What is it like to travel alone without friends?

Introduction: What is it like to travel alone without friends? Can I travel to Changdao now?

Answered: What is it like to travel alone without friends? There are pros and cons to traveling alone. 1. No friends. 2. Have friends.

1. No friends: People without friends must first be not afraid of loneliness, and must have plans and arrangements when traveling. If you encounter any problems during your travels, you will not get help, you cannot share the beautiful scenery with others, and loneliness is tasteless. It’s a drawback of traveling alone. The advantage is: you can enjoy the scenery you like alone and come and go freely.

2. Have friends: Contrary to the former, we have to take care of each other during the trip, so there will be more disadvantages in traveling without friends.

We think it is best to travel as a couple or with one or two family members. It is best to travel together. Traveling without friends is really boring and meaningless. People need to be in a happy mood when traveling. Without friends, you will not be happy. Such a feeling of loneliness and helplessness. (Waste of time)~~The beauty of life

Can I travel to Changdao now?

Changdao County is a county under the jurisdiction of Yantai City and is named after Changshan Island within its territory. It consists of 32 islands, 66 exposed reefs and a sea area of ​​8,700 square kilometers. Changdao County is the only island county in Shandong Province, located between Jiaodong and Liaodong Peninsulas, at the intersection of the Yellow and Bohai Seas. The main tourist attractions in Changdao County include Jiuzhang Cliff, Banyuewan National Geological Park, Miaodao Ancient Temple Group, Xianjingyuan Folk Customs Park, Linhai Fengshan National Forest Park, Miaodao Mazu Cultural Park, Beizhuang Ruins, etc. You can also enjoy catching the sea fun of.

The above is the basic situation of Changdao. I am from Yantai and I am very familiar with Changdao. If you want to know when is the best time to travel to Changdao, it can be said that you can travel to Changdao anytime. Of course, different seasons have different scenery. For example, if you go in May, you can see flocks of seagulls flying on the sea. It is best to stay at Yujiale. The cost of food and accommodation per day ranges from 100 to 200 yuan. The price is high, and the food is good. There is seafood in the meals, and you can also go to the beach. Fishing, watching fishermen work, etc. In short, you can go to Changdao regardless of season. It is recommended not to go during the peak season. My suggestions are for reference only. Thank you. .