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1. Song Yaxuan Cruise

1. If the whole world questions the TNT Youth League, then I will stand next to the TNT Youth League and question the whole world.

2. The English name of Teens in Times, abbreviated as “TNT”, represents a very powerful explosive in chemistry, which means that the group will be full of firepower in the future and will be unstoppable! The future of TNT Youth Group is promising!

3. Study for one more minute every day, and you will be able to choose your husband at the peak of your times.

4. Listen to the songs of the first generation, grow up with the second generation, and watch the stories of the third generation. 19. The cruise ship on the Jialing River can see the Yangtze River International, and the evening breeze on Nanbin Road blows past me and then towards you.

5. No one is always young, but there are always teenagers in the summer in the mountain city.

6. The story of the first generation is too bitter, and the story of the second generation is very long. I hope the story of the third generation is sweet.

7. It turns out that the real-life version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is seven princes and a group of girls.

8. I hope there will no longer be running nights in mountain cities, and you can love summer again

9. Every summer night, there are teenagers waiting for their future by the Jialing River.

10. Breaking the world, shaping the situation, young people of the times walk side by side.

11. Ma Jiaqi, who has a beautiful dramatic voice and a gentle personality; Ding Chengxin, the handsome guy in the Japanese and Korean circles; Song Yaxuan, the lead singer of Mermaid; Liu Yaowen, the maknae and wolf king; Zhang Zhenyuan, who is as gentle as jade; Yan Haoxiang, who plays RAPPER; He Junlin, the moonlight boy.

12. In this world where people come and go, I am very lucky to meet them. Their clean and dazzling youthful spirit is what I have wanted throughout my teenage years. TNT is really worth it!

13. Ma Jiaqi is the light, Ding Chengxin is the motivation, Song Yaxuan is the dream, Liu Yaowen is the growth, Zhang Zhenyuan is the gentleness, Yan Haoxiang is the first choice, and He Junlin is the white moonlight.

14. The building by the river has been replaced by groups of people chasing dreams, but it has always carried my youth.

15. When one story ends, another story begins. The mountain city always looks like summer, Nanbin Road is always brightly lit, and the building on the riverside ushered in a new story.

16. The most romantic thing I’ve ever seen was seven budding boys writing popcorn for their girls.

17. In the practice room in the evening, seven teenagers were sweating and the wind in the mountain city was blowing their dreams, as if to tell them in this way that they would be recognized by the world and become the youth of more people.

18. The typhoon failed to sweep the world, and the times will eventually continue

19. They shine under the spotlight, but how many people know about their day and night training.

20. In order to support him, his mother let him leave her for 11 years. When Ma Jiaqi came home, she wanted to move the entire vegetable market back. Ma Jiaqi set off before dawn in order to go home.

2. Photos of Song Yaxuan’s cruise ship

On his 16th birthday, Song Yaxuan once said that he wanted to go to Antarctica with his six brothers because he felt that Antarctica was particularly clean. Then 520 Li was asked what kind of wedding he wanted. Xuanxuan said that he would go to Antarctica, have a wedding on a cruise ship, and bring six brothers with him. Because we grew up together, everyone’s relationship is very good, and they won’t have a bad relationship because of some things.

3. Song Yaxuan Amusement Park Shuttle Bus

“Youth Dream Journey” Issue 11

“Young Dreams” is a reality show in mainland China in 2020. The main guests are Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang, and He Junlin.

It tells the story of seven teenagers exploring different careers in six days, experiencing the ups and downs of different careers, and gaining happiness and growth in the process of experience.

4. The pictures of Song Yaxuan’s cute smile on the cruise ship are healing

1. Immediately devote everything you have to what you want to do, and be responsible for your only one life. ——Ma Jiaqi

2. Everyone has only one life. I want to try my best to reduce the regrets and regrets that may occur in the future, so I work hard on the path I choose. Please also live your own life well. I believe that hope, happiness, and energy can be passed on to each other. ——Ma Jiaqi

3. Don’t resist change. The only constant thing in this world is that everything is changing. ——Ma Jiaqi

4. No matter how low and depressed you are, your life will still be changed and surrounded by all kinds of things. It’s like standing on a treadmill that you can’t control. Time and speed are beyond your control, so I choose to run more calmly and handsomely. I will try my best to take some initiative in this passive life. ——Ma Jiaqi

5. So I hate the word “resistance”. It’s very negative, very fragile, and very passive. If I can’t change the world, at least let me change myself. It’s my own choice. ——Ma Jiaqi

6. What people see in their own world are their own things. When I jumped out, I discovered that at the same time and on the same event, everyone looked at it differently. Communication is really not easy, but also very important. ——Ma Jiaqi

7. Because there is light that I want to chase, even the confused and painful moments are happy. ”——Ma Jiaqi

5. Song Yaxuan Amusement Park

Recorded on September 23, 2019, premiered on January 9, 2020

The seven regular guests of “Young Dreams” are Ma Jiaqi, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Ding Chengxin and He Junlin who were members of the Youth League. There are a total of 13 episodes of “Young Dreams” including the pilot film, each episode is between 30-40 minutes long. In the program, teenagers will experience different working environments such as kindergartens and playgrounds. The teenagers have experienced all kinds of ups and downs, and they are all very real feelings.