Is Beijing suitable for traveling in early November? Is Beijing suitable for traveling in October?

Introduction: Is Beijing suitable for traveling in early November? Is Beijing suitable for traveling in October? 1. Is Beijing suitable for traveling in October? 2. Is Beijing suitable for traveling in December? 3. Where is Beijing suitable for traveling on October 1? 4. Is Beijing suitable for traveling in October? Now 5. Is it suitable to travel to Beijing in late November 6. Is it suitable to travel to Beijing in November 7. Where is it suitable to travel to Beijing in mid-October?

1. Is Beijing suitable for traveling in October?

The scenic spot will be open as normal during the National Day.

Xiangshan Park is located in the western suburbs of Beijing. It is a royal garden with mountain forest characteristics. The park has lush trees and many historical sites hidden in the forest. It is a scenic spot and natural oxygen bar in Beijing. Every autumn, “Fragrant Mountain’s red leaves fill the sky” is the highlight of the scenic spot and is almost a household name in China.

A great place to enjoy autumn

Fragrant Mountain’s red leaves are famous both at home and abroad, and are a great place to experience Beijing’s golden autumn. Every year in the golden autumn, the cotinus trees all over the mountains and fields turn red as bright as fire after being baptized by severe frost, dyeing the entire Xiangshan Mountain a fiery red. Among them, Senyuhu, Yuhuaxiu and Langfeng Pavilion are all excellent places to see red leaves. After the snow in late autumn, the continuous green mountains are covered with snow, and the pure white is dotted with patches of red clouds. This is exactly the “Snow in the West Mountains”, one of the eight scenic spots in old Yanjing.

Appreciate cultural relics and historic sites

Xiangshan Park has a history of nearly 900 years since its creation. As early as the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the royal family built a separate courtyard from the palace in Xiangshan. Every summer and autumn, the emperor would come here to hunt and enjoy the cool air. There are many cultural relics and historic sites in the park, and pavilions and pavilions are scattered among the mountains and forests. The temple “Biyun Temple” combines the architectural styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties; the only remaining wooden gilded “Five Hundred Arhats” in China; the palace “Zongjing Jokhang Temple” that welcomed the Sixth Panchen Lama; and the quaint courtyard “Jiangnan” with Jiangnan characteristics. “Shinsai” are all places not to be missed besides the red leaves.

In addition, Shuangqing Villa on the southeast slope of Xiangshan Temple is also a place not to be missed.

2. Is Beijing suitable for traveling in December?

Now entering and leaving Beijing requires a 48-hour nucleic acid test report. If you come from an epidemic area, you must be quarantined for 21 days and can only enter Beijing after passing the test. Beijing is about to host the Winter Olympics. Now is a critical moment for prevention and control, and the city must be unified. We cannot be careless and strictly guard against it. So don’t come to Beijing unless there are special circumstances. The Internet is very convenient now, and you can use it to solve many problems.

3. Where is the best place to travel on October 1st in Beijing?

On October 1, 2021, the Chinese people ushered in the annual National Day anniversary again. On this day of national celebration, a flag-raising ceremony was held as usual in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in the early morning. People traveling to Beijing from all over the country gathered here Watching the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square, when the national flag slowly rises, I feel extremely proud as a Chinese.

4. Is Beijing suitable for traveling in October?

There are still sporadic cases appearing in Beijing, and control is very strict.

There are less than two months until the National Day. As long as the epidemic is effectively controlled by then, you can still travel to Beijing.

5. Is it appropriate to travel to Beijing at the end of November?

People from other places can enter Beijing on November 25, 2021, as long as your 48-hour nucleic acid test is negative, but you cannot come from key epidemic areas. If there is nothing urgently needed now, try not to run around. , if you go out less, you will feel more at ease, because with fewer contacts, you will be far away from the new coronavirus, and the risk will be reduced. If you have any problems, you can use WeChat to solve them.

6. Is Beijing suitable for traveling in November?

I have always been fond of small towns with strong fireworks atmosphere. Phoenix, Pingyao and Quanzhou, which were once super niche, have now begun to gradually become commercialized. Fortunately, there are many such travel destinations in China. For example, Linhai, which Xiaoma wants to share today, is a relatively niche ancient city in China. In addition, it is adjacent to the seaside, so when traveling in November, the weather is not too cold and the climate is just right.

1. Xiao Ma’s impression of Linhai:

My first impression of Linhai started a few years ago. When I accidentally opened a magazine, I saw a description of this city. It was simple and urban life. I walked around the old streets of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and walked through the long Go to the alleys to find authentic food. If you go there in person, you will live up to your yearning for the smell of fireworks. After visiting Linhai twice, I love this city even more, because those non-commercial old streets, the unique Taizhou-style snacks, the centuries-old city walls that remain, and the atmosphere of life hidden in the streets and alleys always make me The memory is still fresh.

2. Why does Xiaoma recommend traveling to Laihai in November:

1. It is quiet here and does not have much commercial atmosphere: Compared with other ancient cities in the province, the tourist atmosphere here is not so strong, and there are few professional shops, so you can use less money. Money buys more attractions.

2. Linhai is the fifth ancient city in Zhejiang Province to be selected as a national historical and cultural city, and it is the only county-level city in the province to appear on the list. Since the Tang Dynasty, Linhai has been the seat of Taizhou Prefecture. In the Southern Song Dynasty, it became Jifu, and Jifu generally refers to the area near the capital. It can be seen that Linhai has always had a special status in history, and there are still many historical sites hidden there today.

3. Like Quanzhou and Chaozhou, I personally feel that Linhai is also a city where you can go just for food. What’s more, the food here is not completely copied to other cities, so it can only be eaten here, and its quantity reaches More than a hundred species.

3. Linhai travel itinerary

As an unconventional travel city, Linhai does not seem to have many attractions, but as a historical and cultural city, it is perfect to spend 2-3 days to check out the monuments hidden in the streets and alleys.

D1: Shanghai or Hangzhou-Linhai

D2: One-day tour in Linhai City (Ziyang Ancient Street, People’s Bank of China Taizhou Branch Former Site Exhibition Hall, Longxing Temple, Thousand Buddha Pagoda, Ancient City Gate, Old Street Shopping)

D3: Half-day tour of Linhai Ancient City (spend half a day to visit the Linhai Ancient Great Wall) Return

4. Breakdown of the itinerary and what are the highlights?

Ziyang Ancient Street

Xiaoma recommendation index: four stars

I have always had a strong interest in ancient towns and ancient streets, but after getting tired of seeing most of the antique and renovated ancient streets, I became more and more disappointed with ancient towns and streets. However, the Ziyang Ancient Street near the sea is fortunately still inhabited by locals, and most of the shops are used by locals, so it is still a strange flower in the ancient street.

The focus can be on the five buildings of Wuzhenfang, Fengxianfang, Yingxianfang, Qinghefang and Yongjingfang on Ziyang Ancient Street. Of course, there are a lot of delicacies hidden in Ziyang Old Street. You can also focus on three delicacies: egg white lamb tail, seaweed pancake, and shrimp pickle. They are worth checking out.

Longxing Temple

Xiaoma recommendation index: four and a half stars (I originally wanted to give it three and a half stars, but because there is a real ancient Thousand Buddha Pagoda, I gave it one more star)

This is an important activity venue for the Tiantai Sect of Buddhism and has a very long history. It is said to have been built in the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty, which means it has a history of more than 1,200 years. However, the current Longxing Temple looks very new and should have been built later. But what? When it comes to antiquities, there are quite a few. For example, there are four ancient trees that are over 100 years old on the south and north sides of the Fangsheng Pond.

Of course, the oldest thing in Longxing Temple is the Thousand Buddha Pagoda behind the temple, which was built in 1299, the third year of Dade in the Yuan Dynasty. There are Buddha statues on every side of the pagoda. There are 1,003 pagodas carved from the second to seventh floors. The carving skills are amazing and well worth seeing.

ancient city gate

Xiaoma recommendation index: four stars

It can be seen from the map of the ancient city of Taizhou Prefecture that there were once seven city gates hidden in the ancient city. The city wall was wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, in the shape of a trapezoid. They are Chonghe Gate in the east; Xingshan Gate and Zhenning Gate in the south; Jingyue Gate in the southeast; Fengtai Gate in the southwest; Kuocang Gate and Chaotian Gate in the west. The ones that are still worth seeing today are Xingshan Gate, Zhenning Gate and Jingyue Gate. Xingshan Gate and Chonghe Gate are located at the southernmost part of Ziyang Street, so they seem to be the most popular places on the Internet and are also the favorite places for tourists to check in. If you like a niche, then Zhenningmen and Jingyuemen are more suitable. Especially Zhenningmen looks small, but what? The most quaint and urban life. Relatively speaking, Chaotianmen is very new and does not look quaint at all. If you are in a hurry, there is no need to check in.

Tips: It is recommended to walk from Xingshanmen to Xingshanmen. There are not many old street scenes along the way.

Jiangnan Ancient Great Wall

Xiaoma recommendation index: four stars

If we talk about the most famous scenic spot in Linhai, then it must be the Jiangnan Ancient Great Wall. This is a city wall about 4 kilometers long, with East Lake on one side and Chonghemen Square of Longxing Temple on the other side. Standing on the wall, you can have a panoramic view of Linhai. The panoramic view of the city, with the alternation of old and new ancient buildings, presents a modern and simple atmosphere near the sea. Although it is not as majestic as the Great Wall of Beijing standing on the top of the mountains, it has the elegance of the south of the Yangtze River. I personally recommend it to be worth checking out.

east lake

Xiaoma recommendation index: two stars

It seems that the name is comparable to West Lake, but it is actually a city park. However, if you study it carefully, you will find that the history of this East Lake is not short. In the fourth year of Xining in the Northern Song Dynasty (1071), Qian Xuan, the governor of the county, presided over the excavation. Personally, I think it is suitable for checking in. If you look closely, it feels very ordinary, but if you stand If you look at the East Lake from the Taizhou City Wall, you will definitely be surprised, especially for tourists from the north. The small bridge and flowing water will definitely make you happy.

Walking around the streets

Xiaoma recommendation index: four stars

In fact, when I am in Linhai, my personal favorite way is to walk through the streets and alleys in the old city. The streets are named after famous people: Ziyang Street, Jiguang Street, Wenqing Street, Liudun Street, and Minglei Street; they are named after numbers. The streets and lanes are Yidongtian, Sanjing Lane, Santaifang, Sandafu, Wuzhuo Lane, Jiuqu Lane, Shisan Lane, etc.; the streets and lanes named Duanxiang, Zhaoxiang, Dengxiang, Zhaoxiang, Yangxiang, etc. are named after their surnames; Streets and lanes named after their commercial atmosphere include Yingzhu Lane, Yingluo Street, Gengpu Lane, Sugar Selling Lane, and Jiuying Lane. Doesn’t it look very interesting? So there is no need to learn about it in advance, you can encounter these special and quaint streets.

Each street is endowed with a unique meaning of Linhai, which makes the old city appear more lively. For thousands of years, people who have come to Linhai have lived, grown old, sick, and died here, and they have been married and married in the imperial examination.

5. What delicious foods in Linhai are not to be missed?

As an ancient city nestled between mountains and the sea, it is rich in natural products and the locals have created many delicacies. It is said that you can taste more than 100 kinds of authentic delicacies in Linhai City. As a first-time traveler, the most important things not to miss are pot cubes, glutinous rice cakes, egg white sheep tails, wheat cakes, wheat shrimps, etc. Of course, wheat fat, flat food, bean noodles, seaweed cakes, and sheep hooves are also All suitable for punching in.

4-5 star food recommendations: Zangtang, cold rice wheat cakes, wheat shrimps, and seaweed cakes can be considered (recommended based on Xiao Ma’s own taste, which may not be suitable for everyone.)

3-4 star food recommendations: egg white sheep tail, pot cubes, minced bean noodles, glutinous rice fried dough sticks, sheep hooves, wheat fat, flat food

It can be said that although Linhai’s snacks are not as famous as Quzhou’s snacks within the province, and even worse than Xi’an and Chengdu’s snacks outside the province, it has its own flavor, and you will definitely taste its uniqueness.

6. How to get to Linhai? (Take departure from Hangzhou as an example)

In the past, the traffic in Linhai has always restricted the opening of tourism here, but fortunately, there is now a high-speed rail. It only takes 2 hours to arrive from Hangzhou, which saves a lot of time than the previous bus. You can see the specific bus schedule below. After arriving in Linhai, there are buses from the high-speed rail station to the old city, which is very convenient.

The above is the travel guide shared by Xiao Ma that focuses on Linhai, which is very suitable for traveling in November.

7. Where to travel in Beijing in mid-October

On November 16, 2021, there are still red leaves to see in Beijing, but there are not as many as in late October and early November. Because there was a strong wind, some of the red leaves fell to the ground. It is recommended that if you want to see the red leaves in Beijing, it is best to From mid-October to early November, for example, the red leaves in Xiangshan are very beautiful. The maple leaves have different shapes and are lifelike. You can also go to Beijing Hongye Ridge to see the maple leaves, which are also very beautiful.