Qinghai Spring Festival tourist attractions – National Day Qinghai travel guide

Introduction: Qinghai Spring Festival tourist attractions – National Day Qinghai travel guide 1. National Day Qinghai travel guide 2. New Year’s Day Qinghai travel route 3. National Day trip to Qinghai 4. Qinghai Spring Festival travel guide 5. National Day Qinghai Lake travel guide 6. National Day Qinghai Travel guide map 7. National Day travel guide in Qinghai, a complete list of must-visit attractions

1. National Day Qinghai travel guide

The must-see attraction in Qinghai is naturally Qinghai Lake~

After all, when we think of Qinghai, what comes to most people’s minds is the picture below~

However, many friends who are yearning for Qinghai Lake and are very interested in it find various posts on the Internet that are frantically planting grass:

Qinghai is so beautiful! Qinghai Lake is great! Go, go, go!

However, after reading the guide and getting the grass planted, when it was time to go on a trip, he was still confused as to how to play.

Why? Why do they always recommend group tours or chartered cars?

Why? Where are all the beautiful photo spots?

To make matters worse, when we arrived at the scene we found:

Why? Why are the guides I read online inaccurate? Why is this attraction closed?

Why? What about rapeseed flowers?

In this article we will introduce:

1. How many kilometers does it take to drive around Qinghai Lake? How to play self-driving/free travel?

(Including niche photo spots/attractions inventory/Qinghai Lake self-driving tour route map)

2. Which attractions in Qinghai Lake have been closed in 2021? Guide to avoiding and preventing pitfalls when traveling to Qinghai Lake.

3. What is the altitude of Qinghai Lake? What is the best season/time to visit Qinghai Lake? Which months are the best to go to? What about other times?

Welcome to continue to pay attention to Qishimai Travel. We will update a large number of useful guides in the near future to help you travel freely~

First, let’s take a picture to understand how to play Qinghai Lake~

Qinghai Lake self-driving tour route map

Qinghai Lake is not a circled scenic spot.

Qinghai Lake has a complete circle of about 340 kilometers.

Suitable for self-driving or cycling along or around the lake.

If you just want to visit briefly:


-1. Take photos by the lake, ride yak/hug lamb/horseback, etc., see rapeseed flowers (seasonal)

-2. Erlangjian Scenic Area (tickets are relatively expensive, selective, you can experience various recreational activities)

-3. Nanshan Observation Deck (selective, a niche and undeveloped attraction, the highest point requires climbing, not suitable for the elderly and children, but there are parking spots on the way up the mountain)

If you have plenty of time and are driving by yourself, it is recommended to go to Huanhu West Road and North Bank:


-4. Heimahe Township (mainly watching the sunrise, if you want to watch the sunrise, it is recommended to stay in Heimahe Township)

-5. Dawa Ranch Sunrise Observation Deck (the scenery is also very good when you go there at ordinary times, not necessarily just to watch the sunrise)

-6. Cliff (Internet celebrity photo spot, optional, don’t go if you don’t have enough time or are not interested)

-7. Yellowtail fish migration in Shaliu River (seasonal)

If you plan to go around the lake:

You can choose to continue walking around the lake along the provincial highway, but there are basically no attractions to visit on the east coast, which are all focused on environmental protection.

Inventory of attractions

2. New Year’s Day Qinghai Travel Route

Tibetan festivals generally have strong ethnic and religious characteristics. The first day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar is the Tibetan New Year, which means “New Year of the King” in Tibetan. This is the most important festival of the year. On New Year’s Day, at dawn, young men and women dressed in festive costumes pay New Year greetings to each other and wish each other good luck and good luck when they meet. Tibetans in costumes will go to nearby temples to worship Buddha, or go to the streets in groups to sing and dance, but they are not allowed to visit relatives and friends’ homes.

3. Go to Qinghai during National Day

Qinghai, Hukou Falls of the Yellow River, Australia, etc.

1. Haixi in Qinghai is a place worth visiting on National Day because the scenic spots here are basically not affected by the seasons. Therefore, although Qinghai has passed the peak tourist season, Haixi is still worth a visit. Because in this season, both accommodation and meals are much cheaper than in summer, so it is still a great value. The only thing you need to pay attention to is sun protection and cold protection.

2. Waterfalls are formed by the combined action of internal and external forces and are a typical landform eroded by flowing water. The Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation. Its surging and endless vitality is a symbol of the Chinese nation. Yellow is the color of Chinese skin. The bits of sediment in the water are not just impurities, but particles that breed life.

4. Qinghai Spring Festival travel guide

You can go to Huangzhong Kumbum Temple, Datong Laoye Mountain, and Huangyuan.

5. National Day Qinghai Lake travel guide

On October 1 this year, Qinghai Lake will not be open to the public. The epidemic in Qinghai is relatively serious. The prefectures, counties and Xining are still under traffic control. You cannot go to Qinghai Lake from Xining. You can wait until the epidemic is over before going to Qinghai Lake. You can always pay attention to Qinghai’s epidemic prevention policies. What? When the epidemic is over, everyone can go. Different stages have different scenery. The scenery of Qinghai Lake is really beautiful and worth a visit.

6. Qinghai travel guide during National Day

During the 2021 National Day, Qinghai Province’s 5A-level and 4A-level tourist attractions, the Tibetan Culture Museum, the Kumbum Monastery in Huangzhong County, and the Natural Resources Museum all charge fees. Free admission is available in Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province, as well as state and county parks, People’s Park, Cultural Park, Botanical Garden, Huangshui River Wetland Park, etc. Sports venues such as Nanmenwai Stadium, city and county, state-level museums, cultural centers, and libraries are free.

7. National Day travel guide to must-visit attractions in Qinghai

There are still many good places to visit in Qinghai after October. Zhuoer Mountain in Qilian County is also very beautiful in autumn. You can often see the sun shining on the golden mountain in the morning.

When you come down from Zhuoer Mountain and head towards Qinghai Lake, you will pass through the Moeller Grassland. This section of the Moeller Grassland will make you understand what scenery is on the road. Under the warm autumn sun, there are flocks of sheep on the grassland in front of the snow-capped mountains in the distance, and occasionally you can encounter a fox. I ran it three times and encountered different wonders each time.

Hala Lake in Delingha, Qinghai is the second largest lake in Qinghai after Qinghai Lake. Across the lake, Tuanjie Peak, the main peak of the Qilian Mountains on the border of Gansu Province, is right next to the lake. Echoing Hala Lake, the scenery is no less spectacular than Qinghai Lake. Now a simple road has gone directly to the lake. An ordinary SUV will do the job. Along the way, we often encounter Przewalski’s antelope, as well as foxes, rabbits, and wild donkeys. When I went there in 2010, I even encountered a wolf. At that time, the road was not completely repaired, so we had to drive across the river. The animals encountered along the way all jumped to escape when they saw people. I thought at the time, in a few years. After the road is repaired, it will be harder to see animals if there are more people. However, I participated in an event in Qinghai in 2015 and when I entered Delingha again, the road had almost reached the lake. At the same time, I found that the last time I saw people from a distance, there were only a few animals. The fleeing Przewalski’s antelope is actually not afraid of people anymore. You can walk very close before it runs away. I judge that although there are more people coming and going, the awareness of protection is also stronger. No one hurt them, and they began to approach people. It feels so good that people and these gentle animals can live in harmony. The altitude of Hala Lake is close to 4,300 meters, which is more than a thousand meters higher than Qinghai Lake. The alien base in Delingha is said to have been closed, so those who haven’t been there will have no choice but to regret it.

After Delingha, you can go to Animaqing Snow Mountain, one of the four sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism. I don’t know if the Halong Glacier under the snow-capped mountains is closed or not, but I even walked up it when I went there. As long as you can adapt to the high altitude, it’s not difficult to walk up. The altitude of Animaqing is around 4,500. Animaqing is also very close to the famous Nianbao Yuze Fairy Lake, but the Fairy Lake is also closed due to protection reasons.

If you are driving by yourself, you can go from Animaqingjiuzhi County to Ganzi Aba, Sichuan. If you are starting from Xining and returning to Xining, you will just draw a circle. Navigate in order on Baidu Map to Xining…Zhuolshan…Moeller Grassland…Qinghai Lake…Delingha…Animaqing Snow Mountain…and finally return to Xining.