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1. Pictures of Furong Town attractions tour routes

Furong Town, an ancient town with a history of two thousand years, is located in Yongshun, western Hunan. Because there is a waterfall passing through it, Furong Town is also known as the thousand-year-old ancient town hanging on the waterfall. It is also the same as Liye Ancient Town, Chatong Ancient Town and Pu City. The ancient town is also known as the four major ancient towns in Hunan and a national 4A scenic spot. It was originally named Wangcun. It later became famous because Liu Xiaoqing and Jiang Wen filmed the movie Furong Town here!

2. Route map of scenic spots around Furong Town

There are the world’s most beautiful Mengdong River, Fenghuang Ancient City, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain, Zuolong Gorge, Hongshilin National Geological Park, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Huanglong Cave, Aizhai Suspension Bridge, Qianzhou Ancient City, Dehang Miao Village, Xiao Xixi International Nature Reserve, Mara River, Fujian, Laosicheng.

3. Furong Town Scenic Area Guide Map

For a 5-day self-driving tour from Changsha, you can choose a trip from Zhangjiajie to Western Hunan.

D1: It takes half a day to travel from Changsha to Zhangjiajie, and visit Huanglong Cave in the afternoon;

D2: Visit the Forest Park, Tianzi Mountain, Golden Whip Stream, Shuirao Simen and other scenic spots;

D3: Tianmen Mountain, Guigu Plank Road, Tianmen Temple. In the evening, watch the large-scale live performance “Tianmen Fox Fairy”.

D4: One hour from Zhangjiajie to Furong Town. Visit the ancient villages hanging over the waterfalls and experience the customs and customs of western Hunan. In the afternoon, it takes 2 hours to drive from Furong Town to Fenghuang Ancient City. Stay in a B&B by the Tuojiang River, visit the ancient city night market in the evening, and taste the delicious food and beauty of Western Hunan.

D5: Visit the hometown of famous people in the city. Celebrities such as Shen Congwen, Xiong Xiling, Chen Baozhen, Huang Yongyu, etc. have connected the cultural context of Fenghuang Ancient City and made the border town well-known to the world.

4. Pictures of Furong Town tourist attractions

As for the attraction map, you can get it from the shelf on the right as soon as you enter the dinosaur park. Personally, I think the ones that are more exciting include the Water and Fire Power, the Tower of Babel, the Crazy Fire Dragon Diamond, Stonehenge, and a big windmill-like one. The excitement level is not that high, and you can also watch movies in the 4D theater. There are several fun main items on the back of the attraction map. You can play based on that, but the queues for fun items are very long.

5. Furong Town Scenic Area Tour Guide

The best time to travel to Furong Town is from April to October.

Furong Town is a tourist attraction that combines natural scenery with simple ethnic customs. The Tujia stilted buildings and bluestone roads are refreshing to wander in the drizzle. As the gateway to the Mengdong River Scenic Area, it is really the best scenic spot for exploring ancient times.

The Waterfall Diaojiaolou houses more than 300 cultural relics of the Tujia people. It has a strong cultural atmosphere and is the best embodiment of Tujia civilization. The Xizhou Bronze Column and Movie Poster Art Museum are also must-visit places for tourists.

Due to geographical location, area size, transportation, publicity and other reasons, Furong Town’s reputation and number of tourists are far less than those of Fenghuang Ancient City, but this is also one of its advantages. Furong Town is surprisingly quiet at night, so quiet that it can calm people’s impetuous hearts. Except for the sound of the rushing water of the waterfall, no man-made noise can be heard.

If time permits, it is recommended to stay one night in Furong Town. You should choose to live in a stilted building facing the river, preferably on the top floor with a viewing balcony, because this way you can see the waterfall and hear the impact of the waterfall. You can also watch and photograph the red sun slowly setting behind the mist-shrouded distant mountains.

6. High-definition pictures of Furong Town scenic spots tour route

Furong Town is an ancient town in western Hunan with a history of more than 2,000 years. It is located in the Yangtze River of Youshui, 48 kilometers away from the county seat. It was originally the seat of Youyang County in the Western Han Dynasty. Due to the convenience of the Youshui boat, it connected Sichuan and Guizhou and went down to Dongting. It has been a trading port of Yongshun since ancient times, and is known as “the connection between Chu and Shu”. It enjoys the reputation of Youyang Xiongzhen, “Four Famous Towns” in Western Hunan, and “Little Nanjing”.

Furong Town not only has beautiful scenery and rich ethnic customs, but also has cultural landscapes such as the “Xizhou Bronze Pillars”, a national key protected cultural relic that records the political and military history of the Tujia people, and the location filming site of the movie “Furong Town”.

Furong Town Waterfall – a thousand-year-old ancient town built on a waterfall. The waterfall is the most natural beauty in Furong Town. Anyone who visits Furong Town must visit the waterfall.

Furong Town has a humid subtropical monsoon climate. The climate within the territory is mild, with four distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight, and abundant rainfall. The average annual precipitation is 1,300 to 1,500 mm. The annual average temperature is 12℃-16℃, making it suitable for traveling all year round. The average temperature in July, the hottest month, is 24℃-27℃, and the average temperature in January, the coldest month, is 1.7℃-4.3℃. The frost-free period reaches 240-280 days.