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Introduction: Hainan Island International Tourism Network – Hainan Island International Tourism Network Website Hainan International Tourism Network Hainan Tourism Network How does a tour guide introduce Hainan International Tourism Island to foreign tourists? What are the significance and advantages of Hainan building an international tourism island? Main: Hainan Introduction to the island’s five international tourist areas (Part 2: The geography of Hainan becoming an international tourist island…

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1. Hainan Tourism *** Hainan Zhendong Travel Agency Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy company, legal representative: Pan, registered capital: 2 million yuan, address is under construction at No. 28 Wuxi Road, Haidian Island, Haikou City, Hainan Province .

2. Hainan Tourism Network is a vertical Hainan tourism e-commerce website under Tianya Community that relies on Hainan tourism industry resources and uses advanced technology to develop Hainan business tourism, sightseeing and leisure, and personalized tourism products. It is Hainan Tourism *** industry portal.

3. Official website of Hainan Tourism Service Network*** E Holiday Hainan Tourism Network is a regional tourism e-commerce website with Hainan as a tourist destination. Relying on the tourism destination marketing system, we provide consumers with online one-stop services for Hainan tourism products.

4. Hainan Tourism Online Website is an excellent tourism e-commerce platform in Hainan Province designed to provide tourists with comprehensive booking and travel services. The website was created in June 2001, and the number of visits has continued to increase since its operation.

5. Hainan Airlines International Travel Agency is currently the largest travel agency in Hainan. Detailed introduction is: http://.

How does a tour guide introduce Hainan International Tourism Island to foreign tourists?

If it is difficult, a small tour guide in the morning, when introducing Hainan Island to tourists, must accept the unique customs and local environment, and introduce the most beautiful local human touch to everyone.

It can be introduced from many aspects. Tourist attractions: Wanlv Garden, Dongjiao Coconut Grove, Boao, Hainan Xinglong, Wuzhishan, Boundary Island, Tianya Haijiao. It is known as Oriental Hawaii. Specialties: Wenchang chicken, Jiaji duck, Hele crab, Dongshan goat.

Writing ideas: First of all, welcome all tourists and friends to Wuming Island for sightseeing. Then introduce the location of Wuming Island, and then explain the unique style of Wuming Island. Viewed from a distance, Wuming Island looks like a beautiful woman lying on the sea, so local fishermen call it “Sleeping Beauty Island” or “Guanyin Island” “.

Let me briefly introduce my itinerary for the past few days. First of all, what everyone is most concerned about is travel. In the past few days, we will visit Hainan’s outstanding tourist attractions, go to Li Village and Miao Village to experience the customs of Li and Miao ethnic minorities, and experience the exotic atmosphere and appreciate the charm of transvestites in Xinglong.

Hainan Island is low-lying on all sides and high in the middle, with a dome-shaped mountain topography, with Wuzhi Mountain and Yingge Ridge as the core of the uplift, which gradually descends toward the periphery. It consists of mountains, hills, terraces, and plains to form an annular layered landform with an obvious ladder structure. Hainan Island has rich folk culture and has spawned many unique folk festivals.

What are the significance and advantages of Hainan building an international tourist island?

1. From an economic perspective, the construction of an international tourist island is beneficial to the GDP economic growth of Hainan’s single region. Attract foreign investment to generate foreign exchange and accelerate Hainan’s urbanization process. Change to Hong Kong and Macau. Rapidly enhance Hainan’s popularity. Make the tertiary industry better feed back the primary and secondary industries. (Tourism – Smoke-free Industry).

2. Hainan mainly develops tourism, focusing on high-end tourism. Like Hawaii in the United States, it has become a cold refuge for Chinese people.

3. First of all, building an international tourist island is good for the country, but it will not bring any substantial benefits to the people of Hainan. First, if people’s lives are not improved, prices will be raised first.

4. (1) Building an international tourist island is conducive to improving the quality of tourism resources; it is conducive to increasing foreign exchange earnings, promoting economic development, conducive to expanding opening up to the outside world, conducive to promoting cultural exchanges and development; conducive to alleviating employment pressure.

5. The increase in the income of local residents in turn promotes domestic demand, thereby promoting the economic development of Hainan Special Economic Zone. Therefore, the impact of the construction of Hainan Special Economic Zone as an international tourist island on the development of Hainan’s economy cannot be estimated.

Main: Introduction to the five international tourist areas in Hainan Island (Second: The geography of Hainan becoming an international tourist island…

Macaque Ridge Forest Park Tourist Area is located in the southeast of Dongfang City. Macaque Ridge is the third highest peak in Hainan after Wuzhishan, the highest peak in Hainan, and Yingge Ridge, the second highest peak in Hainan, with an altitude of more than 1,600 meters. Macaque Forest Park has beautiful mountains and clear waters, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and rich tourism resources.

I-5A level scenic spots – Hainan has 6 national 5A level scenic spots, mainly concentrated in Sanya and its surrounding areas, namely Nan San (Nanshan Temple) in Sanya, Wuzhizhou in Sanya, Xiaodongtian in Sanya, and Baoting Yanodayu Cultural Tourism Area, Li Miao Cultural Tourism Area in Baoting Binlang Valley, and Boundary Island in Lingshui.

The five must-visit attractions in Hainan include Yalong Bay Coastal Scenic Area, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area, Boundary Island, Shishan Volcanic Group, and Nanwan Monkey Island.

Hainan Island tourist attractions include: Wuzhizhou Island, Haikou Qilou Old Street, Luhuitou Scenic Area, Haichang Dream Ocean Evernight City, Nanshan Sea Guanyin, Nanshan Big and Small Cave Sky, Yanoda Rainforest, Hainan Betel Nut Valley, Millennium Ancient Salt Fields, Dadonghai tourist areas etc.