The cruise ship stops at Shekou Cruise Center

Introduction: The cruise ship stops at Shekou Cruise Center 1. Shekou Cruise Center 2. Shekou Cruise Booking 3. Shekou Port Cruise 4. Go to Shekou Cruise Center 5. Shekou Sea World Cruise 6. The cruise ship address at Shekou Pier 7. Shekou, Shenzhen Cruise Center Day Trip

1. Shekou Cruise Center

Already started collecting

1. Car: 10 yuan/h for the first hour; 5 yuan/h from the second hour (daily limit 120);

2. Large truck: 20 yuan/h for the first hour; 10 yuan/h from the second hour onwards (daily limit 240);

3. Automatic recognition of entry and exit, free within 15 minutes

The fee is ¥60 per day.


1. Large vehicles: passenger cars with more than 10 seats (including 10 seats), trucks with more than 4.5 tons (including 4.5 tons); small vehicles: vehicles other than large vehicles.

2. The parking fee for vehicles exceeding 12 meters (inclusive) will be charged an additional 50%.

3. Billing starts 15 minutes after the vehicle enters the parking lot, and the first 15 minutes are not included in the billing time.

4. The day time period is from 8:00 to 20:00, and the night time period is from 20:00 to 8:00 the next day. The first hour refers to 0 to 60 minutes.

5. The exit or entrance of the parking lot is set on the area’s enclosed road section, and the higher toll standards on the enclosed road section can be implemented.

2. Shekou cruise ticket booking

It is understood that Shekou Terminal refers to the Shekou Cruise Center because the Shekou Passenger Terminal officially ceased operations on October 30, 2016, ending 35 years of passenger service. The Shekou Passenger Terminal business was moved to the Shekou Cruise Center. On October 31, the Shekou Cruise Center officially opened for business, allowing citizens to take cruises to Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.

3. Shekou Port Cruise

Bus line: No. 328, the total journey is about 1.4 kilometers 1. Walk about 10 meters from Shekou Cruise Center to Shekou Cruise Center Station 2. Take No. 328 and after 1 stop, arrive at Shekou Port Metro Station 3. Walk about 290 meters to reach Shekou Ferry Terminal

4. Go to Shekou Cruise Center

Children over 120cm tall need to purchase a ticket.

5. Shekou Sea World Cruise

Daytime and nighttime both have their own advantages. I think nighttime is better. The evening breeze blows and the lights and sound are beautiful.

6. Shekou Pier where you can take the cruise ship

Bus line: Line 1→Line 2, the total distance is about 31.4 kilometers 1. Walk about 720 meters from Shenzhen Station to Luohu Station 2. Take Line 1 and go through 14 stops to Window of the World Station 3. Take Line 2 , after 10 stations, arrive at Shekou Port Station 4. Walk about 1.3 kilometers and arrive at Shekou Passenger Terminal. According to the specific problem type, conduct step disassembly/cause and principle analysis/content expansion, etc.

The specific steps are as follows: / The main reason for this situation is…?

7. One-day tour to Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Center

Bus line: Line 3 → Subway Line 7 → Line 2, the total distance is about 42.3 kilometers. 1. Walk about 1.1 kilometers from Longgang District to Longcheng Square Station 2. Take Line 3, and after 15 stops, arrive at Tianbei Station 3. Take Metro Line 7, go through 19 stops, and arrive at Antuoshan Station. 4. Take Metro Line 2, go through 11 stops, and arrive at Shuiwan Station. 5. Walk about 400 meters to reach Shekou.