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Our special delicacies in Ningxia

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Stir-fried lamb

Stir-fried lamb is a traditional snack in Ningxia. Pingluo’s production is unique and well-known, so it is also called Pinluo lamb.

The method is very particular, especially when the heat is high. Start stir-frying over high heat until the color turns yellow. Add celery, vermicelli and other ingredients, increase the heat to medium and continue stir-frying until the lamb meat is tender. The color is bright red, the meat is soft and tender, and the taste is mellow.


We use lambs that are less than one year old, especially lambs that have never eaten grass. The meat is fat but not greasy, and it is refreshing and tender.

Steamed Lamb in Tongxin Bowl

Bowl of steamed lamb is mainly popular in Tongxin and Haiyuan areas. It is an important dish at weddings and funeral banquets. The lamb meat is tender and delicious without any smell. Generally, the meatballs need to be marinated in advance.

Guyuan water basin mutton

Shuipen mutton has been around since the Chongming period of the Ming Dynasty. Because it is on the market in the sixth month of the lunar calendar, it is also called “June Fresh”.

Cooked Chopped Entrails Of Sheep

Wash and cook the sheep’s head, hooves, heart, tripe, intestines, liver and other internal organs, cut into long pieces and mix evenly. Add coriander, pepper and other condiments. The dish will be red and shiny, and the soup will taste spicy and rich. It can be called A must.

Lamb stew

Select Yanchitan mutton, neck steak, inch steak, and leg meat are the best. Stew the mutton in clear broth to remove the foam, add onion, fresh ginger, refined salt, pepper and other ingredients and stew for 30-50 minutes, then add wolfberry, carrot, winter melon, etc. and stew until cooked.

The soup is clear, the meat is rotten, fresh and fragrant, and rich in nutrients.

Pita Bread In Mutton Soup

Ningxia’s mutton steamed buns are different from those in Xi’an. They follow the local customs and use local methods. The improved noodles are made with rotten meat and thick soup, which is very delicious.


Zhongning braised native chicken

We use the outstanding domestic chickens from the Zhongning area of ​​Ningxia. The chicken is white, fresh and tender, and the texture is not greasy. The chicken soup is light and smooth. It is paired with oyster mushrooms, gluten, vermicelli and other condiments. It has original flavor and rich nutritional value.

Jingyuan Steamed Chicken

The steamed chicken with potatoes looks a bit like pizza, golden, tender, steaming and mouth-watering. Spread a layer of pancakes on the bottom layer, put the chicken that has been marinated in advance, and cover it with large chunks of potatoes. It’s a full plate. Not to mention eating, just looking at it makes you feel happy.

Although the editor is not from Jingyuan, this dish is what my mother will make every time I go home, and I can’t get enough of it every time.

Shredded local chicken

I won’t go into details on how to make this dish. Every mom should be able to make it. If you can’t make it, just ask Du Niang.

This is also a dish that is ordered more often at the dinner table.

Wuzhong white water chicken

Chop the bone-in chicken into 5 cm cubes, place on a plate, and serve with a small dish of Sanhua oil. It looks yellow and bright in color, smells fragrant, and tastes mellow, tender and refreshing.

This dish is especially famous in Wuzhong area for its exquisite selection of ingredients and fine preparation, hence the name “Wuzhong White Water Chicken”.

Special pasta

Northwest people like to eat noodles, so Ningxia’s noodles are also diverse, such as mutton noodles, mutton noodles, Zhongwei wormwood noodles…

Zhongwei Artemisia Noodles

“The long-necked goose pulls the red thread and pulls it to Zhongwei County. Zhongwei County is unusual. The girls can roll long noodles. The rolled noodles are thin and the noodles are cut into thin lines. They put it into the pot and turn it around, scooping it out. Put a thread in the bowl…” This folk song popular in Zhongwei often refers to Zhongwei’s wormwood noodles.

The editor seems to want to try it too!

Mutton Sauce Noodles

Mutton Saozi Noodles may be the most famous traditional noodle dish in Ningxia. Mutton Saozi Noodles can be found everywhere in the streets and alleys of Yinchuan.

It is said that it evolved from the “longevity noodles” in the early Tang Dynasty and became a good treat for the elderly, children’s birthdays and other festivals, with the meaning of “luck and longevity”.

Lamb noodles

The mutton noodles are a bit like Xi’an’s La Tiaozi. The noodles are mixed and rolled into slices, cut into thin strips and rounded by hand, which is as thick as Xi’an’s La Tiaozi. The noodles are fresh, the meat is fresh, and the flavor is unique.

special snack

Every place has its own special snacks, and Ningxia’s special snacks are unique.

Braised snacks

Zhongwei vegetarian chowder, also known as braised snacks. Similar shapes of plywood, tofu, vermicelli, gluten, spinach, meatballs, plus the clear soup always make people can’t help but drink more bowls.

“Chowder” is a famous traditional delicacy that has been made in China in ancient and modern times. Zhongwei’s vegetarian chowder has its own characteristics. People who have been to Zhongwei and tasted vegetarian chowder all praise it as “high quality, low price, distinctive features, It has a unique flavor.”

Stir-fried dumplings

Stir-fried glutinous rice cakes are Wuzhong specialty snacks. They are characterized by easy preparation, rich side dishes, fragrant and spicy, and a good chewing texture. “Paste dumplings” is a common name for pancakes cut into strips, also known as “paste dumplings”.

Guyuan stir-fried dough

First put half a bowl of “Shui Shuier” in a large coarse porcelain bowl, then scoop out a lump of stir-fried dough, and add some chili peppers “splashed” with boiling water. It is most suitable for the elderly and children.

This special delicacy is relatively common in Guyuan. Nowadays, this folk noodle dish has appeared in the public hall and has become one of the best-selling specialties in many restaurants, such as Yinchuan Ningweilou, Liupanhong, Shiweilou, and many restaurants in Guyuan. .

Dawukou Liangpi

Dawukou District of Shizuishan is famous for its Liangpizi, which is slightly sour, spicy, soft and glutinous.

Guyuan rolling dough

It looks similar to Liangpi, but it is stronger than Liangpi and the ingredients are similar to Liangpi.

Steamed oatmeal dumplings

Steamed dumplings with oatmeal noodles, as the name suggests, are steamed dumplings made of oatmeal noodles and filled with meat and vegetable fillings. Oatmeal steamed dumplings have different fillings and flavors, but the inherent mellow flavor of the oatmeal noodles remains unchanged.

Knead the swallow noodles

Yan noodles are a folk snack that was only popular in Guyuan area at first. Now it is made and served all over Ningxia. Yan noodles are oat noodles (Guyuan people are accustomed to calling oats as oats), and the finished product tastes soft and stringy when eaten, so it is called Yan noodles.

Nowadays, it is mostly used as cold dishes.

Rice with rice

Babao rice is a banquet snack that is made in various parts of Ningxia, and the ingredients are slightly different in different places. In Wuzhong area, eight-treasure rice is often served last in the banquet. As soon as the eight-treasure rice is served, it marks the end of the feast.

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Ningxia cuisine is diverse.

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