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Introduction: Jiangxi Lushan Gate Scenic Area Telephone Number Lushan Scenic Area South Gate 1. Lushan Scenic Area South Gate 2. How far is it from the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area to Xunyanglou Scenic Area 3. Is there a parking lot at the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area 4. How to get to the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area in Gu Ling Town 5. Route map to the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area 6. How to get there from the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area 7. Shuttle bus to the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area 8. Take the scenic bus from the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area to Guling Street 9. From the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area to the top of the mountain How far

1. South Gate of Lushan Scenic Area

There are indeed many gates to climb Mount Lu, but there are only two gates to enter the mountain, the north gate and the south gate. The remaining mountain gates are all hiking gates. If you are coming to Lushan by train from Nanchang, you must go up the mountain from the north gate which is relatively close. If you are taking a bus from Nanchang to Lushan, you have to go through the south gate.

In terms of seasonal changes, Lushan has cool summers, early autumn, mild winters, and late spring. Therefore, it has become a famous summer resort in the country. Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, said in a poem: “The beauty of April in the world is gone, and the peach blossoms in the mountain temples are beginning to bloom. I often regret returning to the spring without finding a place, and I don’t know how to transfer to this mountain.” He is talking about Lushan Mountain.

In Lushan Mountain, sometimes the top of the mountain is higher than the clouds. When you look at the mountain from the bottom, the clouds in Lushan Mountain are misty, disappearing and appearing, like a fairyland; Sometimes it is dark on the mountain, while drizzle falls on the mountain below, which is very interesting.

Wang Yangming, a philosopher of the Ming Dynasty, wrote in a poem: “Last night, the moon was shining brightly on the top of the peak, and thunder was faintly heard at the foot of the mountain. At dawn, I asked the people down the mountain, and the wind and rain rolled up the thatched huts at midnight.” Such natural conditions make Lushan’s plants grow luxuriantly and the vegetation is rich, making it worth visiting. The one mentioned is the Lushan Botanical Garden: the Lushan Botanical Garden has now become an important scenic spot in Lushan.

2. How far is it from the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area to Xunyang Tower Scenic Area?

Interesting places in Jiujiang include Lushan Mountain, Longgong Cave, Longyuan Gorge, Suojiang Tower Scenic Area, Xunyang Tower, and Lushan Donglin Grand Canyon.

Lushan Mountain is one of the ten famous mountains in China, also known as Kuangshan Mountain and Kuanglu Mountain. Located in Lushan City, Jiangxi Province, Lushan Mountain is an oval-shaped mountain, a typical horst-type mountain with a length of about 25 kilometers and a width of about 10 kilometers. It has more than 90 peaks. The main peak, Hanyang Peak, is 1,474 meters above sea level. There are 171 named peaks in Lushan Mountain since ancient times. There are 26 hills, 20 valleys, 16 caves and 22 strange rocks scattered among the peaks. The water flow develops split points in the valley, forming many rapids and waterfalls, a total of 22, 18 streams, and 14 lakes and pools. The famous Sandiequan Falls has a drop of 155 meters.

Lushan Mountain is world-famous for its majesty, wonder, danger and beauty, and is known as “Kuanglu Mountain is the most beautiful in the world”. Lushan Mountain has been selected as a world cultural heritage, a world geological park, a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national key scenic spot, a national 5A tourist attraction, and one of the first batch of national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration sites.

Longgong Cave is located at the foothills of Wulong Mountain, 36 kilometers southwest of Pengze County. It is a newly discovered cave at the bottom of the mountain in 1978. Because the cave resembles the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea described in the classic novel “Journey to the West”, it is named Dragon Palace Cave.

Longgong Cave is 2,700 meters long. There are a large number of stalactites, stone mantles, stalagmites, etc. in the cave. The main tourist spots are the front hall, corridor, East Palace, West Palace and Zhenguan. There are three stalagmites lined up in the front hall, like three old people with gray beards. The stalactites in the East Palace are in various shapes and forms, and they look dazzling and dazzling under the neon lights. A stalagmite in the West Palace is closely connected with the stalactite on the top of the cave, standing upright like the Dragon King of the East China Sea’s sea-fixing needle, pressing down on a stone turtle. The stalactites in the Drum Hall look like a huge waterfall and are actually composed of hundreds of stalactites. The main palace is about 1100 meters away from the entrance of the cave, 80 meters long, 70 meters wide and 60 meters high. The stone stalactites on the roof of the palace hang down like palace lanterns, and the walls are covered with patterns.

Longgongdong Scenic Area is a national “AAA” scenic spot. The entire scenic spot is surrounded by green mountains, green water, birds singing, flowers fragrant, and deer shadows are often seen. It is a famous tourism, vacation and summer resort that integrates mountains, rivers, caves, and Buddhist culture.

Longyuan Gorge is located deep in Yunju Mountain, a national scenic spot in Yongxiu County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It is about an hour and a half drive from Nanchang City and Jiujiang City. It is a beautiful scenic spot developed in recent years. Visitors to Longyuan Gorge are all dazzled by its beautiful scenery, and it is known as the “Amazon” of the East and the “Jiuzhaigou Valley” of the South.

Although Longyuan Gorge is not the most beautiful place in the world, places as beautiful as Longyuan Gorge are rare in the world. More than 20 kilometers away from the scenic spot, you can see lush mountains, green fields, beautiful villages, and simple folk customs, making it a paradise.

3. Is there a parking lot at the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area?

Hello! I’m happy to answer your question. The parking lot at the west station building of Lushan Station has not been built yet. Cars need to be parked on both sides of the entrance passage. It is three to four hundred meters away from the main platform, which is not very convenient.

4. How to get to Guling Town from the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area

< p>You can buy a ticket at Jiujiang Bus Station and take the shuttle bus directly up the mountain (bus 12 yuan/person, Transit 15 yuan/person) to Lushan Scenic Area. The bus goes directly to Guling Town on Lushan Mountain, and there is no need to transfer. You don’t need to buy tickets in advance. You can buy them at the station. The trains run on a regular basis and leave as soon as they are full. The last bus is usually around 18:00. The means of transportation in Lushan include taxis and sightseeing buses. Only the sightseeing buses in Lushan can enter the core scenic spots of Lushan. All scenic spots in Lushan are accessible by sightseeing buses, which is very convenient. The ticket price is 80 yuan per person and is valid for 7 days.

5. Route map to the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area

Lushan South Gate

It is located in Tongyuan Town, Lushan City, Jiujiang City, and the north gate of Lushan Mountain is in Weijia Town, Lushan City, Jiujiang City. Lushan Mountain is located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, nestled between Wuyuan and Poyang Lake in the east, Tengwang Pavilion in the south, Datongmai of Beijing-Kowloon Railway in the west, and the mighty Yangtze River in the north.

The entire mountain of Lushan is 29 kilometers long from north to south and about 16 kilometers wide from east to west. The mountain area is 302 square kilometers, ranging from 115°52′-116°8′ east longitude and 29°26′-29°41′ north latitude. The altitude is 25-1473.8 meters. There are 171 peaks named since ancient times. The main peak, Dahanyang Peak, is 1,474 meters above sea level.

6. How to enter the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area

After driving up the mountain and entering the north and south gates, it takes about an hour to drive to Guling Town, the center of the mountain.

Enter Lushan Scenic Area from the north gate of Lushan Mountain. The north gate is the main road going up the mountain from Jiujiang. There is Jiuwei Avenue from Jiujiang to Weijia Town at the foot of the mountain. It is a very good road. From Weijia and up is the winding mountain road. It is said to have more than 400 turns, so you may get motion sickness. Visitors are advised to take certain precautions beforehand.

The South Gate goes up the mountain from Lushan Lotus Terrace. Cars coming from the direction of Nanchang mainly take this road (this is also the road to Changbei Airport). Nanchang is directly south of Jiujiang. It takes two hours to get to Jiujiang by taking the Changjiu Expressway. You can also take the 105 National Highway, which is basically next to the expressway. The Changjiu Expressway and the 105 National Highway pass by the foot of the west side of Lushan Mountain. You can get here directly from the exit. You can enter Lushan Scenic Area directly without leaving Jiujiang.

7. Shuttle bus to the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area

The advantage of “top in, top out” is that you can transfer seamlessly, making traveling more convenient

The Lushan High-speed Railway Station in Jiangxi adopts a three-dimensional design of “top in, top out”, that is, entering the station on the upper level and exiting the station on the upper level, so that passengers do not need to cross the square in front of the station or walk through the underground passage after getting off the train, but are directly on the same floor. Transfer in and out. In the station, each area is equipped with waiting, transfer, commercial and other areas. Passengers can easily transfer between 14 platforms in 5 minutes. After taking the municipal bus to the high-speed rail station, walk about 100 meters to enter the station and take the bus. After exiting the station, you can reach the transfer center directly within 3 minutes. The transfer center is preset with buses, taxis, online car-hailing services, private cars, long-distance buses and other transfer connections, with a total of about 2,000 parking spaces, making travel more convenient, smooth and safe for passengers.

8. Go to the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area and take the scenic bus to Guling Street

It’s best to go up the mountain in the morning, and it’s best to go down the mountain in the morning. It gives you a buffer time when you feel like you’re being cheated but still have options (but the management has been better in the past two years, and there are a lot less people being cheated). From Jiujiang City Long-distance Bus Station Take the bus and usually stop at the center of Guling Street. Contact a family hotel in advance, such as Auntie Zhou or Auntie Li (bring a coat no matter what the season) and go to a small restaurant to eat. Find a more remote place where the locals are. Don’t eat in such big and conspicuous restaurants.

9. How far is it from the south gate of Lushan Scenic Area to the top of the mountain?

Route/Method to Mount Lushan Process 1: Self-driving in Mount Lushan

There are two roads on the Mount Lushan, the south and the north. You can reach the entrance of the mountaineering road by searching “Lushan South Gate Tourist Service Center” or “Lushan North Gate Transfer Center” in the navigation. When the number of vehicles on the mountain does not reach 5,000, you can buy tickets (160 yuan/person) and parking tickets (45 yuan/unit) here and start driving up the mountain to Guling Town, which takes about 45 minutes.

Route/Method to Mount Lushan Process 2: Take the Lushan Sightseeing Car

When the number of vehicles on the mountain reaches 5,000, the Lushan Scenic Area will activate the transportation transfer mode. After arriving at the south gate or north gate transfer center, tourists can purchase tickets (160 yuan/person) and sightseeing tickets (90 yuan/person, 7 days). Valid) and then take the Lushan sightseeing bus to Lushan.

Route/method to Mount Lushan Process 3: Take the inter-county bus

From Jiujiang Long-distance Bus Station, take the inter-county shuttle bus to Kuling Town to climb the mountain. The journey takes about an hour. You need to get off at the Beimen Transfer Center to buy and verify tickets.

Route/Direction to Mount Lushan Process 4: Take the Lushan Cableway

The Lushan Transportation Cableway is currently the most advanced 3S cableway. It only takes 10 minutes to climb the mountain. The fare is 120 yuan/person for a round trip. You can navigate and search for “Lushan Transportation Cableway Lower Station” to reach the platform, or you can take bus No. 57 at Jiujiang Railway Station to reach the platform directly.

Route/Method to Climb Mount Lushan Process 5: Walk up Mount Lushan

Lushan Haohan Slope is the most popular hiking trail. You can get to the starting point of Haohan Slope by taking bus No. 58 from the Xunnan parking lot in Jiujiang City. It takes about 2.5 hours to hike up the mountain.