Introduction to tourist attractions in Jiangbei City A complete list of tourist attractions in Jiangbei District

Introduction: Introduction to Jiangbei City’s tourist attractions. Jiangbei District tourist attractions encyclopedia 1. Jiangbei District tourist attractions encyclopedia 2. Jiangbei District tourist attractions encyclopedia pictures 3. Jiangbei New District tourist attractions ranking 4. Jiangbei District tourist attractions 5. Jiangbei District’s top ten tourist attractions Attractions 6. Tourist Attractions in Jiangbei District, Chongqing 7. Ranking of Tourist Attractions in Jiangbei District 8. Famous Attractions in Jiangbei District 9. Map of Tourist Attractions in Jiangbei District

1. Jiangbei District tourist attractions list

There are Daquan Lake, Jinniu Lake and Zhimaling in Liuhe. Pukou area is mainly Laoshan. Laoshan Forest Park has good scenery and good air, which is suitable for travel enthusiasts.

2. Complete pictures of Jiangbei District tourist attractions

1. Pearl Spring Laoshan Scenic Area. It mainly refers to Laoshan National Forest Park, Tangquan Hot Spring, Pearl Spring and other special tourism projects located in Pukou District, Jiangbei. Main attractions: Pearl Spring Tourist Resort, Pearl Spring Wildlife Ecological Park, Laoshan National Forest Park, Qiuyu Mountain Cultural Park, Huiji Temple and Ancient Ginkgo, Tangquan Hot Spring, etc.

2. Jinniu Lake Scenic Area. Mainly refers to the scenic spots in Liuhe County. The scenic area is marked by Yuhua Stone and Stone Pillar Forest. It is a good place to carry out special geological tourism, Yuhua Stone quarrying tour, pastoral sightseeing tour and ecological tourism. Main attractions: Jinniu Lake, Guizi Mountain Stone Pillar Forest, Lingyan Mountain|, Longchi, Liuhe Fangshan, Zhimaling Nature Reserve, Confucian Temple, Liuhe Mosque.

3. Ranking of tourist attractions in Jiangbei New Area

1. Tieshanping Forest Park is located in eastern Chongqing and one of the tourist attractions with the best environmental quality in Jiangbei.

2. Jinyuan Fantawild Science Fiction Park is a science fiction park based on high-tech technology.

3. Chongqing Ocean Park is a park featuring high-level multi-functional ocean landscape and seaside entertainment.

4. Longtousi Park, it is a science and technology museum.

5. Hongen Temple Forest Park is the largest open park in Chongqing and the highest observation deck in Chongqing.

4. Jiangbei District tourist attractions

1. Qixia Mountain

Qixia Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in Jinling. It is a scenic spot in the Six Dynasties. It was listed as one of the forty-eight scenic spots in Jinling in the Qing Dynasty. It has a profound historical and cultural heritage. “One Qixia Mountain is half the history of Jinling.” This is what it means.

2. Purple Mountain

Purple Mountain National Forest Park is a national forest park with a total area of ​​3008.8 hectares and a forest coverage rate of 70.2%. It is a national ecological and cultural demonstration site, a national 5A tourist attraction, and ranks sixth in the Nanjing night tour attractions list.

3. Nanjing Laoshan National Forest Park

Laoshan is the remnant of the Huaiyang Mountains. Nanjing Laoshan National Forest Park is known as the “Green Lung of Nanjing and the Pearl of Jiangbei”. It has more than 80% forest coverage and a total area of ​​7493.33 hectares. It is one of the top ten famous mountains in Nanjing. the third.

4. Lingyan Mountain

“The mountain has no sharp peaks, and the rock ridges are towering, uniform on all sides, and there are always spiritual auras between the rocks.” It refers to Lingyan Mountain. There are many places of interest on Lingyan Mountain, such as Lingyan Temple, Yanyue Cliff, Xianren Cave, etc. Among them, Lingyan Mountain The Guanyin statue in Yansi has three sides and is the largest one in Jiangbei.

5. Top ten tourist attractions in Jiangbei District

Jiangbei District: ◆ Fantawild Science Fiction Park has a 110-person pass, and you can play as long as you like. I think it is one of the more fun places in Chongqing ◆ Chongqing Ocean Park is a multi-functional ocean landscape park, featuring seaside entertainment, including a seaside style park, a simulated beach, and an artificial Waves, lazy rivers and more.

Location: European Street, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City.

Tickets: 30 yuan Other areas: Eling Park is located at the highest point of the Chongqing Peninsula. There are rope bridge, tiger platform, Jiangshan Overview Platform, bonsai garden, Kansheng Tower (Liangjiang Pavilion) and other attractions in the park.

The Kansheng Tower is nine stories high. Climb up the tower and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the two rivers.

Location: Changjiang 1st Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing.

Tickets: Free for the park, 5 yuan for Kansheng Tower. Ciqikou Ancient Town ◆ It first flourished in the Song Dynasty and reached its peak in the late Qing Dynasty, with “one river, two streams, three mountains and four streets”. A gathering of cultural celebrities during the Anti-Japanese War.

There is Ma’anshan Juzhong in the town, and Baolun Temple, a famous temple in eastern Sichuan, is on the mountain. The buildings in the town have the characteristics of eastern Sichuan folk houses, and the stone roads and folk houses along the street are harmoniously dependent on each other.

Location: Ciqikou Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing City. Beidou Tips: The “Qingyun Tea House” in Ciqikou Ancient Town has its own ethnic band. “Longyin Tea House” has Sichuan opera performances on the afternoon of the 6th, 16th and 26th of every month.

Geleshan Martyrs Cemetery ◆ It was originally the headquarters of the Kuomintang’s “Military Command Bureau” and later the Sino-US Special Technical Cooperation Institute. It has more than 20 large and small prisons such as Dai Li and Melos Residences, Zhazidong, and Bai Gongguan.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it was turned into a cemetery with the Geleshan Martyrs’ Tomb, Martyrs’ Monument and Exhibition Hall.

Location: Shapingba District, Chongqing City. Bus No. 210 can be reached directly. Hope to adopt

6. Tourist Attractions in Jiangbei District, Chongqing

From east to west: Tieshanping Forest Park, with good scenery. There are many Wangjiang Hot Springs nearby, as well as the famous Moon Bay, and then there are Tangjiatuo, Maoxi, and Gailan River.

1. Just over here is Jiangbei City, which is still under construction. However, the Science and Technology Museum and the Grand Theater are all in good condition and will become landmark buildings in the future. There is also an emperor’s tomb, which is about to be opened.

2. Then there are Wulitian, Guanyin Bridge, and along the Hongqi River Gorge, which are all commercial areas. Shopping and eating are okay. Guanyin Bridge is said to be the largest and most modern pedestrian street in Southwest China, and there are also good ones. Especially now I heard that Romantic Golden Street has been rebuilt. If you like crowds of people, you can go to Guanyin Bridge. By the way, take a look down to see the beauties in Chongqing.

3. On the Guanyin Bridge branch, you can go to Hongen Temple Park to play. The Grand View Garden above is a street of antique buildings. It is very atmospheric and full of food, and it is not noisy. It is highly recommended. Then there is Hongen Temple Park. Tickets are 5 yuan on holidays and free on weekdays. It’s not bad inside. It’s more fun than Nanshan Botanical Garden.

4. Below Guanyin Bridge, go down from Huaxin Street to Beibin Road. There is no trouble now. Before it was opened to traffic, there were many people renting bicycles. It was very busy in March and April, but now it is no longer possible. However, there are still bicycle rentals, but they are relatively few. If you like, you can go and check them out.

5. Hongqihegou used to be Songshuqiao, but it belongs to Yubei District. There is a flower garden there. It’s free now, no tickets required.

6. Further past is Dashiba and Shimen. Walking towards Shimen, there is Shimen Park, which is a bit small, but there is a swimming pool inside. Summer is coming, so you can go swimming.

7. Jiangbei District tourist attractions ranking

  Jiangbei District

  1. Laowaitan

  The Old Bund has been one of the most prosperous ports since the Tang and Song Dynasties. It is very pleasant to walk around here, take pictures of the old buildings, or find a small shop to sit down and have a drink.

  2. Jiangbei Sun Lake Flower Sea

  Sun Lake Flower Sea is divided into two seasons: the first half of the year from May to July, and the second half of the year from September to November. The large sea of ​​flowers is a good place to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

  3. Ningbo Art Museum

  The art museum is centered on the original site of the Ningbo Port Passenger Terminal, and is connected to the pier and square from east to west. The main building adopts a double-layer shell design. Its outline is on the bank of the Yongjiang River, like an “art ark” anchored in the port city. “.

  4. Rihu Park

  Rihu Park is an open urban park and is currently the largest park in the city. The waterscape is open, with rippling blue waves. A large number of ginkgo, metasequoia, camphor, albizia and other trees are planted, and the jungle is dense.

  5. Ningbo Yaojiang Park

  Yaojiang Park is located on the north side of Huancheng North Road, west of Yaojiang Bridge. It is a large-scale municipal recreational park with a modern flavor. Its main landscape areas include the Great Lawn, Baihua Mountain, and Riverside Gardens, etc. It is a good place to relax.

  Address: No. 508, West Section of Huancheng North Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City

  6. Cicheng Ancient County

  Cicheng is a famous historical and cultural town in Zhejiang Province and has 33 national, provincial and municipal level four key cultural relics protection units. The city retains the layout of the county seat and a large number of ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Walking around the city, you can see quaint courtyards everywhere, and occasionally large houses and deep courtyards. It is a comfortable and quiet ancient city.

8. Famous attractions in Jiangbei District

Interesting attractions in Jiangbei, Harbin include Sun Island, Grand Theater, and Ice and Snow World.

Harbin is the capital city of Heilongjiang Province with a population of more than 10 million. It is a national megacity and a second-tier city in the country. It is the economic, cultural, political and tourism center of Heilongjiang Province. It has many European-style buildings and is known as the Little Paris of the East. The winter ice and snow tourism industry is very important. It is developed and attracts tourists from all over the country. It is also known as the Ice City.

Jiangbei District of Harbin City is well developed and has many tourist attractions. The most famous one is Sun Island, which is a national 5A tourist scenic spot. It has a superior natural environment and many recreational projects. It is a good place for summer tourism. In winter, the Ice and Snow World is one of the best in the country. Famous for its ice sculptures and unique snow scenery, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world every year. In addition, the grand theater is majestic. The Siberian Tiger Forest Park is the forest park with the largest number of Siberian tigers in the country. The number of Siberian tigers is more than 1,000. It is a place worth visiting.

9. Jiangbei District tourist attractions map

famous tourist sites

Ecological sightseeing: Pearl Spring Tourist Resort Laoshan Ecological Leisure Experience Park—Laoshan National Forest Park

Leisure and health care: Chalukou Leisure Town—Longjing Health Service Industrial Park—Amber Spring Kangyuan Health and Wellness Cultural Park

Hot spring vacation: Yufa Ecological Park-Huiji Temple-Tangquan Hot Spring

Cycling and leisure: Riverside Scenic Belt—Laoshan National Forest Park—Shuihua Dadi—Chuhe Scenic Belt

Religious pilgrimage: Dingshan Temple-Kek Lok Temple-Doushu Temple-Huiji Temple-Jiufeng Temple

Calligraphy training: Qiuyushan Cultural and Creative Industrial Park—Foshou Lake Sifang Art Lake Area—Blue and White Porcelain Youth Experience Center

Theme entertainment: Hongyang Happy World – Pearl Spring Amusement Park, Water World – Laoshan Ecological Leisure Experience Park

Rural tourism: Bulao Village – Taoyuan Jinggu – Kangying Wenyuan – Yufa Ecological Park; Ink Painting Dazun – Hometown of Educated Youth – Xigeng Lianxiang – Chuhe Scenic Belt; Fragrant Meadow – Wangyue Begonia Garden – Wancheng Ecological Park; Shanggong Li Renjia – Jiuhua Tea House – Zheluoshan Tea Cultural Park; Chuyun Water Village – Chenzhuang Renjia – Tangquan Hot Spring.

Wetland Park: According to the plan, it is planned to delineate three wedge-shaped corridors to protect the wetland park, which will form an ecological space structure of “a circle, three wedges, and multiple patches”. The “circle” refers to the peripheral agricultural space forming a farmland ecosystem; the “three wedges” control Laoshan – Tingzishan – Yangtze River and Chuhe wetlands – Dachang isolated green space – Baguazhou, Liuhe Fangshan – Lingyan Mountain – Baguazhou, three Wedge-shaped corridors between urban groups; “multi-patch” means focusing on protecting green patches such as Laoshan, Pingshan, and Jinniu Mountain, as well as large reservoirs and wetlands such as Jinniu Lake, Sancha Reservoir, Daquan Lake Reservoir, and Chuhe Wetland. In terms of water resources protection, 10 wetland parks and 12 water source protection areas will be planned and protected.