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Introduction: Las Vegas Attractions Guide Las Vegas Travel Guide Las Vegas Travel Guide to the World Entertainment Capital Las Vegas Travel Guide Las Vegas Travel Guide A person wants to go to Las Vegas Vegas? Are there any free travel strategies you can recommend? I want to go to Las Vegas on vacation, what fun things can you recommend? Las Vegas guide, Las Vegas three-day tour, Colorado Grand Canyon travel guide

Travel Guide to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World

Introduction: With dazzling themed hotels, dazzling casinos, and superstar shows that party every night, this is Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps in the desolate desert. Let’s party here together!

Las Vegas travel guide to this city that never sleeps: Attractions tour

Long Street – Las Vegas Strip

Long Street, also known as the Las Vegas Strip, is the most prosperous street in Las Vegas. It brings together luxury resort hotels, huge gaming halls, sumptuous buffets and countless entertainment activities. It is the soul and symbol of Las Vegas. If calculated by the number of rooms, eighteen of the top twenty-five hotels in the world are here. The most outstanding thing about the long street is that almost every large hotel and casino has its own theme. Hotels with regional themes have built landmark buildings from various places here. You can visit the Pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York, the canals of Venice, etc. just in one tram. In addition, it is also where a large number of Americans celebrate the New Year. They bring endless charm to Las Vegas, which is why Long Street has become a symbol of the city.

hoover dam

Hoover Dam is a key project in the United States’ comprehensive development of water resources in the Colorado River. It is located in the Black Canyon at the junction of Nevada and Arizona. It is the largest dam in the United States and is also known as Desert Diamond. The Hoover Dam is like a giant dragon lying on the ground, looking very majestic; it is precisely because of this dam that the neon lights of Las Vegas, a desert city, never go out.

There is an endless stream of tourists visiting here every year, and the traffic is often crowded, so it is recommended that you travel during off-peak hours. And for a better visit, it is recommended to arrive before 2 pm, otherwise you will not be able to reach the top of the dam.

In addition, Hoover Dam is in a dry desert area and is very hot in summer. It is recommended to wear light clothes, a hat and sunglasses, and be sure to bring enough drinking water.

Las Vegas Travel Guide: Shopping Paradise

Grand Canal Shopping Center

The Grand Canal Mall is located within the Venetian Hotel and covers an area of ​​500,000 square feet. A section of the Venetian Grand Canal and St. Mark’s Square are replicated in the shopping mall. Visitors can take an Italian-style gondola tour; and the bell tower in St. Mark’s Square is said to have exactly the same number of nails as in Venice. There are more than 70 shops and restaurants in the Grand Canal Shopping Center, famous ones including Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Davidoff, In Celebration of Golf and Mikimoto, the Delmonico Steakhouse, Lutce and Pinot Brasserie.

Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower shops are on the top floor of the Stratosphere Hotel, and they wind along the corridors that lead to the famous “space chairs.” Most of these shops are small family stores, with occasionally a few service shops, such as Roni Josef Spa and Salon. It’s a bit of a trek to visit these shops, but the view at the end is extremely pleasing to the eye. Spend an afternoon here and watch the sunset over the mountains to the west, which is the perfect enjoyment after a shopping spree.

Las Vegas Travel Guide: Entertainment First

Volcano eruption show

“Volcano Eruption Show” is a brand show in downtown Las Vegas. It is a live performance of volcanic eruption composed of lights, sound and real and fake flames. From the sounds of animals before the eruption, to the beginning of the eruption, a little flame, and then gradually getting bigger, Even the temperature changes very appropriately, and the shock on site is very strong. This show attracts many tourists and brings considerable popularity to surrounding hotels. Each performance lasts 10-15 minutes.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont St is a shopping center that spans five blocks and houses every brand you can count. The world’s largest video screens, rows of souvenir shops, street artists and tequila-orange margaritas will leave a lasting impression.

More than half of the tourists who visit Las Vegas in the United States every year go to Fremont Street in the center of Las Vegas to visit its dazzling “Electronic Canopy”. The $16.5 million canopy display consists of 12.5 million LED lights and spans four city blocks. Every night as night falls, the Fremont Street skyline begins to shine, giving visitors the most surprising Las Vegas experience.

Las Vegas Travel Guide to Las Vegas

1. Where is Las Vegas located in the United States? 2. Which country is Las Vegas in? 3. Where is Las Vegas? Where in the United States is Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is in Nevada, USA. Las Vegas is the larger city of Las Vegas in Nevada, United States. It is also a city with a high international reputation. Las Vegas was founded on May 15, 1905. Because it is located on the edge of the desert and border of Nevada, Las Vegas has high temperatures all year round. Las Vegas is one of the four major gambling cities in the world. It is a world-renowned resort city for tourism, shopping and vacation centered on the gambling industry. It has the reputation of “Entertainment Capital of the World” and “Wedding Capital”.

Among the 38.9 million tourists who come to Las Vegas every year, the majority come to shop and enjoy delicious food, while only a minority come specifically to gamble. It took only ten years for Las Vegas to grow from a humble, run-down village to a huge international city. Famous attractions include the Las Vegas Sky Hotel and the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center.

Which country is Las Vegas in?

Las Vegas is in Nevada, USA.

Las Vegas was founded on May 15, 1905, and is located on the edge of the Nevada desert. After the discovery of gold and silver mines in Nevada, a large number of gold prospectors poured in, and Las Vegas began to prosper.

Las Vegas is a larger city in Nevada, USA. It is famous for its huge tourism, shopping and vacation industries centered on the gambling industry. It has the reputation of “Entertainment Capital of the World” and “Wedding Capital”.

Las Vegas tourist attractions

1. Adventure amusement park

The larger and more popular amusement center in Las Vegas, divided into Csablanca, Plaza, New York, Strip District (TheStrip), Asia on the 33-acre site There are nine theme areas including Asia and Village. There are non-stop cabaret and live performances, as well as bizarre and thrilling games.

2. MGM Plaza

The casino’s larger entertainment plaza is located at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Road in the central area of ​​the casino. It was completed at the end of 1993. The hotel has an emerald green glass exterior shape and is composed of four main buildings. The hotel’s architectural style imitates an 18th-century Italian Florentine villa. The interior decoration is based on Hollywood, South American style, Casablanca and Desert oasis and other themes.

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Where is Las Vegas?

How long does it take to get a visa: How long can I play on my mobile phone? Home? Find Q buckles in the game 10672694 Macau Tower (Sai ​​Van Lake Plaza, Lobby Area, Macau Special Administrative Region)

Macau Tower – one of the symbols of Macau. The Macau Tower is the tallest building in Macau. There is a shopping mall under the tower. You can overlook the entire Macau landscape by climbing up the Macau Tower. If you are not afraid of heights, you can also try bungee jumping. There is a sea view next to it. When the weather is good, you can see the high-rise buildings on the other side. The scenery is very good.

Want to go to Las Vegas alone? Are there any free travel strategies you can recommend?

Las Vegas has always been known as the casino city and has appeared in many Hollywood movies. Personally, I like Las Vegas more than New York. The roads here are spacious and clean, the lights can be turned on at night until daytime, and even the people here are extremely welcoming. It feels like this is a city full of infinite vitality, integrating eating, drinking, shopping and having fun.

The most indispensable thing in Las Vegas is all kinds of luxury hotels. Maybe it’s because there are so many such luxury hotels, so the prices of luxury hotels here are much cheaper than other places. No matter what, take advantage of this It’s not a bad idea to come and stay once in a while. For those who like to stay in B&Bs in Las Vegas, I don’t recommend it, because the price difference between the two is not too big. In this case, why not just stay in a luxury hotel that you are usually reluctant to stay in!

There are also quite a lot of means of transportation in Las Vegas, including buses, taxis, etc. as we know them. Taxis are more concentrated near the airport and hotels, but they are the most expensive among them. If you really want to take a ride, you can consider Uber, the price will be cheaper. In addition to taxis, there is also a minivan outside the airport. The price per person is about 10 dollars. It can take five or six people in one car and will definitely take you to the hotel. Before I went there, I heard from a friend that there is also a Lincoln seat here, which is quite wealthy. If there are many people, you can consider having a luxurious experience!

The Venetian Resort Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, just like the hotel in the Macau Casino, has fake Venetian artificial scenery inside, especially the sky part is very realistic. There is also a river indoors that leads to the outdoors. There are boats on which you can sit and take photos. The price is about 20 dollars per person. The boatman is very interesting. He will sing for you to liven up the atmosphere, and he will also take framed tourist photos for you. It’s a good idea to buy them as a souvenir. The hotel looks very tall, with several floors. There is a large casino on the first floor, and the second and third floors are places where you can eat and hang out.

The shows in Las Vegas are also very good. Criss is famous for its street magic. The magic performances I saw here made me wide-eyed and overwhelmed time and time again. Without any prior arrangements or venue arrangements, he can be seen casually strolling along the facades of buildings, selecting random passers-by and hypnotizing them into levitating, reading minds with the usual playing cards, and more. These are not the highlights, Criss has been constantly challenging his limits, cutting people with chainsaws, transforming people into living beings…it feels as unreal as a dream.

I stayed in Las Vegas for five days, and I felt like I was accepting new things every day. At that moment, I really felt that I had seen so little. Compared to cities like New York and San Francisco in the United States, I recommend Las Vegas! If you like this article and are interested in Las Vegas, please share it more

I want to go to Las Vegas on vacation, what fun things can you recommend?

Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon

You can enjoy the Grand Canyon in depth for a few days. The scenery is super beautiful, so prepare a strategy in advance.

The golf courses in Las Vegas are also very unique

In addition to casinos, there is another interesting thing in Las Vegas, which is the nightclub. You can experience it

Las Vegas Guide

Transportation problem: First of all, it is better to drive from California to Las Vegas. If you don’t have a car, you can rent a car.

Accommodation issues: From very cheap Super8 to super 5-star hotels, it all depends on your budget.

Food issues: From American fast food to French and Italian food in five-star hotels, every hotel has a very good restaurant. Or it is most suitable to go to the Buffet (self-service meal package) in major hotels for a bargain.

You can get there in one day by driving from California on Highway 10 and then Highway 15, which takes about 4 and a half hours. There is no toll booth in the middle, unlike China. There are gas stations on the road which may be a bit more expensive, so it’s better to fill up before going.

There is also a McDonald’s fast food on the road. It should be a big stop on the 2-hour journey from California. You can go to the restroom for a drink or a burger and continue on your journey.

After driving for about another hour, we reached the Nevada border. There were many small casinos where we could rest and use the restroom. From here there are several Outlet Stores (stores similar to outlets in Beijing) where you can buy things, which may be cheaper, but the styles are not the latest.

Continue driving for about an hour and you will arrive at the world-famous casino-Las Vegas.

I suggest you spend one day:

You can visit major hotels and casinos, eat and drink, and at night go for a walk on the Strip, a larger avenue, to experience the style of casinos in the world. You can also go to the old city to see it. Some very famous casinos – Horseshoe Casino, are world-famous.

There are many places where people can enjoy the entertainment, but don’t try it casually. It’s better to have someone guide you.

The next day: You can visit the Hoover Dam, which is very famous.

This information should be correct when we go to the Grand Canyon on the third day (it’s better to go by plane, it’s a bit far, it takes 6-7 hours by car).

If you like to play golf, Las Vegas has several very good courses, shopping is also very good, and there are many restaurants to eat (Italian, French, American cafes, and buffets are very good)

You can gamble a little, but don’t overdo it.

Hopefully it helped you!

Three-day trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon travel guide

I hope other people’s travel records will be of benefit to you.

More than three million people come to the Grand Canyon National Park every year, but 99% of them come here by car. They get off the car, take a few commemorative photos, buy a few T-shirts and leave. We came here to hike through the Grand Canyon.

My American stepfather once hiked through the Grand Canyon 20 years ago. It was a 38-kilometer journey with a descent of 1,750 meters and an ascent of 1,500 meters. He completed it in one day. I have always admired him, so I also hope to hike through the Grand Canyon from north to south this time. Since we haven’t climbed mountains for a long time, Liu Chang and I probably didn’t have the physical fitness to complete the hike in one day, so we carried tents, sleeping bags, and two days of food and prepared to complete this beautiful and spectacular Grand Canyon crossing in two days.

October 28

From Utah, we drove overnight to northern Arizona, arriving at the northern end of the Grand Canyon at 3 a.m. The tourist season here is over and the only hotel is closed. It was minus 8 or 9 degrees outside, so it was a bit uncomfortable to camp. I discussed with Liu Chang where to park and sleep. He suggested the side of the main road. I thought it would be too noisy and unsafe, so we drove along a logging dirt road. Half a kilometer away, the car stopped in the deep, dark forest. Liu Chang was frightened by this place, but I thought there was nothing wrong with it – no need to be afraid of nature! We wrapped ourselves in sleeping bags and jackets and spent the night in the car.

Oct. 29 at the Grand Canyon’s North End parking lot. We parked our car here and started a day’s journey with a backpack weighing 40 to 50 pounds.

The backpack weighing more than 50 kilograms contains two days of food, a two-person tent, a sleeping bag, a moisture-proof mat, and a lot of clothes. The temperature at night above the canyon is below zero, while below the canyon it is only 7 or 8 degrees Celsius.

The Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in North America, and it’s also very, very primitive. When you go down from the Grand Canyon, you are actually traveling through time and space – the top stone is from millions of years ago, and as you go down you will find that the color of the stone and soil will also change. This is also because this level is from hundreds of millions of years ago. , and even lower down, scientists found stones that were 2.5 billion years old.

Because my ankle was crooked 18 days ago, and I was carrying a backpack weighing more than 50 kilograms, my feet soon started to hurt when I went down the mountain. Before long, I wrapped my toes and ankles with tape in the hope that they would not cause any foot pain. Or sprained foot again

We finally reached the underground of the Grand Canyon. We still had to walk more than ten kilometers at 3pm. Now my feet were very painful, and Liu Chang’s shoulders were also very sore. What’s terrible is that one of my crutches is crooked. The crutch I bought at Wal-Mart for more than 20 US dollars doesn’t look reliable at all. Because we couldn’t just throw away the crooked cane in the national park, so we had to carry it out.

It was getting dark, so we walked another three or four kilometers before we found the designated camping area. By this time we had been walking for 11 hours. Both of our feet had a lot of blisters and our legs were extremely tired. Even setting up the tent was very difficult. When camping in the United States, I’m used to seeing the stars in the sky at night, but I still think it’s beautiful.

I walked a total of more than 20 kilometers in one day

Our goal on the second day was to reach the southern end of the Grand Canyon, which required a walk of 16 to 17 kilometers and a climb of more than 1,450 meters. Liu Chang and I wrapped Bubbles’ feet again. This time, our shoulders were sore after putting on our backpacks, and our legs weren’t as strong as they had been all day. The rubber boats behind me are a group of people rafting the Colorado River. They rafted more than 300 kilometers of the river in 21 days – with a dozen grade 4 and 5 rapids in between.

Having just walked on the wrong road for half an hour, Liu Chang was not in a particularly good mood that day.

As we get closer to the southern end of the Grand Canyon, there are more and more tourists, many of whom ride mules up and down the mountain – so boring!

After climbing for most of the day, he was still far away from the southern end of the Grand Canyon. Liu Chang’s pace became slower and slower. He started to feel sick after drinking two bottles of Red Bull at noon. The white marks on his face were obvious from the sweat. After a while, Liu Chang I vomited everything I ate and drank an hour or two ago. I was really worried about him at the time, but he said he felt much better after vomiting, and we started slowly going up the mountain again.

We watched as people with better physical strength than us or people carrying lighter bags passed us one by one. I also called two good friends on the way, a couple about 80 years old. Let alone their bodies, our speed is about the same as theirs

It’s getting dark again. I thought I could climb up early and then have to ride more than 340 kilometers back to the northern section of the Grand Canyon. Now it seems very unrealistic.

The Grand Canyon at dusk is very charming – we climbed over from the far end and now we can’t even see where we started yesterday

It was getting dark, and the two 80-year-old couple and we hadn’t climbed up yet. We climbed up step by step with headlamps on, and finally reached the southern end of the Grand Canyon at 8:30 pm. We had no strength at all, but we still had to find the camping area at the southern end. I was so tired that I was cramping all over. Finally, I finally reached the camping area and didn’t even want to move.

Standing at the southern end of the Grand Canyon during the day on October 30th, looking at such a spectacular scenery, I finally felt somewhat balanced. The 38-kilometer hike was not in vain, and the blisters on my feet were not as painful as the previous two days. Hiking from the other end allowed us to experience this beautiful and special Grand Canyon in a very intimate way.

There are more than 340 kilometers of road, not one road but four connected roads, including two roads with few cars. It requires many rides to get there.

The area west of the Grand Canyon is part of the Navajo Indian Reservation. We heard that the local Navajo people also often hitchhiked, and the owner of the car who loved to hitchhike was also a Navajo.

Unexpectedly, one of the people who gave us a lift was a retired white man. He had just cycled more than 5,000 kilometers from the southeastern United States and was now driving a rental car home.

The second, third, and fourth vehicles were all Navajo vehicles, and they were all pickup trucks. We just walked behind the truck and enjoyed the beautiful scenery playing back like a 3D theater.

The feeling behind a pickup truck is called freedom!

This Navajo friend gave us a ride of more than 50 kilometers. I learned how to say thank you and hello from him – the Navajo language is super interesting. The secret language used by the United States during the World War II war was Navajo. * ** People thought it was a password but it has never been broken.

This day is our hitchhiking marathon. We need to hit the most rides on different road sections in the shortest time.

The scenery here is really nothing to say.

The last car was a father and son on their way to go hunting. We were also sitting in the back of a pickup truck, enjoying the scenery along the way.

There were still 70 kilometers to go, it was getting dark, and there were basically no cars to the north end of the Grand Canyon because the hotels there were closed. But we are still waiting, looking forward to the final car.