Why is Jiaoshan called the most bizarre scenic spot in Jiangsu?

When visiting Zhenjiang, you must appreciate the three mountains. They are: the well-known Beigu Mountain, the slightly famous Jinshan Mountain, and the Jiaoshan Mountain. However, because Jiaoshan Mountain is relatively low-key and not as famous as the first two, it is often overlooked by tourists. Ignored. Because Beigu Mountain has the famous Ganlu Temple and Jinshan has the “Jinshan Temple”. Compared with the first two attractions, Jiaoshan has many highlights, such as: Many people don’t know that it is the only island surrounded by water where tourists can climb mountains to enjoy the scenery. , and even though it is an island, it is called a mountain.

Why is this place called Jiaoshan? It is said that a woodcutter went to Jiao Mountain to cut firewood. This place was named Qiao Mountain. During the Han Dynasty, a hermit came here to make elixirs. Because he always saved people for free, the people respected him. They all loved him very much, and the hermit’s surname was Jiao, so in order to commemorate him, this place was changed to Jiao Mountain.

Jiaoshan Scenic Area is also a national 5A tourist attraction, but as an island, tourists must use ferries to reach the attractions. There are still many sightseeing spots in Jiaoshan Mountain. There is a 40-meter-long scenic spot called Wanfo Pagoda on Jiaoshan Mountain. It is a pagoda with the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. If you lean on the railing and look into the distance, you can see all the rivers and sky. The beautiful scenery can be seen. It is said that the Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda can also attract some passing ships with its beautiful light pillars.

In addition to the Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda attractions in Jiaoshan, when you come, you must remember to visit Dinghui Temple. It has a history of nearly 1,800 years. There is a ginkgo tree in the temple that is more than 800 years old. It is said that it was once called Puji Temple, but later it was renamed Jiaoshan Temple. Because his reputation became more and more popular later, he was repaired again in the Ming Dynasty. It was not until the Qing Dynasty that the emperor was hard to find, so this place was changed to Dinghui Temple, and the name has not been changed. Today, this temple still retains the style of the Qing Dynasty, and its architectural craftsmanship is also very advanced, which is particularly rare among ancient temples.

On the west side of the Main Hall of Dinghui Temple, there is a patio, which is called Dong Leng Spring. It is said that Jiao Guang used to draw water from this well when he was refining elixir here. Originally, this was not a spring, but a well created by monk Jiao Shan. Because the well is located to the east of Jinshan Mountain, it is also called East Cold Spring.

Some tourists commented on Jiaoshan after visiting, saying that Jiaoshan is just like its name, like a real hermit living in seclusion on a small island in the Yangtze River. It has the most beautiful and stunning natural scenery, and Strong cultural heritage.

As a beautiful scenic spot, Jiaoshan is a must-visit place for tourists. Among the famous Ganlu Temple in Beigu Mountain, the story of Liu Bei’s outsmarting Sun Shangxiang is touching, while the story of Jinshan Temple and the White Snake is touching, and the love between Jiang and Song Dynasty in Dinghui Temple feels real. Ganlu Temple is a legend, Jinshan Temple is a beautiful myth, and Jiaoshan is the real history. What do you think?

Because Jiaoshan is actually an island, but it is called a mountain, which makes people feel very strange.

Because Jiaoshan is actually an island, but it is called a mountain, which is weird enough, but the scenery there is still quite beautiful.

Jiaoshanhui is called the most bizarre scenic spot in Jiangsu because it is an island, but people call it a mountain, and its architecture is also quite high-end, retaining the style of the Qing Dynasty.