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1. Hongluyuan Hotel

Flying Dragon Cloud Detector: A skill that can steal the enemy’s belongings without anyone noticing. $Steal items or money

Sprinkle Gold Notes: Use money to exchange the essence of all our members for recovery. $Full increase in finesse

Xiukou Jinxin Curse: Use excellent eloquence to make the enemy lose confidence and reduce the enemy’s various abilities. $Single Reduce Armed Defense and Speedy Transportation

Ghost Refining Madness: A skill that makes a group of enemies crazy. $Quan crazy

No taboos: Can relieve all bad conditions. $ Single order to remove bad status

Wave of Silver Bullets: A skill transformed from a strong desire for money to attack all enemies. $Full reduction fine

Green Wave Red Dew Slash: Manipulate blood-sucking plants to absorb the enemy’s essence and use it for your own use. $Single absorption essence

Resurrection Photo: Use the power of Jacaranda to resurrect one of our targets. $Single resurrection increases essence

Return of the Five Poisons: Use the power of jacaranda to detoxify our individual targets. $Single solution to the five poisons

Jade Dew Returns Essence: Use the power of jacaranda to replenish essence for all of our party. $Full increase in finesse

Tian Ling Qian Rupture: Manipulate the flower jacaranda to attack a single enemy. $Single reduction fine

Ghost Drop: A ghost spell that confuses all enemies. $Total chaos

Ghost Forbidden: A relatively powerful ghost spell that puts all enemies in a forbidden state. $Total ban

Phantom Triple Kill: A ghost spell that attacks all enemies. $Full reduction fine

Ghost Prison Returns God: A ghost spell that can absorb a single enemy god. $Single Absorption God

Qiankun Throw: Throwing money as a hidden weapon, the most powerful spell that can cause huge damage to the enemy. $Full reduction fine

Ten Thousand Ant Gu: A curse that controls ants to attack a single enemy. $Single release of wall concealment

Semen-sucking Gu: A curse that absorbs the enemy’s essence and uses it for one’s own use. $Single three consecutive rounds of essence absorption

Dream snake poison: A kind of poison that hypnotizes all enemies. $ full sleep

Invisibility Gu: A curse that can make us invisible after use. $ single hidden

Ten Thousand Gu Eclipse: A powerful forbidden curse. $Full reduction fine

Forbidden Spell Seal: A talisman that seals the enemy. $Single envelope

Binding: A talisman that paralyzes the enemy. $order

Tianshi Talisman: A powerful talisman of the Shushan sect that attacks all enemies. $Full reduction fine

Sword God: The strongest sword-controlling skill of the Shushan School, summoning the Sword God to attack all enemies. $Full reduction fine

Demon Flame Flashing Slash: The strongest talisman of the Shushan Sect, attacking a single enemy. $Single reduction fine

Wind Blade Splits the Earth: Wind and Earth reduce Essence

Phantom water and thunder: Thunder water increases strength, prevents and speeds luck

Sword Qi Burns Thunder: Thunder Fire reduces Essence

Earth Fire Calls the Moon: Thunder and Earth reduce Essence

Ice and Fire Conferred God: Water and fire reduce essence

Falling from the ice: water and soil reduce essence

Earth Fire Shocks Heaven: Fire and Earth reduce Essence

Flowing Light Killing Immortal Slash: Wind, Thunder and Fire reduce Essence

Luanying Demon-Conquering Sword: Feng Shui Fire Reduces Essence

All spirits return divine light: Feng Shui and soil spirits are restored to 100%

Three Talents Demon Breaking Formation: Thunder, Fire, Earth Reduces Essence

Swirling light swallows the sun and moon: wind, thunder, fire and earth reduce essence

The ultimate curse returns to yin and yang: Wind, thunder, water and earth resolve all abnormal conditions and restore 100% of the spirit.

Sword energy reverses the universe: Feng, water, fire and earth reduce essence

Heaven and Earth Yuanling Slash: wind, thunder, water, fire and earth reduce essence

Afterimage Sword: Reduce Essence

2. Hongluyuan Hotel is a government

01 Childhood sweethearts

Changganxing (excerpt)

Tang Li Bai

Lang came riding a bamboo horse and went around the bed to make green plums.

Living together for a long time, the two children have no doubts.

【Definition】Describes the innocent appearance of children playing games. Now refers to the close relationship between a man and a woman in childhood.

02 A tacit understanding


Tang·Li Shangyin

Last night’s stars and last night’s wind were on the west side of the painting building and on the east side of Guitang.

There is no colorful phoenix flying wings in the body, but there is a clear understanding in the heart.

Separate seats are served with spring wine to warm them up, and separate seats are covered with candles and covered with red lamps.

Sighing, I listened to the drum and went to answer the official’s request. I walked around Malantai and turned around.

[Interpretation] It is a metaphor for a man and a woman in love who are in love with each other. It is often used as a metaphor for being able to understand each other’s thoughts.

03 A bright future

Tour Shanxi Village

Song Dynasty Lu You

Don’t laugh at the farmers’ wine, which is thick with wax and wine. In good years, enough chickens and dolphins are kept from visitors.

Mountain darkly, vista.

The flutes and drums follow the spring society, and the clothes and clothes are simple and ancient.

From now on, if I am allowed to take advantage of the moonlight, I will knock on the door all the time and night with my stick.

【Definition】The weeping willows are thick and the flowers are eye-catching. Describes the spring scene of willow trees and blooming flowers. It is also a metaphor for encountering a turning point in difficulties.

04 Human Face Peach Blossom

Titled Capital City Nanzhuang

Tang Cui Hu

Last year, today, in this door, people were surrounded by peach blossoms.

The human face has gone nowhere, but the peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze.

[Explanation] It means to describe the situation when a man and a woman fall in love by chance and then separate, and the man reminisces about the past.

05 Things are different and people are different

Wuling Spring·Spring Festival Gala

Li Qingzhao of Song Dynasty

The wind abides in the dust and the fragrant flowers are gone. I am tired of combing my hair day and night.

Things are different and people are not the same. Everything stops. If you want to speak, you will shed tears first.

I heard that the spring in Shuangxi is still good, so I plan to take a boat trip.

I’m afraid that the boat in Shuangxi cannot carry many sorrows.

【Definition】Things are still the same as before, but people are no longer the same people. It is often used to express the passage of time. So I miss my old friend.

06 Eclectic

Miscellaneous Poems of Ji Hai·Two Hundred and Twenty

Qing Gong Zizhen

Jiuzhou relies on wind and thunder to get angry, and it is sad that thousands of horses are silent.

I urge God to cheer up and send talents of any kind.

【Definition】Ge: specification, standard. Don’t be bound by standards.

07 Colorful colors

spring day

Song Zhu Xi

On the beautiful Surabaya coast, the boundless scenery is new for a while.

It is easy to recognize that in the east wind, there is always spring in a thousand colors.

【Definition】Describes the blooming of a hundred flowers and the bright colors. It also means that things are rich and colorful.

08 Dark fragrance and sparse shadows

Shanyuan Xiaomei

Song Dynasty Lin Bu

All the fragrances are swaying, and they are blooming alone, occupying the small garden with all the charm.

The sparse shadows are slanting across the clear and shallow water, and the faint fragrance is floating in the moonlight at dusk.

[Interpretation] It originally described the fragrance and posture of plum blossoms, but was later used as a synonym for plum blossoms.

09 Morning bells and evening drums

Tanka line

Song Dynasty Lu You

For hundreds of years, the world has been mourning together, and the bells in the morning and the drums in the evening have no rest.

The green peach and red apricot are easy to fall off, and the emerald eyebrows and jade cheeks are often separated.

[Interpretation] According to Buddhist rules, drums are played in the temple at night and bells are rung at night. Metaphors can make people alert and awaken.

10 Baiyun Cang Dog


Tang Du Fu

The floating clouds in the sky are like white clothes, and the whiskers are changing like gray dogs.

From ancient times to the present, everything in life is the same.

【Definition】The floating clouds are like white clothes, and in an instant they become like gray dogs. It means that things are constantly changing.

11 Swallows dance and warblers sing

brocade quilt pavilion

Song Su Shi

The smoke is red, the dew is green, the morning breeze is fragrant, the swallows are dancing and the orioles are singing, and the spring days are long.

Who knows how to make you poor and old, with embroidered screens and brocade tents and pipes and pipes in your throat?

【Definition】Describes the noisy and active scene of birds in spring. It is often used as a metaphor for the booming revolution and construction.

12 A heart of ice

Farewell to Xin Jian at Furong Tower

Wang Changling of Tang Dynasty

Entering Wu in the cold rainy night, I see off my guests in Chu Shangu in the morning.

Relatives and friends in Luoyang ask each other like a heart filled with ice in a jade pot.

【Definition】Describes an indifferent temperament and does not seek fame or fortune.

13 The spring breeze is proud

After admission

Tang Mengjiao

The sordid past is not worthy of praise, but today the dissolute thoughts have no limit.

The spring breeze is so proud that the horse’s hooves are so fast that I can see all the flowers in Chang’an in one day.

[Interpretation] The warm spring breeze is very suitable for people’s feelings. It later describes people’s situation is smooth, things go well, and their careers are successful.

14 Falling Flowers and Flowing Water

The waves wash over the sand and the rain gurgling outside the curtain

Tang Li Yu

The rain is gurgling outside the curtain, and the mood of spring is fading. Luo quilt can’t bear the cold at midnight.

In the dream, I didn’t know that I was a guest, and I was greedy for pleasure for a while.

Don’t lean on the fence when you are alone. There is no limit to the country. It is easy to say goodbye but difficult to see others.

The flowing water and falling flowers are gone in spring, and the world is in heaven and earth.

【Definition】Describes the ruined late spring scenery. It is often used to describe being defeated, and also refers to a messy and scattered appearance.

15 Inch of Grass Chunhui

Wandering Ziyin

Tang Mengjiao

Mother hands line, wandering clothing.

Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay in return.

Whoever speaks of an inch of grass will be rewarded with three rays of spring light.

[Interpretation] The meager kindness of the grass cannot repay the affection of the spring sunshine, which is a metaphor for the heavy kindness of parents, which is difficult to repay.

16 Good times are like dreams

Magpie Bridge Immortal·Xianyun Nongqiao

Song Qin Guan

Thin clouds make tricks, flying stars spread hatred, and silver men are far away in darkness.

As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will defeat countless people in the world.

Tenderness is like water, good times are like dreams, and I can’t help but look at the Magpie Bridge on the way home.

If the love between two people lasts for a long time, how can they be together day and night?

【Definition】The good times are like dreams and may disappear at any time.

17 The grass grows and the orioles fly

village dwelling

Qing Gaoding

The grass is long and the orioles are flying in the February sky, and the willows are blowing on the embankment and drunk with the spring smoke.

The children came back early from school and were busy taking advantage of the east wind to fly kites.

【Definition】Describes the scenery of late spring in the south of the Yangtze River.

18 Qingqing Zijin

Tanka line

Eastern Han Dynasty·Cao Cao

Wine and song, life geometry!

Just like the morning dew, the sun will be bitter when it goes away.

Generosity should be shown as generosity, and worries will be unforgettable.

How to relieve worries? Only Du Kang.

Green Zijin, Youyouwoxin.

But for your sake, I still ponder it.

Yo yo deer roar, eat wild apples.

I have guests, harp blowing Sheng.

It’s as bright as the moon, when can I shed it?

Worry comes from it and cannot be cut off.

The more unfamiliar you are, the more you cross the border, the more useless you are.

Qi Kuo talked about it, thinking about old kindness.

The moon and stars are few and far between, and magpies are flying south.

Three twists and turns around the tree, where is the branch to lean on?

The mountains never get too high and the sea never gets too deep.

The Duke of Zhou vomits food, and the world returns to its heart.

[Explanation] Literally means clothing, and later extended to mean the desire to get talented people.

19 shed tears of sadness

Deng Youzhou Taiwanese Song

Tang·Chen Ziang

There are no ancients in front of me, and no newcomers in the future.

Thinking about the long journey of heaven and earth, I shed tears with sadness.

【Definition】To shed tears sadly.

020 Long winds and waves

Difficult to travel

Tang Li Bai

A gold cup worth ten thousand dollars worth of wine, and a jade plate worth ten thousand dollars worth of precious wine.

Stopping the cup and throwing chopsticks, I can’t eat. I draw my sword and look around at a loss.

I want to cross the Yellow River, which is blocked by ice, and I will climb the snow-covered mountains of Taihang.

When I was free to fish on the Bixi River, I suddenly took a boat and dreamed of the sun.

Traveling is difficult! Traveling is difficult! There are many different roads, where are you now?

There will be times when the wind blows and the waves break, and the cloud sails are hung directly to help the sea.

[Interpretation] It is a metaphor for having great ambitions, not being afraid of difficulties, and moving forward bravely.

21 No vines or branches

Ai Lian said

Zhou Dunyi of Song Dynasty

The flowers of water, land and vegetation are very lovely. Tao Yuanming of Jin Dynasty only loved chrysanthemums. Since Li Tang, the world is very love peony.

I only love the lotus that emerges from the mud but is not stained, washes the ripples clear without being evil, is straight in the middle and has no vines or branches. I say chrysanthemum, the flower that represents seclusion; peony, the flower that represents wealth and honor; lotus, the flower that represents the gentleman.

Alas! The love of chrysanthemum is rarely heard of after Tao. Who can share the love of the lotus? The love of peony is suitable for everyone!

[Definition] There are no vines or branches growing sideways. It is a metaphor for speaking or writing articles that are concise and not complicated.

22 Cardamom Years

Two farewell songs

Tang Du Mu

Pingping is more than thirteen years old, and the cardamom leaves are in early February.

The spring breeze is ten miles away on Yangzhou Road, and it is not as good as rolling up the bead curtain.

【Definition】 Refers to a girl who is thirteen years old. It refers to a girl’s youth.

23 green fat red thin

Like a dream, last night it was rainy and windy

Li Qingzhao of Song Dynasty

It was rainy and windy last night. Heavy sleep will not eliminate the remaining wine.

When I asked the person behind the curtain, I found that Begonia was still the same.

Do you know? Do you know? It should be green, red and thin.

【Definition】The scene in late spring when the flowers are gradually blooming and fading, but the branches and leaves of the vegetation are in full bloom.

24 Famous forever

Drunk Songs (Excerpt)

Tang Du Fu

Dezun’s generation is often full of ups and downs, but what’s the use of being famous forever!

Du Ling’s wild guests sneered even more. They were covered in short brown hair and narrow hair.

[Definition] Refers to a reputation that will last forever.

25 Seeing flowers in the smoke

Xiao Han Shi Zhou Zhong Zuo

Tang Du Fu

Jiachenqiang’s diet is still cold, and he is almost depressed and wears a crown.

The boat on the spring water is like sitting in the sky, and the old flowers are like looking in the mist.

Juanjuan plays with butterflies passing through the curtain, and light gulls fly under the rapids.

The clouds and white mountains are more than ten thousand miles long, and looking directly to the north is Chang’an.

[Interpretation] Originally used to describe poor eyesight in old age and blurry vision, later it also refers to seeing things unrealistically.

26 Snow Claw

Hezi nostalgic by Mianchi

Song Su Shi

Life is similar everywhere, it should be like a flying dragon stepping on slush:

Occasionally, there are fingers and claws left on the mud, and Hongfei is counting the things.

The old monk has died and a new pagoda has been built. There is no way to see the old inscriptions if the walls are broken.

Do you still remember the rugged past? The road was long, people were trapped, and donkeys neighed.

【Definition】The claw marks left by swan geese on the snow. A metaphor for traces of the past.

27 Spend a fortune

Youth trip

Tang·Wu Xiangzhi

Cheng’en borrowed the opportunity to hunt Xiaopingjin, so that Qi would often travel to the nobles.

Spending huge sums of money is pure courage, and you don’t know poverty even if you don’t have four walls.

【Definition】Originally refers to betting as much as a thousand gold at a time when gambling, and later used to describe the wanton squandering of money.

28 The cloudy and sunny days come and go

Shui Tiao Ge Tou·When will the bright moon come?

Song Su Shi

When will the bright moon appear? Ask the sky for wine. I don’t know what year it is today in the palace in the sky. I want to ride the wind back home, but I’m afraid it’s too cold in the high places. Dancing clear shadow, like in the world.

Turn to the Zhu Pavilion, look down at the Qihu, and the light will make you sleepless. There shouldn’t be any hatred, so what’s the point of saying goodbye? People have joys and sorrows, separations and reunions, and the moon waxes and wanes. This is a difficult thing in ancient times. I hope that people will live long and share the beauty of the moon thousands of miles apart.

【Definition】Describes the different shapes of the moon. It is a metaphor for the impermanence of life and the bumpy and tortuous road of life.

29 thousands of households

yuan day

Wang Anshi of Song Dynasty

The sound of firecrackers marks the end of the year, and the spring breeze brings warmth to Tusu.

Thousands of households always replace old talismans with new peaches.

【Definition】To describe the depth and breadth of a palace or the large number of people.

30 The country is picturesque

Niannujiao·Chibi nostalgic

Song Su Shi

The great river goes eastward, and the waves are swept away, and there are romantic figures throughout the ages.

On the west side of the fort, the way of humanity is, Chibi, Zhou Lang of the Three Kingdoms.

Rocks pierced through the sky, stormy waves crashed onto the shore, and thousands of piles of snow were rolled up.

Picturesque, a moment how many hero.

Thinking back to Gong Jin’s time,

Xiao Qiao is married for the first time and is handsome and handsome.

Feather fans and silk scarves, while talking and laughing, the boats and oars disappeared into ashes.

My motherland wanders in my mind, I should laugh at my passion, and I will be born early.

Life is like a dream, a statue returns to the moon.

【Definition】The mountains and rivers are as beautiful as pictures. Describe natural scenery as beautiful as a picture.

3. What is the star rating of Hongluyuan Hotel?

  This poem was written in the ninth year of Xining (1076), the reign of Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, which was the Mid-Autumn Festival of the year Bingchen. The author knew Mizhou (now Zhucheng, Shandong) at that time. It can be seen from the preface that this poem is a lyrical work after being drunk, and it also expresses the longing for his brother Su Che (Ziyou). The ancients commented that the first half of the poem “is naturally the pen of a deity transforming into a human being” (“Ci Jie” was written first). In fact, the whole style of the poem is not like this. The detail of “asking wine to the sky” is similar to Qu Yuan’s “Wen Tian” and Li Bai’s “asking wine to the moon”. The obsessiveness of asking questions and the distractions of thoughts do indeed have a similar essence, energy, and spirit concentrated in them. In terms of creative motivation, the majestic poetry of Qu Yuan’s “Tian Wen”, which contains more than 170 questions, came from his wandering in the mountains and rivers, experiencing the tombs and land after his exile, and seeing “pictures of heaven, earth, mountains, rivers and gods” in the Temple of the Former Kings of Chu and the Gongqing Ancestral Hall. And “ask about it” after “the ancient sages and monsters acted” (Wang Yi’s “Chapter and Sentences of Chu Ci·Tian Wen Preface”). It is the product of situational contact and excitement. This poem is considered by many critics to be the “Tianwen” among poems, and it also has Li Bai’s fairy heart. Qu Yuan’s “Heavenly Questions” contains more than 170 questions; Li Bai’s “Wine to Ask the Moon” is an improvised work of nostalgia. This poem by Su Shi is a rhapsody about looking at the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival and having a joyful drink at the end of the night. It is also a “work of idleness” (Wang Guowei’s “Human Words”). Su Shi was 40 years old when he wrote this poem. Because he opposed Wang Anshi’s new law, he asked himself to be appointed to Mizhou. He was deeply concerned about the political situation of the imperial court and expected to return to Bianjing. He had complicated moods. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, he got drunk after one drink. When he woke up, he was deeply moved, so he wrote this poem. It is worth noting that the language and ambivalence displayed by Su Shi’s “I want to ride the wind back home, but I am afraid that the towering buildings and jade buildings will be too cold at high places. When I dance to clear my shadow, how can I be like a human being?” The language and ambivalence displayed by Su Shi were once imitated by everyone. For example, Huang Tingjian said, “I want to go through flowers to find the way, and go straight into the depths of white clouds, where the majestic rainbow is displayed. I am afraid that deep inside the flowers, the red dew will wet people’s clothes.”; Zhao Bingwen, “I want to ride a whale back, but I am afraid that the gods and officials will dislike me. It’s true when I’m drunk. I smile and pat the hands of immortals, I’ve been in my dreams several times, etc. The lower line is derived from the contradiction between birth and entry into the world, and is dedicated to the “human world”. The meaning of “contemplating having children” in the small preface also emerges. Change the first three sentences to describe the shape of the moonlight shining on people. The three words “turn, lower and shine” describe the charm of the movement of the moonlight. The word “Wu Mian” directly relates to Mid-Autumn Festival personnel affairs, and the meaning of “pregnant” brother vaguely emerges. The next five sentences jump out of personal thoughts, from personal farewell to the farewell of people all over the world, which suddenly enhances the realm of the poem. Not only for masturbation, but also for comfort, the meaning becomes deeper and deeper. The two sentences of Shapai are derived from Xiezhuang’s “Moon Ode”, “The beautiful woman is walking in silence, and the moon is shining together even though we are thousands of miles apart.” Although the moon is full and people are not full, the moon is bright for thousands of miles in the same sky. If a person can live a long life, he will have a day that is full with the moon. The whole word has several twists and turns of emotion, and the layers of meaning are progressively deeper, and they are at ease amid the contradictions. Hu Zaiyun said: “The Mid-Autumn Festival poems started from Dongpo’s “Shui Diao Ge Tou”, and the rest of the poems were exhausted” (“Tiaoxi Yuyincong Talk”). Six years after writing this poem, Su Shi (46 years old, living in Huangzhou) wrote another Mid-Autumn moon appreciation poem – “Nian Nujiao”: Looking far into the distance from a high position, I can see the sky, thousands of miles of clouds, leaving no trace. The osmanthus flies to the place where the light shines, and the autumn green is soaked in the cold for a day. Yuyu Qionglou, riding a luan to and fro, people are in Qingliang country. The mountains and rivers are picturesque, and the smoke and trees are visible in the distance. I drunkenly clapped my hands and sang wildly, raised my glass to the moon, and looked at each other as three guests. Dancing and wandering under the wind and dew, I don’t know what night it is. He wanted to ride on the wind, but he turned over and returned. There was no use riding on the wings of a roc. In the Crystal Palace, a flute broke.

4. Address of Hongluyuan Hotel

1. The original intention of singing harmony

The original meaning of singing harmony is that when singing, one person sings in harmony with the other, and one person sings in harmony with the other. For example, the word “Bamboo Branch” specifically marks “harmony.”

The hibiscus has two branches (bamboo branches) and one heart (daughter). ○○●●,●○△.

The flowers invade the bamboo branches, and the eyes see through the daughter. ○○●●,●○△.

From the word score, we can see that there are only 14 characters with flat and oblique symbols. It can be seen that (bamboo branch) and (daughter) are not characters on the word score. The “Qin Ding Ci Pu” explains: The bamboo branches and daughters noted are the sounds of the group accompanying each other when singing.

In “Poetry·Zheng Feng·Ju Xi”: “Uncle Xi, uncle Xi, advocate Yu and his daughter.” Lu Deming’s explanation: “This is also called ‘sing’.” “Xunzi·Music Theory” also has: “Singing and harmony have corresponding responses. “People of our age all know that there is an old movie called “Liu Sanjie”. The folk song of Liu Sanjie goes like this:

Sing folk songs, sing here and there…

2. Poems and responses that do not require rhyme and singing

The earliest singing harmony did not require rhyme, but only required a poetic echo, such as the singing harmony between Liu Zongyuan and Liu Yuxi. Ten years after Yongzhen’s reform, they were demoted not long after they returned to Beijing. When Liu Zongyuan and Liu Yuxi said goodbye, they composed a seven-rhyme poem, “Hengyang and Meng parted ways to say goodbye”:

After ten years of languishing in Qinjing, who would have expected that he would turn out to be a layman. The old road of Fubo is windy and smokey, and the grass and trees of Wengzhong’s ruins are flat.

Directly use carelessness to attract material discussion, don’t use words to occupy the time and name. Today there is no need to say goodbye by the river. I will weep for a thousand miles before washing my tassels.

Liu Yuxi replied with a poem “Grant Lianzhou again and go to Hengyang to reward Liu and Liuzhou to say goodbye”

Ten years after leaving the country, we went together to attend the call. After crossing Hunan for thousands of miles, we were separated again. When Prime Minister Huang came back, he was dismissed from office and was named Shame Liu Shishi.

Returning to the head and following the wild geese, I feel worried when I meet the severed ape. The Guijiang River passes by the foot of the mountains to the east, looking at each other and chanting thoughtfully.

Both of these two songs have seven rhymes, but there is no requirement for rhyme. Liu Zongyuan rhymes with Qing and Geng rhymes, and Liu Yuxi rhymes with Zhi rhyme.

?3. Yuan Bai sings harmony

In the mid-Tang Dynasty, Yuan Zhen and Bai Juyi began to sing a large number of harmonies with each other in sub-rhymes, which had a great influence on later generations. Yuan Zhen and Bai Juyi were demoted to Tongzhou and Jiangzhou respectively. Today we can send each other a WeChat message to comfort each other. Of course, people at that time communicated by letters, but these two people frequently sent poems and sang endlessly. Yuan Zhen said in “Shanglinghu Xianggong’s Poems”:

Ju Yi Ya can write poems based on the love that drives his words, and the rhyme and sound can be as perfect as possible. He can write poems of a thousand words or five hundred words, and send them to each other. Xiaosheng’s self-examination can’t pass it. He often plays with old rhymes and creates new words, which are called secondary rhymes and complement each other. “

The singing poems of the Yuan and Bai periods in this period are mostly long and long. They must abide by the rhythm and pay attention to the complementarity of secondary rhymes. The short ones are fifty or sixty sentences, and the long ones are hundreds of sentences. For example, Bai Juyi’s “A Hundred Rhymes from the Southeast to the Yuan Dynasty of Tongzhou” 9. To Yuan Zhen, one rhyme contains ten characters, and 100 rhymes equals 1,000 characters:

Going south, it passes through Sanchu, and coming east, it passes through Five Lakes. Look at the waiting hall on the top of the mountain, and ask about the journey on the water.

The land is far away from the Qingjiang River, and the sky is as low as the sea. The drifting leaves are like falling leaves, and the majesty is like riding on a raft… Omit 1000-40 words

Yuan Zhen immediately wrote “Hundred Rhymes of Southeast Poems for Lotte” as a reward:

When I was sick, I just sang Yue, and you have already crossed the lake. Go to the straight road to meet the fate, and the road will not end if you cry.

Yazhu is startled by the cold, and the hall is empty at night. The dark soul longs for the candle, the dangerous dream is timid to ride on the candle… Omit 1000-40 words

In Yuan and Bai’s poems, we have to pay attention to the rhymes, adhesion, and obliqueness. The 98 couplets in the middle also have to be in contrast. Isn’t it difficult?

4. Poetry, singing and rhyme, using rhyme, secondary rhyme (step rhyme)

1. The difference between following rhyme, using rhyme and secondary rhyme

Follow rhyme: compose a poem based on the rhyme of other people’s poems. The words used in rhyme only need to have the same rhyme as the original poem but not necessarily the same words; rhyme: refers to the same rhyme words as the original poem, but the order has changed; secondary rhyme is also called step rhyme: refers to the same rhyme words as the original poem, but the order remains unchanged, such as The sub-rhyme poem between Yuan and Bai above. Poets after the Yuan and Bai Dynasties became more and more fond of secondary rhymes in their singing. For example, He Zhu’s “Qingyu Case·Lingbo Can’t Stop on Hengtang Road” and Qin Guan’s “Qianqiu Sui·Waterside Sand Outside” had dozens of secondary rhyme poems handed down in the Song Dynasty. head.

Note: Rhymes are words that rhyme at the end of sentences in rhymes (poems, lyrics, songs, poems, etc.)

2. The ancients’ Yiyun was also a Secondary rhyme

However, many of the “Yi rhymes” in ancient titles are secondary rhymes (step rhymes). For example, Mei Yaochen’s secondary rhyme and Ouyang Xiu’s “Five Poems for Sensing”,

“One of the Five Sensational Poems” [Song Dynasty] edited by Ou ��

The temple is a strict secret hall, and the photos are taken with great sincerity. At the end of the year, I am sad that the trees are falling, and I hear the cranes singing in the cold weather.

Thinking about the past hills and valleys, how can you know the conditions of the market? A weak-aged infant becomes an official, but a strong-minded person admires fame.

If you are sick, you will be ashamed of your rich salary, and if you suffer from premature aging, you will regret the rest of your life. Unknown to the dog and horse, he returned to farming peacefully.

“One of the five poems inspired by Yiyun Fenghe Yongshu” [Song Dynasty] Mei Yaochen

There is a gentleman on the spring, and the temple expresses the sincerity of the Lord. There are always heavy rains, and the screams of dragons are everywhere.

Praying for the sunrise to bring relief to the people. The emperor sent him to repay him, and he was named Mei.

Because of the sense of success, the common people use language all their lives. The road to dance is not yet ripe, and the field of love does not need to be plowed.

3. The rhyme used by the ancients is also secondary rhyme.

The same title says that it is in rhyme, but many works are actually in sub-rhyme, such as the harmony between Chen Liang and Xin Qiji. To use rhyme, the rhyme order does not need to be the same, but the rhyme order of these two words is exactly the same.

“Congratulations to the bridegroom for his reward for your safety, and then send it in rhyme” [Song Dynasty] Chen Liang

Li Luan starts from the beginning. If you love our people, you won’t love the golden bamboos, they will be overgrown with vines. When the strong energy is gone, people are fragile and good, and the crown covers the Yinshan Mountain to watch the snow. If you kill me, I will get a star. The tearful daughter Wu Cheng turned upside down and asked how old Lu was when Qi was weak. Qiu Ye is lucky, so he can do it.

Replace the banner with a new one. Take the time and great righteousness and take them apart and put them back together. As soon as the stronghold called me to go, I shook my limbs and bones for thousands of miles. These words are arrogant and crazy. Whoever fanned the tornado of heaven and earth will be in the middle, and the iron will be long and strong. The Feishui broke and Guandong was torn apart.

“Congratulations to the bridegroom for making peace with his father, and then reply in rhyme” [Song Dynasty] Xin Qiji

What a shame, boss! It seems that now, the smell of Yuanlong and the entanglement of Meng Gong. I, the sick man, came to sing and drink loudly, causing the snow to fall from the top of the building. Laughing at wealth and wealth, and being in great danger. Who will listen to the hard words? I remember that at that time, there was only the moon in the west window. Drink again and change to the harp.

Things are the same, people’s hearts are different. Ask Qu Nong: After all, how many separations have there been in China? No one cares about the car of sweat, blood and salt, and collects the bones of a horse thousands of miles away. The right eye is cut off, and the road to the river is cut off. I pity you the most, Zhongxiaowu, a Taoist man who is determined to die! Try your hand and mend the cracks in the sky.

These two capitals all have rhymes: Shuo, Ge, Xue, Fa, Yue, Se…

4. The secondary rhyme is better than the original word

Wang Guowei’s “Human Words” commented that Su Dongpo’s Yanghua Ci was better than Zhang Zhifu’s original poem:

Dongpo’s “Shui Long Yin” sings about poplar flowers, and the rhyme is similar to the original sung; Zhang Zhifu’s poem is sung to the original and is similar to the sung rhyme. Talent cannot be overpowered!

Zhang Kai (pronounced jié, 1027-1102), also known as Zhifu, was a famous general in the Northern Song Dynasty. He defeated the Xixia army many times. “History of the Song Dynasty” commented: “Zhang Kai’s border contributions are the best in the West.” Zhang Kai was not A martial artist, he passed the imperial examination in the second year of Zhiping (1065) and ranked first in the examination of the Ministry of Rites. Let’s first look at Zhang Zhifu’s “Yanghua Ci”:

The swallows are busy, the orioles are lazy and fragrant, and the willow flowers are falling on the embankment. Flying and dancing wildly, stippling the green forest, without any thought. Take advantage of the leisure time and go to the deep courtyard quietly. The door is closed every day. The beaded curtain is loose and about to fall down, and is lifted up by the wind in front of me.

The beautiful woman in the orchid tent is sleeping, wearing strange spring clothes and snow-covered flowers. The embroidery bed is full of spin, and there are countless fragrant balls, which are round but broken. Every now and then I see bees, sticking their backs to light powder, and fish swallowing the pond water. Looking at Zhangtai Road, Jinan is wandering, and there are tears.

Let’s take a look at Su Shi’s “Shui Long Yin·Ci Yun Zhang Zhi Hu Yang Hua Ci”

It looks like a flower, but it still doesn’t look like a flower, and no one cherishes it. Leaving home on the road, thinking is ruthless and thoughtful. The lingering damage to the soft intestines makes the delicate eyes want to open but also close. The dream travels thousands of miles with the wind, looking for the man’s whereabouts, and is called by the oriole again. No

I hate that these flowers have all flown away, I hate the West Garden, and it is difficult to decorate the red flowers. When dawn comes and the rain passes, where are the traces? A pool of broken apples. There are three parts of spring scenery, two parts of dust, and one part of flowing water. If you look closely, you can see that they are not Yanghua, but the tears of Li Ren.

Su Shi’s poems about objects and personification depict the image of a missing woman. Using Yanghua as a metaphor for people, the description of Yanghua completes the shaping of the character’s image. It is both a poem about things and a poem about people. This is why many people think that Su Shi is one level higher than Zhang Zhifu’s poems.

However, although Su Shi’s sub-rhyme poems are more popular and praised by more people, some people have different opinions. Wei Qingzhi of the Song Dynasty believed that Zhang Zhifu fell short of Su Shi:

I think that the so-called “bead curtains are loose and about to fall down, leaning against the front and being lifted up by the wind” in Zhifu’s poem can also be described as the beauty of the poplar flowers. Although Dongpo’s position is high, it may not be as good as… “Poet’s Jade Chips”


Singing poems use the rhyme and rhyme of the original poem. If another layer of shackles is added to the meter, as Yuan Zhen and Bai Juyi did, it will be extremely difficult to write the rhythm of 1,000 words, and it will be even more difficult to rhyme the words.

But on the other hand, secondary rhyme is also a kind of training in choosing words and making sentences. For beginners of poetry, it may be a good way to practice writing. When Lao Jie started to learn Ci, Dong Shi Xiaochian Ci rhymed with Yanghua Ci written by Su Shi and Zhang Chengfu.

“Shui Long Yin·Ci Yun Su Dongpo Yang Hua Ci” Old Street Taste

If I want to fly, I still wander by myself. I cherish my hope and fall with the wind. The fragrant grass on the ferry, the new willows by the bridge, everyone’s feelings. The flower fence in the old courtyard and the red dew on the swing make it difficult to close my heart. I hate that the spring breeze, thousands of miles away, has no place to live, and is always blown up by the dust.

The sky is empty, the rain is empty, and everyone is gone. How can it be even more shameless and detached? A sound of heartache, a sound of silence, a sound of heartbreak. There are three lives on the stone, two lives are misty, and one life is flowing water. If you think about it carefully, it is just like poplar flowers, but also like the tears of pedestrians.

The lyrics are not very good, but I am very impressed, because this seems to be my first alliteration word. If fellow poets have any good works, please share them with us.


Do you know? He should be green, fat, red and thin, but behind the three songs “Like a Dream” is a desolate Li Qingzhao

The three meanings of sealing the wolf to stay in Xu in Xin Qiji’s “Yong Yu Le Jingkou Bei Gu Pavilion Nostalgia”

Believe it or not, you can use this quiz to tell if someone really understands poetry.

5. Telephone number of Hongluyuan Hotel

, I want to find a way through flowers, go straight into the depths of white clouds, and show my majesty and rainbow.

From “Shui Tiao Ge Tou Tour” by Huang Tingjian of the Song Dynasty

The Yao grass is so green that it flows into Wuling River in spring. There are countless peach blossoms on the stream, and there are orioles on the branches. I want to find my way through the flowers, and go straight into the depths of the white clouds, displaying my majestic rainbow. I’m afraid that deep inside the flowers, the red dew will wet people’s clothes.

Sitting on a jade stone, leaning on a jade pillow, brushing the golden emblem. Where is the immortal? There is no one to accompany me to the White Snail Cup. I am Ganoderma lucidum and fairy grass. If I am not a red-lipped and red-faced person, what should I do if I roar? Drunk dancing goes down the mountain, and the bright moon chases everyone back.


The Yao grass is so green, spring has come to Wuling River. There are countless peach blossoms on the stream, and there are orioles on the flowers. I wanted to find a way out through the flowers, but I walked into the depths of the white clouds, and the top of the rainbow showed its majesty. I’m afraid that deep in the flowers, dew will wet the clothes.

Sitting on a jade stone, leaning on a jade pillow, holding a gold emblem. Where is the banished immortal? There is no one to accompany me to drink from a snail cup. I was looking for Ganoderma lucidum, not for the superficial prosperity, and I sighed for what. When I was drunk and dancing down the mountain, the bright moon seemed to be driving me home.

2. I always regret that this body is not mine. When will I forget about camp?

From “Linjiang Immortal·Drinking at Dongpo at Night to Wake Up and Recover Drunk” by Su Shi of the Song Dynasty

After drinking in Dongpo at night, I woke up drunk and came back as if it was midnight. The boy’s breath is thundering. No one knocks on the door, but leans on the stick and listens to the sound of the river.

I always regret that this body is not mine, when will I forget Yingying? The wind is quiet at night and the grain is flat. The boat passed away from now on, and the river and sea left it for the rest of my life.


I drank in Dongpo at night. I got drunk and woke up again. I woke up and drank again. It seemed to be the third watch when I came back. The servant boy at home was already fast asleep and snoring like thunder. After knocking on the door repeatedly, there was no response, so I could only lean on the quinoa stick and listen to the roar of the rushing river.

I always regret that I am in the official career, and this body is no longer my own. When can we forget about competing for fame and wealth? Taking advantage of the late night, calm wind, and flat river waves, I sailed on a small boat and disappeared, traveling around the rivers and lakes for the rest of my life.

3. May heaven and earth be filled with joy every year and tonight.

From “Er Lang Shen Yan Guang Xie” by Liu Yong of the Song Dynasty

Yanguang thanks. After the dusk rain, the fragrance dust is lightly sprinkled. A cold breeze blows through the courtyard, the sky is as cool as water, and jade hooks hang far away. It must be that Xing’e has been complaining for a long time, talking about the Old Testament, and trying to drive the wheel. As far as the eye can see, there are slight clouds and darkness, and the Milky Way is high and clear.

Leisurely and elegant. It should be noted that this scene is priceless in ancient and modern times. The girl upstairs is using her ingenuity and threading needles, and she is carrying the powdered noodles, and the servant girl looks at her in the clouds. Where the tin alloy hairpin whispers, who is there, under the shadow of the corridor. May heaven and earth have joy and joy every year and tonight.


The summer heat has subsided, and after a dusk rain, the dust has swept away. The cold wind cleared the courtyard just as the dew was forming. The sky is as blue as water, and a crescent moon hangs in the distant sky. It may be that the Weaver Girl lamented being separated from her husband for a long time, so she took a fast windwheel to fly across the Milky Way to go on a date. Looking around, colorful clouds drift across the Milky Way in the high night sky. The bright Milky Way hangs high.

The quiet night sky. You must know that no amount of money can buy this situation. The beautiful ladies in the boudoir looked at the moon under the moonlight, threaded needlework, and begged the Weaver Girl for her skills. Lifting up her powdered face, her temples drooped. Guess who is exchanging tokens and whispering in the shadow of the corridor. May everyone in heaven and earth be happy today and every year.

4. May the moon be always full and never be short of it temporarily.

From “Drunk and Desolate·Preview Scene: Longmen Memorial to the Empress of the Ming Festival” by Zhao Ji of the Song Dynasty

Speechless and choked. Look at the lanterns to remember the time of year. Xingxing refers to the meaning of “Xingxingxing”. May the moon always be full and never be missing temporarily.

This year’s city lights display. Good lights make people feel sad. I dare not say it clearly in front of others. Can’t bear to look up, ashamed to see the old moon.


It’s the time to look at the lanterns again, and I feel so sad. I can’t see the people from last year, and I am speechless and choked. I remember when we looked at the lanterns and admired the moon together. We often pointed out the moon and repeatedly said that we wished the moon would always be full and never miss a moment. The moon is always round, which is people’s best wish.

However, at this time this year, the full moon is no longer round. Gorgeous streets lined with colorful lights. The beautiful light scenery is dizzying, but at this time, I no longer have the same mood as before. Can’t bear to look up, can’t bear to see the bright moon of the past.

5. I have no need to ask for temporary enlightenment.

From Han Yu’s “Dongting Lake Blocks the Wind and Presents Zhang Shiyi Department at the Time of Moving from Yangshan to Jiangling” by Han Yu of the Tang Dynasty

In October, the yin energy is strong and the north wind never stops. On the vast shore of Dongting, I have two boats with Ziwei.

The fog and rain are turbulent, and the waves are angry at each other. If the dogs and chickens are cut off, who can make plans if the food is gone?

It’s difficult to walk away from each other, as dangerous as a mountain. Talking can make you full, but your dreams are endless.

Men and women are noisy, crying but chirping when hungry. If you don’t care about the north and return to Xingxing, what’s the use of overcoming sorrow?

There is daylight outside the clouds, and the cold light is lingering. I have no need to ask for temporary enlightenment.


In October, the cold front was extremely strong, and the north wind blew continuously. On the shore of this vast Dongting Lake, you and I are tied to our boats respectively. At this time, the fog and rain were falling in darkness, and the waves on the lake were furiously beating against each other. The chickens and dogs around the boat can hardly bark, and the food on the boat for you and me is nowhere to be found. Even if I try to move, I can’t succeed. It’s like being blocked by a hill.

Although talking now can dispel the feeling of hunger, the dreams in life are unfounded. The men and women on the left and right were making noises, and some were even crying and tweeting because of hunger. Thinking about it, if it weren’t for the attraction of returning to the north, how could I stay here and endure the sorrow. But looking at the day outside the clouds in the sky, the cold light shot out is leisurely. If it can stop raining and see sunny days at this moment, this is my supreme prayer.