Shanghai attractions and special Shanghai attractions and special food

Introduction: Shanghai Attractions and Specialty Shanghai Attractions and Special Food 1. Shanghai Attractions and Special Food 2. Shanghai Tourism Food Recommendations 3. What are Shanghai Attractions and Special Food 4. Shanghai’s Special Food and Attractions 5. Introduction to Shanghai Attractions and Special Food

1. Shanghai attractions and specialties

Shanghai is known as the Magic City. It is not only a representative of the prosperous city, but also a center of economy, finance, trade, shipping, and technological innovation.

Internet celebrity attractions suitable for check-in include:

1. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

This is the most prosperous area of ​​Shanghai Commercial Street, with more than 1,200 well-known brands gathered here, including more than 750 international brands.

In addition to high-end brands, there are also many delicacies here. There is nothing you can’t eat, only things you can’t imagine, including Cantonese dim sum, sliced ​​duck, smoked fish, fresh meat mooncakes, etc. If you still want to be more romantic, you can go to the Peace Hotel at the Bund entrance of Nanjing East Road. It is definitely the romantic feeling of old Shanghai. As for the taste, there is no need to say more. Once you go there, you will know.

2. Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower is one of Shanghai’s iconic cultural landscapes, located in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area. Its height is approximately 468 meters. At 263 meters is the main light level, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Shanghai. Located at 259 meters is the suspended sightseeing gallery, known as the “Lingxiao Trail”.

In the 350-meter space capsule, which is the highest observation level of the TV tower, you will be greeted by service personnel wearing space suits. Since it is necessary to experience the fun of dining in the clouds when visiting the Oriental Pearl Tower, the revolving restaurant is located at 267 meters in the Oriental Pearl Tower, covering an area of ​​1,500 square meters and can accommodate 350 tourists for dining at the same time. Dining here is not just a meal, but a mood.

If the taste of the revolving restaurant doesn’t suit you, there is a Coca-Cola themed restaurant downstairs at the Oriental Pearl Tower, which covers American, Chinese, Japanese, Western, Southeast Asian and other cuisines.

In addition, the Huangpu River, the Bund, and the Chenghuang Pavilion are all good places. I don’t know which one you prefer.

2. Shanghai travel food recommendations

It’s worth visiting these five.

one. Lao Ban Zhai Restaurant. Shanghai’s main gang is Lai Meixin. Located at the intersection of Fuzhou Road and Zhejiang Middle Road

two. Luyangcun Restaurant. Sichuan cuisine specialties. Located at the intersection of Jiangning Road and Fengxian Road. Opposite the Majestic Theater.

three. Yangzhou Hotel. Huaiyang Cuisine. Nanjing East Road, near Fujian Middle Road.

Four. Jinghua Restaurant. Beijing cuisine. Yan’an East Road near Pu’an Road.

five. Maxim’s Restaurant. Cantonese cuisine. It is located near Nanchang Road, Shaanxi South Road.

3. What are Shanghai’s attractions and specialties?

What people in the famous city of Zunyi enjoy most is a variety of delicacies. The most famous ones are the mutton noodles that everyone loves, Liu Er Ma rice noodles, bean curd noodles, potato cakes, love tofu, three-spice buns, and Wa’er cakes. …Wait a minute, don’t mention how delicious it tasted when I was a kid!

My favorite among them is mutton noodles. When I walked to the door of the mutton noodle restaurant, I was greeted by the delicious taste of mutton soup and Zunyi’s unique water noodles. I started to salivate. Every time I go out to eat a bowl, it is the first thing I eat when I come back to Zunyi! I remember one time my classmate came to Zunyi from Shanghai for a trip and sighed: I will never forget Zunyi mutton noodles in my life! Love it! Mutton powder!

4. Shanghai’s special food and attractions

1. Vitality

There is work pressure and life pressure. But everywhere is full of vitality. The sound of square dancing music in the evening and a group of old men and women with youthful smiling faces make the sunset lively and cute; boys skateboarding on the streets and girls laughing and shopping, stepping to the rhythm of the music and the beat of the city. The harmony, kindness and friendliness of young and old have formed the unique spiritual outlook of Shanghainese and left a deep impression on many foreign tourists. The coexistence of humanities and scenery is Shanghai’s greatest “wealth”.

2. Weather

The weather in Shanghai has been trending on Weibo because it is too bad, attracting the attention of netizens; and because it is so good, it has been trending on Weibo and is envied by netizens. When the sky is blue, it looks like an oil painting, as if you are in a fairyland. Looking at Lujiazui from the Bund, the towering buildings under the blue sky and white clouds are extremely beautiful. The blue sky and white clouds taken in the circle of friends can be used as an exhibition.

When the weather changes, we are also caught off guard. It is common for us to experience four seasons in one day. There is only one anxious question: what to wear tomorrow. It is common for winter to suddenly hit more than 20 degrees Celsius, and for summer to suddenly turn the long sleeves inside out. , so there are a lot of people who catch colds in Da Modu every season. However, no matter whether the weather is bad or the sun is warm, it can’t stop me from moving forward here.

3. Food

Shanghai’s delicacies are often talked about. But what people talk about most is not the taste, but the queue at the door. Qingming Festival during Qingming Festival, rice dumplings during Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes during Mid-Autumn Festival, queuing up has become a habit during every festival. Shanghainese have integrated these traditional delicacies into more local characteristics, making the festival more ritualistic for more people.

The refreshments that young people like are “energy supplies” on the way out for fun. Even though they are crowded everywhere they go, they still can’t resist the desire to queue up to buy them. Many times, queuing up is not because of following the crowd, but because the pursuit of delicious food makes people desperate.

5. Introduction to Shanghai’s attractions and specialties

There is no suspicion of advertising. I have lived in Shanghai for 5 years and like to eat and drink very much. The following are all delicious restaurants that I personally tested.

1.Gui Manlong

Price: 50