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Introduction: I saw a blind person on the cruise ship. Blind passenger in English 1. Blind passenger in English 2. Blind passenger in English code 3. What does blind passenger mean? 4. Deaf-mute passenger in English 5. Blind passenger in English 6. How to say blind passenger in English 7. English abbreviation for blind passengers 8. Definition of blind passengers 9. Abbreviation for blind passengers

1. English for blind travelers

Online check-in – referred to as “online check-in” service, is a convenient and fast way to check in.

2. How to check in online by airplane

Online check-in – referred to as “online check-in” service, is a convenient and fast way to check in.

1. If you do not need to check in your baggage, you can book your seat in advance through online check-in and print out your boarding pass. You can board the plane directly through the security check without queuing up at the airport service counter to get your boarding pass, which can save you time. . Online check-in is an online service that facilitates travel. Nowadays, major airlines have launched this service on their official websites. Some companies, such as China Southern Airlines in Guangzhou and China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai Airport, also support QR code check-in.

2. Airport self-service check-in means that passengers use the special check-in machine CUSS to complete the verification of travel documents, select seats, and print boarding passes by themselves at the airport. If they need to check in luggage, they complete the check-in at the dedicated counter. How the machine works.

3. Online check-in: Passengers log in to the self-service check-in interface of the airline’s departure system through the Internet, complete ID verification, select seats and print A4 paper boarding passes. If they need to hand in luggage, the passengers board the plane. Complete the baggage delivery at the dedicated counter in advance, and use the self-printed A4 paper boarding pass to pass the security check and board the plane.

4. Mobile check-in: Passengers use their mobile phones to log in to the self-service check-in interface of the airline’s departure system, complete identity document verification, select and confirm seats by themselves, and the airline sends a QR barcode electronic boarding pass to the passenger in the form of a text message. On the mobile phone, after arriving at the airport, passengers can complete the baggage delivery, print the boarding pass or directly scan the QR code at the dedicated counter to complete the security check and boarding.

5. SMS check-in: Passengers check-in by sending and receiving short messages. The first phase of SMS check-in service is only applicable to single adult passengers for non-transfer and non-code-sharing domestic flights of China Southern Airlines.

6. There are many benefits for passengers to use online check-in. First, passengers can calmly check in online before arriving at the airport, which is convenient and fast; second, passengers only need to arrive at the airport to check in their luggage and wait for boarding before boarding, which greatly reduces waiting time; third , except for the need to set up very few baggage check-in counters, the airport does not need to prepare a large number of check-in counters and CUSS machines, which greatly reduces the check-in area.

2. English code for blind passengers

People under 18 years old can fly by themselves, but those aged 5 (inclusive) to 12 years old (exclusive) should apply for unaccompanied minor service.

Taking Sichuan Airlines as an example, instructions for serving unaccompanied minors:

1. In order to ensure the safety and smooth travel of unaccompanied children, children aged 5 to 12 traveling alone must complete the relevant procedures for unaccompanied children before they can be transported.

2. Due to safety considerations, air transportation services are not provided for unaccompanied children under the age of 5.

3. Sichuan Airlines only accepts unaccompanied minors on direct flights.

4. Some countries issue accompanying children visas for entering children, indicating that the visa requirements must be accompanied by a designated adult to enter the country, and children cannot enter alone. If the passenger’s child needs to fly with this type of visa, the unaccompanied minor service will not be available.

Extended information

The “China Civil Aviation Domestic Transport Rules for Passengers and Baggage” stipulates:

Article 34 Special passengers such as unaccompanied children, sick and disabled passengers, pregnant women, blind people, deaf people or prisoners can only be carried if they comply with the conditions specified by the carrier, and only after the carrier has agreed in advance and made arrangements when necessary .

Article 38 The free baggage allowance for each passenger (including checked and self-care baggage): 40 kilograms for first-class passengers holding adult or child tickets, 30 kilograms for business-class passengers, and 20 kilograms for economy-class passengers. Passengers holding infant tickets do not have free baggage allowance.

If two or more passengers traveling together on the same flight to the same destination check in baggage at the same time and at the same location, their free baggage allowance can be calculated based on their respective fare levels.

For domestic segments that constitute international transportation, the free baggage allowance of each passenger is calculated according to the free baggage allowance of the applicable international route.

Article 41 For the sake of transportation safety, the carrier may inspect the luggage together with the passengers; when necessary, the carrier may inspect the luggage together with the relevant departments. If the passenger refuses to undergo inspection, the carrier has the right to refuse carriage of the baggage.

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3. What does a blind traveler mean?

When serving meals and drinks, the plate can be compared to a clock and tell passengers the location of the various foods on the plate.

Blind travelers are sensitive and have strong self-esteem. They do not want others to treat them as “blind”. Therefore, when providing services, they can give them basic respect and inform them of the location of the food.

Key points of service for blind passengers:

1. When greeting passengers at the cabin door, you should take the initiative to help the passengers, introduce yourself to the flight attendants, and pay attention to the appropriate language.

2. After entering the cabin, let the passenger’s left hand hold the flight attendant’s right elbow and lead the passenger to the aisle.

3. Before entering the aisle, the flight attendant should stand in front of the passenger, ask the passenger to grab his or her elbow, and lead the passenger into the aisle.

4. After the passengers are seated, guide them to touch the call bell above their heads with their hands, and ask the passengers to press the call bell to notify the crew when necessary.

5. Fasten seat belts for passengers and teach them how to fasten and unbuckle seat belts.

4. English for deaf travelers

deaf mute

[Name] deaf-mute; the mute and deaf; [Example] I am passionate about providing signers for the deaf-mute and readers for the blind.

I’m keen on providing signers for deaf people and readers for the blind.

5. The full English name of the blind passenger

Spring Airlines Special Passenger Transport Instructions (International) Special passengers include: important passengers, unaccompanied children, elderly passengers, pregnant women, infants, blind passengers, deaf-mute passengers, drunk passengers, criminal suspects, Confidential transportation personnel, diplomatic couriers, additional seat-occupying passengers, confidential passengers, stretcher passengers, sick and disabled passengers, repatriated passengers and other passengers who require special care.

6. How to say “blind passenger” in English?

Special passengers include: important passengers, unaccompanied minors, elderly passengers, pregnant women, infants, blind passengers, deaf-mute passengers, drunk passengers, patients with mental illness, prisoners and criminal suspects, confidential transportation personnel, diplomatic couriers, extra passengers Seat-occupying passengers, seat-occupying passengers with their own baggage, confidential passengers, stretcher passengers, sick and disabled passengers and other passengers who need special care.

Special passengers need to provide relevant certificates and go through special passenger transportation procedures when purchasing tickets.

7. English abbreviation for blind passengers

1. “KSB” is often used as the abbreviation of “Kashmere Stage Band”, which means “Kashmere Stage Band” in Chinese.

2. “KSB” is often used as the abbreviation of “Kentucky School for the Blind”, which in Chinese means: “Kentucky School for the Blind”.

8. Definition of blind traveler

1. Online check-in can handle China Southern Airlines e-tickets of all classes. (Except deluxe first class)

2. Online check-in is currently available for domestic routes originating from some domestic cities, international routes originating from Guangzhou and some international cities (transfer connections, flights originating from Macau, and routes from Guangzhou to Japan, the United States, South Korea and Australia). Not handled).

3. Online check-in is available for flights starting with 2/3/6/8 (such as CZ3101).

4. Online check-in does not handle tickets without confirmed flights.

5. Online check-in does not apply to passengers who require special services and other proof of boarding before being transported, such as important passengers, children, infants, persons carrying infants, pregnant women, disabled revolutionary servicemen and policemen, and persons holding teacher or student discount tickets. Unaccompanied elderly people, blind passengers, deaf-mute passengers, passengers requiring stretcher or wheelchair services, physically ill passengers or mentally ill passengers, etc.

6. Online check-in does not handle changed electronic tickets.

7. The online check-in time is subject to the time published online.

8. When applying for Sky Pearl membership, the ID number provided must be consistent with the ID number registered in the Sky Pearl Club to ensure successful mileage accrual.

9. Use A4 paper to print the boarding pass during online check-in (it is recommended to use a laser printer).

Note: The actual conditions of use may change. Our company will not notify you of any changes. The information published online shall prevail.

9. Abbreviation for Blind Passengers

The abbreviation of Odo��odograph, Chinese meaning: odometer. It is used frequently in the automotive industry.

The mileage display is different on cars. It overcomes the shortcomings of the “memory car”. It can not only tell you how many kilometers you have traveled this time, but also remember the total number of kilometers you have traveled since leaving the factory. So, Whether the vehicle needs major repairs and whether the engine proportions should be scrapped are all documented.

Taking a taxi has become a very common thing in everyone’s daily life, and the taxi fare is mainly based on the mileage traveled. The fare is calculated by the meter based on the odometer data. Do you know how an odometer works?

In fact, the principle is very simple, because the diameter of the car wheel is known, and the circumference of the wheel is constant. From this, we can calculate how many revolutions the wheel makes for each mile traveled, and this number is also constant. Therefore, as long as the number of revolutions of the wheels can be automatically accumulated, and then divided by the number of revolutions corresponding to each mile, the mileage traveled can be obtained. Such a simple principle has been discovered by the ancients and started to be used. The “Recording Drum Car” is such a device. It uses the above principles and a clever mechanism to make the wheel automatically beat the drum every certain number of revolutions. At this time, as long as someone writes it down, you can get Miles traveled. This device is very ingenious and can be used day or night, and can also be used by blind people, which reflects the ingenuity of the working people in ancient my country. However, if no one on the car memorizes the number of drum beats, the drum car alone cannot accumulate the total number of miles traveled. Moreover, no one knows how many miles the car has traveled after it stops. This is a fly in the ointment.