Novels like Doom Cruise and Doom Cruise and Doomland

Introduction: Novel similar to Doomsday Cruise, Doomsday Cruise and Doomsday Park 1. Novel similar to Doomsday Cruise and Doomsday Park 2. Novel similar to Doomsday Park 3. Are there any novels similar to Doomsday Park 4. Similar to Doomsday Cruise Novel 5. Novel similar to the setting of Doomsday Paradise 6. What novels are similar to Doomsday Cruise and Doomsday Paradise 7. Is Doomsday Paradise a time-travel novel?

1. Novels similar to Doomsday Cruise and Doomsday Land

The first book: “Mobile Storm” Author: Skeleton Elf

Book review: A masterpiece of mecha-style military science fiction, the first book in a trilogy. As a member of the non-“Wang” family, the protagonist Li Feng is optimistic and positive, full of fighting spirit, and accidentally obtained the Advanced Civilization Cube, and has since embarked on the road to super god. Among them, the mecha battle is particularly exciting, with constant climaxes and almost no tension in the plot! Throughout the PK, the protagonist pretends to be a pig and eats the tiger. It is also a great pleasure. There are especially many fighting scenes. It feels like watching Tianyuan Breakthrough, just like Street Fighter King of Fighters. It is hearty and arrogant. This book can be regarded as the pinnacle of mecha style. It has a bit of Gundam style, a strong sense of immersion, and is a very exciting book.

The second book: “Legend of Masters” Author: Fang Xiang

Book Review: My favorite interstellar mecha novel! It tells the story of a boy who grew up in a garbage dump, accidentally obtained a strange mecha, and drove it away from an alien garbage dump. He is known for his rich imagination. The protagonist is focused, calm, self-disciplined, tolerant, and decisive in killing. This book can be said to be the supreme masterpiece of science fiction mechas, and it is still a classic even now.

The third book: “The Fake Hero” Author: No. 72

Book review: The setting is a science fiction world of cosmic mechas. The protagonist is a funny fat man who is famous for his mobility (escaping) ability. However, he has a tenacity, excellent personal combat power and deductive leadership. He upgrades all the way, develops and grows in various battles, and finally saves the world from the evil forces. The battles in the interstellar science fiction setting are well described, and the deduction has a vague and powerful feeling. The characters are also very distinct, and the writing is smooth and humorous. It is a rare good book.

The fourth book: “Jian Ke” Author: Mao Ni

Book Review: The Age of Discovery. A young man named Xu Le, relying on his sense of justice, stepped into the upper class society step by step, but always adhered to his inner morality. If justice is delayed, I will fight violence with violence! From the gradual growth of a small person to the competition between the authoritarian feudal empire system and the federal capitalist system. It contains elements such as mecha, fantasy, science fiction, war, etc. It is very passionate and touching.

The fifth book: “Forty Thousand Years of Cultivation” Author: Woniu Zhenren

Book review: A combination of interstellar science fiction and spiritual cultivation, with great imagination and strong imagination. The story of cultivation civilization being rebuilt after its destruction, another 40,000 years later. With majestic background settings and dense plots, the protagonist, full of leadership qualities and adventurous spirit, fights all the way through obstacles, breaks the long night of the black forest system of the universe with the cultivators, and controls the ultimate weapon of human civilization, the Titan Soldier, wandering across the star sea and the long sword. Like a rainbow, it protects ordinary mortals and encounters uneven roads across the sky… This book not only contains the main plot of the protagonist’s own struggle and growth, and the destruction of mountains and temples, but also the hidden threads of inheritance and struggle between four generations of civilizations and human civilizations of the same generation. In the description, the main line of personal struggle and the branches of vertical and horizontal civilizational struggle intersect and echo each other from time to time, which is dizzying!

Book Six: “The Age of the Big Universe” Author: zhttty

Book Review: Excellent space science fiction. The solar system is about to be destroyed, and a catastrophe is imminent. The world’s powerful people run away first, leaving behind a problem spaceship. The decisive Chinese special forces, together with their teammates, rescued humans and elite scholars who maintained moral bottom lines in troubled times on board the ship, leaving the solar system and wandering the universe. It feels very much like Macross.

Book Seven: “Interstellar Empire of the Undead” Author: Cangtian Baihe

Book Review: One of the originators of interstellar literature, The Book of Gods. Visit the museum to learn about the Necromancer’s inheritance across the interstellar world, a new variant of the Undead Ocean Tactics, a perfect combination of undead machinery, explosion-flow machinery, and the undead. The author is good at describing the practice of martial arts, as well as the description of the interstellar war. He swallows the stars with force, densely packed with hundreds of millions of free cannons occupying the entire starry sky, and is invincible. It has been several years since I read it, and now I feel excited just thinking about it!

Book Eight: “Interstellar Cruise” Author: Gu Jianfeng

Book review: A classic of interstellar science fiction. The crew can rely on the interstellar cruise ship to accelerate their training, and the upgrade of the interstellar cruise ship will also be focused on the professions of the captain and crew. The cooperation between the two can also use amazingly powerful moves to help the protagonist team. Turn the corner in times of crisis. Interstellar cruise ships with completely different basic settings, thousands of strange races and professions, and cosmic objects with magical functions. It can be said that just taking out any one element is enough to write a good movie in today’s Internet literary circle. novel.

Book 9: “Swallowing the Starry Sky” Author: I Eat Tomatoes

Book review: The background is grand, and the various settings are also very exciting. It is a true masterpiece that tells the story of Luo Feng, a boy from the earth, step by step out of the earth, out of the Milky Way, and towards a universe full of mystery and unknowns. . An ordinary high school student living in the end of the world has no choice but to die if he doesn’t get stronger. He has dual abilities and different upgrades and practices. Let’s see how he goes through ups and downs in the magnificent universe. In the big universe, there are Zerg, Machine and various non-human races. Watch with eager eyes to see how he leads mankind to the final victory. The various cosmic treasures and the settings of the practice system are also very good. There is also the conflict between ethnic groups and the conflict in the universe, simple but not boring!

Book 10: “Legend of Xiaobing” Author: Xuan Yu

Book Review: Future Interstellar Warfare. One of the three most wonderful books on the Internet. Tang Long, a boy from a wealthy family with a cheerful nature and simple background, accidentally joined the army in the year he graduated from high school. He emerged as a soldier in the chaotic universe, and thus began a splendid life legend. Following the protagonist’s step-by-step growth from a soldier who just joined the military to an interstellar hero, the magnificent interstellar world and exciting Star Wars are not as watery as the current Internet novels. There is pretentiousness but it is natural. It is really a classic!

2. Novels similar to Doomsday Playground

The heroine, Lin Ronghua, can be considered a time-travel novel, but the heroine has an IQ. Except for the first two chapters, which are a bit emmmy, it is very good to read, and it fully fits the background of the times.

Doomsday Paradise is an apocalyptic infinite novel, similar to infinite horror but without the egg god.

male protagonist

It’s an article that strongly recommends clichés and laziness. Currently, all four interstellar hunters have male protagonists, Xiang Wu CP

There is no CP in the early stage of Thriller Paradise, so you can check it out, but if there is CP later, you can avoid lightning by yourself.

3. Are there any novels similar to Doomsday Paradise?

The End of the World: “The End of the World: Qi Ji” Author: Crazy Diuzi “The End of the World” is not a zombie, but it is very special and very beautiful.

There are no zombies in “Weisheng”. The monsters that appear in the end of the world are monsters from the Classic of Mountains and Seas. The male protagonist is reborn, which is very interesting. “Happy Apocalypse” is not a zombie, but a natural disaster apocalypse, where a family works hard to live in the apocalypse. The zombies include: “The Cannon Fodder Cultivation Story of the Doomsday”, “Rebirth of the Original Heroine’s Counterattack”, “The Queen of the Doomsday Arrives”, “Rebirth of the Doomsday: Forced to Become a Virgin”, “2013”, “Escape”, “END”, “Ancient Invasion”, “The Absolutely Vicious Pet Reborn in the End of the World”

4. Novels similar to Doomsday Cruise

I have seen some movies related to cruise ships before. Can you recommend a few?

1. “Titanic”—romance film

2. “The Pianist on the Sea”—romance film

3. “Tragedy on the Nile”

4. “Love in the Time of Cholera” — Romance Movie

5. Castle in the Sky—Animation

6. Horror cruise ship

8. Ghost Ship

9. Poseidon—a science fiction film

10. End of the world—science fiction film

11. Big sea breeze

12. Captain tracking

13. The old man and the sea


5. Novels similar to the setting of Doomsday Paradise

The first Doomsday Paradise Infinite Stream is not finished yet, but it is already very long and very interesting. The second is the story of Mulan’s Wu Chang Brother by Praying Lord who time travels to become Mulan. It is also very interesting. The third chapter by Resentment Ringing the Bell by Weiyu is also very interesting. Four Seven Fierce Slips by Weiyu The Fifth West Out of Yumen, the Half-demon Si Teng by Weiyu The Sixth Emperor Zi Mou (Su Ji Coffin Shop) by Qing Yao Ancient Romance, very interesting The Seventh Unrivaled in the World by Li Xin After several years I haven’t found it disappointing after reading it again this year. It’s pretty good. I don’t know what you like. These books are all romance-oriented. The first one has no male protagonist, and the second one has few emotional scenes, but the plot is very good. It would be a pity not to read it. , the rest are all very good quality and have a lot of emotional scenes. Qing Yao’s later ones are also pretty good, but a bit bloody. They’re not as good as Su Ji, but they’re pretty good too.

6. What novels are similar to Doomsday Cruise and Doomsday Paradise?

Shanghai cruise ranking:

1. Investment in Viking Edon

“China Merchants Edon”, jointly built by China Merchants Group and Viking Cruises, is the first Chinese cruise ship in China to fly the five-star red flag; the first luxury cruise ship independently operated and managed by China; and the first cruise ship Routes to coastal cities and islands in China.

2. Gulangyu Island

The Gulangyu Island is the first cruise ship invested by Star Travel Sino-Ocean. This is a domestically produced cruise ship that can truly be called the “Light of Domestic Products”. In September last year, the “Gulangyu” was awarded the first cruise port maritime route pilot operation license.

3. Longing number

The Vision cruise ship is owned by Sanya International Cruise Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company. It was built at Fincantieri Shipyard in Italy in 1998. The ship has a gross tonnage of 77,500 tons, a total length of 261 meters, a width of 32 meters, and a total of 975 guest rooms. , 41% of the cabins have balconies, and can carry 2,222 passengers and 825 crew members. Its prototype is the Sea Princess of the American Princess Cruises fleet.

4. Blue Dream Star

Blue Dream Star is a subsidiary of Shanghai Blue Dream International Cruise Company. Blue Dream Cruises was established in 2016 and its shareholder is Fujian China Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. Relying on traditional Chinese culture and promoting national sentiments, Blue Dream Cruises aims to create an exclusive cruise ship for the Chinese brand.

5. Century Harmony

The “Century Harmony” cruise ship is affiliated to Chongqing Cunard Century Cruise Co., Ltd. The company has a fleet of 12 modern luxury Yangtze River five-star cruise ships under the “Century Cruise” brand. It is a benchmark enterprise in China’s inland river cruise industry and an integrated operation of China’s water tourism resources. business. The company purchased Carnival Cruise Line’s “Carnival Charm” cruise ship in October 2020, renamed it “Century Harmony”, and established Century Harmony Cruise Line. The ship has a gross tonnage of 70,347, a total of 1,028 guest rooms, and can carry 2,634 passengers.

6. China Taishan

The “China Taishan” cruise ship is China’s first fully-owned, independently operated and self-managed luxury cruise ship. It is affiliated to China’s first international cruise company, Bohai Cruise Co., Ltd., which was established in February 2014. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong. The cruise ship has a length of 180.45 meters, a width of 25.5 meters, a total tonnage of 24,500 tons, and 927 passenger seats. The cruise ship is equipped with more than 400 European-style guest rooms.

7. Is Doomsday Paradise a time-travel novel?

1. Kaleidoscope of Death: A super-famous Mugenliu novel. The language of this article is exquisite, the plot is interesting, the imagination is big, and the ending is super high-end. In my mind, Yuandan Muliu is number one.

2. Global College Entrance Examination: It is very famous, side by side with “Kaleidoscope of Death”. The sentences in it are very crisp, so I won’t go into details. (But I don’t particularly like this type)

3. The game is loading: The cookie that led me into the pit, the first world operation show at the beginning is explosive, the attack perfectly shows that I am jealous of myself, I kill myself, and the opponent shows that I am stepping on n strips High energy operation without the boat overturning. The whole process is sweet and not scary.

4. Earth Online: After watching it, I actually forgot about the fairy love and only remembered the monsters in each tower.

5. Role-playing (unfinished): This work is updated every year, but it is very interesting and beautiful. (My biggest dream is to complete role-playing…)

6. 3 Easter Egg Games: The three books together can be regarded as an infinite flow novel. The theory of reincarnation in the last one is really profound. The copy keeps getting better and better.

7. Welcome to the Nightmare Game Part 4 (unfinished): The first two parts are very good to watch, although Gong appeared a little late (Gong and Shou’s operation when they first met was really amazing). Very good portrayal of human nature. Attack and receive the love of gods.

8. Surprise! The talent variety show that was promised turned out to be: inspired by the beauty of the prosperous age, weak and cute, traveled through time and came to the escape show, and gradually became a powerful killing weapon in the world. The author explains the reasons for time travel very well.

9. Midnight Owl: The first 13 levels among the 23 levels include the team’s incredible operational skills, the neurotic captain, the strategist who always wants to show off, the European emperor’s pretty boy, the dual-personality killer, the iron-faced and non-chief… Shadiao Xiang, relax and happy.

10. Midnight Ten: The last ten levels upstairs have changed the protagonist, but they are still very interesting.

11. Escape from the Infinite Secret Room: Due to the growth type, the following text is stronger than the attack (it can be said to be the strongest) and has a tendency to be enjoyable.

12. The Doomsday Master: It’s good-looking, good-looking, good-looking, saving the doomsday type, and the copies are very interesting. Very much to my liking. Disadvantages: The writing is mediocre.

13. High-energy QR code: In order to find out the truth behind the death of his younger brother, Gong embarked on a road of “scanning QR codes” alone (laughing). He often looks like a domineering president in women’s clothing, a non-emirate, and a beautiful, cute, kind and European emperor. This article focuses on.

14. Painting: Jujujujuju looks great, and every painting is very creative. All kinds of brainstorming, and the final discussion on the dimensions of the world is so worth pondering. The caves and popular science in “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” are also very interesting. Highly recommended. (Demining: The emotional line is relatively bland)

pps: It is said that the author is acting as a demon and clearing mines…

15. UP Master’s Horror Game Journey: A very interesting horror game (real game). All the copies are made to chase his wife. It’s not scary, just a cookie.

16. Witch, please open your eyes: This article should be regarded as a battle royale. Within seven days, the attack and the end came together, but they were not abrupt at all. I personally like werewolf killing games, love the house and the bird.

17. Fatal Round Table: A more traditional infinite streaming mode, and the copy is also more innovative. It’s just a very standard template.

18. I am actually a boss: the story in the underworld, Shou is the guide to the underworld, it is really cool to watch horror games from the perspective of God.

19.404 Cha Wu This City: This article has a sense of history. I was attacked and imprisoned in 404 prison, and then I started playing games with a group of big guys in the history books. The attacker was Zhao Zheng. You said you didn’t know. Oh, he is also called Ying Zheng.

20. Horror Game Escape Guide: The infinite flow of supernatural beings is very interesting. Standard unlimited streaming. (Personally indifferent)

21. Please listen to the words of the game: Because gods are not allowed to appear in the title of the novel, the main point is to please listen to the words of the gods. pretty. The gods in each world are very interesting, and there is a lot of (weird) knowledge to read.

22. Congratulations on your successful escape: Gong is very calm and cold. He is a powerful hacker with a fragile body. He is a very loyal dog. He is a bug and has always protected Gong.