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1. Ticket prices for Humen tourist attractions

Dalingshan Forest Park currently does not require tickets to visit.

Dalingshan Forest Park is located in Dalingshan Town, bordering Houjie Town, Humen Town, and Chang’an Town. Not far from the entrance of Dalingshan, there is the Dongjiang Column Memorial Hall, which can also be visited for free. There is a track around the lake in the forest park. The surrounding lakes and mountains are beautiful, and it is good for jogging and cycling. There is a newly built Guanyin Temple at the foot of the mountain, which is grand and solemn and free to visit. It is a good tourist attraction for citizens to check in when traveling.

2. How much are the tickets for Humen tourist attractions?

Dongguan Humen Beach is free of charge.

3. Humen tourist attractions guide

Tourism: 1. Songshan Lake Songshan Lake is still relatively famous in Dongguan. The most suitable time is in spring when the peach blossoms are in full bloom. The roadside blooms are very beautiful and the air is filled with the fragrance of peach blossoms. Whether you are riding a bicycle or strolling there , you will all feel refreshed!

2. Keyuan Keyuan is located in Guancheng, with convenient transportation. The ticket is only 10 yuan. It seems that the ticket is free on holidays. The details are unknown. The scenery inside is not bad. Anyway, it is worth a visit!

3. The highest peak of Yinping Mountain in Dongguan is located in Xiegang. If the topic is close to Xiegang, it would be good to go hiking there and enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

4. Shuilian Mountain Shuilian Mountain is located in Nancheng, Dongguan. Although the mountain is not high, there are many places to play. There is a playground on the left, Butterfly Valley on the right, and an artificial waterfall and artificial lake in the middle. The artificial lake can also be used for boating. It costs about 30 yuan, some are expensive. You go up from the artificial waterfall. There is a gravel path in the middle. It is really interesting to walk on, and the scenery along the way is not bad!

5. Chashan Ancient Town Chashan Ancient Town is located in Chashan. It has preserved older buildings and many large ancestral halls. I don’t know if I need tickets. Anyway, I didn’t ask for tickets when I went there. The scenery is average and it prefers ancient buildings. Suitable for taking pictures, the place is not big and not very stunning!

6. Longfeng Villa Longfeng Villa is located in Fenggang. It is a 4A scenic spot in Dongguan. The ticket is about 95 yuan. It is a tourist attraction integrating photography, entertainment and sightseeing. It also contains various performances. Many couples take wedding photos here. .

7. Dalingshan Forest Park is located in Dalingshan. The mountain is not high, but the park is very large. The scenery on the mountain is quite good. There are also tea gardens in the mountain, which feels very good.

8. Qifeng Park is located in Dongcheng, adjacent to Huying Park. Many people go there to worship Buddha during festivals. The Huangqi Mountain inside is very famous. There is a big lantern on the top of the mountain, which is quite famous in Dongguan!

9. The Humen Bridge is located in Humen. It is China’s first large-scale suspension bridge. Its main channel span is 888 meters, ranking among the top in China and known as “the world’s first span”. It is a large highway bridge across the Pearl River on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Expressway. It starts from Humen Town, Dongguan City in the east, connects with the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, and reaches Nansha Development Zone in Panyu City in the west.

10. Weiyuan Fort is also located in Humen, on the southwest beach in front of Nanshan Mountain on Weiyuan Island, close to the water and waves, and controls the main channel of the Pearl River. It is one of the ancient battlefield sites of the Opium War and the main defense position of Humen Haikou. It is also one of the most complete and largest ancient forts preserved in my country.

11. Huanan Moore Huanan Moore is similar to Wanjiang in Dongguan. The amusement facilities inside are complete and suitable for all ages. There are many delicious food nearby and you can also watch movies. The Wanda Cinema in Huanan Moore is considered to be a better cinema in Dongguan. I That’s how I feel!

12. People’s Park is located in Guancheng. I have been there many times and I don’t think I will go there again!

Special delicacies: 1. Dongcheng Mianji Tang Shui Shop 2. Daojiao Beef Balls 3. Zhongtangchajiao Fish Buns 4. Dongkeng Tangbousui 5. Tangxia Lu Goose 6. Guancheng Dabao My favorite among these is Mianji , there are many varieties, and the food is quite delicious. Last weekend I went there, it was absolutely packed, and there was a queue to wait for a ticket. It is recommended to go there on a regular basis or to skip the meal. The second place is Daojiao’s beef balls, which are also very delicious! Shopping: 1. Humen Yellow River Fashion City 2. Dongcheng Wanda Plaza 3. Nancheng Hongfu Intersection 4. Shilong Jinshawan 5. Shijie China Resources 6. Houjie Kangle South Road 7. Guancheng Xicun 8. Dongcheng Xiaqiao Fruit Market 9. To buy clothes from Dongcheng Wal-Mart, go to Humen Yellow River Fashion City. The clothes there are very cheap. Generally, clothes priced at 100, can be sold for about half. It depends on whether you can bargain. If you want to buy fruits, go to Xiaqiao, which is guaranteed to be very cheap. Cheap! That’s all I know, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

4. How much is the ticket price of Humen Park?

Humen Xiangshan Park does not require admission.

Humen Xiangshan Park – surrounded by mountains and rivers, with fresh air and beautiful scenery, it is a good place for leisure and fun. There are people running, exercising, square dancing, and playing badminton in the park. Most of them are middle-aged and elderly people, but they still look energetic. The flowers in the park are blooming and the grass is slowly turning green. Looking at these, I feel relaxed. It’s great to go out for a walk!

5. Humen Park ticket price

Humen Lin Zexu Park, Weiyuan Fort, Naval War Museum, Shajiao Fort, and Humen Park are all open to the public for free. You can get a free ticket to enter the fort and Naval War Museum (valid ID required). It is about 4 kilometers from the International Fabric Market to Lin Zexu Park. , you can take bus No. 12 passing through Lin Zexu Park, or take Humen 3A directly to Zexu Park. The fare is 2 yuan. If you ask for a passenger bicycle, it is estimated to be more than 10 yuan.

6. Inquiry on ticket prices for Humen tourist attractions

Phoenix Mountain does not require tickets. There are currently no attractions in Humen that require tickets.

7. How much does the ticket to Humen Scenic Area cost?

Admission to the Humen Naval War Museum is free.

The Humen Naval Battle Museum is located on Naval Battle Road in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, under the Weiyuan Fort on the east bank of the Pearl River.

The transportation is very convenient. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and the Weiyuan Overpass east of the Humen Bridge are nearby. Self-driving travelers passing by should take a look. Tickets are free.

The display of “Naval Battle of the Opium War” and the half-view painting of “Battle of Humen” are the basic displays of the museum. The former vividly shows the contrast in military power between China and Britain during the Opium War and the story of the Chinese army’s heroic fight against the British invaders; the latter is based on Realistic paintings, realistic ground shapes, and modern sound and light are cleverly combined to vividly reproduce the tragic scene of the Humen Naval Battle on February 26, 1841.

The planning and design of the Humen Naval War Museum is very good, and the tourist service facilities are very complete.

Relying on the ancient Weiyuan Fort, it built a new exhibition hall, oath square, visitor center, ticket office and parking lot.

8. Free attractions in Humen

There are a total of 146 free attractions near Humen Beach in Dongguan.

Lin Zexu’s Ciyan Pond and the former site of Humen Fort are the Lin Zexu Memorial Hall.

Destroy the opium smoke pool, the monument to the destruction of opium in Humen, and the anti-British sculptures. Yuxi Ancient Temple, Guangdong Navy Admiral’s Stone Lion Sculpture, Lin Zexu Bronze Statue, Lotus Rhyme Pond, Ancient Cannon Sculpture, Humen Monument to Destroy Opium, Anti-British Sculptures, Dalingshan Forest Park, etc.

9. Humen tourist attractions ticket price list

There is no admission fee for this scenic spot, but some of the items inside do require fees. Humen Adult Mountain, formerly known as Shiqiling, is located in the west of Humen Town, close to Lin Zexu’s smoke pool.


Dongguan Humen


As early as the Qing Dynasty, the mountain was the location of the Guangdong Navy Admiral’s Office. During the Republic of China, it became the headquarters of the Humen Fortress. Zhu Zhixin died in the line of duty here. Sun Yat-sen once climbed this mountain to inspect the Humen coastal defense. Because important officials often come and go here, over time, people began to call Shiqiling “Adult Mountain”, and it has been called “Adult Mountain” to this day.

Mountain monuments

Renshan has two national historical relics, the Navy Admiral’s Wall and the Tomb of the Volunteers, Guan Tianpei Temple, Guandi Temple, Longevity Palace, Fire Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Thousand People Temple, Beiyuehua Bridge, Xiyi Pavilion, etc., all of which are available. It is used for worship and sightseeing.


On Adult Mountain, the green vegetation is well preserved, with rich plant species and different types of fruit trees scattered here and there. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of Humen, the Humen Bridge, the Pearl River entering the sea and other scenery. As a result, Adult Mountain is called a “natural oxygen bar” by local residents, but it has not yet been opened to the outside world.

10. Free scenic spots in Humen

Humen Fort Travel Guide:

Bus: Take bus 323 from Taiping Square to the terminal, Weiyuan Fort.

Route: Bottom of Humen Bridge—Fort Ticket Office (free)

1. Go to the fort scenic spot first, choose a cave entrance and sit for a while. It is quite pleasant to overlook the sea. There is a small ancient wall with towering trees sticking out from the wall. It is very interesting with the mottled light.

2. After visiting the fort, 100 meters ahead of the exit is the Naval War Museum. Tickets are required to enter, as long as you have your ID card ready (free). There is a quite large park inside, covering an area of ​​about 200,000 square meters. The lawns and trees in the park are lush and green, and the scenery is beautiful. As soon as you enter, you will feel relaxed and happy. It is a natural oxygen bar for breathing. Moreover, it faces the estuary and has a wide view. There are children running and picnicking. I visited the History of Naval War and Anti-drug Propaganda. I was lucky enough to have an architecture exhibition. I admired many characteristic buildings from various places and applauded the skilled craftsmen.

3. Coming out of the museum, there is a pier that leads to a small central island opposite. The ticket price is 30 yuan (there is also a 15 yuan fee to visit after entering the island, which is a bit cheating. I didn’t tell you in advance that you would be charged. It is a disguised charge.) The island is a purely natural scenery. It seems that it was developed in the past and is now depressed. But there are still many people playing here, playing in the water and picking up a few shells.

4. When I was about to come out of the pier, I played with a jungle squirrel for 5 yuan. It was not expensive, but it was not exciting enough and the game was over before it started. Return later. On the way to the island by boat, you can feel the sea breeze and the lapping of the sea water, and feel relaxed. It is worth taking a ride.