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Introduction: The background of the cruise ship The background of the cruise ship is white 1. The background of the cruise ship is white 2. The background picture of the cruise ship 3. The color of the cruise ship 4. What is the background white of the cruise ship 5. The background picture of the cruise ship 6. How to adjust the background white of the cruise ship 7. The background of the cruise ship What does the white background mean? 8. The background music on the cruise ship 9. The color of the cruise ship 10. What is it like inside the cruise ship?

1. The background of the cruise ship is white

Cruise ships have life rafts.

Not only cruise ships, but all ships have life rafts, life buoys and lifeboats, as well as more than the maximum number of life jackets. There are a varying number of orange lifeboats at the most conspicuous part of the ship. On the highest platform of the ship, a large number of white cylindrical objects can be seen on both sides. These are inflatable liferafts. In addition, there are a variety of life jackets inside the cabin.

When the Titanic sank, because the ship tilted and sank, the lifeboats on one side could not be lowered. In addition, the lifeboats that had been lowered were not full as required, which ultimately led to the death of a large number of people. After the tragedy, it was stipulated that the number of lifeboats on one side of the ship should be enough to ensure the safe transfer of all people on board.

My previous boat had a full capacity of 38 people, four inflatable life rafts, each of which could hold 24 people, two lifeboats, each of which was also full of 24 people, and a dozen lifebuoys.

2. Cruise ship background image

This is a six-character version of a rich family with a long background and many clues. You need to sort out the relationships between the characters and then make inferences. The difficulty is medium to upper.

3. The color of the cruise ship

1. Beautiful [měi lì]: good-looking; beautiful, that is, close to perfection or ideal state in form, proportion, layout, style, color or sound, which makes various senses extremely happy.

Make a sentence:

I saw beautiful birds flying.

She gradually matured into a beautiful girl.

The view of the River Thames in the evening is beautiful.

Beautiful fields are natural paintings.

They are watching the beautiful sunset.

2. Luxury [ shē chǐ ]: squandering money and excessive pursuit of enjoyment

Make a sentence:

They have lived a luxurious life for many years.

His salary is low and he rarely buys luxury goods.

Few people can afford this luxury.

He gave up all luxuries.

He grew up in luxury.

3. Spectacular [zhuàng guān]: majestic things or scenery

Make a sentence:

He was attracted by this spectacular sight.

Faisal’s palace was magnificent.

The opening ceremony was a spectacular scene.

Such spectacle has rarely been seen in recent years.

The scenery along the lakeshore is spectacular.

4. Fantasy [mèng huàn]: fantasy in dreams

Make a sentence:

This creates a dream that feels like reality.

This is not an election, it is simply a dream.

Clouds and mist often obscure the dreamy Alps.

But let us go one step further and continue dreaming like this.

The light in her eyes had turned into a dreamy, melancholy tenderness.

5. Luxury [ háo huá ]: magnificent buildings, utensils and equipment, etc., characterized by wealth and luxury

Make a sentence:

He lived a luxurious life like an emperor.

Dressing well does not necessarily mean dressing luxuriously.

The dance was lively and luxurious.

They traveled in a luxurious car.

The rich man lived in a luxurious house.

4. What is the white background of the cruise ship?

Xinghai Square is the largest square in Asia, where you can see the Oriana.

I borrowed a tandem bicycle and rode around the square. There are tandem bicycles for rent in the square. The outer circle stalls are cheaper at 20 yuan/hour, and the inner circle is 25 yuan/hour; Oriana Cruises. A retired British luxury cruise ship, Oriana means White Princess. It has a milky white appearance, 270 meters long, and a total of 9 floors. It was originally stationed in Shanghai and is now an amusement park in Dalian Xinghaiwan Square. The splendid Moulin Rouge performance venue inside is a must-see. Tickets are 40 yuan and performance tickets are 20 yuan.

5. Cruise ship background image

In 1756, the British government launched a brigantine to operate the monthly mail service from Falmouth Harbor to New York. These ships rarely carried passengers other than government personnel, let alone cargo. In 1819, the first American ship “Savannah” to use a steam engine as auxiliary power set out from Savannah on May 22, crossed the Atlantic, and arrived in Liverpool, England 29 days later. Although the steam engine was only used for about 85 hours, the voyage made history and ushered in the age of steam-powered ships.

In the first half of the 19th century, more and more gold prospectors wanted to travel from Europe to America, and the demand for mail delivery also increased rapidly. Against this background, the British Railways and Ware Shipping Company used steam sailing ships to launch a maritime passenger and mail transport business in 1837, which was the prototype of the cruise ship. In 1840, the world’s first cruise ship was born, designed by naval engineer Robert Napier. The 1,154-ton steamship “British” was produced by the British Cunard Line Company. It left Liverpool on July 4 of that year and began to cross the Atlantic, bound for Canada and the United States. It carried 65 passengers on its maiden voyage. There was Samuel Kennard, president of Cunard Cruise Lines. Soon after, with the help of friends, Kennard founded the world’s first transatlantic cruise company, the British North American Royal Mail Shipping Company, and began regular transoceanic liner (Ocean liner) business.

After 1850, the Royal Mail allowed private shipping companies to help deliver letters and parcels on a contract basis, but they had to fly the Royal Mail signal flag and call their ships “Royal Mail”. Having this title is also seen as a guarantee of credibility, since the mail must be delivered on time. Since 1891, three cruise ships from North America have also started regular routes from Vancouver to Asia. The name “Royal Cruise Line” gradually spread to Asia and became synonymous with large passenger ships. Faced with huge profits, the United Kingdom and the United States established cruise lines one after another. Their main business was to transport mail and a large number of gold diggers eager to reach the Americas.

At that time, how to shorten the voyage time was the most important thing for cruise designers and builders. Various shipping companies built high-speed cruise ships one after another and started a competition on the transatlantic route. For this purpose, the industry association also formulated the “Blue Ribbon Award” with an advertising color. The blue ribbon not only symbolizes honor, but also brings more business profits to the shipping company.

At that time, designers generally believed that ships with many main engines and high power could travel faster. Therefore, major shipping companies equipped large cruise ships with powerful power units to reach the limit of speed. The well-known “Titanic” had four chimneys, one of which was just for decoration, which catered to people’s psychology. At the end of the 19th century, the maximum speed of cruise ships was 20 knots (“knot” refers to the mileage traveled by the ship in unit time). By the 1930s, the speed could reach about 30 knots.

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Germany achieved a leading position in the Atlantic mail shipping industry. Afterwards, the United Kingdom was not to be outdone, and built the “Lusitania” and “Mauritalia” through a government loan of 2.6 million pounds. These two large cruise ships were equipped with steam turbine engines for the first time. According to the New York Times at the time, in order to achieve a sustained speed of 25 knots, the Lusitania had “68 furnace feeding devices, 6 power boilers, 52,000 square feet of heating surface, and the ship’s power increased by 30,000 horsepower”. This speed broke the transatlantic speed record held by Germany for many years.

In order to compete for the dominance of the world’s cruise ships, European countries have built “the fastest ship on the Atlantic route” one after another. The fierce competition can be said to be “breaking their heads”. In 1935, the French government invested in the construction of the “Normandie”, which achieved a speed of 29.98 knots on its first voyage, breaking the two-year record held by the Italian “Rex”. Not long after, the speed of the British “Queen Mary” reached 30.14 knots. The “Normandy” refused to accept it and overtook it again, but was soon defeated again. Finally, in 1938, the “Queen Mary” created a high speed of 31.6 knots. It became the fastest ship at the time, crossing the Atlantic in only 4 days or less. This record was not broken until 1952 by the USS United States. The “United States” created the ultimate speed for a large cruise ship, crossing the Atlantic at a speed of more than 40 knots. From then on, the days of cruise ships competing for the “Blue Ribbon Award” came to an end.

6. How to adjust the background white of the cruise ship

An important consideration for painting a cruise ship white is that the cruise ship is unsheltered at sea and exposed to direct sunlight. White can reflect all wavelengths of light, keeping the inside and outside of the boat cool and reducing the load on the boat’s air conditioner.

The second main reason is that the cruise ship hull is painted to reduce the erosion of sea water. The white color can help identify the rust color on the hull so that the rusted location can be cleaned intensively. Of course, white and seawater blue are easy to distinguish, and easy identification is also an advantage.

7. What does the white background of the cruise ship mean?

Going out on a cruise ship is a very pleasant leisure time, so it is suitable to wear beautiful casual clothes, preferably sportswear, which is very convenient for activities and is also very suitable for getting on and off the cruise ship. White sportswear, standing on the cruise ship, facing The blue sea and the blue sky will be such a beautiful picture! Is this the life that everyone longs for?

8. Background music on a cruise ship

“Shiretoko Travel” was composed in 1960. This popular song has been popular since it was sung by Tokiko Kato in 1971. It has been popular for a long time, and the customs and customs of the remote Shiretoko Peninsula have become well known.

9. Color of the cruise ship

The environment of the cruise cabin is wind-blown, bringing the fresh smell of sea water, and it is sky blue.

10. What’s it like inside a cruise ship?

Answer: There are many animals in the Yangtze River, including the following fish: 1. Chinese sturgeon. Chinese sturgeons mostly live outside the Yangtze River estuary in autumn and summer. Chinese sturgeons in shallow waters swim back to the Yangtze River. After traveling more than 3,000 kilometers upstream, they return to the Jinsha River. They spawn and reproduce in the area, and bring young fish after birth. They grow to about 15 centimeters and carry them to live in the open sea. They are born in the upper reaches of rivers and grow in the sea for generations.

2 whitebait. Whitebait has a slender body, a transparent body, a smooth appearance, and is approximately 10 inches long. It has always liked to live in the Yangtze River estuary near the sea. Whitebait is a freshwater fish that lives in saltwater and freshwater in East Asia. It is known as a delicacy in China.

3 saury. Because the saury is shaped like a knife, it is commonly known as saury. Its meat is delicate and tender and melts in your mouth, but it has a lot of silky hair and bones, so you need to be careful when eating it.

4 catfish. The back edge of the scaleless spines and pectoral fins of the catfish are serrated. The meat is thick and delicious. It is braised in braised meat and is a famous fish.

There are many aquatic plants in the Yangtze River, such as: lotus, calamus, duckweed, saurus, water lily, cabbage, black algae, hornweed and so on.

At the same time, there are also some dangerous animals in the vast Yangtze River, such as paddlefish, alligator, finless porpoise, etc.