Please ask a travel expert to give you a guide to Nanjing. Estimated Monday noon

Introduction: Please give me a travel guide for Nanjing. What are the famous tourist attractions in Nanjing that are expected to be at noon on Monday? How to get around Nanjing in 1 and a half days? The must-visit fun places in Nanjing. . Please give me some advice. .

Are you from Beijing? This is the first time I heard that Nanjing is a one- or two-day trip.
If you take the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail to go there, I have done that. You can go to Jinan first, then Nanjing, and then Shanghai or Hangzhou. I have been visiting Nanjing for four days
and there is really nothing to do. It only takes a day and a half.
The Nanjing subway is 1 yuan per stop. The starting price of a taxi is 8.5 yuan.

What are the famous tourist attractions in Nanjing and how to get there?

1. The Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum was not free before, but now it is free. The main thing is to experience the step culture. There are so long steps. There is Sun Yat-sen’s body on the top floor. Of course it is fake. It is said that it is really in Taiwan. Walking inside, there is Linggu Temple. It was just so-so, not interesting at all. It has a strong Buddhist atmosphere, and there is also the Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty. These are all in the same scenic spot, but they are actually very far apart.
2. Confucius Temple is just like a wholesale market. It has everything. It’s cheap but of course it doesn’t require good quality. There is the Jiangnan Gongyuan inside and there are Qianlong’s holy inscriptions on the wall. I have never been to this one. It’s really nice to take a look at the Qinhuai River at night, or take a boat ride. There are many neon lights, and you can feel the feeling of the prosperous Qinhuai people in history.
3. The Presidential Palace feels worth visiting. It’s really big inside and has a strong natural and cultural atmosphere. It’s really nice and the tickets are not expensive. There are also student tickets. It’s located in the city and has a perfect balance between the old and the new. It feels like there are high-rise buildings outside and landscapes of both Chinese and Western styles inside.
4. You can feel the majestic atmosphere of the Yangtze River Bridge, but I personally feel that the viewing value is not high.
5. Xuanwu Lake is opposite the train station. You can see it as soon as you leave the station. I have never been in it, but walking along the lakeside makes me feel very comfortable. It is a big lake and very beautiful. In the distance are tall buildings and the train station. The surrounding elevated areas are also very nice.
The above is my true experience of going there. Of course, don’t go during holidays, it’s very crowded.

Nanjing 1 and a half day tour

Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum are very close, so they can be visited in one day. It is best to visit the Qinhuai River Confucius Temple Scenic Area at night, so you can arrange it as follows:

On the afternoon of the 15th, you can go to places like Pearl Spring, Yanziji, Qixia Mountain, or just find a place to stay, it’s up to you.

Go to the Qinhuai River Confucius Temple Scenic Area in the evening. The nearby Confucius Temple snacks are very famous, and the sound of oars and lights on the Qinhuai River at night are extraordinary.

On the 16th, you can go to Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum: You can take Tour 3 to go to Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum very quickly, half a day is enough to finish the tour, and then transfer to Tour 2 to go to Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum. It will take a little more time to go up the mountain, but there is Xiamafang Park on the way. The scenery is very good, take your time and take a look ><. In the evening, take the bus at the foot of the mountain to the station, ending the perfect journey home.

I don’t know about the accommodation, but it usually costs more than 100 per night.

A must-visit fun place when going to Nanjing. . Please give me some advice. .

There is no particularly interesting place in Nanjing. If you come with a tourist mentality, the places you must visit are Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum (free of charge) and the Presidential Palace (40 yuan).

The place you should or shouldn’t go to is Yuejiang Tower, Yuhuatai Meiyuan New Village

If you want to travel for leisure or there are many people, you can consider visiting Pearl Spring and then going to Tangshan to soak in the hot springs.