Which travel agency in Yulin is the best? Which travel agency in Yulin is the best?

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1. Which travel agency is best in Yulin City?

Mengjiawan Township is located 32 kilometers north of Yulin City. It is a traditional agricultural township. Its leading industries are planting and breeding, aquaculture and rural cultural tourism. There are 2 Lijialiang Reservoir and Zhongyingpan Reservoir in the territory. The Yuxi River runs through the north and south, the Geqiu River, Sandao River, Sidao River and Wudao River dot the left and rear, and the southern edge of the Mu Us Desert is infiltrated.

Abundant water resources are the unique ecological advantages of Mengjiawan Township, as well as tourism advantages and even economic advantages. In recent years, the township party committee and government have firmly seized the opportunity of the district committee and district government to vigorously develop cultural tourism, taking the grassland style of Sandaohe and desert rafting on the Geqiu River as the core, and connecting the dots to form a line, striving to build Mengjiawan Township into a full-region tourism model. Townships.

A unified design and planning was carried out for Xuejiahaizi, and projects such as Heron Square, Internet Celebrity Bridge, and Waterside Play Area were completed to form a pastoral complex integrating Mongolian and Han style gardens, plank roads around the lake, and water recreation. On June 1 last year Officially opened to the public today. A series of activities such as the Golden Autumn Tourism Season were successfully held, and it was rated as a provincial beautiful and livable demonstration village and a provincial tourism demonstration village.

In 2020, we will complete the “Caotan Style” scenic racecourse, water entertainment clearance project, Mengjiawan Desert National Leisure Resort Land Rover track, “Learning Exhibition Hall”, and other tourism supporting facilities, and successfully hold the first China Land Rover Heroes Meeting, Caotan A series of activities such as tourist season and tent cultural festival.

The water system of Geqiu River Village was used to create a desert rafting, which is a naturally formed forest art corridor. Cooperated with more than 20 well-known travel agencies, opened a direct train for desert tourism, and created a “one-day tour” model integrating desert rafting, Haizi rafting, and grass beach camping in the city and even the province, attracting 200,000 tourists, and the township’s tourism revenue reached 300 million With more than 10,000 yuan, it has gradually formed a comprehensive and open tourist destination with complete tourism elements and can fully meet the needs of tourists. It has become a well-known tourist hotspot in Yulin City.

2. Which travel agency is better in Yulin City?

Shaanxi Yanglaoda International Travel Service No. 4, Yuyang Road, Xisha, Yuyang District, Yulin City 8166666 Toutiao Laibian

Yulin Leisure Travel Agency No. 1, Wenhua North Road, Yulin City 3830619

Yulin Hotel Travel Agency No. 4, Hubin South Road, Yulin City 3681031

Yulin Oriental International Travel Service, Fushi West 1st Road, Yulin City 8110888, Boutou Lai

Yulin Xiushen Travel Agency Opposite the power supply business hall on Jian’an Road, Yulin City 3659482 Lai Chou Head

Yulin Shandandan Travel Agency South side of Beiquan Lane, Hubin South Road, Yulin City 3254440

Yulin International Travel Service No. 13 Fushi Road, Yulin City 8121212

Yulin Excellent Travel Agency Great Wall Bowling Alley, Renmin West Road, Yulin City 3866808

Yulin Xinlianxin Travel Agency Pujisi Lane, Xinjian South Road, Yulin City 3265011 Toutiao Laibian

Yulin Yunshan Travel Agency, 1st Floor, Agricultural Building, 210 National Highway, 8116000 Tiao Laixiantou

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The best local travel companies in Yulin are Yanglaoda Travel Company and Yulin International Travel Company

4. Which travel agency is best in Yulin?

The tour package license plate is a tour charter route plate of the “Road Transport Charter License Plate” that is issued by the team that receives the travel team when the travel agency’s tour team needs to apply for a license from the road transport management department!

Tourism charters must apply for charter business from passenger transport enterprises that have tourism charter transportation qualifications and have obtained provincial (municipal) inter-provincial vehicle route plates. Any vehicle from other provinces (municipalities) that needs to operate a tourist charter business must go through the registration procedures with the local road transportation management office. Only after review and filing can the tourist charter business be operated.

5. How many tourism companies are there in Yulin City?

Yulin is located in the northernmost part of Shaanxi Province, at the junction of the Loess Plateau and the Mu Us Desert. It is a long-standing national historical and cultural city with unique tourism resources. Yulin and its surrounding areas are dotted with cultural relics and historic sites, including more than 100 large and small ancient ruins, ancient castles, and ancient temple buildings: there are the ruins of the Yangshao Culture and Longshan Culture, the largest Taoist temple in the northwest—Baiyun Mountain in Jiaxian County, The plateau fortress – Zhenbeitai, etc., and my country’s largest desert freshwater lake – the sacred tree Hongjiannao, and the largest group of cliff carvings in Shaanxi – Hongshi Gorge add a lot of color to this famous city outside the Great Wall.

Main tourist attractions in Yulin: Hongshi Gorge, Li Zicheng’s Palace, Jiang’s Manor, Baiyun Mountain, Tongwancheng Ruins, Hongjiannao, Xianglu Temple, Mengtian Tomb, Mingchang · Zhenbeitai, Yulin College, Daixing Temple · Qingyun Temple · Qiwang Temple · Kaige Tower · Du Bincheng Memorial Room · Xinming Tower · Baiyun Temple · Ten Thousand Buddha Cave · Fusu Tomb · Erlang Mountain · South Foot of Yanwa Mountain · Gaojiabao Ancient City · Sandy Botanical Garden · Yangjiacheng · Yang Jiagou Revolution Memorial Hall Xijin Temple.

6. Yulin travel agency phone number

You can enter the city wall of Yulin from the south gate, or you can go up to the Confucius Temple in Xinlou Lane, but it is usually locked and people cannot go up freely. You can go up to visit during festivals such as May Day and National Day. If you If you are interested in seeing the city wall in Yulin City, you should wait until you come to Yulin City during the festival every year to visit it. The tour guide will guide you to see it.