When is the best month to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area? How long should you spend in Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area?

Introduction: The best months to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area and how long to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area 1. How long to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area 2. Changshu Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area ticket opening hours 3. Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area Vacation Area 4. How long is the best time to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area? 5. Is Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area fun? 6. Can Shanghu and Yushan be visited in one day? 7. How long is the best time to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area?

1. How long does it take to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area?

Yushan is fun

Yushan is located on the bank of the gorgeous Shajiabang and Yangcheng Lake. It is like a bright green pearl embedded in the beautiful Jiangnan water town. The lakes and mountains in the scenic area complement each other beautifully, and it is known as “seven streams all lead to the sea, and half of the ten miles of green mountains enter the city”. Backed by green mountains and facing Shang Lake, the air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, and the forest landscape is gorgeous and spectacular. Take a tour bus to shuttle through the forest, and the green oxygen bar will make you forget the secular world. Along the way, the plank roads and pavilions, stone cave cold springs, and Pinghu waterfalls decorate the foothills into a unique mountain garden, especially the stone cave cold spring, which is the largest water diversion in the Jiangnan region. Fall. tiao lai kuantou

2. Ticket opening hours for Changshu Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area

It takes one and a half hours to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area

3. Yushan Shanghu Tourist Scenic Resort

On the first day, Yushan Scenic Area (Liangshan Project) (Xingfu Temple) (You can take the bus to the top of the mountain for 5 yuan and walk down) (If the weather is good, you can fly a kite on the lawn) There is also a museum nearby to feel the cultural atmosphere

(Nearby are Wengtonghe Zhuangyuanfang, Zengyuan and Zhaoyuan) Toutiao Laibian

The next morning: Changshu Mall* (shopping and clothes shopping)

The afternoon of the second day: Changshu Shanghu Peony Garden. (You can bring your own tent, barbecue grill, and fruits to have a comfortable outing trip)

Taobao Laopin Impression City offers Tiao Lai Noodles

4. How long is the appropriate time to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area?

1. Shajiabang Yushan Shanghu Tourist Area: 5A Scenic Area Boutou Lai

Shajiabang Yushan Shanghu Tourist Area consists of three major scenic spots: Shajiabang and Yushan Heshang Lake. It is based on the Jiangnan landscape culture and integrates humanities, ecology and leisure.

Yushan is a national forest park. It was named after Yu Zhong, the ancestor of Wu during the Shang and Zhou dynasties, was buried here. It is an important birthplace of Wu culture in China. Shang Lake and Yushan Mountain depend on each other. It is named after Jiang Shang lived in seclusion here to fish in the late Shang Dynasty. The lake is full of wetlands and herons are flying.

Shajiabang is famous for the Peking Opera “Shajiabang” and has formed revolutionary traditional education area, Hongshi Folk Culture Village and other attractions. Shajiabang Tourist Resort is a national patriotic education demonstration base.

2. Suzhou Starfish Island Paradise

Suzhou Starfish Island Paradise is located on the Zhuangyuan Embankment of Kuncheng Lake. The embankment runs across it and the island is shaped like a huge starfish in Kuncheng Lake, hence the name “Starfish Island”.

Starfish Island Paradise has five major theme areas, namely Fantastic Ocean World, Magical Starfish Field, Kuncheng Waterfront, Star Island Yacht Club, and Chuanhu Commercial Street. It has more than 50 types of colorful ocean sightseeing, recreation, and leisure activities suitable for all ages. The project not only integrates the display of marine life, but also carefully combines interesting and thrilling modern amusement facilities, such as roller coasters, big pendulums, flying boats, water speedboats, and kayaks. It is a combination of ocean sightseeing, entertainment interaction, and water sports. A new generation theme park integrating athletics, marine life displays and theme performances. tiao lai kuantou

3. Changshu Fangta Historic Site: 4A Scenic Spot Boutou Lai

Fangta Historic Area is located on the north side of the intersection of Tarong and Huancheng East Road, Changshu City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is named after the square tower in the park. Bian Toutiao Lai

The scenic area covers a total area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters. The buildings are all imitated in Song Dynasty style, gorgeous and grand, and have the cultural charm of royal gardens; at the same time, they fully adopt the twists and turns of Jiangnan gardens, poetic and picturesque techniques, including curved bridges, pavilions, pavilions, corridors and waterside pavilions. , rocks, flowers and trees complement each other.

There are scenic spots such as Changshu Stele Museum, Changshu Hall of Fame, Stele Corridor, Chonglan Thatched Cottage, Yayu Ju, Qingyuan Tower, and Tower Shadow Pond.

4. Jiangxiang Rural Tourism Scenic Area, Changshu, Suzhou City: 4A Scenic Area Tiao Lai Head

Jiangxiang Village, a shining pearl in the Jiangnan Water Town, is located in the southeast of Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, close to the Shajiabang Red Tourist Scenic Area, and is surrounded by Sujiahang, Yanjiang, Suzhou Ring Expressways and other expressways. It takes 3 minutes to get on the expressway. , National Highway 204 and Xitai First-Class Highway cross through the town, and the tourist transportation conditions are very convenient.

Achieving “Green Jiangxiang, Beautiful Jiangxiang, Neat Jiangxiang, Harmonious Jiangxiang, Happy Jiangxiang” will continue to increase the output value of the village’s three industries, steadily increase the per capita income of villagers and employee income, and create the National Human Settlements Environment Example Award and 5A We strive to achieve the goal of becoming a tourist attraction.

5. Changshu Plum and Plum Jusha Garden: 4A Scenic Area

Jusha Garden is located on the east side of Meili Central Town, covering an area of ​​64,000 square meters. It is named after the “Jusha Baifu Pagoda” built in the Southern Song Dynasty. Now Jusha Pagoda is a national cultural relic protection unit. The park has pavilions, waterside pavilions, towering ancient trees, shady trees, and colorful flowers. It is an ideal place for leisure and entertainment for travel enthusiasts.

The main attractions include: Pingshan Listening Spring, Jusha Pagoda Shadow, Ancient Tree Breeze, Lianfeng Tanyi, Xiaolian Plum and Plum, as well as the Corridor of Famous Inscriptions, the Exhibition Hall of Places of Interest and the Changshu People’s Armed Forces Monument, etc. The scenic area has a Pingtan bookstore, teahouse, children’s Amusement parks and other supporting leisure places integrate cultural entertainment, leisure and sightseeing functions.

6. Yanyuan: Cultural relics protection unit

Located in the ancient city of Changshu, it is said that it was built by Jiang Yuanshu, the son of Dongge University scholar Jiang Pu and the prefect of Taiwan during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It was originally named “Jiang Garden”.

Later, it was owned by his nephew Jiang Yinpei, the magistrate of Tai’an County. Jinling Ge Yuliang, a famous stone stacker in the Yanqing Dynasty, named it “Yan Valley” and the garden was named “Yan Garden”.

One theory: In the forty-fifth year of Qianlong’s reign, Jiang Yuanshu, who was the observation envoy to Taiwan and Pengzhou in Fujian and also an academic and political official, was in danger while crossing the sea. After returning to Changshu, he named it Yanyuan, which means “the return of Yan”; Peking University, Yanshan The university campus is also called Yanyuan. In 2013, it was listed as a national key cultural relic protection unit.

7. Xingfu Zen Temple, Changshu, Suzhou City

Xingfu Zen Temple is located in Yushan, the northern suburb of Changshu City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a national key temple and was first built in the Southern Qi Dynasty. Along the central axis of the temple, the temples and pavilions on the left and right are distributed among the gardens on the east and west sides. Water pavilions, pavilions, boats, caves and deep spring pools complement each other.

The rice stele pavilion is inlaid with “Inscribed on the Zen Temple Behind the Poshan Temple” written by the calligrapher Mi Fu of the Song Dynasty, the famous carver Mu Dazhanle of the Qing Dynasty, and the poet Chang Jian of the Tang Dynasty. It can be called the “three unique inscriptions of famous poems and books in the temple”. “. Xingfu Temple has majestic temples and strict Taoist customs. It is a tourist attraction for Buddhist believers and tourists at home and abroad to worship Buddha and travel.

8. Bian Toutulai, Longliqi Health Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Jiangnan is the paradise on earth that the world longs for, a harmonious home of spiritual freedom. “Longliqi” was born in this dreamy Jiangnan gifted by heaven and earth.

Longliqi Health Town is a town that is based on Longliqi’s large industry and built according to urbanization standards, showing vigorous vitality and attractiveness to the outside world. Bian Toutiao Lai

In 2004, it was approved by the National Tourism Administration as one of the “first batch of industrial tourism demonstration sites in the country”. It vigorously develops the beauty and health industry and industrial tourism, forms a tourism complex with industrial tourism as the main body, promotes Chinese health culture, and builds a tourism complex integrating multiple business formats. It consists of an industrial tourism area, a health care area, and a leisure and entertainment area. The facilities include a new intelligent factory, a R&D center, a loving home life experience center, a training center, a Zhenwu Temple, an organic farm, and other components. Toutiao Laixian

9. Changshu Garment City Shopping and Tourism Area

Changshu Garment City Shopping and Tourism Area, founded in May 1985, is located at No. 8 Shangcheng Middle Road, Changshu City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a comprehensive leisure shopping tourist area integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and tourism.

The tourist area covers an area of ​​3.71 square kilometers, with 35 professional markets, 28,000 shops and more than 5,000 clothing brands. The area mainly includes the fashion center, men’s clothing center, pants industry center, Marriott International Textile City, and central culture Plazas, hardware markets, decorative fabric markets, etc.

10. Zeng Zhao Yuan Tiao Lai Chou Head

Zeng Garden, formerly known as Xukuo Garden, is a famous classical garden in the south of the Yangtze River. It covers an area of ​​more than 20 acres. It was originally part of the “Xiaowangchuan” garden of Qian Dai, the supervisory censor during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. It was purchased by the Zeng family during the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty. It was written and built as a home by Zeng Zhi, a doctor in the Ministry of Punishment of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty.

The main scenic spots along the pond are Jiuqu Bridge, Stone Square, Rockery, Meiquan Zhisheng, Dianchun Corridor, Jingxi, Liufeng Bridge, etc. On June 5, 2006, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government merged the two gardens, Zeng Garden and Zeng Garden, and listed them as Zeng Zhao Garden as a provincial cultural relic protection unit. Bian Toutiao Lai

5. Is Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area fun?

Qizishan is located in the southwest suburb of Suzhou City and is named after the seven high piers on the mountain. Interesting attractions nearby include: Yonglian Town, Shajiabang Scenic Area, Taihu Tourist Area, Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area, Taihu Dongshan Scenic Area, Taihu Wangshan Scenic Area, Dongduyuan Scenic Area, Xiangshan Scenic Area, Xiaojiuhua Temple, Shengze Lake Rose Garden, Changyinsha Scenic Area, Tongluo Ancient Town, Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden, Wangjiashan, Lu Tomb Mountain, Wuwu, Wushan, Taohuawu and other scenic spots.

6. Can I visit Shanghu and Yushan in one day?

If you want to go with a group, you can only go with the group. In fact, Shanghu is close to Yushan, but it is similar to Yushan. It is a park type with mountains and rivers.

It’s a bit interesting to go boating, because my husband is from Changshu, and I don’t feel much about it after going there a lot. It was still fun to go there for the first time. In fact, Changshu is very close. One day is enough for you to go there by yourself.

7. How long is the best time to visit Yushan Shanghu Scenic Area?

It takes 20 minutes to go up the mountain.

The Yushan Tourist Cableway has a total length of 1,068 meters, a total of 90 hanging boxes, a running speed of 1 meter/second, a one-way passenger capacity of 300 people/hour, and a ride time of 20 minutes. It lies in the northwest of Changshu City, with the Yangtze River in the north and Shang Lake in the south. It was named after Yu Zhong (also known as Zhong Yong), the ancestor of Jiangnan during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, was buried here. The southeastern foothills of Yushan Mountain stretch into the ancient city, so it is known as “Ten miles of green mountains half into the city.”