Qibugou Scenic Spot Tourism Guide Qibugou Scenic Spot Tourism Guide One-day Tour

Introduction: Qibugou Scenic Area Tourism Guide One-day Tour to Qibugou Scenic Area 1. Qibugou Scenic Spot Tourism Guide One-day Tour 2. Attractions near Qibugou Scenic Area 3. Qibugou Scenic Spot Tourism Guide How much does a one-day tour cost? 4. Introduction to Qibugou Scenic Area attractions 5. Qibugou Scenic Area tour guide 6. Qibugou Tour Route 7. Qibugou Tourist Route Map 8. Qibugou One-day Tour Guide Time

1. One-day tour of Qibugou Scenic Area Tourism Guide

Wu’an Jingniang Lake, Qibugou Scenic Area. East Taihang Scenic Area. Wu’an is the place with the most tourist attractions in Handan City. The scenic spot has beautiful mountains and green waters, and is known as the Little Guilin in the North. The scenic spots of Jingniang Lake and Qibugou are not far apart. Every day, there are travel agencies all over the country who like to travel and play. I just visited this attraction this year. I have such an aftertaste that I want to go there for another day when I have free time.

2. Attractions near Qibugou Scenic Area

Manshan Huaxi Valley is located in the deep mountainous area of ​​Taihang, 110 kilometers northwest of Shijiazhuang, 50 kilometers from Mount Wutai to the northwest, and 40 kilometers from Xibaipo to the southwest. It has an altitude of 800-2150 meters. It is adjacent to Wuyuzhai National Forest Park and is a must-pass for Tuoliang Scenic Area. It is 12.8 kilometers long and has a total area of ​​20 square kilometers. It is connected to the main peak of Wuyue Village.

The valley is endowed with unique natural resources such as forests, mountain springs, grasslands, and gardens. It has 10,000 acres of dense and lush primary secondary forest, two waterfalls stretching to the sky, and a vast sub-plateau meadow at the top. The 200,000-square-meter mountain garden is bright and bright, and a clear stream runs through it. Throughout the valley, flowers adorn the creekside, hence the name “Flower Creek Valley”.

All scenic spots will be developed in three phases with a total investment of 2.1 billion yuan. In the first phase, the mountain garden is the main attraction. According to different flower colors, it is divided into Cuijin Garden, Yanzi Garden, Luoxia Garden, Persian Garden, Dali Garden and Rose Garden. , Sunshine Garden, seven areas, taking advantage of the undulating mountains, are distributed in a layered and well-proportioned manner. From April to November every year, hundreds of kinds of flowers bloom here, and they are colorful and delicate. Wandering in the sea of ​​flowers, the fragrance of flowers is fresh and sweet, refreshing, and the colorful butterflies are light and dancing gracefully, making people linger and never want to go back. Isolated by mountains, this place has a “recreational climate” with an average summer temperature of 19.1°C. It is an excellent choice for sightseeing, leisure vacations, and health-care living.

Huaxi Apartment has 299 family rooms and standard rooms. The organic vegetable garden is available for farming and picking. The visitor center is equipped with catering, leisure, commerce, and medical care. WiFi covers the entire network, allowing you to enjoy the gifts of nature as well as modern civilization. Bring fun.

Sanya is far away, but Manshan is very close. Take your family for a trip that just goes away.

3. Qibugou Scenic Area Tourism Guide How much does a one-day trip cost?

The tourist attractions are: Guangfu Ancient City (Guangfu City Wall, Guangfu Hongji Bridge, Wu Yuxiang’s Former Residence, Yang Luchan’s Former Residence, Guangping Government Office), Wa Palace, Taihang Wuzhi Mountain, Qibugou, East Taihang Scenic Area, Jingniang Lake Scenic Area , Chaoyanggou, Changshou Village, Ancient Wudang Mountain, Dongshan Cultural and Art Park, Shiliugou, Julongshan Lotus Cave, Xiangtangshan Grottoes, Tongque Santai Heritage Park, Ancient Stone Dragon, Shengjinggang, Zishan, Huangliang Mengluxian Temple , Wulingcong

4. Introduction to Qibugou Scenic Spot

Surprise Ridge is a classic tourist route in Qibugou. Along the way, you can visit the Thirteen Bays of Mountain Road, Moon Worship Platform, Squirrel Terrace, Qiankun Pavilion, Surprise Pavilion and other scenic spots. When you climb to the top of the peak, you can also view Mawu Village and Nantianmen from a distance. , Lovers Peak, Hongshi Village, Laojun Mountain, East Taihang, Huaxi Valley, Motian Ridge and other landscapes.

Surprise Ridge is surrounded by beautiful scenery in all directions, and it changes shape with each step. “Viewed from the side, it becomes a ridge and the side becomes a peak, with different heights from far and near.” You can have a panoramic view of the magnificence of Taihang Mountain.

If Surprise Ridge in summer has lush foliage, green trees and beautiful scenery, then Surprise Ridge in winter also has a unique charm. The mountains in front of you are like a sleeping beauty, quiet and peaceful, and like a solemn painting. A profound poem; under the blue sky, among the mountains and rivers, white and gray, void and solid, outline each other, the colors, lines, light and shade, just like an ink painting. Being in it and wandering in the mountains, this quiet and ethereal feeling will really remind you of the poem “all the birds fly high, and the lonely clouds are alone” by the poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty, which will make you feel relaxed and happy, and you will never forget to leave.

5. Guide to visiting Qibugou Scenic Area

Qibugou Scenic Area is located in Wu’an Living Water Township, Hebei Province, in the hinterland of Hebei Wu’an National Geological Park and National Forest Park. It is named after the “seven-step lotus” in Buddhist culture. The scenic area covers an area of ​​about 15 square kilometers and is open from 08:00 to 18:30 (Monday to Sunday, January 1st to December 31st)

Ticket Guide Tickets are 80 RMB

6. Qibugou Tour Route

  Qibugou invested nearly 35 million yuan in the first high mountain sightseeing ropeway in southern Hebei.

The cableway in Qibugou is for tourists to travel to the top of the mountain. The ropeway was built in June 2013 and officially put into operation on June 28, 2015. The total length of the cableway is more than 2,500 meters. From the lower station Liushuyan to the upper station, the relative elevation is 500 meters. The total investment is 35 million yuan. It is the longest tourist cableway in all scenic spots in southern Hebei.

This ropeway is a sightseeing ropeway. The process of riding the ropeway up the mountain is also an excellent sightseeing process. Tourists can overlook the beautiful mountains and rivers along the way from a high angle during operation with a flowing view. Therefore, riding the ropeway can also bring benefits to tourists and friends. joyable mood.

7. Qibugou tourist route map

Driving route: The total journey is about 45.9 kilometers. Starting point: Wu’an Bus Station 1. Start due south from the starting point, drive along Fuqiang Street for 120 meters, turn right into Ronglan Line 2. Drive along Ronglan Line for 2.2 kilometers, towards Xingtai, right Turn into S3123. Drive 22.8 kilometers along S312, turn right to enter S2024. Drive 19.5 kilometers along S202, turn left 5. Drive 1.3 kilometers, turn right 6. Drive, and reach the end. End: Qibugou Scenic Area

8. Qibugou one-day tour guide time

Recommended Qibugou

Qibugou Scenic Area is located in Wu’an Living Water Township, Hebei Province, in the middle of Hebei Wu’an National Geological Park and National Forest Park. It is named after the “seven-step lotus” in Buddhist culture.

The scenic area covers an area of ​​about 15 square kilometers and consists of six scenic areas: Gate View, Leisure Vacation, Baipu Gorge, Luohan Gorge, Mawu Village, and Sanling Mountain. It integrates eco-tourism, religion, history and culture, red tourism, and leisure vacation. One body. The scenic area is full of mountains, peaks, waterfalls, springs, birds chirping and flowers fragrant. The natural landscapes such as Tianjing Lake, Nantianmen, Shilin Peak, and Hongshi Village are extremely beautiful; the stories and legends of eminent monks practicing in Luohan Cave, Taoists living in seclusion in Hermit Tower, and military training in Mawu Village are fascinating. “Secret ancient Buddhist land, fairyland Qibugou” can be called a good choice for sightseeing, leisure vacation, Buddhist worship, history tasting, outdoor experience, and red education.