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Introduction: Sichuan Zhongji International Travel Service Sichuan China Travel Service Official Website 1. Sichuan China Travel Service Official Website 2. Chengdu China Travel International Travel Service Co., Ltd. 3. Sichuan Province China Youth Travel Service 4. Sichuan China Youth Travel Service Official Website 5. China Youth Travel Service Chengdu 6. Sichuan China Travel Service Official Website Recruitment 7. Sichuan China Travel Service official website phone number 8. Sichuan China Travel International Travel Service 9. China Travel International Travel Service (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. phone number 10. Chengdu China Travel International Travel Service

1. Sichuan China Travel Service official website

Sichuan China International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sichuan China International Travel Service), its predecessor was the Chengdu Branch of China International Travel Service established in 1978. It has been under the management of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Tourism Corporation, and the Provincial Enterprise and Working Committee , is now managed by the Sichuan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, an important backbone enterprise under the Sichuan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan Tourism Development Group. Sichuan International Travel Service and Sichuan Overseas Tourism Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sichuan Overseas) are two brands formed in history. After more than 30 years of exploration and development, Sichuan International Travel Service has become the only state-owned travel agency in Sichuan with a long history, a neat team, a complete organization, strong comprehensive strength, and complete qualifications. It has two gold-lettered signs at the same time. It has been rated as One of the top 100 international travel agencies in the country. One of the top 100 travel agencies in the country in 2012. Sichuan International Travel Service/Sichuan Overseas is a Sichuan tourism brand.

2. Chengdu China Travel International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Both travel agencies are subsidiaries of state-owned enterprises. They are all regular first-class travel companies. China Youth Travel Service has done more advertising in recent years and is more widely known. Most of its products are low-end. If you are looking for cost-effectiveness and quality travel, it is recommended to choose China Youth Travel Service.

3. Sichuan Zhongqing Travel Agency

Deyang Jiuzhou Travel Agency: No. 1 Zhongshan Street, Changjiang West Road, Deyang Deyang Youth Travel Agency: No. 76 South Street, Deyang City, Sichuan Province Deyang Sunshine Travel Agency: No. 287, Section 2, Tianshan South Road, Dahan Jingu Mall Deyang Huanyu Travel Agency: No. 1, Taishan South Road Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Lou Deyang New Century Travel Agency: No. 88 Liangshan Road, Deyang City, Sichuan Province Deyang Chunqiu Travel Agency: Near Changjiang West Road, Deyang Deyang Times Travel Agency: North Gate of Taishan South Road Gymnasium

4. Sichuan CYTS Travel Agency official website

Hello, the larger local travel agencies in Chengdu are as follows.

Sichuan Youth Travel Agency includes its various branches, such as Yunlong Branch, Shaocheng Branch, etc., with standardized management and wide coverage.

Kanghui Travel Agency, China National Travel Service, Everbright Travel Agency, the above are all larger local travel agencies in Chengdu. Currently, most of the popular tourist routes in various places are organized by the above travel agencies.

5. CYTS Travel Agency Chengdu

Reliable, Zhongyou International Travel Agency (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Zhongyou International Travel Service (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhongyou International Travel Service) is headquartered in Chengdu. The company is an international travel agency approved by the Tourism Bureau. It always adheres to the customer first, quality-oriented business philosophy; providing tourists with a high-quality, happy, and A worthwhile trip.

6. Sichuan China Travel Service official website recruitment

Zhongcheng Travel Agency is more reliable

The business scope of Chongqing Zhongcheng Travel Agency has involved air tickets and travel, and the form of travel has involved package tours and independent travel. The company has been established for more than four years, and currently has a market share of more than 60%. Annual sales have reached more than 25,000 people. It has firmly ranked first in the market and has widened the gap with the second place. . Its brand awareness and market reputation are good, and its market coverage is wide. It has good cooperation with East China Airlines departing from Chongqing, such as Air China, Sichuan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, etc. Chongqing’s main urban area has effective and in-depth cooperation with all international agencies, including Chongqing Overseas Group, China Travel Service Group, China National Travel Service Group, etc.; the surrounding areas include 50% of Sichuan, such as southern Sichuan, northern Sichuan, and eastern Sichuan; 80 % Guiyang and Zunyi regions of Guizhou, parts of northern Yunnan and western Hubei.

After several years of development, Zhongcheng Travel Agency has also formed a strong strategic alliance with well-known scenic spots in East China, such as: Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang, Water Margin of the Three Kingdoms, Yuantouzhu, Xixi Wetland, Huangshan, Wuyuan, etc., through mutual promotion and joint promotion, achieving A model of cooperation between source markets and scenic spots.

7. Sichuan China Travel Service official website phone number

It must be unreliable, because we all know how much the tickets cost now, and there must be something fishy about such a cheap travel package. Usually shopping is required. Otherwise, how can travel companies make money? It’s impossible even if I think about it. Sometimes it’s just cheap, but when I go to tourist attractions, I basically just visit shopping malls, listen to lectures, and then buy things. I don’t believe it.

8. Sichuan Zhongyou International Travel Service

Sichuan has a total of 21 cities and states. The number of cities and states is the same as that of Guangdong Province, making it the province with the largest number of cities and states in the country. it includes:


It belongs to the sub-provincial level, the former Chengdu Military Region garrison, one of the cities with the fastest economic development, and the first level of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle. The electronic information industry (including software), equipment manufacturing, new materials and other industries are developed and play an important role in the Chinese economy. The share is getting higher and higher. However, it is always thought that it was formed by concentrating the efforts of the whole province of Sichuan, and some people call it Sichuan City and Chengdu Province.


China’s only science city, Li Bai’s hometown, had a GDP of over 30 billion last year. Mianyang has developed military industry and electronic information industry. Whether Sichuan Province can get rid of unipolar development lies in Mianyang.


China is a famous equipment capital with well-developed equipment manufacturing industry and is close to Chengdu. It is vigorously building the Chengdu-Mianyan Economic Corridor. However, in recent years, it has been stagnant under the siphon of Chengdu, and its economic ranking has continued to decline. It has not yet emerged from the stagnation situation.


China Liquor City, where Wuliangye is located, is the fastest growing city in Sichuan and ranked among the top 100 Chinese cities last year. Yibin has used the high financial income created by Wuliangye to vigorously attract investment and has achieved considerable results in the construction of smart terminals. However, the industrial chain is incomplete, there are not many professional talents, and industrial risks exist.


It is also one of China’s wine towns, the location of Luzhou Laojiao, the former China Chemical City, and today’s wine town. It followed the same path as Yibin, taking advantage of the high taxes on liquor to vigorously attract investment.


It was once the silk capital of China and a petrochemical industry base. Nanchong is the region with the highest grain industry in Sichuan, with developed agriculture and rich human resources. It should vigorously develop the food and beverage industry.


China’s energy base has a developed natural gas industry, a huge amount of natural gas extraction, and huge space for natural gas chemical industry. At the same time, it can develop high-technology, high-pollution, low-energy-consuming industries.


The other 14 cities and prefectures, including Ziyang, Suining, Guang’an, Guangyuan, Bazhong, Neijiang, Zigong, Meishan, Panzhihua, Liangshan, Ya’an, Garze, Aba, and Leshan, have different economic aggregates, small populations, and small areas. One list.



9. Zhongyou International Travel Service (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. phone number

Meishan, known as “Meizhou” in ancient times, is located in the southwest of the Chengdu Plain in the Sichuan Basin and in the middle reaches of the Minjiang River. It borders Chengdu City to the north, Leshan City to the south, Neijiang City, Ziyang City, and Zigong City to the east, and Ya’an City to the west. Meishan Municipal People’s Government is located at No. 2, West Section of Meizhou Avenue, Dongpo District, 70 kilometers away from the main urban area of ​​Chengdu. Meishan City is the youngest prefecture-level city in Sichuan Province and an important part of the national-level Tianfu New Area, Chengdu Economic Zone and Emei International Tourism Zone.

10. Chengdu Zhongyou International Travel Service

The Hukou Falls of the Yellow River is located in the Shanxi-Shaanxi Grand Canyon section of the middle reaches of the Yellow River. It is bounded by Ji County in Shanxi Province to the east and Yichuan County of Shaanxi Province to the west. It is a famous yellow waterfall in the world and a famous tourist attraction. You can follow the travel agency Or go on a self-driving tour. The local residents are simple and friendly. You will definitely have a happy trip there. You are welcome to come.