How about Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Agency? Jinjiang District Travel Agency

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1. Jinjiang District Travel Agency

1: Zhejiang China Travel Service, address: No. 200, Guangfu Road, Hangzhou.

2: Zhejiang Overseas Tourism Company, Address: No. 380, Fengqi Road, Hangzhou.

3: Hangzhou Overseas Tourism Co., Ltd., address: 3rd Floor, Tower B, Yaoguangsha Office Building, No. 239 Xihu Avenue, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. 4: Zhejiang Oriental Overseas Tourism Co., Ltd., address: 5th Floor, Urban Construction Building, No. 563 Qingtai Street, Hangzhou.

5: Zhejiang China International Travel Service, Address: No. 1, Shihan Road, Hangzhou

6: Zhejiang Zhongshan International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., address: Block A, 6th Floor, Yongjin Plaza, No. 135 Yan’an Road, Hangzhou.

7: Zhejiang Zhongqing International Tourism Co., Ltd., address: No. 56 Fengqi Road, Hangzhou

8: Hangzhou Merchants International Travel Company, address: Room 315, West Building, Fengqi Garden, No. 43 Fengqi Road, Hangzhou.

9: Zhejiang Kanghui International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., address: Room 304, Building 1, Huahong Building, No. 238 Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou.

10: Hangzhou China Travel Service Co., Ltd., address: 1st Floor, Jinjiang Building, No. 111 Hushu South Road, Hangzhou.

2. China Travel Service Jinjiang Branch

In 1956, Maxim’s opened its first Western-style restaurant “Max’s Restaurant” in the former Lane Crawford Building in Central (now Landmark Plaza). It was operated as a nightclub and held large-scale events from time to time. It was a must-visit place for celebrities at that time and laid the foundation of its catering industry. . In 1960, the Beatles also performed at Maxim’s Restaurant during their visit to Hong Kong.

In 1963, due to the completion of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Hong Kong Hilton Hotel (the predecessor of the Cheung Kong Center), it was difficult to rival the Maxim’s restaurant.

In 1966, the Ocean Terminal was completed, and the first Maxim’s Café, Maxim’s Boulevard, was opened here and sold cakes, which was the prototype of “Maxim’s Cake”. After Maxim’s transformed into a coffee restaurant, it became very popular and opened 20 coffee restaurants in two years.

In 1970, Maxim’s appointed Ng Suk-ching to participate in the Hong Kong Pavilion of the 1970 Japan World Expo in Osaka under the banner of Jade Garden, providing exquisite dim sum, which was well received. The following year, he opened the first Cantonese restaurant – Jade Garden on the fourth floor of Star House in Tsim Sha Tsui. It introduced a new management of “Chinese food and Western service” and took the lead in selling Western pastries in the restaurant without setting up a table. It was very popular among diners. After the successful operation of Jade Garden, Maxim’s opened a number of Cantonese-style restaurants, including Maxim’s Restaurant, Maxim’s Palace Restaurant, Windsor Palace Restaurant, City Hall Restaurant, Yingyue House, Maxim’s Court and Yue Jiang Chun. Provide “one cup, two items” tea drinking and banquet services.

In 1972, Jardine Matheson Land Company joined as a shareholder, but the decision-making power was still held by the Wu family. Immediately, many restaurants were opened in Land’s properties, such as Jardine House, Landmark Plaza, Exchange Square, Hong Kong World Trade Center, etc., and developed rapidly. The first Maxim’s fast food restaurant was established and became one of the representatives of Hong Kong’s fast food restaurants.

From the 1970s to the 1980s, Maxim’s founded a series of restaurants from other provinces including Chao Jiang Chun, Beijing House, Dongting House, Jin Jiang Chun, and Hu Jiang Chun, as well as two high-end Japanese restaurants, Benkei Japanese Cuisine and Momoyama Japanese Cuisine.

In 1980, the China-U.S. air route was opened. However, they had not reached a consensus with the United States on catering services beforehand. The Hong Kong branch of Xinhua News Agency recommended Maxim’s Group to the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The Sino-foreign joint venture encountered difficulties in investing in the mainland for the first time. Finally, the Civil Aviation Administration of China requested instructions from the central government. Leader Deng Xiaoping replied: “Does Mr. Wu know how to make bread? If he does, let him do it.” So Maxim’s obtained the right to operate catering and established Beijing Aviation Catering Co., Ltd., which was the first Sino-foreign joint venture. enterprise. Maxim’s daughter Ng Shu-ching currently operates airline catering services in 12 cities in the Mainland, supplying more than 10,000 in-flight meals every day.

In 1982, Maxim’s opened a number of Maxim’s bakery branches at various stations along the Hong Kong MTR (now known as the MTR), the first of its kind in the entrepreneurial industry. In 1988, it was stationed at various stations of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (now known as the MTR East Rail Line).

In 1986, Jardine Matheson Group split the company, and its subsidiary Dairy Milk International Co., Ltd. held the equity of Maxim’s.

In 1992, Maxim’s went north to Guangzhou to develop, but the business environment was immature and it withdrew its business. Wu Weiguo, the third generation of the Wu family, joined Maxim’s Group at the age of 21.

In 1998, Maxim’s developed a new restaurant series, max concepts, including MAX, Cellini, Mecca, Thai Basil, eating plus, Mezz, can. Restaurants such as teen, cafe Landmark and Emporio Armani Caffe provide customers with unique and innovative dishes. In addition, the previous Japanese restaurants were transformed into Heju and Miso, creating a new trend of Japanese cuisine. It has also rebranded many Chinese restaurants, such as Cuiyu Xuan, Yicui Xuan, Sichuan Huaiju, Purple Magnolia, Lippo Xuan, Jinghua Restaurant, Lanting, etc. Amid the Hello Kitty craze, Maxim’s cooperated with Sanrio to open Hello Kitty Cafe in Luyangfang, and opened three more branches in the next year. After the craze, all branches were closed.

In 2000, Wu Weiguo took over as the managing director of Maxim’s. In May, Maxim’s successfully introduced the world-famous Starbucks coffee culture to Hong Kong and merged to form Coffee Concepts Ltd., which made profits in the first two months of opening. In just 2 years, it opened more than 30 coffee shops in Hong Kong. By the end of 2002, Entering Macau and Shenzhen.

In July 2001, Maxim’s Cakes renovated its image, and its trademark was changed from the feminine rose pattern to the neutral heart-shaped leaf pattern.

In August 2003, Wu Shunde, one of the founders, passed away at the age of 92. Maxim’s also cooperated with Wanli Organization to publish cookbooks for the first time, two books namely “Max’s Cantonese Chef – Healthy and Fashionable Delicious Desserts” and “Max’s Cantonese Chef – Healthy and Fashionable Home Cooking”. Affected by the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong, business dropped by 40%, but the coffee shop and cake business grew and still made profits. Maxim’s Food Factory was opened in Tai Po Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​250,000 square feet.

In 2004, Maxim’s invited Li Yongquan to change the image of Maxim’s fast food. The trademark was titled “A little more” and the main tone was green. Maxim’s Fast Food has launched microwave lunch boxes and side dishes, which are sold at 7-11 convenience stores and Wellcome.

Hong Kong Maxim’s

In 2005, the Hospital Authority appointed Maxim’s Group for the first time to implement the “Public-Private Partnership Scheme for Patient Meal Services” to provide patient meal services in the New Territories West Hospital Cluster and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), “Max’s Cake” entered Guangzhou and opened a large-scale cake factory.

In May, Starbucks Coffee celebrated its fifth anniversary in Hong Kong. The number of branches reached 50, far exceeding the number of branches stipulated in the contract. The partnership contract was extended for ten years to 2037, but the control stake in Starbucks in southern China was reduced to 49%.

In September, Hong Kong Disneyland opened, operating a plaza restaurant and market bakery in the park. Beginning in the same year, Maxim’s Fast Food once again changed its image and was transformed into “Maxim’s MX”. Chen Youjian designed the new logo and Steve Leung was responsible for the interior design. Many famous artists were invited to add portraits to the store, and it was awarded the “New York Interior Design Magazine” Hospitality Design” awarded the gold medal in the fast food category.

In 2006, Maxim’s Group celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In January, Genki Sushi Hong Kong business was acquired. Genki Sushi Hong Kong Limited holds the franchise rights in Hong Kong and continues to open branches; Luyanglou cooperates with 7-11 convenience stores to launch mini dishes.

In September, Lawry’s the Prime Rib, a famous American roast beef restaurant, was introduced.

In October, 12,800 employees were entertained with 15 buffet meals over four consecutive days, with 560 kinds of dishes, and the company applied for the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Buffet”.

In November, we collaborated with Australian celebrity chef Geoff Lindsay to open Pearl on the Peak on the top of the mountain.

In December, at the Golden Jubilee Reception, 3 million was donated to the Community Chest. More than 500 leaders from Hong Kong’s business community, social service sector and government attended. Maxim’s Group is responsible for all food stalls at Global Carnival. Lippo Hin closed down due to leasing issues. Before closing, it had disputes with many couples, including well-known journalist Fang Dongsheng, over wedding banquet deposits and compensation.

In September 2007, it cooperated with Towngas to launch the “Mei’s Chinese Cuisine Star Chef Cooking Class”, which teaches award-winning dishes in previous “Gourmet Awards” and HOFEX.

In January 2008, Jardine Matheson Group cooperated with Hang Seng Bank to launch the enjoy card. With the card, you can enjoy a 10% discount on night market purchases at most restaurants of Maxim’s Group from Monday to Thursday. You can also enjoy a 10% discount at Maxim’s MX and Maxim’s West. Pies are paid with Visa payWave.

In February, we obtained the mainland operation rights of Lawry’s the Prime Rib and entered Shanghai Xintiandi.

In March, it acquired Donghaitang high-end bakery and cake store;

In June, we obtained the franchise rights of Genki Sushi in South China.

In September, as mooncake spokesperson Kelly Chen was getting married in October, Maxim’s wedding cakes were launched.

In November, Pearl on the Peak ended its partnership with Geoff Lindsay and changed the brand logo font and menu cards, but retained the name.

In December, Magnolia and Jade Xuan were rated as one-star restaurants by the Michelin Guide, and LIAN was named one of the “Bib Gourmand Michelin Foodies”.

In January 2009, Luyanglou purchased the factory land on Da Lei Street in Tai Po Industrial Park for 39.8 million.

In February, we participated in the “Alliance to Fight the Financial Tsunami” and launched the “One Yuan Meal Campaign” at Maxim’s Cake, Tung Hoi Tang, Maxim’s MX and Maxim’s Chinese Cuisine.

3. Jinjiang District travel agency phone number

Top 10 best travel agencies in China according to ranking

1. Hebang International Travel Agency

2. China Travel Service

3. Kanghui Travel Agency

4. CYTS Travel Agency

5. Jinjiang Travel Agency

6. Spring and Autumn Travel Agency

7. Guangzhi Travel Agency

8. CITIC Travel Agency

9. Nanhu Travel Agency

10. China Women’s Travel Agency

4. Jinjiang District travel agency phone number

Shanghai’s international travel agencies include Shanghai Spring and Autumn International Travel Service, Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Service, etc. Currently, during the epidemic, overseas travel has been suspended.

5. Jinjiang Travel Agency official website

Jinjiang Travel Agency is a national chain travel agency that provides chain hotel accommodation, catering, and domestic and foreign long- and short-distance travel services.

6. Jinjiang Holiday Travel Service

The better ones in Shanghai are: CITS, CYTS, Jinjiang, Spring and Autumn, Shanghai Airlines Holidays, etc. It is recommended to choose Spring and Autumn or Shanghai Airlines Holidays, they all have their own planes. As for the cost, it depends on the hotel class and route you are staying in. Such as Shanghai Airlines holiday specials: Shanshui Hainan Experience Tour, 5-day two-flight tour RMB 1880 Hainan [Pure Play] 5-day two-flight tour 1300, Hainan Sanya, Wuzhizhou Island, Baoting Rainforest Hot Spring Vacation, two-flight 5-day tour 3180 Children do not occupy a bed It’s cheaper.

7. Chengdu Jinjiang District Travel Agency

1. China International Travel Service Head Office

China International Travel Service was established in 1954 and was renamed China International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (referred to as China International Travel Service) in March 2008. After several generations of hard work by CITS staff, it has now developed into the largest and most powerful travel agency group in China, attracting and receiving more than 10 million overseas tourists in total. “CITS” has become the top domestic, first-class in Asia, and world-renowned Chinese famous trademark, and has been registered in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. China International Travel Service has been listed among the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” announced by the National Bureau of Statistics, and is the only one among the top 500. A tourism enterprise, it is now one of the two major enterprises under China International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

CITS China International Travel Service

2. China Travel Service Head Office

China Travel Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Travel Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Travel Service Group Corporation in Hong Kong. It is the first region among the eight regional corporate structures of China Travel Service Co., Ltd. to complete integration. company. Founded in April 1928, China Travel Service Group Co., Ltd.’s parent company, China Travel Service Group, is one of the 54 important state-owned enterprises directly managed by the central government and one of the four major Chinese-funded enterprises in Hong Kong on the mainland.

CTS China Travel Service Headquarters

3. Shanghai Spring International Travel Service

Shanghai Spring and Autumn International Travel Service (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Spring International Travel Service) is the parent company of Spring Airlines. It was established in 1981 and was awarded the only famous trademark enterprise among travel agencies in Shanghai. It is the first travel agency in China to establish a wholly-owned airline; a Shanghai AAAAA-level travel agency; the earliest member of the International Convention and Convention Association (ICCA) among Chinese travel agencies; ranked first among the top 100 travel agencies in the country in 2018.

Spring and Autumn International Travel Service


China Youth Travel Service (CYTS) is the abbreviation of China Youth Travel Holdings Co., Ltd., which was established on November 26, 1997. It is a joint-stock company established through fundraising with China Youth Travel Group Corporation, an enterprise directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, as the main sponsor. It is the president unit of the China Travel Service Association, a national tourism standardization demonstration unit, a national tourism service quality benchmark unit[1], and a nominee for the China Quality Award[2]. “China Youth Travel Service” has also been rated as a “China Well-known Trademark” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

CYTS China Youth Hostel

5. China Comfort Travel Service Group Co., Ltd.

China Kanghui Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (formerly China Kanghui Travel Agency) was founded in 1984. It is one of the largest travel agency groups in the country with a registered capital of more than 100 million yuan. “China Comfort” is a large-scale international travel agency in China and a national franchise company in China. Citizen outbound travel agency, its business scope includes inbound travel, outbound travel and domestic travel.

Kanghui Travel View

6. CITIC Tourism Corporation

CITIC Tourism Corporation was established in 1987 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Group Corporation. It operates inbound tourism, outbound tourism, domestic tourism and visa services. Relying on CITIC Group’s tourism resources and favorable support from other industries, it has formed a unique business model and a mutually supportive group strategic alliance and business network; it has established long-term and good partnerships with many relevant institutions and enterprises at home and abroad; We have an experienced, considerate and multi-lingual management team and business personnel to provide multi-faceted, professional and high-quality services. Ranked ninth among the top 100 travel agencies in China in 2018.

CITIC Travel View

7. China Merchants International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

China Merchants International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Merchants International Travel Service) was established in 1987. It was once a wholly-owned enterprise directly owned by China Merchants Group. In 2005, it was transferred to a subsidiary of Hong Kong China Travel Service Group (referred to as “China Travel Service Hong Kong”). It is one of the most powerful travel agencies in China. China Merchants International Travel Service has all the business qualifications for domestic tourism, inbound tourism, outbound tourism (including tours to Taiwan), visa certification agency, air ticket and ship ticket agency, and outbound agency.

China Merchants International Travel Service

8. Beijing Shenzhou International Travel Service Group Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shenzhou International Travel Agency Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shenzhou International Travel Service Group) was established in 1999. It is a large-scale state-owned fully qualified travel agency group company affiliated to the Beijing Tourism Group. It is one of the top ten brands of the Beijing Tourism Group. Beijing Tourism Group is a comprehensive modern service enterprise with tourism as its main business. It was established in February 1998. After more than ten years of development, its business covers travel agencies, tourist hotels, commerce, catering, car services, scenic spots, real estate and other fields, becoming a leading enterprise in Beijing’s tourism business.

Shenzhou International Travel Service

9. China Peace International Tourism Co., Ltd.

China Peace International Travel Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. It is an international travel agency approved by the National Tourism Administration that can operate international inbound tourism, domestic tourism and Chinese citizens’ overseas travel business. It is a formal member of the China Travel Agents Association and one of the top 100 international travel agencies in the country. One of the top 10 international travel agencies in Beijing.

peace international

10. China Women’s Travel Agency

China Women’s Travel Service is an international travel agency founded in May 1986 by the All-China Women’s Federation, approved by the National Tourism Administration, and registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The head office is located in Beijing, with branches in major tourist cities across the country such as Shanghai, Guangdong, and Dalian. The company mainly engages in inbound tourism, domestic tourism, and franchised overseas travel for Chinese citizens at their own expense. It also engages in the sales of international and domestic air tickets and domestic railway tickets, as well as study abroad services.

8. Jinjiang Travel Agency address

Unit website:

Shanghai Jinjiang Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. was established on August 25, 1993. Its registered address is No. 191 Changle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, and its legal representative is Cang Dingyu. The business scope includes licensed projects: catering services; tourism business; insurance brokerage business. Shanghai Jinjiang Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. has invested in 11 foreign companies and has 9 branches.

9. Jinjiang District Travel Agency Tour Guide Salary

Morning shift: 08:00 to 20:00 Evening shift: 20:00 to 08:00 the next day, two shifts, usually morning, evening, day off, day off, this kind of shift, there are two shifts in four days, The salary is generally 1,200 before tax. Bonuses and other bonuses depend on the store’s operating conditions and won’t be too much.