What tourist attractions are worth visiting near Taiyuan, Shanxi and why?

Jin Temple, an ancient garden, is accurately recorded in the famous work “Shui Jing Zhu” by Li Daoyuan, a historical geographer of the Northern Wei Dynasty 1500 years ago. There are several national treasure-level scenic spots inside that are worth seeing, but the visit requires explanations to be effective.

Secondly, there is the Mengshan Giant Buddha, which was built on the mountain during the Northern Wei Dynasty.

In addition, there are several good ancient temples in Taiyuan city that you can also visit. Among them is a scenic spot known as the “Millennium Mansion”. It was originally the “Chong’er Temple” in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, it was renamed “Pan Meishuai’s Mansion” and other names. Later dynasties all set up military government offices. During the Republic of China, it was called “The Governor’s Mansion”. Mansion”. On April 24, 1949, the People’s Liberation Army liberated Taiyuan City, which became the office of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government. The provincial government moved out a few years ago. However, this place was changed to the Shanxi Merchants Museum and lost its status as a thousand-year-old government office.