What do you need to prepare for traveling abroad and how much money should you bring?

Hello! Nowadays, traveling abroad has become the choice of most citizens. However, it is essential to purchase an overseas travel insurance before traveling. With so many insurance companies, you will inevitably feel dazzled and do not know which travel insurance is suitable for you. How to buy the right insurance for a half-month overseas trip? Depending on the coverage, overseas travel insurance can be divided into Schengen overseas travel insurance and ordinary overseas travel insurance. It is recommended that you make a reasonable purchase on Huize.com based on your specific overseas plan and your actual protection needs. The overseas travel insurance products provided online are not only diverse, but also affordable and easy to operate. You need to pay attention to the following points before purchasing insurance:

1. Choose an appropriate medical insurance amount based on foreign consumption levels.

2. The overseas travel insurance purchased needs to cover your entire trip. Make your entire trip covered.

3. When purchasing outbound travel insurance, pay attention to whether international emergency rescue services are included. Since it is difficult for domestic insurance companies to expand their outlets abroad, outbound travel insurance products usually cooperate with international emergency rescue companies. Whether a tourist has lost his wallet or lost his passport, he can call the rescue hotline. Some major international insurance companies also provide Chinese services.

4. Choose a suitable insurance platform and purchase online on Huize. You can compare the products of multiple insurance companies and choose the product that best suits your protection and travel needs. Applying for insurance is also very simple and convenient. On the homepage of Huize.com, register as a member for free. After logging in, select the product you like, select the guarantee period, and you can buy it immediately. The price is cheap, and the entire insurance process is clear and transparent, eliminating the hassle of intermediaries. The premiums are lower and the autonomy is stronger. Buying cost-effective overseas travel insurance through Huize.com is not only affordable, but also more professional and secure. Huize.com integrates overseas travel insurance products provided by many well-known insurance companies. I believe there will always be one that suits you. “Leyou Global” overseas travel protection plan diamond plan protection content: * Emergency rescue medical insurance of 1 million yuan * Medical compensation for illness and accident of 500,000 yuan each (overseas direct payment is provided) * Up to nearly 30 kinds of protection liabilities, with rich and low protection liabilities To: Starting from 20 yuan Sun United Overseas Travel Protection Plan (including the United States and Canada) Plan A protection content: * Medical compensation of 300,000 yuan * 24-hour global medical assistance * Coverage of popular entertainment activities such as skiing, diving, horse riding, etc. Starting from: 52 yuan