Krabi, Thailand, what to do in Bangkok? What attractions and places are worth visiting?

Let me talk about this issue: We went to Bangkok, Thailand in May this year. We traveled independently and did not go with a group. It was a bit tiring to go with a group. Each attraction was budgeted and planned. You cannot exceed his budgeted time. If it exceeds the limit, it will disrupt his plan and the tour group will suffer losses. It will be too tiring to travel according to the tour group’s time. It is very convenient for us to travel independently according to our own physical condition. If we are tired from playing in the evening, Just sleep a little longer the next morning. No one will urge you to get up. You can get up and play whenever you want. “1” We went to Pattaya in Bangkok on the first day. We heard about Thailand at home. Shemales are famous

, we watched the transvestite show. Because the family members I brought with me didn’t want to watch the show, we couldn’t watch it carefully and it ended like this. After we got out, we went to eat to taste the Thai flavor. Some of the dishes were Chinese. I’m not used to it at all. It has an indescribable taste and seems to be present in every dish. “2” We took a boat trip on the Chao Phraya River and then went to Temple Arun for a long time. We originally wanted to go to the Grand Palace, but it was getting late and we couldn’t go. “3” On the third day, I went to the Grand Palace. There are dozens of large and small palaces, all of which are expensive to build and dazzling with pearls. There is also a palace shop that is all made of gold. There is also a large palace inside. You can only look at the pearls but not take pictures. We took a long time to see them before we came out. The pearls and jades inside are really priceless and most of them are made of gold. “4” I went to Bangkok Elephant Park even though I was not tired that day. We rode an elephant for a long time, but the price was quite expensive. Later, we took a boat ride on the water and had lunch on the water. , after having lunch and playing for a while, we took the bus back to the hotel. “5” On this day, we went to Chiang Mai, which was really beautiful. We visited an ancient city and then went to Samet Island to play on the water for an hour or two before returning to the hotel. “6” Today is the happiest and favorite day for women to buy cosmetics at the L’Oreal duty-free store in Thailand. Today is also the day when you spend the most money in Thailand. I bought a large box of cosmetics and got back nearly 10,000 yuan. My fellow men, when you go to Thailand Be sure to bring your wife with you, otherwise you will have nowhere to spend your money. Haha, okay, these are the tourist attractions I visited in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for your appreciation.

The main thing in Krabi is to play in the sea, eat seafood, do seawater sports, go out to the sea, and take a walk on the beach. Bangkok Night Market, Grand Palace, Ananda Parliament Building, Ferris Wheel Night Market, Chinatown, and now train night market, bar street, some shopping malls and supermarkets, etc.