Attractions next to Jinji Lake. Which is the most beautiful place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area?

Introduction: Scenic spots next to Jinji Lake Which is the most beautiful in Jinji Lake Scenic Area 1. Where is the most beautiful in Jinji Lake Scenic Area 2. Where is the most beautiful in Jinji Lake Scenic Area 3. Attractions in Jinji Lake Scenic Area 4. Where is the most beautiful in Jinji Lake Scenic Area 5. Where is the most beautiful place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area 6. The most beautiful place in Jinji Lake 7. Is Jinji Lake Scenic Area worth visiting? 8. The top ten attractions in Jinji Lake 9. Where is the most fun in Jinji Lake Scenic Area 10. Where is the most beautiful place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area?

1. Which is the most beautiful place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area?

The Ferris wheel and Jinji Lake are together! Tickets are required for the Ferris wheel, but not for Jinji Lake! I’ve been to Mudu, and there’s nothing interesting. It’s just an antique building on the West Street. The front and back are just rural areas. Apart from Lingyan Mountain, which you can climb, there’s nothing else to do. Moreover, the boss only cares about things there. Damn it, the water there is also dirty. Zhouzhuang is good. It’s not bad. You can really experience the feeling of small bridges and flowing water. The most beautiful place in Suzhou is the Taihu Wetland Park. It’s very picturesque. You can go and see it. The scenery of Jinji Lake is also good. It is living water and the water is relatively clear. After looking at the gardens and antique buildings in Suzhou, you will feel that there is nothing interesting about them, and the water is all green. Modern civilization is also incompatible with that era. This is also what I have learned after five years in Suzhou. Apart from the gardens, there is nothing worth remembering. The West Lake in Hangzhou gives me a very peaceful feeling, and the water of the Qiantang River gives me a great feeling. My heart is shocked, I wish you good luck.

2. Which is the most beautiful place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area?

It is a very beautiful school. The campus environment, both in terms of teaching buildings and natural vegetation, is very good and makes people feel quite comfortable. The primary school and the middle school are both together. The school has just started. Everything is quite new. The overall quality of the students is pretty good and the teachers are well treated.

3. Jinji Lake Scenic Area Attractions

It is best to enter through the Eastern Gate. Entering the community from Li Gongdi has more attractions and fewer attractions.

4. Which is the most beautiful place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area?

There are the following attractions: Jinji Lake Scenic Area, Zhouzhuang Ancient Town Scenic Area, Suzhou Tongli Ancient Town, Huayi Brothers Movie Park, Qili Shantang Scenic Area, Xishan Scenic Area, Qionglong Mountain Scenic Area, and Huqiu Mountain Scenic Area.

5. Where in Jinji Lake has the best scenery?

Suzhou has flowers blooming all year round, especially in spring, when plum blossoms, peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, rape blossoms, tulips, etc. are in full bloom, ushering in the most beautiful flower viewing season of the year, so there are ten beautiful seas of flowers.

The first is Wuzhong Guangfu Xiangxuehai, the second is Shajiabang, Yushan Shanghu tourist attraction, and the third is Xishan, Linwu Meihai.

Fourth, Suzhou gardens.

Fifth, China Flower and Botanical Garden.

Sixth, Fangfangshan National Forest Park.

Seventh, Jinji Lake.

Eighth Yangcheng Lake Peninsula.

Ninth, Zhangjiagang Phoenix Mountain.

Tenth, Suzhou Osmanthus Park.

6. The most beautiful place in Jinji Lake

At a class reunion, what matters is the atmosphere. I have been in Suzhou for almost 10 years, and I often have classmates here. Here are a few places where I often take them to have gatherings, for your reference:

1. Shantang Street. The old street that embodies the characteristics of Suzhou’s water town, with its small bridges and flowing water and its people’s houses, has all kinds of food and drinks. In the evening, friends can eat or go shopping. The lights are dim and it is very interesting. The Stone Road Pedestrian Street is right next to it, where you can sing karaoke and shop. Also convenient

2. Park Moonlight Pier. Suzhou’s free 5A scenic spot, which is also the most prosperous commercial center, has a panoramic view of the most beautiful night view of Jinji Lake. There are also cruise ships to ride on. The pier buildings are exotic, clean and tidy, and the catering is high-end. Looking at the lake view and blowing the lake breeze, you are full of interest.

3. Suzhou Center. The largest comprehensive shopping mall in Suzhou is currently located in the west of Jinji Lake, just below the Oriental Gate of Suzhou’s landmark building “Qiuku Tower”. It is directly accessible by subway, has spectacular lake views, and has everything you need to eat, drink, and play.

4. East or west mountain. These are two peninsulas on Taihu Lake in Suzhou. They are rich in all kinds of fresh food. During festivals, there is an endless stream of people from Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places who come here to taste fresh food and vacation. The classmates ate farmhouse together, picked strawberries, and enjoyed the scenery of Taihu Lake, feeling refreshed.

7. Is Jinji Lake Scenic Area worth visiting?

At present, Suzhou has spent 8.9 billion yuan to build an artificial lake, which is eight times larger than the West Lake. However, few people know about this scenic spot.

This scenic spot is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, also known as Jinji Lake. Now it has been listed as a 5A tourist attraction. The scenic area covers an area of ​​about 11.5 square kilometers. It mainly focuses on natural scenery. It only adds many modern elements to the scenic area. All tourists who enter the scenic area will feel a sense of wonder. It was a bright feeling before my eyes. After the completion of the scenic spot, it was given the reputation of a new paradise on earth.

The construction of the Jinji Lake Bridge is the most important channel connecting the east and west of the lake. You can see super beautiful waves on the lake. If you have time, it is best to stand on the bridge and enjoy the surrounding scenery. It will also feel great. All tourists who go to Jinji Lake like to visit here. The scenic spot is open to tourists free of charge and is very user-friendly. Because when you come here, you only need to have fun and there is no need to worry about ticket fees.

The musical fountain in the scenic area was once hailed as one of the highest-level waterscape projects in China. Especially at night when the lights are brightly lit, the fountain will appear in front of tourists in various shapes. Therefore, as long as you come to Jinji Lake, don’t miss it. When admiring Jinji Lake, in addition to the peculiar fountains, you can also hear beautiful music, and the atmosphere is warm and romantic.

Jinji Lake Scenic Area consists of five major sections: cultural exhibition area, fashion shopping area, leisure and food area, urban sightseeing area and central water scenic area. Currently, Jinji Lake has been recognized by the National Accreditation Committee as the only business-oriented tourist attraction and is a national It is a recognized key 5A tourist attraction. As long as tourists come to the scenic area, they can visit the Happy Ferris Wheel, Harmony Sky Curtain, Musical Fountain, Jinji Lake Bridge Waterfall, Li Gong Causeway, Cultural Water Corridor Moonlight Pier and other tourist attractions. These attractions can make tourists extremely happy.

In fact, Jinji Lake is exactly the same as West Lake. They were both built in the city as a place for people to relax and entertain. In addition, it is also very famous. Visitors entering the scenic spot can not only enjoy cultural exhibitions, but also taste local specialties. You can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery in the bustling city, but also participate in fashion shopping.

Visitors entering Jinji Lake can not only see the Gate of the East, Suzhou Center, Art Center and Jinji Lake Bridge, but also many surprises will be given to them. Do you have the urge to visit Jinji Lake?

8. Top ten attractions of Jinji Lake

The Ferris wheel, the Canopy Street at night, is located in Yuanrong Square. It is said to be the largest canopy street in the world, and some programs are played every night. I was also shocked when I went to see it for the first time. You can take a stroll. There are several small islands around Jinji Lake and in the lake that you can visit. There are some landscape belts in the west of the lake. On the south side of the lake, Ligongdi has a concentration of restaurants and bars. There is also an art museum nearby.

A little further away, there are Yangcheng Lake, where you can eat crabs, and Qingjian Lake, where you can enjoy the scenery. There is also Dushu Lake in the surrounding area, but there are not many tourist attractions under development now, so I can only take a look.

9. Where is the most fun place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area?

Jinji Lake boarding piers include Wangwanghuge Pier and Yueguang Pier. Both docks are near the Jinji Lake Scenic Area. You can choose according to your location and boating time.

Cruise opening hours: day trip, Wanghu Pavilion Pier: 10:00/14:00 (2 departures per day). Moonlight Pier: 10:00-18:00 (subject to actual schedule)

Night tour: Wanghuge Pier: 19:00/19:30/20:00/20:30/21:00

Moonlight Pier: 18:00-20:30 (subject to actual schedule)

Cruise ship fares: day cruise: 50 yuan, night cruise: 55 yuan, Moonlight Pier Gusu Boat Cruise 105 yuan, Extraordinary Park Cruise 95 yuan, the fare is subject to actual conditions.

10. Which is the most beautiful place in Jinji Lake Scenic Area?

Qili Shantang Jinji Lake is a scenic spot in Susan City. Walking along the edge of Jinji Lake, the scenery is pleasant. From there to the evening, when you look at the scenery of the Gate of the East by the lake, you will feel that you are in a fairyland.