What are the attractions on the road from Haikou to Qionghai in Sanya?

Introduction: Attractions on the road from Haikou to Qionghai What attractions are there in Sanya on the way to Qionghai 1. What are the attractions on the road from Sanya to Qionghai 2. Attractions near Qionghai, Hainan 3. How to get to Qionghai from Sanya 4. Must-visit travel guide to Qionghai in Hainan Attractions 5. Self-driving tour route from Qionghai to Sanya 6. Are there any attractions on the way from Sanya to Qionghai 7. What attractions can be visited on the way from Sanya to Qionghai 8. What are the fun places in Qionghai, Sanya

1. What are the attractions on the road from Sanya to Qionghai?

Qionghai Station Attractions:

Wanquan River Bamboo Raft Sightseeing


Niululing Reservoir Area, upper reaches of Wanquan River, Qionghai City

Boao Forum for Asia permanent site

Cultural monuments

Boao Town, Qionghai City

Red Detachment of Women Memorial Garden

Cultural monuments

Jiaji Town, Qionghai City

Tropical Ecology of Xinglong Overseas Chinese National Forest Park in Hainan/Northwest of Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden Tropical Plants 60 South of Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm 223 National Highway

2. Attractions near Qionghai, Hainan

1. Yudai Beach: Yudai Beach is a beach peninsula in Boao Town, Qionghai City. It has a unique landscape at the intersection of river and sea. Standing on the narrow Yudai Beach, with the rough South China Sea on one side and the calm confluence of three rivers (Wanquan River, Longgun River and Jiulong River) on the other side, the scenery is very strange. You must take a cruise to get to Yudai Beach. The boat dock is right next to the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia. You can usually buy a package ticket for the Boao Forum for Asia permanent site and then visit Yudai Beach together. The waves in the South China Sea are a bit big, so it would be dangerous to swim in the water. Most tourists come here just to play on the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the three rivers flowing into the sea.

2. Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park: The Red Detachment of Women was born in Qionghai, and the scenic spot was established to commemorate their greatness. Here you can see many historical relics related to the Red Detachment of Women and listen to their historical legends. Entering the scenic spot, the most eye-catching thing is the 6.8-meter-high red statue of the Detachment of Women. Wearing straw sandals and carrying a bamboo hat on its shoulders, it fully demonstrates the magnanimity of a generation of heroines. The scenic area also displays precious photos and cultural relics about the Red Detachment of Women, recreating the history of women’s revolutionary struggle for liberation.

3. Wanquan River: Wanquan River is the mother river of Qionghai City. The water here is as clear as a jade belt, drifting down from Wuzhi Mountain to the Boao estuary of Qionghai City and falling into the embrace of the sea. The scenery along the way is diverse, with undulating peaks on both sides of the upper reaches, narrow valleys, and rapid currents; the lower reaches of the river are open, with coconut groves and banana orchards on both sides, and a sandbar island in the middle of the river. When visiting Wanquan River, you can choose to go to Wanquan River Square or Wanquan River Park. There are trails along the river where you can stroll or ride a bicycle. There are also bamboo rafting spots. You can also choose to enjoy it on the Peilan Bridge across the river when you go to the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, or on the Yudai Beach to enjoy the unique scenery when it merges into the sea.

4. Ancient county government office Lecheng: Lecheng is located outside the western boundary of Boao Water City and in the Chaoyang section of the Wanquan River Basin. It is the seat of the ancient county seat of “Lehui”. It has been nearly 700 years since the county was established in the fourth year of Dade in the Yuan Dynasty. history. It has experienced more than 700 years of wind and rain and unpredictable dynasty changes. However, the ever-popular City God’s Temple, the ancient bluestone brick roads extending in all directions, the proudly standing ancient county government pillars, and the ancient city walls still tell people about the glorious history of this place. Although there are not many relics of the ancient city, tourists who like to nostalgically explore the past can always feel the prosperity and prosperity of Lehui Ancient City when they visit the island. In addition, even if you have no interest in nostalgic past, here is a nearly perfect ecological environment, criss-crossing tropical fields, readily available tropical fruits, well-proportioned ancient houses, simple and peaceful folk customs, and crystal clear Wanquan. The river and the graceful coconut trees are enough to leave an unforgettable impression on every visitor to Lecheng Island.

3. How to get to Qionghai from Sanya

Only two negative nucleic acid test results within 48 hours are required before you can take the bus.

4. Must-visit attractions in Qionghai, Hainan

Tourist attractions include: the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, the Guantang Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park, Baishi Ridge, Boao Temple, Boao Yudai Beach, the founding site of Boao, Qionghai Duohewen Valley, and Wanquan Lake Tourist Resort.

Small town sightseeing includes: Tanmen style fishing port town, Zhongyuan Nanyang town, Boao style town

Hot spring tourism includes: Guantang Hot Spring Resort, Boao Dongyu Island Hot Spring Resort

Adventure tours include: Wanquan River Canyon Rafting Adventure

Leisure and sightseeing include: Boao Sea Story, Boao Meiya Civilized Ecological Village

5. Qionghai to Sanya self-driving tour route

There are three routes from Haikou to Sanya.

Eastern route: Passing through Wenchang, Ding’an, Qionghai, Wanning, and Lingshui, you can watch the sea and eat Hainan’s four famous dishes;

Central: Chengmai, Qiongzhong, Baisha, Wuzhishan, Baoting, you can blend into the Hainan tropical rainforest, visit the Li Village Miao Village, and learn about the traditional culture of ethnic minorities.

Western line: Lingao, Danzhou, Changjiang, Dongfang, Ledong. Experience the local customs and customs of Danzhou Tiaosheng.

6. Are there any scenic spots on the road from Sanya to Qionghai?

These ten places are the more interesting places in Qionghai: Yudai Beach, Boao Permanent Site, Wanquan River, Boao, Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park, Boao Yudai Beach, Oriental Cultural Garden, Boao Aquarium, Baishiling and Guantang Hot Spring.

1. With the world-famous Wanquan River as the main line, including Wanquan River, Baishi Ridge, Guantang Hot Spring, Shazhou Island, Wanquan River outlet, Boao Beach Yudai Beach and the “Boao Forum for Asia” International Conference Center, it forms a large area in eastern Hainan. Qionghai’s tourism system has been listed by Hainan Province as one of the province’s key tourist areas and is open to the outside world.

2. Qionghai’s main tourist attractions: Boao Oriental Cultural Garden, Wanquan River Rafting, Wanquan River, Baishi Ridge, Guantang Hot Spring, Red Detachment of Women Statue, Jinniu Ridge, Shazhou Island, Hongshiyan, Jukui Pagoda, Shenggong Stone , Chilin Nature Reserve, Huishan Forest Nature Reserve, Yang Shanji Memorial Pavilion, Yezhai Farmhouse, Red Detachment of Women Memorial Garden, Yudaitan natural coconut water can best quench your thirst.

3. Coconut water is the main natural drink for Qionghai people to quench their thirst. Qionghai folk’s traditional snacks using coconut as the main raw material or as fillings are a major feature of Qionghai’s diet.

4. Flavored snacks with coconut cake fillings include barley cake, press cake, pig intestine cake, red rice cake rolls, etc. They are all famous traditional snacks in Qionghai and have a rich coconut flavor.

5. Baizhan Jiaji Duck, Baizhan Hot Spring Goose, Qingbo Wanquan Carp and Tanmen Fish are all well-known delicacies. For authentic seafood, go to Tanmen Town.

7. What attractions can you visit on the road from Sanya to Qionghai?

To the north of Sanya City are Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Binlang Valley Li and Miao Customs Village and Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park, which are well worth a visit.

To the east is Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Nanwan Monkey Island and Boundary Island are also very interesting.

Further northeast of Lingshui is Wanning City, where there are many beautiful scenic spots to be developed on the seaside, such as Bird’s Nest Island.

Continuing to the northeast is Qionghai City, which has the world-famous Boao Forum for Asia Scenic Area, Yudaitan Scenic Area, and is the hometown of the Red Detachment of Women. The song: I Love Wanquan River, among which Wanquan River is also in Qionghai City, Qionghai City. Haishi has a good cultural environment and a mild climate, making it suitable for long-term living.

8. What are the interesting places in Qionghai, Sanya?

Attractions include: permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, Guantang Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park, Baishi Ridge, Boao Temple, Boao Yudai Beach, Boao Founding Site, Qionghai Duohewen Valley, Wanquan Lake Tourist Resort Town Sightseeing: Tanmen style fishing port town, Central Plains Nanyang town, Boao style town hot spring sightseeing: Guantang Hot Spring Tourist Resort, Boao Dongyu Island Hot Spring Resort Adventure sightseeing: Wanquan River canyon rafting adventure leisure sightseeing: The story of Boao Sea, Transportation to Boao Meiya Civilized Ecological Village: Qionghai Bus Station, East Ring High-Speed ​​Railway Qionghai Station, Boao Station, Boao Commercial Airport (under construction) Love in Hainan, love traveling in Hainan.

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