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1. Mulei County scenery

The main attractions in the three eastern counties of Changji are:

1. The main attractions in Jimusar County are:

(1) Wucaiwan Scenic Area is located in the Gurbantonggut Desert (near Hongqi Village) more than 100 kilometers north of Jimusar County.

(2) The ruins of the Beiting Old City, located in Jimsar County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, were the ruins of the Beiting Protectorate in the Tang Dynasty.

(3) Wucaiwan Guhai Hot Spring Resort is located in Jimusar County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture. It is a golden route to Kanas Scenic Area and an important tourist distribution center and transfer station.

(4) Jimusar Wild Horse Farm is located in the Gobi Desert north of Jimusar and Qitai. It was originally the hometown of Mongolian wild horses.


2. The main attractions in Qitai County are:

(1) Jiangbulake Grassland is located in Longquan Villa, Jiangbulake Tourist Scenic Area, Qitai County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

(2) Tianshan Maihai is located 100 meters east of County Road 169, Qitai County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

(3) Yiwanquan Scenic Area is located in the Qitai Center Regiment Field of the Sixth Agricultural Division, Qitai County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

(4) Qitai County Museum, located at No. 167, East Street, Qitai County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (inside the Lihuajian Cultural Plaza).


3. The main attractions in Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County include:

(1) Mingsha Mountain is located 130 kilometers northeast of Mulei County.

(2) The original Populus euphratica forest is 150 kilometers northeast of Mulei County, in a place called “Wutongwozi” by the Han people and “Yutuolange” (meaning yurt-like Populus euphratica forest) by the Kazakhs.

(3) Alpine rock paintings: There are many rock paintings found in the mountains in Mulei County. In Pingdingshan Village of Zhaobishan Township, in the mountains of Jixinliang Animal Husbandry Village in Dongcheng Town, in the Luchang Mountains of Danangou Uzbek Township, in the mountains of Baiyanghe Township and in the mountains of Lutanggou Village in this township, in the Hojamugou of Bostan Ranch, in Uzbekistan in Dashitou Township. There are rock paintings in the mountains of Zongbulak Village, which are widely distributed.

(4) Shirenzigou is located in the southern Tianshan Mountains 28 kilometers south of Mulei County.

2. The beautiful scenery of Mulei

1. Reason for recommendation of Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area: The lake is as crystal clear as jade, reflecting Bogda Peak, surrounded by mountains, and the scenery is like a fairyland 2. Jiangbulake 3. Reason for recommendation of Bogda Peak: the highest peak in the eastern section of Tianshan Mountain, Bogda Peak The Geda hiking route ranks among the top ten hiking routes in Xinjiang 4, Colorful City 5, Gurbantunggut Desert 6, Wucai Bay 7, Mulei Populus Forest 8, Tianshan Tianchi Ski Resort 9, Original Populus Forest 10, Urumqi Provincial Highway 101 Reasons for recommending Danxia Landform: A route that combines photography, adventure, hiking, and painting

3. Tourist Attractions in Mulei County

Mulei is a county in Changji Prefecture. It is located in a mountainous area with a cool summer climate. It has the world’s loudest singing sand mountain. The mountain is more than 100 meters high and consists of 5 sand mountains rising from the ground. Even if you just find a paper shell When sliding down with the pad under your buttocks, you can hear the roar similar to that of an airplane flying over, which makes us always want to see if there is an airplane in the sky. Of course, climbing up the sand mountain is a test of physical strength.

30 kilometers north of Mingsha Mountain, there is also a large area of ​​primitive Populus euphratica forest. Only when you arrive at the Populus euphratica forest in Mulei can you truly understand the phrase that describes Populus euphratica: “It will not die for a thousand years, it will not fall after a thousand years of death, and it will be immortal even if it falls for a thousand years.” In the Populus euphratica forest of Mulei, there are huge and lush poplars, some are withered but not falling as if they are struggling to death, some are lying on the ground with different shapes, some are like Kunpeng spreading its wings, some are like horses raising their hooves, and some are as slender as silk. Girl, we only regret that the time is too short and the photography skills are limited, so we cannot leave this ultimate beauty to appreciate it carefully in the future.

Caizigou Village, located in Xijier Town, Mulei County, has 30 artist studios. It has become Xinjiang’s first “Artist Village” and has been recognized by many artists. The scenery of Caizigou is self-evident.

Mulei County has few people and is leisurely enough. It also has a unique Kazakh embroidery garden, a charming town, and thousands of acres of dry land. The folk customs are simple and honest. The mutton is delicious and not smelly. I don’t usually eat mutton. I once ate 20 skewers of roasted meat in one go. The barbecue and the famous Mulei mutton braised pancakes are also delicious. When I came back, I brought a 5-pound mulei scone and ate it with my family for a long time.

The most amazing thing is that when we drove to Shashan Mountain, we were lucky enough to see a large area of ​​​​the sea market. On the left side of the front of the car, I saw a large lake in the distance. There were sparse trees on the lakeside and some There were shepherds driving large flocks of sheep, and there was even a speeding car. I kept asking the driver to drive in that direction to see what kind of lake it was, but after driving for more than ten minutes, the distance between the lake and us did not shorten at all. The driver and I realized at the same time that it was a mirage.

My trip to Mulei still remains in my memory. I think it’s not only the beautiful scenery and delicious food, but also the warm local friends.

4. Mulei County scenery video

Because the river flows around the village, the east and west sides of the village form a crescent-shaped terrain, so the villagers named the village Moon Village.

Yuendi Village, which was rated as a traditional Chinese village and selected as China’s Beautiful Leisure Village in 2018, was built in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China and has a history of hundreds of years.

It retains the most primitive house architecture, the most traditional farming culture and everyone’s memory of the countryside.

This time, let us go beyond the hustle and bustle, let the countryside heal your worries, and let the beautiful scenery put aside your worries.

Weekend self-driving tour guide to Moon Village:

① Check-in route

Moon Village, Mulei County, Changji Prefecture

Mulei Academy

Banshan Tourist Highway

②Number of days to play

2 days and 1 night

③Itinerary suggestions

Day 01

Depart from Urumqi/Changji in the morning

Arrive at Yuedi Village at noon and check into the B&B

After dinner, visit Shuimogou Village

Day 02

I woke up from a lazy nap in the morning and went to pick vegetables.

Visit Mulei Bookstore

Visit Mulei Banshan Tourist Road

Return in the afternoon

④Recommended accommodation

Yanlaowu Inn

Blue Moon Inn

5. Mulei County Park

Mingsha Mountain is located 5 kilometers north of Hainar, Mulei County, Changji Prefecture, in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province. The local Kazakhs call it “Ayi Aikum”, which means “the desert with sound”. In deserts or sand dunes, due to the influence of various climatic and geographical factors, fine sand grains, mainly quartz, are vibrated by the wind, causing the sand to slide or move with each other. Many sand grains rotate in the airflow, and the surface is hollow, causing “diabolo” The place where the buzzing sound occurs is called the humming sand field. The Mingsha Land in western China is mainly desert. These sand dunes are piled up into mountains, so they are also called Mingsha Mountains. The Mingsha Mountain that people usually refer to is the Mingsha Mountain located in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. In addition, the Mingsha Mountain of the 185th Mingsha Mountain Regiment in Mulei, Xinjiang is also very famous.

6. Mulei County Tourism

Xinjiang Changji Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County is located in eastern Xinjiang. The most famous tourist attraction should be Mulei Populus Forest.

It is located on the border of China and Mongolia and is a primitive and ancient Populus euphratica forest. It is about 163 kilometers north from Mulei County. In mid-November last year, our group went there. When we emerged from Fukang County, the road was difficult to travel, and it was already sunset when we arrived. The service lady warmly welcomed us into the inn to rest, and gave us permission to drive into the scenic spot before sunrise the next morning. Because all the leaves have fallen out this season and it is the off-season, the shuttle bus has stopped running, and only a few people are left guarding the inn and the gate.

That night, we were the only ones in the entire scenic area with room and board for five people. In the evening, a plate of chicken costs 120; accommodation in a standard room costs 580. Generate electricity manually at night, from 11 to 12 o’clock. It was about minus 10 degrees that night. After the power outage, the inn did not have any heating equipment. The service lady was kind and gave us two sets of quilts for each bed. We couldn’t stand it and we were almost too cold to sleep. I drove into the scenic spot early in the morning and saw the sunrise and the ancient Populus euphratica.

The Poplar euphratica forest is in various shapes and forms, giving people endless space for imagination.

Next, there is Mingsha Mountain. Returning from Mulei Populus Forest, there is a Mingsha Mountain. Gliding up the mountain you will hear the chirping sound coming from the sand mountains.

I went to these two tourist attractions in Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County.

7. Pictures of Mulei County

About 251.0 kilometers

It takes about 3 hours and 38 minutes to drive and 13 traffic lights.

Via: S303, Qimu Expressway, toll is about 18 yuan