat, but unfortunately I did not see a single fish. , The fish must be sinking to the bottom of the sea. Is there a place like the Crystal Palace under the sea? The motorboat started to drive faster, and the soft water surface turned into solid land. The bumps made my body hurt. The people accompanying me said that they wanted to see fish. On the night of the 15th full moon of the lunar calendar, all the fish swam closer to the isolated island in the distance. Next, if you stand on an isolated island, you can see a circle of fish a few meters wide, surrounded by white flowers, and the sound of fish paddling makes a roaring sound. But that day is not the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, and it is not night, so I still I didn’t see any fish, so I landed on an isolated island. There was a Buddhist temple living on the island. The door of the Buddhist temple was closed, and a group of bright young women were sitting by the flower bed of the temple. I couldn’t figure out whether they were tourists who came to burn incense in the temple, or tourists who came to burn incense in the temple. The incarnation of fish landed?

The motorboat started to wander aimlessly on the sea again. Almost at the corner of the sea, the sea water turned into a river and flowed towards the mountains. The person accompanying me told me that there is still a lake on the other side of the mountains. , the area is larger than this lake, and the two lakes are connected through this river. It is almost dusk, and it is impossible to cross the river to the other sea, but I have a fantasy, if I want to catch fish, I just have to go. Stand in the river and set up a net, and the fish will be harvested by thousands of boats.

“No,” the person accompanying me shouted, “the fish in the two lakes never come to each other. There is a reef in the middle of the river called the Fish Dividing Rock. When the fish in the respective lakes swim there, they all turn around and swim away again. “

“why is that?”

“Who knows why? I’m afraid everyone has his own territory and his own home. There is never any confusion.”

This is so well said. I said that fish are not chaotic, but people are. People pollute the place where they live, and in the name of tourism, they pollute everywhere. As soon as I arrived in Yunnan, I heard that the environment here is beautiful, so I drove here, around the back of Jianshan Mountain. When we came here, there was already a very prosperous town at the foot of the mountain, with so many modern facilities and so many tourists. How nice would it be if there were no roads going out from here and it was just a small fishing village with a few households? I was also annoyed by tourists who were as ugly as me, and suddenly I realized the secret of the sinking of the old city: as the old city developed and more and more people came, they hated their life as human beings and collectively turned into fish. Woolen cloth?

Returning to the small fishing village from the sea, I saw two specimens of herring on display in a living room. The fish were so big that they were as big as a person lying in the glass cover. The introduction text said that these two fish were both It was caught from the lake. The fish was coated with preservatives and looked like it was alive. I looked at the fish’s eyes, and the fish’s eyes looked at me. In the end, I didn’t dare to look into its eyes anymore and quit. In the hall, the eyes of the fish are still looking at me.

At night, I slept on the bed of a luxury hotel in Kunming, and I had a dream. I dreamed of the two big herrings. The big herrings seemed to be saying something to me, but I couldn’t understand what the fish were saying. When I woke up, It reminds me of a play I watched when I was a child. The play was “The Story of Yagyu”. Should I be that Yagyu? But who should I pass the message to, and how should I pass it on? There is always a mass of doubts and embarrassment in my heart, so I wrote this article to find relief.

8. Do I need to buy tickets for Fuxian Lake?

Tickets for the red sand beach of Fuxian Lake in Yunnan are 15 yuan each.

Tickets for Fuxian Lake Red Beach are not expensive at 15 yuan each. The scenic spot is open all day long, and there are many paid water rides for tourists to experience from 8:30 to 19:00 every day.

Red Beach is located on the northwest coast of Fuxian Lake and is the only natural red beach in domestic lakes. The red sand is very fine, and the lake water stirs up waves one after another, washing the fine sand on the shore and dyeing the clear lake water red. In winter, the metasequoias on the shore turn red, and the reed flowers sway in the wind, presenting colorful pictures against the blue sky and green mountains.

9. Do you need tickets for Fuxian Lake?

Admission to the Fossil Museum is currently free.

The museum is located on the hillside near Yijiu Community, Yousuo Town, Chengjiang City, Yuxi City, north of Cambrian Town in Chengjiang, about 15 kilometers away from Yuxi urban area. With Maotian Mountain as its back and Fuxian Lake facing, it is a world-class museum.

Travelers can reach it via Xianhu Road – Huanhu Road (Chenghua Line) – Yijiu Community – Xincun Road towards Emerald Bay, 1 kilometer away.

The museum is closed every Monday and open every Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00.

10. Do I need to buy tickets for Fuxian Lake?

Answer: You can download the official website of Fuxian Lake International Circus Theater to buy tickets, or you can go directly to the venue to buy tickets to watch the circus performances.