What tourist attractions are closer to Huangshi? What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi?

Introduction: What tourist attractions are closer to Huangshi? What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi? 1. What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi? 1. What are the fun places in Huangshi’s tourist attractions? 3. What are the tourist attractions in Huangshi? 4. What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi? What attractions are available for one-day tours 5. Attractions near Huangshi City 6. What attractions are there in Huangshi area 7. The top ten tourist attractions in Huangshi 8. What attractions are there in Huangshi City, Hubei 9. What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi 1 Day trip price

1. What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi?

Tours around Huangshi include Qifeng Mountain Ecological Tourism Scenic Area, Xiandao Lake, Ci Lake, Xisai Mountain, etc. There is a resort in Qifeng Mountain, Sanjiao Mountain Resort, which has complete facilities for food, accommodation, entertainment, travel and shopping. You can also experience farmhouses and other things by yourself, and you can make your own pheasant specimens. There are mountains, water and beautiful scenery. Especially in summer, it is very cool to escape the heat there, and the cost is not high, so it is very cost-effective. If you have the opportunity, you can go and have a look.

2. What are the interesting places in Huangshi City’s tourist attractions?

Unfortunately, there are no 5A scenic spots in Huangshi, but there are several 4A scenic spots that we can recommend to you:

1. Yellowstone National Mining Park is my country’s first national mining park. The “Ye” of the famous Hanyeping Coal and Iron Company refers to the Daye Iron Mine. After a hundred years of mining, the east open-pit stope of the Daye Iron Mine has formed the world’s highest and steepest slope with a drop of 444 meters.

2. Dongfang Mountain Scenic Area, located in Xialu District, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, is a Buddhist cultural scenic spot. Known as the “No. 1 Mountain in the Three Chus”, Dongfang Mountain was named after Dongfang Shuo, a great scholar in the Western Han Dynasty, once lived here. Emperor Shunzong of the Tang Dynasty In the first year of Yongzhen (AD 804), the great monk Zhiyin opened a Buddhist dojo here. For thousands of years, the Buddhist culture of Dongfang Mountain has been passed down from generation to generation, and the incense continues all year round.

3. Yangxin Xiandao Lake Tourist Scenic Area. Xiandao Lake is located in Wangying Town, Yangxin County, at the northern foot of Mufu Mountain. It is 140 kilometers away from Wuhan, an important town in central China, and 130 kilometers away from Lushan Mountain. It passes by National Highways 106 and 107. It covers an area of ​​276 square kilometers. 1,002 islands are embedded in 46,000 acres of water, just like the Milky Way constellation. It is not a fairyland but a fairyland. It enjoys the reputation of “the first strange lake in Jingchu”.

4. Leishan Scenic Area is located in Chengui Town, 15 kilometers west of Daye City, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, with a total area of ​​54.8 square kilometers. The highest peak, Maoerfu, is 774.9 meters above sea level. It governs three major scenic spots: Xiaolei Mountain, Daquangou and Tiantai Mountain. .

3. Huangshi tourist attractions

There is no high-altitude bungee jumping within a radius of 200km near Huangshi. The high-altitude bungee jumps currently open in Hubei include Yichang Three Gorges bungee jumping and Shiyan Wudang Mountain bungee jumping. In addition, high-altitude bungee jumping is also open at Window of the World in Changsha, Hunan.

4. What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi for one-day tours?

I personally recommend the following attractions for you to visit around Wuhan on New Year’s Day:

Huangpi Mulan Cultural Ecological Tourism Area; Daqi Mountain Forest Park; Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area; Wunao Mountain Forest Park; Dilongliangzi Island Ecological Tourism Scenic Area; Huangshi Sky City Scenic Area, etc.

These scenic spots are all within 100 kilometers of Wuhan City. You can go back and forth on the same day whether you drive yourself or take a shuttle bus, or you can stay locally. It is very suitable for short-term travel around the country during a vacation of less than 2 to 3 days.

5. Tourist attractions near Huangshi City

There are Xiandao Lake, Xiaolei Mountain, Dongfang Mountain, Ci Lake, Longjiao Mountain, etc.

6. What are the attractions in Huangshi area?

  Huangshi urban area includes four municipal districts: Huangshi Port District, Xisaishan District, Xialu District, and Tieshan District. Huangshi is located in the southeast of Hubei Province, on the south bank of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The city was established in August 1950. It is one of the first two provincial municipalities established in Hubei Province after the founding of New China. It is the sub-central city of Wuhan City Circle, an important raw material industrial base in central China, and an open city along the river approved by the State Council.

7. Top ten must-visit attractions in Huangshi

Huangshi Railway Station is located near Xujiapu, Luoqiao, Daye. It is owned by the Wuhan Railway Bureau. It is an intermediate railway station with many years of history. Daye, Huangshi, is a famous ancient ore smelting capital. The Daye iron ore is famous far and wide. Zhangzhidong Ruins, Dongfangshan Scenic Tourist Area, Flying Egrets in front of Xisai Mountain, Peach Blossom Flowing Water Mandarin Fish Fat, Xisai Mountain, etc. There are countless famous scenic spots.

8. What are the tourist attractions in Huangshi City, Hubei Province?

Along the Yellowstone River are the Huangshi Highway Yangtze River Bridge, Bridgehead River Beach Park, Shenjiaying Pier, Huangshi Port Pier, Xisai Mountain, Xisai Mountain Bailuzhou, Hekou Park, Buddhist Dongfangshan Dojo, Dongfangshan Pagoda, Dongfangshan Pedestrian Trail, Father and Son Mountain walking trails, Qifeng Mountain, Longjiao Mountain Shibaguai, Dongfangshan Buddhist Temple, Daye Special Steel ancient smelting ruins, Jiangtan Leisure Park.

9. What are the tourist attractions around Huangshi and the prices for one-day tours?

Mining Geopark (Tiankeng), Dongfang Mountain, Tuancheng Mountain Park, Children’s Park, People’s Square, Lakeside Green Corridor, Huaxia City, Cihu, Xisai Mountain Park, Feiyun Cave Park, Qingshan Lake Park, Workers’ Cultural Palace, Xiao Leishan, Xiandao Lake, Binjiang Park, Qiaotou Park, etc.

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