What are the fun attractions in Miyuan? What are the fun attractions in Miyuan?

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1. Are there any interesting attractions in Miyuan?

The Eighteen Tombs of Tang Emperors in Guanzhong, also known as the “Eighteen Tombs of Guanzhong”, “Eighteen Tombs of Tang Emperors in Guanzhong”, “Eighteen Tombs of the Tang Dynasty” and “Eighteen Tombs of the Tang Dynasty” refer to the 19 Tang Dynasty mausoleums buried in the Guanzhong area of ​​Shaanxi Province. The mausoleums of the emperors (Empress Wu Zetian and Emperor Gaozong Li Zhi are buried together in Qianling) are all national key cultural relics protection units.

These 18 imperial tombs of the Tang Dynasty are distributed in Fuping County and Pucheng County of Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, and Sanyuan County, Jingyang County, Liquan County, and Qian County of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. They were announced by the State Council as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics. The protected units include eighteen Tang Dynasty imperial tombs including Xian, Zhao, Qian, Ding, Qiao, Tai, Jian, Yuan, Chong, Feng, Jing, Guang, Zhuang, Zhang, Duan, Zhen, Jian and Jing.

2. Interesting places in Miyuan tourist attractions

Chunhua County is a county under the jurisdiction of Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. It is named after the Chunhua reign of Emperor Taizong of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Located in central Shaanxi, in the Jinghe River Basin.

It borders Xunyi to the north, Jingyang and Liquan to the south, Sanyuan and Yaoxian to the east, and faces Yongshou and Binxian across the Jinghe River to the west.

It has a long history and picturesque scenery. It was once a resort for the emperors of Qin and Han Dynasties, emperors and nobles to relax in the summer and enjoy hunting.

There are many cultural relics and historic sites in the territory, including the “Western Zhou Dynasty Ding” and “Jin Dynasty Big Iron Bell” that are rare in the country, the first expressway in ancient China, Qin Zhi Road, Han Ganquan Palace, Han Yunling (Mrs. Gou Yi’s Tomb), the best preserved in the country The complete Jinchuan Bay Grottoes “Three-level Teaching Carving Sutra” and other attractions.

In addition, Chunhua County is also a county with a revolutionary tradition, and there is the Yetai Mountain red tourist attraction in its territory.

3. What are the interesting attractions in Sanyuan County?

The northern line of the Guanzhong Ring Line mainly refers to the route from Weinan City-Yanliang District-Sanyuan County-Jingyang County-Liquan County-Qian County to Qishan County. There are so many fun places along the way.

Weinan City Museum, Fengtu Yicang in Weinan. Ishikawa River in Yanliang District.

Sanyuan City God’s Temple, Old Huang Family Food, Yu Youren Memorial Hall, Zhou Family Courtyard.

Jingyang Zhengguo Canal, Chongwen Tower, Longquan Commune, and Fu Tea Town.

Mawei Station in Liquan, Yuanjia Village, Zhaoling Mausoleum, and the Tomb of Princess Changle.

Famen Temple, Qianling Mausoleum, Xingguo Temple, and the Tomb of Prince Zhanghuai in Qianxian County.

Qishan Zhougong Temple, Wuzhangyuan Zhuge Liang Temple, Li Chunfeng Tomb, Taiping Temple Tower.

4. Interesting tourist attractions near Sanyuan County

famous scenery

Red River Gorge Rafting, Xiahu Scenic Area, Diaogou Ecological Tourism Area, Monkey Rock Mountain Scenic Area

5. Fun places to visit in Miyuan

1. Xi’an

The main tourist attractions in Xi’an include: Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’an Ancient City Wall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square, Forest of Steles Museum, Academy Gate, Banpo Museum, Eighth Route Army Office, Zhang Xueliang Mansion, Banpo Ruins , Great Mosque, Qinglong Temple, Daxingshan Temple, Guangren Temple, Qin Palace, Baxian Temple, Xingqing Palace Park, Revolution Park, Fengqing Park, Xi’an Qinling Wildlife Park, Huancheng Park, Botanical Garden, Lianhu Park, Qin Afang Palace, Xi’an Bonsai Garden, Weiyang Lake Amusement Park, Tang Furong Garden, Qujiang Aquarium, Qujiang Pool Heritage Park, Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Pool, Lishan Forest Park, Lintong Museum, Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, Xingjiao Temple, Xiangji Temple, Cuihua Mountain, Yushan, Nanwutai Mountain, Shuilu Temple, Wangchuan Cave, Louguantai, Hongmen Banquet Site, Fenghao of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Daxing City of the Sui Dynasty, Chang’an City of the Han Dynasty, Chang’an City of the Tang Dynasty, Daci’en Temple, Huayan Temple, Xianyou Temple, Caotang Temple, Wangshun Mountain, Western Zhou Dynasty Car and Horse Pit, Tang Dynasty Art Museum, Jiawu Platform, Lantian Monkey Man Site, Lantian Tangyu, Guifeng Mountain, Zhongnan Mountain, Golden Monkey Nature Reserve, Du Gong Temple, Huxian Peasant Painting Exhibition Hall, Han Yao, Taiping Forest Park, Zhuque Forest Park, Yatong Mengguo Amusement Park, Whale Valley, Niubeiliang Takin Nature Reserve, Tomb of Qin II Hu Hai, Xiangyu Forest Park, etc.

2. Xianyang

The main tourist attractions are: China Plaza, Qianling Tomb, Qianling Museum, Hanyang Tomb, Phoenix Square, Weibin Park, Loess Folk Village, Changling, Tomb of Prince Yide, Chongwen Tower, Tomb of Princess Yongtai, Beidu Iron Tower, Yetai Mountain, Ganquan Palace Ruins, Zhengguo Canal, Houji Jiaojiatai, Wulingyuan, Zhaoling, Zhaoren Temple, Sanyuan City God’s Temple, Xianyang Museum, Maoling, Maoling Museum, Binxian Big Buddha Temple, the Origin of the Earth, Yang Guifei’s Tomb, Shahe Ancient Bridge Fengqingyuan, etc.

3. Baoji

The main tourist attractions are: Famen Temple, Famen Treasure Hall (Museum), Baoji History Museum, Zhang Zai Temple (Zhang Zi Temple), Taiping Temple Tower, Charity Temple, Wushan (Haoshan, Yueshan, Wuyue), Fufeng City God Temple , Jiankuoling, Zhouyuan Ruins, Jifeng Mountain (Chencang Mountain), Longmen Cave Forest Park, Cichan Temple Grottoes, Baoji People’s Park, Jintaiguan, Dashanguan, Yandi Temple, Bronze Museum, Fengxiang East Lake, Wuzhangyuan Zhuge Liang Temple , Diaoyutai Scenic Area, Emperor Yan’s Mausoleum, Guanshan Grassland, Red River Valley Forest Park, Jialing River Source Scenic Area, Birthplace of Jialing River Scenic Area, Shennong’s Medicine Stone, Primitive Fir Forest, Jialing River First Waterfall, Black Dragon Pond, Wuzhangyuan Scenic Area, Zhougong Temple (Shaanxi) , Tongtianhe National Forest Park, Juishan Forest Park, Qianyangwanglutai, Taibaishan National Forest Park, Tiantai Mountain (Shennon Township), Jiucheng Palace Ruins, Yongcheng Ruins, Tomb of King Qin of the Tang Dynasty, etc.

4. Weinan

The main tourist attractions are: Huashan, Dangjia Village, Heyang Qiachuan Scenic Area, Sima Qian Temple, Hancheng Confucian Temple, Longmen, Shaohua Mountain Forest Park, Tang Ruizong Bridge Mausoleum, Tongguan, North Temple Song Pagoda, South Temple Tang Pagoda, Puzhao Temple, Yun Kongchanyuan, Dayu Temple, Tailing Mausoleum of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, Weinan Drum Tower, etc.

5. Tongchuan

The main tourist attractions are: Yaowang Mountain, Yuhua Palace Ski Resort, Xiangshan, Yaozhou Kiln Museum, Chenlu Ancient Town, Yaowang’s Hometown, Fudi Lake, Jiang Nu Temple, Jinsuoguan, Jinyang Lake, Shaanxi-Gansu Bianzhaojin The former site of the revolutionary base, etc.

6. Yan’an

The main tourist attractions are: Pagoda Mountain, Hukou Waterfall, Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, Qingliang Mountain, Nanniwan, Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Yangjialing Revolutionary Site, Zaoyuan Revolutionary Site, Phoenix Mountain, Thousand Buddha Temple Grottoes, Yan’an Luyi Site, Yan’an News Memorial Hall , “April 8” Martyrs Cemetery, Ansai County Cultural Relics Museum, Bao’an Revolution Site, Du Gong Temple, Wayaobao Revolution Site, Wanhua Mountain, China’s first land oil well, Zhongshan Grottoes, Fenghuang Mountain Revolution Site, Qiuyan Mountain where Zhou Enlai was in danger, Laoshan Forest Park, Martyr Liu Zhidan Cemetery, Luochuan Conference Site, Luochuan Folk Museum, Mengmen Mountain, Southern District Cooperative Memorial Hall, Qinzhidao, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Government Auditorium, Shihong Temple Grottoes, Tile Zijie Battle Martyrs Cemetery, Wangjiaping Revolutionary Site, Wuqi Town Revolutionary Site, Xie Zichang Martyrs Cemetery, etc.

7. Yulin

The main tourist attractions are: Hongjiannao, Hongshixia, Baiyun Mountain, Jiang’s Manor, Zhenbeitai, Li Zicheng’s Palace, Tongwancheng Ruins, Erlang Mountain, Ming Great Wall, Xianglu Temple, Daixing Temple, Fusu Tomb and Mengtian Tomb. , Gaojiabao Ancient City, Qiwang Temple, Yangjiagou Revolution Memorial Hall, etc.

8. Shangluo

The main tourist attractions are: Jinsi Gorge, Zhashui Cave, Chuanbang Guild Hall (Danfenghua Temple), Danjiang Drifting, Laojun Mountain, Erlang Temple, Luonan Confucian Temple, Manchuanguan, Muwang National Forest Park, Dayun Temple, Fenghuang Town, Shangshan Sihao Stele Forest Park, Moon Cave, Lianhu Park, Wuguan, etc.

9. Hanzhong

The main tourist attractions are: Millions of acres of rapeseed flowers, Qingmuchuan Reserve·Ancient Town, Wuhou Temple, Zhangliang Temple, Changqing Nature Reserve, Ancient Han Terrace, Ancient Plank Road, Lingya Temple, Shimen Reservoir, Wuhou Tomb, Foping Nature Reserve, Hongsi Lake Scenic Area, Liping Forest Park, Nanhu Lake, Nansha River Scenic Area, Tiantai Mountain·Yagu Mountain Scenic Area, Wulongdong National Forest Park, Wuzi Mountain, Yangxian Crested Ibis Nature Reserve, Zhang Qian Memorial Hall, Altar of Worship, Cai Lun Paper Culture Museum, Dingjun Mountain, Jiangshen Temple, Ma Chao Tomb, Xixiang Tea Garden, Cai Lun Tomb, Reading Table, Horse Drinking Pool, etc.

10. Good health

The main tourist attractions are: Guiguling National Forest Park, Xiangxi Cave, Yinghu Lake, Leigutai, Nangong Mountain, Qianjiaping, Houliu Water Township Ancient Town, Zhongba Grand Canyon, Lanhe River Rafting, Sanshen Memorial Hall, Tianzhu Mountain, Yanzi Cave, Bashan Autumn Pond, Fenghuang Mountain Forest Park, Lianghe Cliff, Renhe Rafting, Xihe, Zhengyang Grassland, etc.

11. Yang Ling

The main tourist attractions are: Agricultural University Expo Park, Insect Museum, Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park (AAA), Water Sports Center (AA), Houji Educational Farming Garden, Water-saving Science and Technology Expo Park, China Animal Cloning Base, Rainfall Hall, New Variety Introduction Demonstration Park, Zhongke Environmental Company, Cuixigou Farmhouse, etc.

12. Hancheng

The main tourist attractions include: Monument to the Red Army’s Anti-Japanese Crossing of the Yellow River, Ancient Longmen Ferry of the Yellow River, Miaohou Village Ruins, Wei Great Wall Ruins, Chaoyang Cave Grottoes, etc.

6. The most interesting place in Miyuan

The most popular tourist routes in Xianyang City are: Xianyang Museum – Shahe Ancient Bridge Ruins and Shahe Customs Garden – Maoling Scenic Area – Tomb of Concubine Yang of the Tang Dynasty – Su Wu Tomb – Houji Jiatai – Baoben Tower – Wugong City God Temple Xianyang Museum – Qin Xianyang Palace Ruins – Weihe River Power Generation Tour and Weihe Ecological Park – Hanyang Mausoleum Xianyang Museum – Shahe Warring States Ancient Bridge Ruins – Qin Xianyang Palace Ruins – Han Cultural Tourism Boutique Route ( Yangling Tomb of Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty, Changling Tomb of Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, Anling Tomb of Emperor Hui of the Han Dynasty, Yiling Tomb of Emperor Ai of the Han Dynasty, Weiling Tomb of Emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty, Kangling Tomb of Emperor Ping of the Han Dynasty, Yanling Tomb of Emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty, Pingling Tomb of Emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty, and Maoling Tomb of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty) Xianyang Museum—— Zhou Tomb (Tomb of King Wen and King Wu of Zhou) – Tang Shun Tomb (Tomb of Wu Zetian’s Mother) – Origin of the Earth of the People’s Republic of China – Sanyuan City God’s Temple – Yu Youren’s Former Residence – Tang Li Jing’s Former Residence Xianyang Museum – Former Site of Anwu Youth Training Class – —Chunhua Yetai Mountain Battle Site—Chunhua Farmhouse—Xunyi Ancient Elephant and Fossil Museum—Tang Family Folk Museum—Shimenshan Forest Park—Malan Revolution Site Xianyang Museum—Zheng Guo Channel Site and Zhangjiashan Scenery District—Zhaoling Scenic Area—Qianling Scenic Area—Big Buddha Temple Scenic Area—Changwu Zhaoren Temple Xianyang Weicheng District Anguo Temple, Phoenix Terrace—Weicheng District Zhongwutai (Taoist Temple)—Qian County Amituo Temple (Buddhist Area) ——Tomb of Taishi Hu in Weicheng District (Islam)

7. Are there any interesting attractions in Miyuan? Pictures

Saga Mountain is located in the northwest of Sanyuan County, in Dapan Village, Saga Town, more than 20 kilometers away from the county seat. Saga Mountain has tall and straight mountains and beautiful scenery. It is known as the “famous mountain in Weibei”.

Mount Saga is a famous historical mountain. It is high and steep and has beautiful scenery. You can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the Guanzhong Plain when you climb to the top of the mountain. There are many historical sites and cultural relics on the mountain, such as the Chongling Tomb of Emperor Dezong and Li Shi of the Tang Dynasty, the ruins of Hanchiyang Palace, the Wutai Pagoda, and the Erlang Temple. There are also famous attractions such as Peach Blossom Well, Golden Incense Burner, and Tianjing Bank. At present, there are also a mountain racecourse, a large ski resort, a large children’s amusement park and other entertainment projects. It is a good place for your leisure vacation.