Are there any fun places in Wuhan? What are the fun places in Wuhan?

Introduction: Are there any fun places in Wuhan? What are the fun places in Wuhan? What are the fun places in Wuhan? What are the fun places in Wuhan? What are the fun places in Wuhan?

What are the fun places in Wuhan?

Wuhan is the most prosperous city in inland China

During the Republic of China, this place was known as the Chicago of the East.

Wuhan has a good geographical and cultural environment

The poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty once wrote a poem here: The Jade Emperor blew the Yellow Crane Tower, and the plum blossoms fell in the river city in May.

Today’s list 123 brings you a list of the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan

See what places are worth visiting in Wuhan


Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is one of the bridges built on the Yangtze River in China. It is of great significance in the history of Chinese bridges.

The opening of the bridge to traffic has formed a complete Beijing-Guangzhou line, which is the main line of transportation between the north and south of the country and is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in China.

Looking out from the bridge, the mighty Yangtze River is magnificent and refreshing.

It is one of the most important attractions among the top ten tourist attractions in Wuhan


Wuhan River Beach Wuhan’s river beach is the largest river beach in China. There is a large river beach park integrating leisure, entertainment and flood control.

The river beach parks on both sides of the two rivers are a unique landscape in Wuhan

The overall layout of the beach is divided into three areas, namely the sightseeing area, central square area, leisure and entertainment area, riverside special area, leisure tree-lined area and dam viewing area

You can explore the entire beach in all directions


East Lake Scenic Area East Lake Scenic Area is a national 5A-level tourist attraction and the largest urban lake in China. The most famous attractions are Tingtao Scenic Area and Moshan Scenic Area.

The variety and scale of cherry blossoms in Moshan Scenic Area are far better than those in Wuhan University, and the environment and congestion for flower viewing are also much better.

Not only cherry blossoms, but also lotus flowers in summer, chrysanthemums in autumn, and plum blossoms in winter

There are good scenery all year round, very suitable for taking pictures


Wuhan University Wuhan University is not a serious tourist attraction in the list of Wuhan’s top ten tourist attractions, but it is also a must-visit place when you come to Wuhan.

Wuhan University is not only a key university in the 985 Project and the 211 Project, it is also a good place to enjoy cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Road of Wuhan University is located below the Principle College and the Old Library

Every time the flowers fall, a shallow flower path is laid out in the cherry blossom rain

Although there are cherry blossoms in other places, the ancient buildings and historical background of Wuhan University make the cherry blossoms here more attractive.


The magnificence of the Yellow Crane Tower caused literati of all ages to leave poems when they visited here, so it is well known to people all over the country.

The Yellow Crane Tower itself is one of the three most famous buildings in China.

The wings of the Yellow Crane Tower are rough, just like the yellow crane spreading its wings and flying high. It looks majestic from a distance.

In ancient times it was originally built for military purposes

Although today’s Yellow Crane Tower has moved far away from history, it still represents a kind of majesty and represents Wuhan.


Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street Jianghan Pedestrian Street is a century-old commercial street that was once the British Concession in Hankou

There are more than a dozen modern typical buildings on the street. There are many fashion brand stores here, which have a sense of the times.

Jianghan Road is one of the busiest areas in Hankou

In this street you can go shopping and enjoy delicious food

There are more than 400 stores


Hubu Lane Huxiang is another must-visit place on the list of Wuhan’s top ten tourist attractions and is the gathering place for Wuhan snacks

Huxiang used to be a place where Wuhan citizens would eat breakfast too early. Now there are many classic snacks in Wuhan. Here you can taste almost all the essence of Wuhan cuisine.

From Hubu Lane, you can quickly reach the Yangtze River Bridge and Yellow Crane Tower.


Han Show Theater The overall appearance of Han Show Theater is like a huge red lantern, which is also the source of its design inspiration.

Its novel shape itself is full of appreciation, and its interior is even more wonderful.

There are extraordinary water shows every day at 15:00 and 20:00

During the performance, the stage can be raised, lowered, moved, and tilted to experience an all-round audio-visual feast.


Mulan Festival_Mulan Tianchi is a scenic spot expanded from a reservoir in the mountains

The scenery here is beautiful, suitable for summer

Walking through the forest or taking a boat trip to the lake is very comfortable and cool

You can also ride horses on the grassland and water ski in the scenic area.

The scenic area is very large and there are farmhouse accommodations where you can experience life in the mountains.

You can see ancient agricultural products and people in the mountains at grandma’s residence, and enjoy a tea art performance


Wuhan Happy Valley Wuhan Happy Valley has one of the Double Dragon wooden roller coasters in Asia and the largest man-made wave beach in the country. It is a good place for young people to play.

*** Friends must try the Two Heroes of Heaven and Earth, Speeding Car, Sun Chariot, Rapids, Wooden Wings Double Dragon and other projects

In addition, Happy Valley will also carry out various theme activities according to seasons and festivals, such as Halloween ghost night walks, etc.

What are the fun places in Wuhan?

Wuhan is the most prosperous city in inland China. During the Republic of China, it was known as the Chicago of the East. Wuhan has a very good geographical and cultural environment. The Tang poet Li Bai once wrote here, “The jade flute is played in the Yellow Crane Tower, and the river city is full of May.” The poem “Falling Plum Blossoms”. So, what are the fun places in Wuhan? Yellow Crane Tower, East Lake Moshan Scenic Area, Hubu Alley, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan University, etc.

1. Yellow Crane Tower

Huanghejitou, located in Snake Mountain in Wuhan City, faces Parrot Island. Together with Yueyang Tower in Hunan, Tengwang Pavilion in Jiangxi, and Penglai Pavilion in Shandong, it is collectively known as the Four Famous Towers in China. According to legend, it was built during the Three Kingdoms period and has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt throughout the ages. The current building was rebuilt in 1981 and was designed based on the “Tongzhi Building” of the Qing Dynasty. The building address is still at Sheshantou. The main building is 49 meters high, with a total of five floors, with pointed roofs and overhanging eaves. The diameter of the outer eaves columns on the ground floor is 30 meters. There are large reliefs on the front wall of the central hall, which show the myths and legends about the Yellow Crane Tower in the past; there is a mezzanine cloister on the third floor to display relevant poems, calligraphy and paintings; outside the second, third and fourth floors there are Corridors on all sides allow visitors to overlook the distance; the fifth floor is an observation hall, where you can enjoy the scenery of the river; ancillary buildings include Xianzao Pavilion, Shizhao Pavilion, and the Return of the Yellow Crane.

2. East Lake Moshan Scenic Area

Moshan Scenic Area is the core scenic area of ​​the National Scenic Area East Lake Scenic Area. It is the largest Chu cultural tourist area in China, the location of the Chinese Plum Blossom and Lotus Research Center, and one of the three major cherry blossom viewing spots in the world. Moshan Scenic Area is surrounded by water on three sides and has six winding peaks. It has a total area of ​​14.37 square kilometers, of which the water surface area is 2.7 square kilometers. It is like a beautiful peninsula. It enjoys the reputation of “green treasure house”. “Plum blossoms in summer, plum blossoms in winter, cherry blossoms in spring and osmanthus in autumn”, with flowers blooming all year round, it is known as the back garden of Wuhan city.

3. Hubu Lane

Hubu Lane is a must-visit place for tourists coming to Wuhan. What attracts them is the numerous Wuhan snacks here. Hubu Lane is located in Wuchang District. It is a century-old lane about 150 meters long and only 4 meters wide (but the old buildings have disappeared), connecting Ziyou Road and Minzhu Road. In the Qing Dynasty, this alley got its name because it was adjacent to Fantai Yamen (a subordinate Yamen of the Ministry of Revenue). Visitors can taste various Wuhan delicacies and other snacks in Hubu Lane. In and around this alley, you can eat almost all Wuhan-style traditional snacks, such as: hot dry noodles, beef offal noodles, soup noodles, tofu skin, egg-filled pancakes, fried dumplings, etc., as well as some that have become famous nationwide in recent years. Wuhan Jingwu Yabo, Zhou Heiya, etc. also settled here.

4. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is one of the bridges built on the Yangtze River and one of the landmark buildings in Wuhan. The bridge spans between Snake Mountain in Wuchang and Guishan in Hanyang. It was completed in 1957. The bridge has a total length of 1,670 meters and is divided into two levels. The upper level is a highway with sidewalks on both sides; the lower level is a railway. There are national-style bridgeheads built at both ends of the bridge. The construction of the bridge received help from the Soviet Union at that time, and Soviet experts provided a lot of guidance for the design and construction of the bridge. Under the south and north bridgeheads of the bridge are the Wuchang River Beach and Hanyang River Beach respectively. Near the Wuchang River Beach are the Yellow Crane Tower (about half an hour’s walk from the bridgehead), the Revolution Museum of 1911 and other attractions; near the Hanyang River Beach are Guishan Park and Qingchuan Pavilion and other attractions.

What are the fun places to visit in Wuhan?

Interesting tourist attractions in Wuhan include: Yellow Crane Tower, East Lake, Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area, Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, Wuhan Garden Expo Park, etc.

1. Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower is located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. One of the three famous buildings in Jiangnan, it is one of the top 40 national tourist attractions. It is known as “one of the best buildings in the world”. Breaking through the peaks of Bashan and receiving the Xiaoxiang Yunshui, the mighty Yangtze River meets its longest tributary, the Han River, in the hinterland of Sanchu, creating the majestic appearance of Wuhan with three towns separated by two rivers.

2. East Lake

East Lake, located in the east of Wuhan City, is the largest scenic spot in Wuhan City. Beautiful mountains and rivers, rich plants, rich Chu style and unique gardens within gardens are the four characteristics of this scenic spot. East Lake covers an area of ​​33 square kilometers, is vast, clear and clean; its branches are intertwined and its coastline is zigzag, known as the Ninety-nine Bends.

3. Mulan Cultural Ecological Tourism Area

Mulan’s hometown is located in Huangpi District, Wuhan City, with the majestic Dabie Mountain to the north and the mighty Yangtze River to the south. It is a new urban area in Wuhan that has a larger territory, the most population, and a better ecology. Huangpi is a “National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Area”, “China’s Most Vibrant Old Area Ecological Tourism Demonstration Area” and “National Advanced Collective of Tourism System”, and is also a “Strong Tourism Area in Hubei”.

4. Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street

Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street is the longest pedestrian street in China and is known as “one of the best pedestrian streets in the world”. It is located in the center of Hankou, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It starts from Yanjiang Avenue in the south, runs through Zhongshan Avenue, Jinghan Avenue, and Jiefang Avenue in the north, with a total length of 1,600 meters. rice. With a width of 10 to 25 meters, it is a famous century-old commercial street in Wuhan and the “Wuhan 20th Century Architecture Museum”.

5. Wuhan Garden Expo Park

Wuhan Garden Expo Park is bounded by Jinshan Avenue to the north, Jinnan 1st Road to the east, Gutian 2nd Road and Gutian 4th Road to the west. It is the venue for the 10th China International Garden Expo. After the successful holding of the 10th Garden Expo, Wuhan Garden Expo Park will be permanently retained as a city park. Citizens can easily appreciate the beauty of gardens across the country without leaving Wuhan. It is a good place for leisure and relaxation.

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