Tourist Attractions Near Danzhou Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Danzhou

Introduction: Tourist attractions near Danzhou Top ten tourist attractions in Danzhou 1. Top ten tourist attractions in Danzhou 2. Famous tourist attractions in Danzhou 3. What attractions are there in Danzhou 4. Attractions in Danzhou City 5. Tourism in Danzhou City Attractions 6. Introduction to the top ten tourist attractions in Danzhou 7. What are the tourist attractions in Danzhou 8. Tourist attractions in Danzhou 9. Famous attractions in Danzhou 10. A complete list of tourist attractions around Danzhou

1. Top ten tourist attractions in Danzhou

Danzhou Huaguo Mountain is not a tourist attraction and does not require tickets.

2. Danzhou’s famous tourist attractions

The most beautiful Danzhou, a splendid pearl in western Hainan, is a beautiful scenic spot that you cannot miss. The rubber forest, tropical fruit forest and stone forest in the scenic area constitute a beautiful natural and harmonious scenery. Minghu Park, adjacent to the scenic spot, is beautiful with carved railings and jade inlays, lakes and mountains.

3. What are the attractions in Danzhou?

The beautiful Hainan Island has many interesting tourist attractions, attracting an endless stream of tourists all year round. Including: Sanya Dadonghai, Sanya’s End of the World, Sanya Luhuitou, Sanya Nanshan Temple, Wenchang Eastern Suburb Coconut Grove, Wenchang Soong Ching Ling’s Former Residence; Danzhou Haihua Island, Danzhou Tropical Botanical Garden, Haikou Crater, Haikou Five Goddess Temple, etc. Hainan’s top 10 tourist attractions.

4. Attractions in Danzhou City

Danzhou’s top ten tourist attractions

1. Danzhou Dongpo Academy

2. Yunyue Lake

3. Shihua Water Cave

4. Monument to Revolutionary Heroes in Danzhou City

5. Juntun Flower Orchard

6. Longmen Mountain, Danzhou

7. Baima Well Historic Site

8. Songtao Reservoir

9. Blue Ocean Hot Spring Resort

10. Danzhou Guanyin Cave

5. Tourist Attractions in Danzhou City

There are many snails, cat’s-eye snails, and various crabs at the Silver Beach of the seawall.

6. Introduction to Danzhou’s top ten tourist attractions

Answer, it is about 140 meters south of the Guangcun Town Government on Guangcun Avenue, Danzhou City. The aquarium tourist attraction is the Oceanographic Museum.

7. What are the tourist attractions in Danzhou?

Lanyang Hot Spring Resort Lanyang Hot Spring World Wonder Spring – hot and cold springs, is located in the canyon of Lanyang Town, Danzhou City, 12 kilometers away from Danzhou City. The hot spring zone covers an area of ​​2 square kilometers, with a daily flow of more than 2,000 tons. , is one of the larger hot springs in Hainan, with more than a dozen natural springs. The average water temperature is 78.4°C. The content of metasilicic acid and fluorine reaches the naming standard of medical mineral water, and the oxygen content reaches the concentration standard of mineral water. It contains zinc, strontium, Carp, bromine and other trace elements necessary for the human body are ideal health spring water. There are many scenic spots in the spring area, especially the hot and cold springs that are “separated by a stone, with a hot spring and a cold spring, with hot and cold distinctions”, which is rare in the world. A hot spring park, Lanyang Hot Spring Resort and a number of hot spring resort facilities have been built in the area. These tourist facilities, together with the tourist orchard, tourist garden, Guanjian Garden, Guanyin Cave, Lianhualing Waterfall, etc., form a distinctive hot spring tourist resort. Dongpo Academy is located in Zhonghe Town, Danzhou City, more than 40 kilometers away from Nada Town, where the Danzhou Municipal Government is now located. It was built in memory of Su Dongpo. Built in 1098, it was later renovated and renamed in the Ming Dynasty. Dongpo Academy, the highest academic institution in Danzhou in the past dynasties, has cultivated many talents and has become one of the important cultural sites in Hainan. The gate of the academy is majestic and majestic, and the ancient forest in the courtyard is luxuriant and the flowers are blooming. The buildings such as Zaijiu Pavilion, Zaijiu Hall, and Aotang Niche are antique. Zaijitang was the place where Su Dongpo lived and gave lectures when he was demoted to Changhua Army (now Danzhou City). “Qiongtai Documentary History” records: “Song Dynasty Su Wenzhonggong was relegated to Dan’er. He gave lectures and enlightened education, and education flourished day by day. The prosperity of Qiongzhou’s humanities was actually started by him. The Jiujiu Pavilion is a double-eaves resting top structure with two floors. The four corners, the lower octagonal, are staggered, and the corners are tilted up as if they are about to fly. There are lotus ponds on the east and west sides of the pavilion. The pavilion and the pond are dependent on each other, creating interesting reflections. In the middle, there is a picture of Dongpo’s life during his three years in Dan. . The main hall of the academy and the wing rooms on both sides display many of Su Dongpo’s calligraphy and ink inscriptions, cultural relics and historical materials, and the famous “Po Xianli Folk Pictures”. There are also poems and engravings by Guo Moruo, Deng Tuo, and Tian Han, as well as artistic works by famous calligraphers and painters. The main hall of the academy Behind the Zaijiu Hall, there is a courtyard separated from the two. There are corridors on the left and right sides, which are connected with the Zaijiu Hall, forming a courtyard. In the courtyard, there is a mango tree that is hundreds of years old, with lush leaves and thick shade, making the entire courtyard quiet and solemn. In the middle of the hall where Dongpo gave lectures, the colorful carvings are displayed, and the figures of Su Dongpo, Su Guo, Li Ziyun and others are lifelike. In front of the courtyard, the bronze statue of Dongpo wearing clogs stands among colorful flowers. Songtao Reservoir is 20 kilometers southeast of Danzhou City , spanning the cities and counties of Danzhou and Baisha, is an alpine Tianchi that enjoys the reputation of “the Pearl of Treasures”. It was built in 1958 and took 10 years to complete. It is one of the large-scale earth dam projects in my country. The dam is 81.1 meters high and long. 760 meters, the rushing Nandu River is intercepted in the Nanyang and Pankeyang valleys. The reservoir area covers an area of ​​144 square kilometers, with more than 300 islands in the water. The reservoir area is vast, surrounded by mountains, and covered with vast primitive Forest. The most popular thing is to take a boat ride to see the scenery of the reservoir area. Boating on the blue waves, you can see the winding mountains, towering ancient trees, quiet green lakes, and looming fishing boats. It really feels like a boat sailing in the painting. Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden is located in Danzhou City. The western suburbs of the town are the herbarium of the South China University of Tropical Agriculture and the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, covering an area of ​​32 hectares. It was established in 1958. There are more than 1,000 rare tropical plants from more than 40 foreign countries. It is a treasure house of tropical plant resources in China. It is also the epitome of the world’s tropical crop resources. There are currently 7 areas of tropical precious trees, tropical spice plants, tropical medicinal plants, tropical fruit trees, tropical oil plants and tropical ornamental plants. It is a scenic spot with great ornamental value. Guangcun Silver Beach Resort is located Yangpu thousand-year-old salt field is 38 kilometers away, 20 kilometers away from Longmen Surging Sea View, and 120 kilometers away from Haikou. The beach along the resort is flat and wide, with a length of 8 kilometers, the widest point is 1.7 kilometers, and the narrowest point is 300 meters, with a total area of ​​​​488 hectares, with white, fine and soft sand, clear blue water, and dancing shadows of trees all around, stretching for more than ten kilometers. The fresh air, abundant sunshine, quiet environment and stretching coastline constitute a beautiful coastal scenery, which is an indispensable piece of land. There are many tourist attractions, and the resort is close to the surrounding tourist attractions, forming a complete mountain, sea and lake tourism system. Longmen Mountain Dew is located on the seaside Longmen Mountain in Eman Town, Danzhou City. Longmen Mountain is a seaside rock mountain with an altitude of 39 meters. There are many strange rocks. Looking from the north to the south, they stretch up and down, like the Great Wall, which is very spectacular. There is an Weng Gate to the east of the mountain, known as “the first gate in the south”. It is hollow and ventilated. When the north wind blows, it will roll up huge waves and crash. On the stone gate, the waves hitting the rocks sounded like drums, resounding for more than 10 miles, so it was named “Longmen Waves”. The beach here is clean and the scenery is unique. Standing on the rocks and watching the waves is refreshing. Longmen Mountain was named after the Ming Dynasty and was a wonder to tourists. Yunyue Lake is located 6 kilometers southwest of Danzhou City. The foggy sea and clouds are forming dark clouds on the Tianshan Mountains, the moonlight is clear and the water is lingering, and the clear water of Jinghu Lake is full of green. It is hundreds of miles in circumference, surrounded by green mountains, verdant trees, and winding mountains and rivers. The foot of the mountain is steep and concave into a large natural low-lying valley basin, with sparkling lake water rippling in the basin. The water is calm and green mountains float on the lake. There are large rubber forests and casuarina forests beside the lake, with green mountains and green waters, forming a watercolor painting with a green tone. Swimming, boating, and entertainment here will always make you feel fresh, comfortable, and relaxed. Yunyue Lake has become a charming tourist attraction with its unique and quiet scenery. Baimajing Historic Site is located in Baimajing Town, Danzhou City, more than 50 kilometers away from Nada Town. The main sights include “White Horse Spring” and General Fubo Temple. Legend has it that during the Han Dynasty hero General Ma Fubo’s southern expedition, the general’s white horse used its hooves to plow the sand and a clear spring gushed out. Later, people built Fubo Temple and Fubo Well in memory of this hero of the Han Dynasty, so the “White Horse Spring” and General Fubo Temple became tourist attractions. Guanyin Cave is adjacent to Lanyang Hot Spring. It is a large limestone cave on Lianhua Peak that is crisscrossed and quiet. There are dozens of strange-shaped and different scenic spots in the cave. There is a hot spring in the cave. The locals say this is the sweet water left by Guanyin Bodhisattva to future generations to prolong life. The cave and sky are connected, wonderful and unusual.

8. Tourist attractions in Danzhou City

It is a place with a beautiful environment and people living a slow-paced life. And there is a lot of beautiful ocean. Danzhou has beautiful mountains and clear waters and is rich in natural resources and tourism resources. Danzhou City’s forest resources rank first in the province, with a forest area of ​​10,000 hectares. The resources of rare tree species are second to none. The South China Botanical Gardens alone have thousands of precious tree species. Danzhou’s famous tourist attractions include Dongpo Academy, Tropical Botanical Garden, Lanyang Hot Spring, and Guangcun Silver Beach, as well as a number of tourism resources to be developed. Danzhou has a complex dialect, including Danzhou dialect, Hakka dialect, Cantonese dialect, military dialect, village dialect, Lingao dialect, Li dialect and other dialects, which reflect the characteristics of Hainan immigrants and also show folk customs that are very different from those in the east.

9. Famous attractions in Danzhou City


Danzhou is a city (prefecture-level) without districts under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province. It is located in southern China, northwest of Hainan Island, and is adjacent to the Beibu Gulf. Danzhou has a tropical monsoon climate. Its famous attractions include Lanyang Hot Spring, Dongpo Academy, Hengda Flower Island, etc. It has successively won titles such as “National Top 100 Agricultural Cities”, “National Sanitary City” and “National Civilized Demonstration City”.

10. A complete list of tourist attractions around Danzhou

As the name suggests, Haihua Island