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1. Weihai Darushan Travel Guide

Rushan Dujia Island can catch forty or fifty kilograms of conch in one night. The first thing is to choose the time to catch the sea. Not long after the tide here has just gone out, you can pick up clams, clams, and razor clams directly by the abandoned boats on the beach. They are all medium-sized. However, after the tide goes out to the beach, you can dig them on the beach. The oversized ones are under the shallow sand. There is no need to dig into the black sand. If you dig one out, you can continue searching nearby. Basically, the entire beach is covered.

Look for conches near rocks, as well as sea rainbows and small oysters.

2. Weihai Dashan Tourism Guide Map

Rushan attractions travel guide

1. Rushan Silver Beach Tourist Resort

2. Dashan Coastal Tourist Resort

3. Thumb Square

4. Weihai Duofu Mountain International Health Tourism Resort

5. Qianxi Mountain Scenic Area

6. Falling into Gushan Mountain

7. Fuxing Bay

8. Double blessings from the Netherlands

9. Lion Head Arena

10. Haitian Kangyuan Park

3. Ticket prices for Weihai Darushan Attractions

In September, a total of 10 state-owned scenic spots in Yantai are open to tourists from all over the country for free. The tourist attractions include Penglai Pavilion, Changdao Scenic Area, Kunyu Mountain National Forest Park, Moushi Manor, Qixia Taixu Palace, Laizhou Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area, Zhaoyuan Luo The Gold Rush Town Gold Museum in the Gold Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone, Penglai Aishan National Forest Park, Polaris Clock Culture Museum, and Laiyang Cretaceous National Geopark.

The free scenic spots in Weihai include

There are Liugong Island Scenic Area; Xixiakou Motianling Scenic Area, Shidao Chishan Scenic Area, Tianmu Hot Spring, Tangbo Hot Spring, Darushan Scenic Area, Huaxia City Scenic Area, Xianguding Scenic Area, Dingyuan Ship Scenic Area, Jiudingtiecha Mountain Scenic Area, Shengshui Scenic Area, Swan Lake Scenic Area, Wendeng Qinglong Ecological Resort, Qianxi Mountain Scenic Area; Colored Stone Scenic Area.

4. Must-visit attractions in Weihai Darushan Travel Guide

Dashan Coastal Tourism Resort, located in Haiyangsuo Town, Rushan City, Weihai City, Shandong Province, is a large-scale comprehensive tourist resort integrating sightseeing, leisure vacations, health and wellness, and culture and entertainment. The total planned area of ​​the scenic spot is 60 square kilometers, including 33 square kilometers of sea area, 27 square kilometers of land, and 38 kilometers of coastline. There is the Notre Dame Mountain in the area, with the reliefs of the Twenty-Four Filial Piety, the Mother Respecting Platform, the Statue of Nuwa and the Four Ancient Virgin Story Sculptures; There are the Sun and Moon Glazed Twin Pagodas, Medicine Buddha Hall, Lingguang Pagoda, Hongxing Temple, Lotus Pond, Flower Garden and other landscapes.

5. Weihai Darushan Travel Guide and Accommodation

If you are visiting for a short time, it is very convenient to stay in hotels around Yintan (you can also rent private houses for 200 yuan/day); if you want to stay for more than a month, you can find an agent in the community opposite Yintan (a lot of 俿Rent a move-in single room or suite (about 1,000 yuan/month), and you can cook your own meals.

If you still want to relax, go to “Sanqing. Nursing Center”, which includes food and accommodation for about 2,000 yuan/month.

6. Tickets for Weihai Dashan Tourist Resort

The price is 98 yuan, but in fact, because there are very few tourists, if you find a local tour guide, there is basically no ticket fee.

Shengshui Palace is located at the east foot of the nunding peak one mile northwest of Kongjia Village, Fengjia Town, Rushan City, Shandong Province. It belongs to the Xiaokunyu Mountain System. According to the stone tablets erected by the People’s Government of Shandong Province and Rushan County in 1992, the four sites of the Shengshuiyan site are: “taking Shengshui Temple and Yuyang Cave as the base points, going 1,500 meters west to the top of the West Mountain, and to the Kongjia River in the east. Go one thousand meters south of Tainan to the south of the reservoir, and five hundred meters north to the bottom of the north slope of the mountain top. “There is Fenghuang Ridge in front of here, surrounded by pine forests in the back. To the west, you can see the top of Nunding Peak. The mountain is high and quiet, with the wind behind it and the sun shining brightly. Ancient pine temple, green trees and famous flowers.

As a historical relic of Taoism, especially the Quanzhen sect, you can visit it.

7. Weihai Darushan Tourist Guide

Two paths for your reference. The ferry from Shenyang to Dalian to Yantai costs more than 600 yuan. From Yantai, go to Liugong Island in Weihai, walk around Laoshan in Qingdao, and try a bottle of Tsingtao beer. Head west from Qingdao and then go to Weifang to see the kite flyers, and then go west to Zibo to try pancakes rolled with green onions. From Zibo, go southwest through Laiwu and buy a few “gongzitou”. Then go west and visit Mount Tai. It’s cold on the mountain and bring your long johns with you. After leaving Tai’an, we went south to visit Sankong in Qufu. If we have enough time, we went south to Zaozhuang, bought some jujubes, and took photos at the Railway Guerrilla Exhibition Hall. Leave Zaozhuang and walk east on the national highway to Linyi, picking up some toon buds. Take the highway north to Jinan and see Baotu Spring. It’s almost time to walk northwest from Jinan to Dezhou and taste the authentic Dezhou Braised Chicken. …

The other way is to take the Shenshan Expressway from Shenyang. If you want to go to Beijing, just take a look. If you don’t want to go to Beijing, take the short road to Tangshan. You can see the donkey shadow puppets in Tangshan, and then go to Tianjin to eat at Goubuli. Head south from Tianjin and pass through Cangzhou to Wuqiao to see the acrobatics before entering Shandong.

8. Tickets for Weihai Darushan Scenic Area

It is free and open to the public, and other facilities in the scenic area are available for consumption on demand.

Yitian Ecological Tourism Park is located in Rushan City, with a planned area of ​​980 acres. The park adheres to the principle of ecological priority, combines modern characteristic agriculture with ecological tourism, and plans a Taoist cultural area, ecological picking area, ecological garden area, and water garden. With five functional areas including entertainment area and business dining area, it is a modern tourist attraction integrating sports and leisure, picking experience, religious health care, tourism, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, business activities, etc.

Yitian Ecological Tourism Park has planted acres of cherry blossoms, beauty plum, elm leaf plum, hibiscus, crape myrtle, redbud, rose, golden osmanthus, magnolia, silk crabapple, papaya crabapple, red-leaf heather, frost-resistant, wisteria, Lingxiao, Lilac, tassel, chrysanthemum, purple leaf plum and more!

9. Weihai Darushan Attractions

Among the niche tourist attractions around Silver Beach in Rushan, Shandong, I recommend Duofu Mountain Scenic Area to you.

Duofu Mountain and Silver Beach echo each other, and the mountains and rivers reflect each other. The mountain is nearly 400 meters above sea level. Going up the mountain road, you can see the lush and lush vegetation. The sea breeze blows slowly and the mountains are rich in negative oxygen ions. It is like a natural oxygen bar. Now there is a glass viewing The platform has beautiful scenery and is worth visiting!