Beijing One-Day Tour Travel Agency Beijing One-Day Tour International Travel Service is a scam company. Have you ever been fooled?

Introduction: Beijing One-Day Tour Travel Agency Beijing One-Day Tour International Travel Service is a scam company. Have you ever been fooled? Beijing One-Day Tour International Travel Agency is a scam company. Have you ever been fooled? Which travel agencies in Beijing have you been fooled by? What are the better local one-day tour groups in Beijing? For a one-day tour in Beijing, don’t go to “China International Travel Service”. It’s a scam. After getting on the bus, everyone is forced to pay another 100 yuan and forced consumption. The tour guide has a bad attitude and wants to book a local tour in Beijing. Which travel agency is reliable for a one-day tour of the Great Wall and Ming Tombs? Where is the best place to sign up for a one-day tour of Beijing?

Beijing One-Day Tour International Travel Agency is a scam company. Have you ever been fooled?

This company is definitely a scammer. I just came back from a trip to Beijing. I happily participated in their one-day tour. The price was agreed upon and the group fee was paid. After getting on the bus and driving for ten minutes, the tour guide began to explain the one-day tour. There are self-funded attractions that cost 50 yuan per person. It is compulsory to visit. If you don’t go, get off immediately and the tour fee will not be refunded. But by that time, you are already on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. What should you do if you are asked to get off the car? You can only pay the fee. As a result, it was all in the afternoon. Shopping, souvenirs, selling jade, until about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I parked my car and still shopped and sold jade. It was on Shenniu Road, Changping District. I couldn’t even rest in the car and had to get out of the car. I couldn’t bear it, so I got out and took a taxi back to Beijing. It was miserable. experience,

My friend and I asked to see the tour guide’s ID, but he didn’t show it to us. Please don’t trust the one-day tours in Beijing when you go to Beijing in the future. The most compact thing for everyone to do is time. As a result, we spent the whole day following this lousy tour guide. , I haven’t seen any scenery, and I still have to be angry. How can the majestic capital tolerate such a thing?

Beijing One-Day Tour International Travel Agency is a scam company. Have you ever been fooled?

Two days ago, my friend and I signed up for a one-day trip to Beijing, and we also encountered the same situation. We were told to travel to several places for 80 yuan, but when we got on the bus, we added money, brainwashed, and bought all kinds of things, but nothing happened. We had fun and the food was terrible. They didn’t even take us to the Tombs of the Thirteen Emperors of the Ming Dynasty. They explained it to us in the car as we passed by. Later, they took us to the route of the Tombs of the Thirteen Emperors of the Ming Dynasty to buy jade and other things. , there was a man who lied about being the boss at Biqin Yufang. Seeing that we were not happy, he helped us in various ways to fight against the injustice. Later, he taught us how to recognize jade and what kind of friends we should make. In the end, several of us were deceived, including me. One of them woke up when he got back to the car. Finally, my friend and I reported the crime and called 010-12315, but they didn’t accept it. The police asked us to go there first and ask them to retreat. If we didn’t retreat, we would call again. The Industrial and Commercial Bureau, before this we called *** and tried to get a refund from them, but they said it would be useless to contact anyone and they refused to refund. My friend said he would go to the sales office to ask them for a refund, but another friend and I refused to let him. Go, I am afraid that he will be in danger if he goes, so I can only be dumb and bear it myself.

I just want to remind my friends to find a regular tour group and prevent you from being cheated when taking you to make purchases. I also want to remind you that you should remember the name of the tour group when you travel. Otherwise, complaints to the tourism management will not be accepted. Yes, in Biqin Yufang, there is no signal for mobile phones, so I can’t find relevant information. It’s better not to drink the water there.

Which travel agencies in Beijing are better?

Question 1: What are the better travel agencies in Beijing? Hello, Zhongxin Travel focuses on leisure travel and vacation. It has a rich product line such as outbound travel, domestic travel, peripheral travel, self-driving travel, etc., covering more than 30 departure cities across the country. At the same time, the company focuses on comprehensively improving customer experience and providing customers with diversified, humanized and considerate services!

Question 2: Which travel agency is best in Beijing? I think Zhongxin Travel is good. I’ve been with Uxin Travel before and the two tours they took were pretty good. The quality of the tours there is very good. I signed up for a Russian tour last time and the tour leader was super. Be responsible and laugh along the way!

Question 3: When traveling to Beijing, is there any better travel agency? I just came back from Beijing. . . It is recommended to go on a self-guided tour. . . .

We went to Beijing for five days. . Basically it’s ready. . . .

After arriving in Beijing, you can go to Qianmen to find a place to stay. It is estimated that one person will stay for 81 nights. There is a place near Qianmen that provides one-day tours to Beijing. It is very cheap. One-day tours to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and other places can cost up to RMB 200 per day with a car and a tour guide.

I suggest you go to the Summer Palace to see it. The scenery is nice. Visit the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube at night. .

Not bad. . .

Taking the subway in Beijing is very fast. . .

to be honest. . .

I think there is no point in taking a tour group. . . .

Go yourself. . .

Watch it however you want. . .

Wearing a hat on the street with a tour group would be silly. . . .

Wish you a happy trip 1

Be sure to visit the Summer Palace. . . . .

Question 4: Which travel agency in Beijing is good? Personally, I think the Zhongxin Travel Agency I have used is quite good. The routes they provide are quite good. The company is quite large and I think it is quite reliable. There is also a store downstairs from my home. I choose his house every time.

Question 5: Which travel agency is better in Beijing? There is no better travel agency. Everyone is similar. China Travel Service and Beijing Youth Travel Service are old travel agencies. They are relatively reliable travel agencies for mass travel, group travel, and independent travel. Beijing Fengdu International Travel provides customized tours, niche tours, small group tours and personalized tours.

Question 6: Which travel agency is best for traveling in Beijing? It’s OK to find one in Beijing. The price is neither high nor expensive. For example, three days is more than 300, it depends on the time. Food, accommodation, transportation, tickets, insurance, etc. are all included.

Question 7: Which are the better travel agencies in Beijing? There are many good travel agencies in Beijing, but their arrangements are not in-depth. If you want to travel in depth and truly experience the culture and style of a foreign country, try customized travel.

Question 8: Which travel companies are good in Beijing? There are not many good travel companies in Beijing. They are generally travel agencies that provide regular travel. If you want to travel, you can try customized travel. Customized travel is very cool. There is no shopping and shopping like regular tour groups. Compulsory consumption, you can decide how you want to play, what you want to eat, what hotel you want to stay in, you have to decide by yourself. This kind of travel experience is completely different from that of a group tour. It is really great. Beijing Unique Tour Customized tours are very good, and the route design is particularly in-depth. They are all designed by travel customizers who have returned from studying abroad. Moreover, the routes can be customized according to your own preferences. We can help you with whatever you want to do. If you do it, go to them to arrange the most free travel and the most in-depth travel.

Question 9: Which travel agency is better in Beijing? I have used Zhongxin before, which is quite good. They specialize in outbound travel, and they also have services from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. I have traveled to *** and Nepal with them. I am relatively satisfied with the itinerary and hotels they arranged, and the meals are also relatively good. It’s so rich. I didn’t pay for both trips there.

Question 10: Which travel agency is best in Beijing? I think Zhongxin Travel is good. I’ve been with Uxin Travel before and the two tours they took were pretty good. The quality of the tours there is very good. I signed up for a Russian tour last time and the tour leader was super. Be responsible and laugh along the way!

What are the local one-day tour groups in Beijing?

Many big travel agencies in Beijing do not operate one-day tours to Beijing, while small travel agencies and even black travel agencies operate them because they are not afraid of being complained.

I suggest that you don’t join a tour group and travel by yourself. One day for the Badaling Tombs, one day for the Forbidden City and Wangfujing, and one day for the Summer Palace. It’s not too tiring, and it also avoids being pushed by evil guides to buy a lot of things or to visit expensive and worthless things. new attractions.

Here are some things to note when going to Badaling:

1. You must take the 919 bus from Deshengmen Terminal near the Jishuitan subway station. It must be a state-owned bus. Don’t be tempted by how many private car dealers come to pull you away. Large cars cost 12 yuan per person, slow cars cost 6 yuan per person, and those private cars want to encourage you to charter a car, which costs at least 200 yuan, which is too deceptive, and it is not comfortable and unsafe. The most terrifying thing is that it will drag you to the newly built water. Guan Great Wall, not Badaling Great Wall.

2. It must be at the foot of Badaling, and don’t make the mistake of sitting at Shuiguan, otherwise you won’t be able to see a better view of the Great Wall, but the price is not cheap.

3. After going to Badaling, I had two choices for the rest of the day. One was to go south to the Ming Tombs and return to Beijing. Note that the tickets are no more than 10 yuan. Note that if you are near the Ming Tombs, it is better not to eat farm food. It is a rip-off. You can eat it near Badaling. One meal for 15 people.

4. Another option is to come down from Badaling, hurry up, and charter a car to Longqing Gorge, which costs at most 50 yuan for a small baggage. Longqing Gorge is very beautiful. You can search for relevant information, but the tickets are not cheap, about 75. You can stay overnight near Longqing Gorge and stay in a farmhouse, which is not expensive. The next day, you can take 919 back to Beijing at the main station of Yanqing County.

For a one-day trip to Beijing, don’t go to “China International Travel Service”, it’s a scam. After getting on the bus, everyone is forced to pay another 100 yuan, forcing consumption, and the tour guide has a bad attitude.

Scammers, don’t believe it. After paying the money, they will transfer you to a tour guide with a car of 50-60 people.

Walk around with light all the way

For example, if you charge extra fees, at least half of the day will be spent on the road or taking you shopping. Scammers are now a routine. These online businesses have become an industry.

At first I thought I was hiring a private tour guide and was fooled.

I asked other people traveling in the same car and they were all deceived in this way.

I want to book a one-day tour of the Great Wall and Ming Tombs in Beijing. Which travel agency is reliable?

To go to these two places, go to the Beijing Tourism Distribution Center in the southwest corner of *** Square, which is more reliable and easy to find. State-run, one-day tour of Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs, about 160, including a Chinese meal.

Ignore those people soliciting tourists near *** Square. They even offer a low price of 80. In fact, the ticket to Badaling Great Wall costs 45 and the Ming Tombs 60. To go to these places in a day, the car has to travel more than 200 kilometers. There is Chinese food, but their service is tricky. Although I think the tourist distribution center is expensive, but if you don’t have time to go to these attractions, it is better to go directly to the tourist distribution center.

Where is the best place to sign up for a one-day trip to Beijing?

The miserable experience after signing up for a one-day tour group in Beijing

Last weekend, on May 16, 2015, I decided to climb the Great Wall. Because I live in the South Fifth Ring Road, which is far away from the Badaling Great Wall in Changping, I decided to sign up for a one-day tour. I had asked about this from many people before. Is the one-day tour group reliable? Everyone says no, absolutely not, but I would like to ask you if you have experienced it yourself? In the end, no one had applied for it. I was so stupid that I had to take the risk and prove it to everyone. The result is that the people’s eyes are sharp and they will suffer the consequences if they don’t listen to the old man’s words.

When I made a reservation with a travel agency (Beijing Youth Travel Agency), the other party said: except for the 80 yuan tour fee, there are no additional charges, and we can visit the serious Badaling Great Wall and the underground palace in Dingling, and there is no compulsory shopping. The other party’s tone is very positive. I At that time, we actually knew exactly what the travel agency could earn with 80 yuan per person. I was lucky again: since there would be a lot of people, the cost would be shared equally if everyone attended together, so I made a reservation.

The next day, Saturday, I was woken up by the driver who was picking up people at 5 o’clock in the morning. I rushed to catch the bus. After getting on the bus, the driver started walking around to pick up people. He picked up 8 people in total. I thought at the time, oh, look. There were quite a few people who came to sign up, and everyone was quite happy. I got on the bus at 5:30, and arrived at the front door at 7 o’clock. There was a bus waiting for us over there. After getting on the bus, the critical moment came: the tour guide began to brainwash us. He said: “What can you do with a few dozen yuan? You just spend money when you go out. If you are traveling with the elderly and children, you just spend money on a group tour for convenience. Don’t care about what others say. You think you can have fun with a few dozen yuan.” Are there so many classics? Why go to the underground palace of Dingling? It’s so gloomy that it’s not good for anyone to go there. Let’s just pay our respects outside. It’s considered a visit to the Ming Tombs. If we want to understand the history, let’s go to the museum. There are all the introductions of the 13 emperors. The tickets are not expensive, only 150 yuan. If someone thinks it is too expensive, get off immediately, but you have to pay me the fare, 100 yuan. You can consider which one is more cost-effective. I will take you here. It’s fun, don’t think about money all the time.” Then he said a lot and started collecting money. I didn’t have that much money with me at the time. When he started brainwashing me, I felt something was wrong. I looked around. In fact, people were tricked into getting on the bus, but no one responded. I thought, is everyone willing to pay this money? I was sitting at the back, and everyone in front had paid. I was really shocked. When it came to me, I said, “I don’t have that much money.” The tour guide said directly: Don’t you bring money to go out for fun? Then I didn’t say anything, and he said: You can wait and see, and then he didn’t give me the group card, nor did he ask me for the group fee. In this way, the whole car was just me, and I didn’t pay or have the group card.

Just like that, we arrived at the Badaling Shuiguan. Note that it is a Shuiguan! Before getting off the bus, the tour guide said it would be completed in an hour. I thought at that time, how could the Great Wall be completed in one hour? At that time, the people at the travel agency agreed that it would only be three hours, and I was speechless. The tour guide came to me and said directly, “Little girl, you can pay as much as you want with you.” I said if I give it to you, then I won’t have any travel expenses to go home. He said that you can just pay 100 yuan for the group fee and tickets and then play with everyone. That’s it. I didn’t want to play with them at that time, so I just thought When I quit the group, I hesitated and didn’t want to pay. Then he said that you should pay 80. I was sweating. I just wanted to scold the fools in the car who paid directly. I think they really deserved to be cheated. Hey ~I didn’t tell the tour guide directly that I had fun, I just said that I didn’t have that much money, and the tour guide said, you can play by yourself, I tell you that it’s not easy to wait for this car, you are a little girl, I was a little bit I hesitated. After all, the tour guide had regressed a lot, but in the end he decided to play by himself. I thought if he asked me for travel expenses, I would say I didn’t have any. In the end, the tour guide saw that I thought I was a student and didn’t ask for travel expenses, so he said that you can play by yourself. I was liberated, but I was very scared and nervous during the whole process. I felt that no matter how rich you are, you should not sign up for this kind of tour. It is simply too scary.

It only took me an hour to climb the Great Wall, and I thought it was so short. After asking passers-by, I found out that the tour guide took us to Shuiguan Great Wall, which was not the serious Badaling at all. I wasted a ticket and a whole morning to climb it, right? I just couldn’t bear to see the Little Great Wall in Badaling, so I braved the afternoon sun and went to Badaling again.

I feel that although I had a near miss this time, not everyone will be like this. It is better not to sign up for this kind of one-day tour. I have spent so much time writing so much so that everyone will not be deceived. The tour didn’t save any time, and it takes four hours to get to the Great Wall. It’s better to do S2 by yourself. Please remember, I’m doing it alone so that everyone doesn’t do it. Please protect your rights~