Are there any fees for attractions in Hangzhou? Are there any fees for attractions in Hangzhou?

Introduction: Do attractions in Hangzhou charge? 1. Do attractions in Hangzhou charge? 2. Do attractions in Hangzhou charge now? 3. What attractions in Hangzhou charge a fee? 4. Are attractions in Hangzhou free? 5. Attractions that cost money in Hangzhou 6. Attractions in Hangzhou that charge a fee What are the free attractions? 7. Do Hangzhou scenic spots require tickets? 8. Do Hangzhou tourist attractions charge fees? 9. Do Hangzhou tourist attractions charge? Latest news 10. Hangzhou scenic spot charging standards 11. What Hangzhou tourist attractions charge?

1. Are there any fees for attractions in Hangzhou?

The free attractions with the Hangzhou Citizen Card include Orioles in the Willows, Fish Watching at Huagang, Prince Bay, Autumn Moon over Pinghu, Zhongshan Gongyuan, Wind Lotuses in Quyuan, Nanping Evening Bell, Broken Bridges, Long Bridges Are Not Long, Solitary Mountains Are Not Solitary, Flower Garden, Six Park, Baoshu Pagoda, Shiwu Cave, Yanxia Cave, Su Causeway, Bai Causeway, Yuquan, Botanical Garden, Jiuxi Shiba Beach, Longjing, Baita Park, Wushan, Xishan Forest Park, Banshan Forest Park, and so on.

2. Are there any fees for tourist attractions in Hangzhou now?

Ticket fees for scenic spots are not set casually by the scenic spots themselves. They usually submit an application report to the price bureau in the jurisdiction. The local culture and tourism bureau stamps its comments on the application report. The price bureau will make an assessment based on the actual situation and then issue a notice. Agree on the price of the scenic spot tickets, and then print the tickets. The tickets will have the seal of the Price Bureau.

3. What are the tourist attractions in Hangzhou that charge a fee?

Famous free tourist attractions in Hangzhou: Hangzhou West Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Prince Bay Park, Hefang Street, Jiuxi Eighteen Streams, Longjing Village, Qiantang River Bridge, Gushan, Xianghu Tourist Resort, Tonglu Jiangnan Ancient Village Scenic Area, Liangzhu Cultural Museum, Qinghefang Historical and Cultural Scenic Area, Qian Xuesen’s Former Residence, Hangzhou Group Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, etc.

4. Are Hangzhou attractions free?

All attractions that require tickets include half-price admission for those aged 65 and over, and free admission for those aged 70 and above.

5. Spend money at attractions in Hangzhou

My answer is: Only seniors over 70 years old in Zhejiang Province have free attractions. West Lake in Hangzhou is the first 5A-level scenic spot in my country that is free of charge. There are many scenic spots in Hangzhou that attract a large number of tourists through free tickets. And in For most of the paid attractions, those over 60 years old are discounted at half price, and those over 70 years old are free. However, one exception is that for those over 70 years old, the price is half price. And probably in order to take care of elderly tourists, there are elevators inside and outside the scenic area, which is quite domineering. This attraction is Leifeng Pagoda in West Lake.

6. What are the paid and free attractions in Hangzhou?

I know that free attractions for seniors over 70 years old in Hangzhou include Hangzhou Zoo, Zhang Taiyan Memorial Hall, Hangzhou Flower Garden, Yunsong Bookstore, Yunqi, Yuewang Temple, Yuhuang Mountain, Wansong Academy, Prince Bay Park, Su Dongpo Memorial Hall, Three Pools Reflecting the Moon, and Quyuanfeng Lotus, Qianwang Temple, Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum, Manlong Guiyu (Children’s Park), Longjing Mountain Garden Liuhe Pagoda Park, Liuhe Pagoda Climbing Pagoda, Peacock Garden, Jiuxi Waterfall, Huagang Fish Watching, Hupao Park, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Hangzhou History Museum, Hangzhou Forest of Steles, Guozhuang, etc. I hope it will be helpful to you, thank you

7. Do you need tickets for Hangzhou scenic spots?

Hangzhou Xianqiao Cave does not require separate tickets, it is included in the Lingshan Scenic Area ticket. Tickets for Lingshan Scenic Area are 80 yuan.

Xianqiao Cave is located in Lingshan Scenic Area in Hangzhou and is an attraction in Lingshan Scenic Area. Xianqiao Cave is located in the southwest of Lingshan Cave, 350 meters away from the exit. It is also located on the east side of Dawu Basin and is the gateway to and from Dawu Mountain. Passing through the steel cable suspension bridge that is 30 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 18 meters above the ground, the rocks on both sides are rugged and colorful. Looking up, you can see the “Xianqiao Cave” inscribed by Mr. Lu Yifei, a famous calligrapher and painter in Zhejiang Province. “Three powerful characters.

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8. Are there any fees for tourist attractions in Hangzhou?

No need. West Lake in Hangzhou has been open to the public for many years and no tickets are required. Except for the Yue Temple, Liuhe Pagoda and Lingyin, there are a few that charge a fee.

9. Are there any fees for attractions in Hangzhou? Latest news

Linping Mountain is charged, and the ticket is 20 yuan per person. Children under 1 meter and seniors over 60 years old are free. Linping Mountain has 14 scenic spots. There is a thin cave on the top of the mountain, also known as Dragon Cave. There are several scenic spots such as Qianjiu Sword Grinding Stone, Bailongtan, and Ouhuazhou up and down the mountain. There is Anyin Temple at the foot of Shanxi, which was built during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. It has a famous spring called “Anping”.

Su Shi once wrote a poem about the spring. In front of the temple, there are Tang Jingzhu (destroyed), ancient podocarpus, ancient box trees, Tang plum trees, etc. Linping is surrounded by mountains and lakes, and is home to the “Ten Scenic Spots of Linping”.

10. Fee standards for Hangzhou scenic spots

It’s free like West Lake, but there is a charge of 30 per person for boat rides, and there is also a charge for fishing.

11. What are the fees for Hangzhou attractions?

There are many free attractions for the elderly: Xixi Wetland, Qiandao Lake Forest Bar, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Hangzhou Lingyin Temple, Feilai Peak, Yuemiao Temple, Guozhuang Scenic Area, Liangzhu Heritage Park, Shangtianzhu Faxi Temple, Huanglong Cave, Hu Xueyan’s Former Residence. ��, Wansong Academy, Qianwang Temple, Liuhe Pagoda Park, Botanical Garden, Mulan Mountain Tea Garden, Yuhuang Mountain, and scenic spots around the West Lake are basically free, whether local or foreign tourists. The entire West Lake is open.