Free attractions for National Day in Shanghai Free attractions for Shanghai Tourism Festival

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1. Shanghai Tourism Festival free attractions

For disabled servicemen, all legally stipulated scenic spots are discounted, some are free, and some are half-ticket for those below level 7 (free tickets for level 6 include Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Shenzhen Window of the World, Happy Valley, etc., and ordinary attractions and paid parks are free); on the contrary, Shanghai Science and Technology There are only certain discounts for restaurants, etc.

For ordinary disability certificate holders, it depends on the specific local regulations. For example, Huangshan and Zhangjiajie do not have discounts, while Shenzhen scenic spots have discounts for holders of Level 2 or above disability certificates.

2. Ranking of Shanghai Tourism Festival free scenic spots

It takes a long time to issue a free nucleic acid report, more than 36 hours, and there are also a lot of people. If you are in a hurry, it is recommended to go to the hospital, use the medical insurance card for 40 yuan, and the report will be issued in 2 hours. Many companies now require 48-hour reporting when working. For reference

3. Free attractions in Shanghai during National Day

Shanghai Oriental Oasis National Day is not free. Orientalland is located at No. 6888 Huqingping Highway, Qingpu District, Shanghai. It is the only large park in Shanghai that integrates development training, youth social practice, team activities and leisure tourism. Oriental Green Ark consists of eight major parks: Wisdom Avenue Area, Brave Wisdom Area, National Defense Education Area, Survival Challenge Area, Scientific Exploration Area, Water Sports Area, Sports Training Area, and Life Practice Area.

4. What are the free attractions at the Shanghai Tourism Festival?

The free attractions for the Shanghai Respect for the Elderly Card include: Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai Botanical Garden, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park, Shanghai Guyi Garden, Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park, Huilongtan Park, Qiuxia Garden, Century Park, Qushui Garden, Zuibaichi Park, Fangta Park, Daning Lingshi Park, Paotai Wetland Forest Park, Gucun Park, etc. In addition, Shanghai Wild Animal Park has admission prices for senior citizens aged 65 and above with valid ID cards such as Senior Citizen Treatment Cards and ID cards. 50% off admission to the park

5. Shanghai Tourism Festival attraction tickets

In general, Shanghai Happy Valley is still very good, from amusement projects, amusement facilities, humanized design, and various performances to various themed activities. These are all reasons that can make Shanghai Happy Valley buzzing with people.

First of all, there are four major roller coasters. Although there are other roller coasters in other Happy Valleys, they are the largest in Shanghai.

Next is the World and Earth Heroes, which combines two types of jumping machines and bouncing machines. The height is 60 meters, which is definitely exciting enough.

There are many more fun things, so I won’t list them all.

Tickets are a one-ticket system. If you buy a ticket to enter the valley, you don’t need to pay any more. All the recreational facilities are included. There is no charge for the recreational facilities. There is a fee for the tourist facilities, such as tour buses and cruise ships. There are also 2 items that you can choose whether to buy. Raincoat, raincoat is 5 yuan a piece. It is recommended that there are vendors selling them near Sheshan Station of Metro Line 9. Buy them in advance before going in. Basically, they cost 5 yuan for 2 pieces. If there are many people, you can talk about 5 yuan for 3 pieces.

The queue for large-scale amusement facilities still depends on the specific project. Among the four major roller coasters, Gu Muyoulong, the treasure of Zhengu, is the most popular. Basically, the queue time is about 1 hour. When there are many people, it can take up to 4 hours. The whole journey is 1.2 kilometers and is entirely made of wood. , China’s first wooden roller coaster, is an absolutely stimulating experience whether it is visual or auditory.

There are no student tickets in Happy Valley. Group tickets can be purchased for 10 people and the ticket price is 180 yuan.

1. All outdoor projects are closed on rainy days

2. There should be quite a lot of people on weekends, mostly students and tour groups.

3. The rides are partially open during summer vacation evenings. The roller coasters are not open at night

4. Under normal circumstances, there are many people during the day, and there are nightclubs during the summer vacation, so there will be no shortage of people.

5. Generally, the queue time for small projects is 15-30 minutes, and for large projects, it is 1-3 hours, with an average of 1.5 hours.

6. Which scenic spots in Shanghai are free on tourist days?

Free tourist attractions for nurses in 2021 include Shanghai Miracle Flower Scenic Area, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Enshi Grand Canyon, Yellow Crane Tower Park, Wutai Mountain Scenic Area, Emei Mountain Scenic Area, Taibai Mountain Scenic Area, and Pingyao Ancient City Scenic spots, Suzhou Gardens, Xinjiang Hejing County, all A-level scenic spots in Xiangyang, Hubei, Nanjing tourist attractions, Daocheng Yading Scenic Spot

7. Shanghai Tourism Festival Tickets

All attractions in Shanghai Happy Valley are free. Of course, if there are a lot of people queuing up during holidays and you want to play the event quickly, you will need to spend extra money to buy a fast pass. Just ask the staff. Of course, the remaining souvenirs and food and drinks must be purchased separately. Water is a little more expensive, but food is not that expensive.

8. Free attractions in Shanghai during the Spring Festival

Attractions that offer free admission to medical staff in 2021 include Beijing’s Mutianyu Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Beijing Pacific Underwater World and other attractions;

Shanghai’s Pujiang Tour, Haichang Ocean Park, Pujiang Suburban Miracle Garden and other attractions;

Chongqing’s Simian Mountain National Scenic Area, Haichang Caribbean Water World, Hanhai Ocean Park, etc.;

Tianjin’s Panshan Scenic Area, Ancient Culture Street Tourist Area (Jinmen Hometown), “Tianjin Eye” Ferris Wheel, Five Avenues Culture and other tourist attractions.

9. Shanghai Tourism Festival free scenic spot recommendations

Free parks in Shanghai in December include Guangfulin Country Park, Qingxi Country Park, Pujiang Country Park, Jinshan Langxia Country Park, Shanghai Jiabei Country Park, and Songnan Country Park. These free parks are quite large, and many of them have original lakes, grasslands, and rowing and bicycles. You can also go hiking, barbecue, and picnic, so you can go for a walk if you have time.

10. Free tickets for Shanghai travel

1. Children: Children under 6 years old (inclusive) and under 1.3 meters (inclusive) are free of charge.

2. Elderly people: 65 years old (inclusive) and above.

3. Military personnel: active military personnel, retired and retired military cadres.

4. Disabled persons: Disabled persons can apply with relevant valid certificates.

5. Families of revolutionary martyrs, fire rescue personnel, and medical staff: Families of revolutionary martyrs, fire rescue personnel, and medical staff can present relevant valid certificates