How to do wedding catwalk?

The so-called dragnet stage
is a structure that can be freely contracted and expanded like a dragnet. It is very convenient and quick to use. There is no need to build and assemble it. It can be used directly by laying wooden boards on it.
Advantages of the pull-net stage: The pull-net stage is convenient and quick to build, fashionable and durable, stable and wear-resistant, and has a large carrying capacity. This stage is the smallest in size among the stages and can be used flexibly by customers. It can be built in various shapes including T-shaped mesh stage, square mesh stage, and rectangular mesh stage. This stage is highly flexible and takes more than 20 minutes to set up a 60 square meter to 80 square meter dragnet. This greatly saves labor time and costs, and the net stage is more stable. After the construction is completed, the template is laid out and the red carpet can be used. It is a cost-effective and relatively high net stage. Name
: Glass stage

Material: Aluminum alloy + tempered glass Size
122m Performance description of other places : The stage is made of aluminum alloy profiles, and the glass can be matched with LED lights or screens. Durable, quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. Professional structure: The structure is simple, suitable for fixed installation, and can be disassembled, stored and transported, saving storage and transportation costs. High-end appearance: Adopting the most fluid structure and appearance in foreign countries, the applicable materials are sophisticated, durable, and waterproof; the glass is made of 15MM thick tempered glass.