Shantou Longquanyan Scenic Area (How long does it take to climb to Shantou Longquanyan Scenic Area)

Introduction: Shantou Longquan Rock Scenic Area (How long does it take to climb Shantou Longquan Rock Scenic Area) Where is Longquan Rock? Which cave is Longquan Cave in Guangxi? Is Longquan Rock in Shantou City open now?

Where is Longquan Rock?

Shantou Ancient Longquan Rock is located in Tuopu, Shantou City. It is a tourist area where historical sites were rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty. Gulongquan Charity Garden is located at the southern foot of Sangpu Mountain at the mouth of Rongjiang River, with its back against the main peak of Sangpu Mountain and facing the vast expanse of the South China Sea. It is a geomantic treasure place for pilgrimage and tourism, where spirits from all directions gather and essences from all directions gather. Lufeng Mountain is located in Chenghuang Town, Xingye County, Yulin City, Guangxi, one kilometer away from Chenghuang Town and 59 kilometers away from Yulin City. There is also a Longquan Rock. The “Yuzhou Chronicles” of the late Qing Dynasty recorded the folk legend that “Li Long and his wife dug a cave in the mountain and transformed the dragon into an immortal.” This was named “Longquan Cave” because of the long flowing spring in the cave. First there was the Longquan Rock in Shantou in the Ming Dynasty, and then there was the theory of Longquan Rock in Guangxi.

What is the cave number of Xingye Longquan Cave in Guangxi?

This is “one of the long treasures in the cave”. Longquan Cave is located in the middle of Lufeng Mountain in Chenghuang Town, Xingye County, about 18 kilometers away from the county seat. It is known as the heart of the earth and “one of the rocks in Lingnan”. It has three unique features: strange caves, clear water and beautiful rocks. The cave is like a large rotating art palace, divided into upper and lower floors. The upper floor is a dry cave and the lower floor is a water cave. There is an underground river flowing through the water cave, and walking along the river is very refreshing. Hailed by tourists as “the most magnificent Dragon Palace in Asia”, there is a huge waterfall in the cave. The waterfall is 24 meters high and 10 meters wide. The most beautiful underground waterfall on Earth.

One of the eight ancient scenic spots, one of the Chaoshan mountains in Shantou, what are its characteristics?

Many people come to Shantou for tourism, and the places they visit most often are small parks and Queshi Mountain. Some people also choose to go to Shantou University. However, near Shantou University, there is also a Chaoshan mountain. It is also one of the eight ancient scenic spots in Shantou. The scenery is also good. I believe many locals have guessed it is Longquan Rock. However, not many foreign tourists know about this place. So since this place is so famous, why is it ignored by tourists?

First of all, let’s take a look at where Longquan Rock is. Longquan Rock is located in Tuopu Town, close to Shantou University. There are many temples on it, and they are huge. It is a place with a very prosperous incense, and has a very long history, which can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. Listen It is said that many celebrities visited here at that time, and many stone carvings were left behind. The famous soldier Weng Wanda of the Ming Dynasty once studied here, which shows that Longquan Rock still has a strong historical heritage.

So why is it called Longquan Rock? Because there are springs in this mountain and there are many caves. I remember when I was a child, I often came here to drink tea in the caves. The spring water here was particularly sweet. After a recent visit, I found that the changes have been particularly drastic. I can no longer find where the cave is. I don’t know if the cave has been filled in due to safety hazards.

In Longquan Rock today, more locals choose to come here for mountain climbing and fitness. On weekends, they meet up with friends to enjoy the fun of climbing together. Moreover, when they reach the halfway up the mountain, they can also overlook the city of Shantou. The scenery from such a high altitude is very important to them. For Shantou, it is one of the best. If you come in the evening, you can also watch the sunset. Some people also came up with tea sets to drink tea and chat on it. It was very pleasant to think about it.

However, this place is basically only visited by locals, and few foreign tourists come here. There are several reasons. The first point is that it is far away from the urban area and the transportation is inconvenient. It takes at least 40 minutes to get there from the urban area. Moreover, the surrounding supporting facilities are relatively poor. There are few places to eat. Tourists are mainly concentrated in the urban area and rarely come to such a remote place. place.

The second reason is that the price/performance ratio is not high. One is that you need to climb a mountain to come here. It takes about 30 minutes to climb. The mountain is also relatively steep. In addition, the road is far away, so the energy cost of climbing halfway up the mountain is still relatively large. , however, the scenery on the mountain is relatively average, and the effort and benefit are not very balanced. For foreign tourists, Longquan Rock is still relatively tasteless.

Is Longquan Rock in Shantou City open now?

No. According to the latest epidemic situation in Shantou City, as of November 5, 2022, Shantou City is a medium- and high-risk area, and Longquanyan in Shantou City has not been opened. Shantou Longquan Rock is located in Sangpu Mountain in Tuopu, Shantou City. It is a tourist area that was rebuilt from historical sites in the Ming Dynasty.