What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou? What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou?

Introduction: What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou? What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou? 1. What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou? 2. What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou? 3. What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou? 4. Which travel agency is the best in Wanzhou? 5. Wanzhou China Travel Service 6. Wanzhou District Travel Service

1. What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou?

Introduction: Chongqing Lechang International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Chongqing Leyou”) was established in December 2010. Its business network covers all major cities in Chongqing as well as Dianjiang, Rongchang, Kaixian, Jiangjin, Bishan, Wanzhou, Yongchuan, and Wuhan. Long, Hechuan, Fengdu and other surrounding districts and counties. The company has established a chartered flight, chartered ship, and chartered train center, adopted a “resources + marketing” operation method, and exclusively planned a series of large-scale marketing activities, such as “Ten Thousand People Dam Dance”, “Ten Thousand Lights of Lights for Samantabhadra Ceremony”, “Hundred people self-driving to Mount Emei” and “Charter flight to Da Nang, Vietnam” have achieved remarkable results in the Chongqing market and won high recognition from partners. Chongqing Leyou is committed to providing customers with better product experience and better service experience: worry-free group tours (quality group tours such as peripheral tours, domestic tours, outbound tours, cruise tours, etc.), free travel (air tickets + hotels) , hotel + attractions, car rental, visa, tour guide, etc. packages), corporate incentive tours (corporate incentive tours, corporate expansion, corporate inspections, exhibition affairs, business trips, etc.), themed in-depth tours (elderly tours, parent-child tours, self-driving tours, Honeymoon tours, study tours, cruises, etc.), high-end customized tours, outdoor adventures, cultural explorations, healthy rejuvenation, celebrations, events, wonders, etc.), local entertainment (local day tours, wifi, phone cards, attractions, entertainment activities, SPA etc.) Legal representative: Li Yongsheng Date of establishment: 2011-05-16 Registered capital: 3 million RMB Industrial and commercial registration number: 500105000130217 Enterprise type: Limited liability company (sole proprietorship) Company address: 6, Jianxin North Road No. 1, Jiangbei District, Chongqing No. 41-1

2. What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou?

From east to west, from Shanghai all the way to the west, take the train to Yunnan and Kunming, it is like spring all year round. You can also go to Kunming to celebrate the New Year if you leave before the year. During the Spring Festival, you can go to Yunnan to see rapeseed flowers.

From north to south, from Harbin to Guangzhou, you can take off your heavy clothes and enjoy the spring-like winter in Guangzhou. Strolling around the flower market and drinking morning tea, it’s a pleasure to spend your vacation leisurely.

3. What are the best travel agencies in Wanzhou?

Let me tell you clearly, it is definitely not expensive, just a few hundred yuan. Go to the Taibai Travel Agency opposite Wan’er Middle School to inquire! But you definitely won’t be able to finish a one-day trip. You can only go to a few places. Three to five days is about the same, but I personally feel that there is nothing interesting to see and I’ve gone to almost all of them.

4. Which travel agency in Wanzhou is the best?


1. It is best not to go there by yourself, because there is currently no direct shuttle bus and the taxi fee is high.

2. Because Qinglong Waterfall is a waterfall formed by an artificial reservoir, the waterfall cannot be seen 24 hours a day due to the need for water storage in the reservoir.

3. You can take the Qinglong Waterfall tourist bus at the entrance of Taibai Hotel. About 50 yuan per person, including bus fare, lunch, and waterfall entrance fees. It usually departs at 8:30 in the morning and returns around 3:00 in the afternoon. Because it is organized by a travel agency, the water will be released as soon as tourists arrive at the reservoir, and you can see the magnificent waterfall scenery no matter the season.

4. It is understood that there are no student tickets. Personal experience: 1. The scenic spot is relatively standardized, with good public security and no rip-off of guests. 2. The tour is very cost-effective, and you have a lot of time to take photos and play along the way. 3. There are no souvenirs to buy, but there is no need to bring any food, because the farm meal at noon is particularly delicious. Bring enough water and a camera.

5. Wanzhou China Travel Service

The speedboat seems to be around 130.

More than 50 by car. After arriving at Fengjie, transfer to Baidi City. You can also take a tour boat from a travel agency, but this is slow and expensive. Call and ask yourself

6. Wanzhou District Travel Agency

Well, New Journey International Travel Agency is really good. I have been there too. They have been selling a lot of summer camps recently. Their office was very busy when I went to sign up. Every year, our children go to summer camp with them. When they come back, they say they had a great time. , also very solid.