Recommended self-driving tourist attractions near Nanjing A complete ranking of self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing

Introduction: Recommended self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing A complete ranking of self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing 1. A complete ranking of self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing 2. Fun places to visit near Nanjing 3. Recommended self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing 4. Recommended self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing 5. Self-driving tour of attractions around Nanjing 6. Best places for self-driving tour near Nanjing 7. Recommended attractions for self-driving tour near Nanjing

1. Ranking of self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing

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A collection of absolutely classic self-driving tours around Nanjing!

Anhui Wuhu Fantawild Adventure——Marenqi Peak——Jiuhua Mountain

Wuhu Fantawild World Park covers many aspects such as modern technology, science fiction, history and culture, and children’s entertainment. It is composed of 15 themed project areas such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Mystic Valley, Elf Valley, Legend of the West, Conch Bay, and Bolide. There are more than 300 theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects, including many world-class large-scale projects, such as the suspended flight that combines giant dome movies, modern simulation stunts and other high-tech means. The simulation project “Flying Beyond the Limit” and the indoor amusement project “Interstellar Flight” that simulates space flight are both world-class simulation experience projects.

Located in Maren Qifeng Forest Tourism Area, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, the natural landscape is wonderful and mysterious, especially the “Six Wonders” such as strange peaks, strange rocks, strange walls, strange houses, strange caves, and strange forests. The nanmu forest on Marenqi Peak covers an area of ​​150 acres. This is also the northernmost nanmu forest on the earth. This is another unique natural landscape on Marenqi Peak.

Jiuhua Mountain, located in Chizhou City, Anhui Province, is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China, together with Mount Wutai, Mount Emei and Mount Putuo. The scenic area is full of strange peaks, steep cliffs, deep valleys, deep pools, waterfalls and flowing springs. The peaks are so beautiful that they are known as the 99 peaks. There are more than 30 peaks above 1,000 meters. The nine main peaks such as Shiwang Peak and Lotus Peak bloom like lotus flowers, giving Mount Jiuhua the reputation of “Lotus Buddha Country”.

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2. Fun places to visit by car near Nanjing

Datang Golden Lavender Manor is a vanilla-themed manor that focuses on ornamental lavender and has planted 400 acres of lavender. The natural terrain has created a unique landscape of “terraced lavender”. People can experience a sea of ​​purple flowers. When lavender blooms every year, here It has become a must-visit flower viewing spot. Datangjin Lavender Garden is the starting point of Jiangning’s most beautiful 17-kilometer self-driving route. This route starts from Datangjin in Guli in the north, passes through Ginkgo Lake Avenue, and extends southward to the S337 highway near Zhumen’s home. In the vast rural fields, You can see the sea of ​​flowers, fields, tunnels, villages, and thousands of acres of bamboo sea. The most beautiful 17-kilometer self-driving route in Jiangning is Datang Golden Lavender Garden → Xiangban Sujia → Ginkgo Lake Ecological Tourism Area → Huanglongxian Scenic Area → Zhumen Family → Shitang Bamboo Sea. The best self-driving season is spring and autumn, especially in April every year. From mid-May to late May and mid-September to late October, Datang Golden Lavender is in full bloom.

3. Recommended self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing

It is suitable to drive from Wumadu to Yanziji. It is located in the Mufu Mountain Scenic Area. There are few cars and beautiful scenery here. The Yangtze River on the left has undulating mountains on the right. There is also a Yangtze River cruise ship on the shore where you can take a ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery of both sides of the Yangtze River Basin. The road in the middle It is so wide that you can drive back and forth freely, and you can also set up a tent at the foot of the mountain to have a barbecue and dinner. What does it feel like to be in this scene?

4. Recommended self-driving tourist attractions around Nanjing

Zhenjiang (less than half an hour), Yangzhou (1 hour), Changzhou (less than 1 hour), Suzhou (more than 1 hour), Wuxi (same as above)

Gaochun’s Old Street (in Nanjing), Jiangjun Mountain, Niushou Mountain, Qixia Mountain (in Nanjing), Maoshan and Baohua Mountain (in Zhenjiang, closer to Nanjing, just 20 minutes’ walk from Qixia), Nanshan Bamboo Sea, Zhouzhuang, Tongli (within Suzhou)

In addition, Changshu is also a good place. You can visit Shajiabang, but I have never been there. I have been to the others more than once.

As for the famous scenic spots in Su, Wuchang, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou, I don’t need to mention them, haha

5. Self-driving tour to scenic spots around Nanjing

Three directions are recommended.

1. Head east, take the Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway to Yangzhou, visit Daming Temple in the morning, visit Slender West Lake in the afternoon, and take the Yangli Expressway to Zhenjiang for accommodation in the evening. The next day we visited Jinshan, Jiaoshan and Beigu Mountains, and took National Highway 312 back to Nanjing in the evening.

2. Take the Hurong Expressway east to Danyang and then southeast, Changzhou to Wuxi, visit Lingshan Giant Buddha in the morning, and tour Taihu Yuantouzhu in the afternoon. In the evening, take National Highway 312 to stay in Suzhou. The next day we visited the Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Lion Grove Garden in the morning, and the Lingering Garden and Hanshan Temple in the afternoon. In the evening, take the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway to Wuxi and transfer to the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway back to Nanjing.

3. To the southeast, take the Changshen Expressway directly to Yixing, visit Shanjuan Cave, Zhanggong Cave, and Linggu Cave for a full day, and stay overnight in Yixing. The next day we visited the Ceramic Museum in the morning and arrived in Liyang at noon to visit Tianmu Lake. Return to Nanjing in the evening.

6. Best places for self-driving tour near Nanjing

Nanjing Future Supercar Club Metro (Nanjing Yuhua Shopping Mall) As soon as autumn arrives, many places in Nanjing have turned on the high-looking mode. At this time, both Nanjing locals and foreign tourists are suitable for driving. The number of car rental customers has increased significantly in the past few days. Some car rental platforms have sold out all comfortable cars, leaving only economy, business and luxury models. Not only have there been fewer models to choose from, but prices have also risen, with some economical car rental prices rising fourfold. The National Day holiday has once again ushered in the “Golden Week” for the tourism industry. Affected by the epidemic, citizens’ travel methods have also changed, and self-driving travel has become a favored travel choice for many people.

7. Recommended attractions for self-driving tours near Nanjing

Recommended Anwei Shitai Ecological Tour

The journey is 350 kilometers, route: Nanjing – ring road – Ningma Expressway – pass Ma’anshan – Wuhu – Nanling – Qingyang – arrive at Shitai County.

The local cuisine is mainly farm food, with specialties such as Yipinguo, grass chicken soup, and special chili.

Strange stone tourism, Shitai Guniujiang was called “West Huangshan” in ancient times. It is the main body of the west extension of the Huangshan Mountains. It is famous for its majesty, strangeness, danger and beauty. The highest peak is 1,727 meters. There are also scenic spots such as Rolling Stone Beach, Lover’s Valley, Sidie Waterfall, Yanjia Ancient Village, etc., and you can also go rafting on the Qiupu River.