Popular attractions in Puyang Recommended popular attractions in Puyang

Introduction: Popular attractions in Puyang Recommended popular attractions in Puyang 1. Recommended popular attractions in Puyang 2. Recommended telephone numbers for popular attractions in Puyang 3. List of attractions in Puyang 4. Recommended tourist attractions in Puyang 5. The most worthwhile attractions in Puyang 6. Recommended popular attractions in Puyang One-day tour 7. The most interesting attractions in Puyang 8. Ranking of attractions around Puyang

1. Recommended popular attractions in Puyang

1. Qicheng Cultural Relics Scenic Area 2. Zhongyuan Green Manor Scenic Area 3. Xinlei Park 4. Pushang Garden 5. Puyang Huigong Mausoleum and Emperor Shun Palace Scenic Area 6. Puyang Museum 7. Zilu Tomb 8. Zhongyuan Oil Field 9. Shijin Garden Flower Base 10. Zhang Hui Park

2. Recommended telephone numbers for popular attractions in Puyang

1. Puyang Jindi River National Wetland Park, a wetland park with the Jindi River as the theme, contains five functional areas, such as rational utilization area, wetland conservation area, etc.

2. Nanle Majiahe National Wetland Park consists of five functional areas, such as education display area, wetland conservation area, etc. The scenery is beautiful, walking everywhere, the scenery is beautiful.

3. Taiqian Jinshui National Wetland Park has unique natural and cultural landscapes, strong flood control and irrigation capabilities, excellent water quality, rich biological species, and an outstanding overall image.

4. Puyang Majiahe Wetland Park has established 18 wetland islands, planted many aquatic plants, with the number reaching more than 200,000, as well as theme squares, beach bathing beaches, etc.

5. Qicheng Park has a strong historical atmosphere. You can see many historical sites, including historical exhibition rooms, city walls, Dragon Lake, Dragon Palace, etc., which will increase your knowledge.

3. Puyang tourist attractions ranking list

Puyang is a city with very good industrial development, and its green space area is very large in an urban environment. The integration of various cultures in this city throughout history has made Puyang a very outstanding historical and cultural city. Below I will introduce to you 10 interesting scenic spots in Puyang for your reference. let us see!

List of interesting places in Puyang

1. Qicheng Park Cultural Relics Scenic Area

2. Pushang Garden

3. Zhongyuan Green Manor Scenic Area

4. Water Show International Grand Theater

5. Banjia Town

6. Puyang Maolou Ecological Tourism Zone

7. Pushui Town

8. Wetland Park

9. Puyang Museum

10. Shuixiu Street

4. Recommended tourist attractions in Puyang

Scenic spots: China’s No. 1 Dragon, Zhuan Xu’s Lost Capital, Qicheng Ruins, Zilu Tomb Temple, Confucius Traveled Around the World, Zhang Hui Tomb Temple, Zisheng’s Hometown, Qingfeng Pavilion, Tang Wugong Monument, Liu and Deng’s Army Crossing the River, Maolou Ecological Tourism Area , Shijin Park, Zhongyuan Green Manor, Ostrich Garden Swimming Pool. There is one in the water world. There is one on the moon here in the oil field. There is one in the city: Green Manor Pushang Garden Qicheng Park Kunwu Garden Aquarium City Jinyuan Ostrich Garden Recommended (1. Qicheng Park: It is the ruins of the capital of Emperor Zhuanxu among the Five Emperors, with a strong atmosphere of ancient culture. 2. Green Manor: It is the representative entertainment park of Puyang.) The old city includes: Zhanghui Gongyuan, Yujing, Badufang, Sipailou, and City God Temple .

5. The most worth visiting attractions in Puyang

Puyang Zhongyuan Green Manor is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

  Zhongyuan Green Manor is a national 4A-level tourist attraction, a national March 8th green quality project, and one of the top ten tourist hot spots in Henan Province. The scenic spot is located in the west of Puyang City, with a total area of ​​72.46 hectares. It is a comprehensive forestry park integrating ecological protection, viewing, entertainment, and leisure vacations. As the largest tourist attraction in Puyang, Zhongyuan Green Manor has become the most beautiful scenery in Puyang City with its fresh, simple and wild pastoral style.

  Zhongyuan Green Manor highlights the “green” quality garden landscape, planting more than 400,000 flowers and trees, planting 300,000 square meters of lawns, and excavating more than 50,000 square meters of water surface. It adopts natural landscape gardening techniques and plans a hundred orchards and a hundred gardens. , Metasequoia Ginkgo Garden, Plum Garden, Bamboo Garden, Magnolia Garden, Lilac Garden and more than ten specialized botanical gardens. The green manor in the Central Plains is full of beautiful scenery, and is picturesque in all four seasons: in spring, the grass is green, and the flowers are in bloom; in summer, the trees are lush and sparkling; in autumn, the mountains are covered with red leaves and fruits are abundant; in winter, the snow is heavy on the pines, and you can walk on the snow to look for plum blossoms. The subtle fragrance floats.

  The function of the green manor is positioned to appreciate the landscape and taste culture. The three major cultural products of the manor are the biggest highlights to attract tourists:

  The first highlight: the large-scale acrobatic show at Dream Manor. Puyang is a famous hometown of acrobatics. The manor acrobatics are famous for their beauty and exquisiteness, such as high, difficult, thrilling and dangerous. They focus on the combination of performing arts and modern technological means, and music and lighting match the program. Constantly changing, creating a dreamy and welcoming atmosphere. Manor Acrobatics has visited more than 30 countries. Here you can enjoy colorful and exciting acrobatic performances at 10:30 am every day except Mondays.

 � �The second highlight: Tiantian Theater cultural performances. In a unique boat-shaped building with mountains and rivers on its back, the Henan Forest Police Art Troupe performs two theatrical performances every day, mainly featuring instrumental music, singing and dancing. It is unique. Here is China. The swan song of the ancient musical instrument Xun, there is the melodiousness of the palace band and the infinite customs of the ethnic minorities.

  The third highlight: the splendid animal theater, Green Manor Zoo, not only has 60 species and more than 300 rare animals for visitors to enjoy, but also the wonderful and humorous animal performances, the cute images of the animals, and the wonderful performances attract many tourists Wow.

  Scenic spot tickets: 30 yuan

  Opening hours: Summer: 8:30-18:00 Winter: 8:30-17:30

  Near the aquarium diagonally opposite Zhongyuan Green Scenic Area on Huanghe West Road, Puyang City, Henan Province

6. Recommended one-day tours to Puyang’s popular attractions

Puyang West Lake is about 1.1 square kilometers.

Longhu, Puyang City Urban-rural Integration Demonstration Zone Yellow River Diversion Irrigation Regulation Reservoir. The main body is divided into West Lake and East Lake, so they are also called West Lake and East Lake respectively.

Today’s “Long Lake” has both beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural tourism elements. It is becoming more and more popular in Puyang to spend a day at “Long Lake” on weekends and go for a walk around the lake after get off work. habits of citizens. On National Day this year, the water cultural tourism route of Pushui Scenic Resort was opened. There was an endless stream of citizens coming to play, enjoy the scenery, and go boating, making the scenic spot very popular. During the National Day holiday, it received more than 450,000 tourists. “Colorful Longhu” cultural tourism has become a business card of Puyang tourism, attracting many tourists.

The 29-kilometer “Dragon Lake” green ecological corridor is not only an integral part of the water system landscape construction, but also an important carrier for creating an urban ecological environment, accelerating the economic and social development of the demonstration area, and promoting the urbanization process.

7. The most interesting attractions in Puyang

I’m both from Puyang, but I can’t even find any fun places that charge a fee (don’t tell me about rubbish places like Pushang Garden and Green Manor).

The only place to go is the sports plaza in the oil field.

8. Ranking of attractions around Puyang

If you don’t want to go out of the province, I strongly recommend you to go to Junxian County to see the Giant Buddha. You can also choose to go to Xiabaligou. There are mountains and water, but it may be a bit cold in winter. There are also farmhouses up there, which are cheap and economical, suitable for summer. , in Huixian County, Xinxiang, about two hours’ drive from Puyang, you can also choose to go to Yuntai Mountain in Xiuwu, Jiaozuo, which is the only 5A tourist attraction in Henan, or go to Suixian County, Shangqiu, known as the Jiangnan of Henan , that’s about it, there are quite a lot of attractions, you should slowly discover them by yourself,

1. Qicheng Cultural Relics Scenic Area

2. Zhongyuan Green Manor Scenic Area

3. Puyang Maolou Ecological Tourism Area

4. Puyang Aquarium

5. Pushang Garden